Horny and ready to explore his sexuality, Daniel gets a membership to the local gay gym and bathhouse. The horny and horse-hung young man is looking for adventure, but that doesn’t make him too different from any other horny 20-something.

Unwittingly he stumbles into a mysterious drama in which he will play a starring role. A drama at the heart of the current struggle between Thebans and humans in our world.


Follow the journey of John, a charismatic, handsome Promethean. John may seem like a modern, young co-ed; but in all actuality, his history goes back hundreds of years! Through a series of erotic flashbacks, readers will follow his journey from his early days as a timid mortal boy, to his current role as an empowered recruiter for the Thebans.

Tasked with finding young men worthy of the transformation his masters offer, John positions himself in places where he can conceal his true nature, blend in, and sniff out the best candidates for immortality


There was, many centuries ago, a monastic-like order of thebans charged with the care of scylla and scylla’s many children. The theban high priest of this order had been revered. But times had changed and the Order of Min lost favor. Promethean integration was top priority for Thebans, and the order had been disbanded by the Council of Thebes. Thebans still hunted, caught and bred human boys. But human and promethean consumption, central to the Order of Min, it was banned. Be that as it may, many theban priests continued their care for scylla in secret. And so also continued the practice of grooming, breeding and offering young men full of theban cum as sacrifices. The boys would be stripped, toyed with, their bodies manipulated and milked over and over again, all in preparation for the young men to ultimately be consumed.


Since ancient times, people have known that the forests are home to supernatural beings. Back then they mostly kept to themselves, far from human civilization, but every so often a traveler or a shepherd would inadvertently stumble into their orgies or attract the sexual interest of one of the mysterious creatures. The for the horny satyr known as Bishop, son of Pan, he waits for young men to wander into his forests.

If the modern world no longer believes that these magical creatures exist, that’s only because these beings now take greater care to protect their secrets from all but a chosen few.


Since before the written word, there have been many shepherds of humanity, overseeing our development and progress, while exploring their own curious needs and desires. This awesome power comes with a sense of responsibility, especially when the flock becomes scattered and lost. As civilizations have risen and fallen, tribes formed and dissolved, and mankind’s reach has expanded to the four corners of the globe, the once-protected herd wandered too long in the wilderness, prey to those who would seek to use them for their own selfish needs. For Korzark, he’s made it his eternal mission to find and cultivate his lost pack of Prometheans, restoring his role as both leader and caretaker, as well as finding others in need of his paternal love, affection and guidance.


When fate intervenes, it’s hard to ignore it’s incredible influence. Love-hungry Alex discovers this firsthand as a sudden glance down a dark alley changes the course of his life forever. His unexpected meeting with Eddie, a handsome, vulnerable, lost boy, uncovers powerful feelings that he can’t deny.

Even when he learns of Eddie’s true nature and tragic past, he will stop at nothing to make the displaced young man feel at home and safe with him.

Little does Alex know of the journey he will have to take to make sure Eddie stays his, confronting not only the powerful beings who decide Eddie’s life, but his own mortal fear as well.


There’s a special substance on the market that’s driving people wild. You can’t find it online or in a store, though. This elusive substance comes from the strange, exotic creatures, somewhere between beast and man known by their derogatory colloquial name “Growlers.” It’s like nothing else. It supercharges sex drives, imparts superhuman focus, and fuels the body with a high beyond what would otherwise be possible! Those who have tried it will search high and low for those who sell it, pay top dollar, and ask few questions.

For the entrepreneur (and all-around bully) Steve, he sees a chance to make easy money off of his desperate clients and as well as his stable of outcast Prometheans, unaware of their connection to beings far more powerful than he.


As Matthew begins his first year of college, he’s got a lot more on his mind than just books and papers! In many ways, he’s a typical freshman with an intense sex drive. However, the shy, small boy has yet to experience the pleasures of sex. And with a new sexy, athletic roommate, he seems more and more focused on losing his virginity. Little does he know that there’s a mysterious world, hidden in plain sight, that will alter his path forever! After making a special connection with his handsome professor, he finds his body unexpectedly changing, becoming increasingly unpredictable and fueled by a power that he has yet to fully understand. As his transformation progresses, he continues to try and find his place in the world as much as his place in his new academic setting, while also navigating the sexually charged bond he’s formed with his friendly, flirty roommate.


