Alex laid on his back. His chest rose and fell with each heavy breath. He felt his senses coming back to him as he recovered from his orgasm. His hole was warm, wet with fresh seed, stretched out from the pounding he’d received.

Damien lay beside him, his cock glistening as it retreated from its erect state, settling on his thigh as a few stray strops of cum melted on his warm skin. He turned to his surprised lover, seeing the shock in his eyes. It was clear on his face that he was trying to make sense of what happened.

How did I get here? Why did we just fuck? What am I doing? Did I betray Eddie? What does this mean?

Damien knew he had to stop him from spiraling. He got up on his side, turning to Alex.


“What do you mean?” Alex broke from his stillness and looked at his landlord. The man’s handsome face stunned him, as if he’d forgotten just how attractive he was since he’d been inside him. His gray eyes cut through him, making his hole seem to swell with a new pulse of warmth.

“Well… you seem a little calmer now. You’re not trying to take a knife to me, at least.”

“…I wasn’t really going to hurt you. I just–I need to find Eddie. And, what are you? How are you doing… any of this? The knife? …The sex… How?”

Damien sat up, lifting up his legs as he moved to the edge of the bed, picking up his clothes and redressing as he continued.

“I can tell you what I’m not. I’m not your enemy. Or Eddie’s. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s hard to say why, but just know I have Eddie’s best interest at heart. And yours.”

Damien sat up, getting a renewed feeling of frustration. He stopped only to begin redressing as well, feeling strange about fighting while still naked.

“I don’t care if you’re a wizard or an alien or the goddamn tooth fairy. …I think I love him. Eddie. I can’t explain it and I know it’s crazy, but I need to be with him.”

“Is that so?” Damien asked. His tone was flat, as if he was making a statement more than questioning. But Eddie continued, feeling free to expose his feelings to the man who’d just fucked him.

“I thought he needed me. That’s why I took him in. To help him. But I need him. He makes me feel so much more than I ever thought possible. And I can’t imagine never being able to hold him again.”

Damien slipped on his pants and tied his shoes. The two finished dressing in silence. It was a quiet, still pause in their conversation before they stood, facing each other as they had in the elevator. Damien could see the serious look in Alex’s eyes. He sighed.

“If he matters that much to you, I can tell you where he is.”

Alex followed the directions Damien had given him. He wasn’t sure if he was on the up and up, but he had no choice. He needed to take the risk. If there was a chance Eddie was at the address he’d been given, he was going to take it.

He put his hand into his coat pocket, feeling his closed pocket knife ready in wait. He didn’t want to use it, but it was his only defense if things got heated. He had a feeling that whoever had Eddie was someone like Damien… something more than human. But he had to be fearless. He had to find him.

As he came upon the house. It was modern, cold, and tall. It seemed like a fortress. Stone and steel and glass in an intimidating structure. It looked expense and powerful. Someone of importance clearly lived inside. Someone strong and in charge. Someone who would have the audacity to claim someone as precious as Eddie.

In the driveway was parked a shiny sports car. A perfect accessory to the expensive home. Damien had told Alex to wait and watch from the front, not to go until the place was clear. It took everything he had to wait crouched in the bushes, knowing that the boy he felt so much love for was (or might be) in that place…scared or terrified even. His eyes adjusted to the moonlight as he waited patiently, looking for a sign that he could proceed.

As he studied the house, so many questions crossed his mind. How does Damien know this person? How did he know Eddie was here? Did he bring him here? Did he know he was being brought here? And why would he be? Who was Eddie to this person? His mind raced as he stared into the dark, hoping for answers in its shadows as if it were an onyx scrying bowl.

What felt like a very long time passed. Maybe not 30 minutes, but it felt like hours before he saw the front door open. There were no motion activated lights on the front of house, just the remote controlled start of the car. A man walked out and got right into the driver’s seat. Alex tried to get a look at him to see who this man or monster could be, but all he saw was his a masculine well-built frame. He was of good height, well built, and moved with strength and determination.

Before Alex could get a better look, he was inside his vehicle and pulling away. Alex paused for a second, watching to see if anything stirred or moved from the house. It was still. Completely quiet and without any sign of activity. This must be it. The house was clear.

He looked around to see if any neighbors or witnesses were in sight. The house was well displaced from any other people, but the last thing Alex wanted was to be stopped by a nosy, late-night dog walker. He carefully stepped close to the house and up to the front door.

He looked at the door for a while, trying to think how he could open it. He pulled out his pocket knife, unsure of what to do. He’d seen in movies that people used knives, credit cards, even paper clips to open locks, but he was no burglar. Before two nights ago he was just a regular Joe. Average worker drone. Single and under-accomplished. Now, he was doing his best to play rescuer, with the underqualified skills of an accountant.

He brought his knife to the door’s edge, hoping to slide it in. But as he put his hand on the knob of the door, he was surprised to find it unlocked.

He stared at it for a moment. Why would he leave the door unlocked? It’s not like this was the country where everyone trusted one another. Besides, if he was keeping someone trapped, how could they be so careless? It seemed too easy, too obvious. His mind kept telling him to turn and go back. This was wrong. But without listening to his thoughts, he followed his heart and his instincts and headed into the stranger’s home.

He couldn’t see much in the dark interior. He was wary of turning on any lights lest he draw attention to himself. And in the off chance the man was coming right back, he didn’t want to signal his presence before the man even got out of his car.

He walked slowly, trying hard not to bump into anything. The moonlight was bright enough that he could see the shapes of some of the decorations and furniture. Fancy art, nice couches and lamps, wide spaces and tall ceilings. Whoever this was lived pretty well.