Alex holds a sacred title that has been lost to time. As the Hierophant on Min, he serves as a high priest to an ancient force, once worshipped as a god by early Thebans. This tentacled monster is eternal and powerful, but, above all else, it needs to be fed! Alex serves as one of the last remaining members of his exiled sect, tending to his beast master by luring lonely, horny, young men to his home. He can practically sense a lost soul, using his supernatural enticements to serve them as offerings to his scylla lord. Of course, he does enjoy sampling their firm, youthful bodies before they meet their fate…

With his mild mannered appearance, trim body, and big cock, he appears to most mortals as a kind, generous figure with a warm bed and a big heart. And while his intentions might not be completely nefarious, those who encounter him never know the truth of what he is and who he serves!


Legrand is a tall, well hung, powerful Theban who has a penchant for finding horny, young guys desperate to be taken in and cared for. With his good looks and mesmerizing presence, he could have any man he wanted… But nothing satisfies him more than the feeling of breeding a hungry, passionate, young bottom! For centuries, he’s found lost men seeking a connection to take into his arms, filling their hearts as well as their holes!

Most never know his true nature or even of the secret, magical world in which he resides. But he sees the true potential in a lucky few and helps them break free from the bonds of their human life. With his love and breeding, they’re transformed and made into his promethean lovers, enjoying the pleasures of being fucked and cared for all eternity…


Damien works hard for the life he’s made. He’s a landlord, a business owner, and a member of his community. People know him to be someone who can handle difficult tasks and trust his guidance. But there’s more than meets the eye with this handsome man.

His confident demeanor and firm stance comes from a lifetime of straddling between worlds.

Beneath the surface lies a power and history that’s more than most can comprehend. He keeps himself hidden, his power reserved for those who need him, trying to be seen as a man of good works, not as the ancient being he truly is.


Professor Housman seems to know a lot about history. Well, mythology. Well, both! Whether it’s the Industrial Revolution or Dionysian sex parties, he talks with the same reflective look in his piercing, blue eyes.

He also has a passion and depth of knowledge that make it seem as if he’s actually been there! His students assume he’s just simply well read, but his intimacy goes much deeper than they could know.

The one thing his students know for sure is that he is possibly the sexiest teach they’ve ever had.


Hercules loves what he is. For him, being a horny muscle god isn’t just an expression. His chiseled body, square jaw, and impressively massive cock size get him almost anything he could want.

And the rest? That can be chalked up to his primal, animal magnetism.

He knows he’s meant to be worshipped and served and expects nothing less from those who approach him. Fortunately, people are rare to deny him such tribute.


Kipling Korzak is the definition of a the ancient Theban race of satyrs. Happily married, dedicated to his children, good job, and a full schedule as priesthood leader. With his handsome good looks and sexy salt and pepper hair, it’s no wonder he’s popular with all the members.

He does have a secret, though. As it turns out that he’s part of a secret fraternal brotherhood known as The Order. Men who belong to this organization are known as The Brethren, and they use their power and authority to seduce and inseminate young men with the essence of their priesthood.


Bishop has been hunting, fucking, breeding and transforming boys into his promethean offspring since the human race was first created through selective breeding.

He was and remains the most mischievous of his Theban race, finding and breeding beautiful young human boys and turning them into his promethean offspring through an incredible process of furry transformation.


Tommy is a hopeless romantic in absolute. Nothing gets him more excited than the idea of a long, loving relationship with a good man who would never betray him. In the modern era, it seems almost impossible to find! But he’s determined to get it, no matter how many dates he has to go on. Unfortunately, too many of those dates turn into one night stands in the end. It isn’t until one fateful hookup that he finds someone truly exceptional! Making his acquaintance with a big, beefy bear named Bishop, he feels a connection unlike anything he’d ever known before…

He doesn’t fully understand the extent of his bond with the big guy until he finds himself in a world of trouble he could have never expected. It’s only then that he sees just how much of an impression the handsome stranger left on him, and how much his life has been changed forever!


Nathan is a dreamer at heart. He loves to close his eyes and imagine new worlds and magical places. Even when he gets his heart broken, he retreats to the special place in his mind where there’s nothing but goodness and warmth. While this is normally a safe, simple retreat, one particular outing of sunbathing leads him into a dream world unlike any other! He’s whisked away by a handsome, broad-chested man, only to find himself trapped in an erotic fantasy. Surrounded by large, powerful beasts and creatures, Nathan undergoes a transformation from a passive, dreamy young man into a powerful, strong-willed immortal!

As he steps into his promethean life, he sees that the real world is far more magical than anything he could have dreamed for himself, exploring what it means to be truly awake…


Daniel is only 19 years old, and like most teenagers, all he can think about is the sex he isn’t having. He’s still a virgin and uncomfortable around most men. He doesn’t know why, but whenever he gets the chance to act on anything, he always clams up as he loses all his confidence. He often retreats to his home and his computer at night, watching porn and jerking off — sometimes several times a day!

Despite his anxiety, he loves the idea of meeting someone in a public place, becoming overwhelmed by desire and passion, and fucking right then and there! Gyms and locker rooms are often featured in the videos he watches, Seeking to a find a cruisy gym like the ones he beat off to, he joins the Adonis Fit. When finally begins his exploration, he sees something that changes his entire view of the world and himself…

Unable to shake the erotic memory from his mind, he goes on pursuit of the handsome, mysterious, horned figure. With this singular fixation, he opens himself in ways he could have never done before!


Brody is an intense young man with a grudge. Due to his strict upbringing, he has a hard time accepting people for who they are, especially when they’re different… And that even goes for himself! He always tries to suppress his true feelings, but it’s hard to deny the truth about his sexuality. He keeps his inner life a secret, only looking for sex in the dark alleys behinds bars and pubs. But one fateful night, his desires lead him to an encounter that will change the course of his life forever…

Angered by what he saw and his own feelings, he’s joined up with an anti-promethean militia known as H.A.R.P.E. And while he’s able to act on his anger toward the furred folk, he’s struggling to keep his own secrets hidden. But like a caged animal, it’s only a matter of time before they come charging out!


Steve has always been one of the biggest and strongest since the earliest days he could remember on the playground. The dominant alpha male cant help but love the feeling of being in a position of power and using it to get what he wants from those who are weaker than him. The kind of man who’s been lucky all his life, he’s been blessed with stunning good looks, a genetic predisposition to athletic superiority, and a big, powerful cock that leaves his bottoms begging for more. Never having been challenged for dominance, he’s grown unchecked into the typical schoolyard bully. Given their animal appearance, he sees prometheans as less than human and ripe for profiteering.

With his brute strength, questionable morals, and selfish sex drive, Steve has set up shop with a secret brothel, catering to those willing to pay top dollar for their desires…


Sam is a regular, healthy, handsome young man, but he has a bad habit! He has a good job, loving friends, and a family who supports him in everything he does. He should want for nothing, satisfied by the fruits of his own labors. Still, deep down, he’s yearning for something new, something exceptional! He’s gotten a taste for the exotic life after his first sip of a special, magical serum known on the street as “Freak Juice.” The rush is so intense, it makes him feel like he’s experiencing the world in color when all he’d ever seen was black and white…

He doesn’t want to rely on it, but without it, he feels like he’s sleepwalking. He’ll hold out as long as he can, but his desire grows day by day!


Alex is the perfect all-American young man. At first glance, he seems to have everything he could ever want. A loving family who thinks he’s made of gold, a great job with amazing benefits, and even an apartment in the heart of downtown. He was also blessed by the gods with a great body and model good-looks! The only thing that’s missing is someone to share his bed with. Alex is a young man and not unfamiliar with the fun of a hookup, but he knows he wants to find that special someone. Someone who not only gets under his covers, but also gets into his heart…

He goes out again and again hoping to find that spark. In the mean time, he’s willing to have some fun!


Bryant is a college freshman with too much on his mind. Concerned with classes, his future, and his own carnal desires, he’s caught up in a fast moving world with almost no time to stop and enjoy it! That is, until he meets the handsome, captivating John. He never expected to meet someone so engaging and it makes him eager to explore a friendship with the young man. He’s unaware of the secrets that the young man carries, or of the long, storied life he’s led!

Naive to the magical world that surrounds him, Bryant opens up his whole heart to John, following him down a path that will change his life forever…


Cole is an athletic, handsome, well-endowed young man who has had a pretty comfortable life. He lives with his parents for now, but he has a boyfriend who seems almost too good to be true! It seems like he can live in his quiet fantasy forever until his boyfriend gives him an impossible ultimatum; either they break up or he has to finally come out to his parents! Cole is terrified to tell his parents the truth about his sexuality, but he wouldn’t risk losing his boyfriend for the world…

The scared young man does as he’s told, only to find himself set on a path far different from anything he could have possibly imagined. Cole must find his true home with his chosen family, all the while discovering a mysterious world that hides just below the surface!


John is a young, handsome man to many who meet him. Charismatic, affectionate, and sexually irresistible; he may seem like he’s only 18 years old, but he’s lived longer than most could imagine! As a promethean, he’s seen the world change around him countless times. And as much new that he sees each day, it all resembles an echo of his past…

As he continues to explore the world as an immortal, he encounters new love and passion that make him reflect on his journey from human to promethean. Starting out as a young man in the time of horse drawn carriages, John’s path in the world is one of fantastical parties, mysterious friends, and bonds that last for lifetimes!