Alex made his way from room to room. He wanted to call out Eddie’s name, to have him find him and run out the front door. But he had to be cautious and careful. He had no idea what was around and he was not going to give up the element of surprise so quickly.

After exploring the upstairs, he saw no signs of anything unusual. A couple bedrooms, completely neat and decorated with sets of artifacts that looked like they belonged in a museum. A gorgeous library with rich wood lush furniture and carved accents. A bathroom. No pets. No signs of people. Nothing. He moved back downstairs and into the master bedroom.

He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it had a distinctive fragrance. It was subtle, but effective. Musky and masculine and it had a powerful effect on him immediately. It made him think of Damien for some reason. It was similar to the scent he’d basked in just after they’d had sex earlier. It stirred something in Alex and made his dick start to swell. He felt his heart race a little and his body heat up. He shook it off, trying to focus on his mission.

Beside the bed was a large statue of what appeared like an ancient god of some kind. He had a Spartan-looking helmet, a long, curly beard, and the body of an adonis. Protruding proudly and extravagantly from the god’s loins was a large, erect penis. It was so large and prominent it seemed like a third leg. He had never seen ancient statues that featured an erect phallus so prominently, and he briefly wondered why.

Alex looked at it curiously, he was drawn to it. He was still trying to find Eddie, but he couldn’t resist the urge of reaching out his hand to touch the massive and beautifully sculpted erection. He was paused for a moment, worried that he might leave a fingerprint or some other evidence. He looked around and began to think that maybe Damien had misled him. There was nothing here that suggested anyone had been here but the stranger. And for all Alex knew he was just an unsuspecting nobody meant to take him off the trail. Alex was about to turn and walk as he rested his hand on the object of his fascination and gave the sculpted cock a casual grab.

As his hands moved down the shaft, Alex was shocked to feel it move. It slipped from his grip as the sculpted god’s huge erection moved downwards from its initial position of proudly pointing upwards. His heart sank into his stomach, thinking he’d just broken an obvious clue that he was there. But when the cock stopped and locked into a lowered position, he heard a sound of something heavy moving around him. As his eyes darted around the dark, he saw movement as an opening in the wall appeared that hadn’t been there before.

A secret door! Where the fuck was he?

Any other time in his life, this would be where Alex turned around, walked away, and returned to the safety and predictability of his life. He was not an adventurer. He was not a risk taker. In a moment like that he would suddenly realize just how much he actually did like his routine and his home and his job. Sure it wasn’t glamorous, but it wasn’t dangerous. Sure he was occasionally lonely, but he was also safe. Now, he was foolishly and aimlessly walking into a hidden hallway to look for his lover.

He moved carefully and cautiously, gripping his knife tightly in case anything jumped out at him. But somehow that also felt incredibly stupid. What the hell did he think he was going to do if confronted with an aggressive stranger? If he pulled out the knife it would probably get used on him again!

“Eddie,” he whispered. His voice echoed softly in the dark, but didn’t respond with anything other than his own words.

As he continued, he could see a light coming from the end of the path. Warm and soft, like a lamp in a room. It was the first light he’d seen in the whole house. He hoped against hope that this is where he would find Eddie! It has to be the right place!

He moved faster, throwing fear and reason aside, thinking that he was just steps away from the boy he had fallen for. Probably ridiculous to say Eddie was the love of his life, but it felt that way! As he came to the entrance of brighter room, he tried to steel himself for what he’d see. But he wasn’t ready for what it contained.

In the glow of the light, he saw a familiar racoon-faced creature with the body of a man. Around his neck was a large, metal collar connected to a long chain. A soft light filled the room with a low, gold glow, reflecting on the chains and what appeared to be an empty plate beside him. The glowing eyes of the raccoon met his and he knew. Eddie.

Eddie’s stunned looked matched Alex’s. Neither could believe they were seeing the other.

“Alex! What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean? I’m here to get you out of here!”

“You–you came for?” Eddie’s voice was full of confusion and disbelief.

“Of course! I had to find you. When you were gone–I didn’t know what to do! I’ve been chasing you down ever since!”

“I thought… I thought you wanted me gone. When your landlord came, I just assumed…”

“Oh god, no! I wanted you there! My roommate–I didn’t have time to explain to him. And he called my landlord. His name is Damien and this whole thing is a huge mistake. I would have never have kicked you out. I wouldn’t do that to you. Believe me. Never.”

Alex looked at Eddie’s collar. He took out his pocket knife and poked at the lock. He couldn’t believe it when he actually got the thing open! Finally, some secret agent shit! He wrapped his arms around Eddie, holding him tightly.

“You don’t ever have to go anywhere without me again.”

Eddie held him back. The two were so happy they both felt tears well up in their eyes. In that moment, however, Alex remembered where they were and the presumption that they weren’t safe.

“Look, we have to go. There’s something strange about Damien and I’ll tell you all about it. But maybe he can help. But we gotta get out of here.”

“No, wait, Alex–”

Alex grabbed Eddie’s hand and pulled him back toward the secret door. Eddie kept trying to get his attention but Alex was determined to get him out of there.

Just as they rushed down the hall, Alex could see the door closing. The dim moonlight that creeped in soon disappeared, leaving behind a dark, featureless wall with a large stone barrier between them.

It was too late. He was too late. Now they were stuck.

Alex began to panic. How would he get out now? The man would surely return and see him there. What would he do? What could he do?

Eddie could see his defeated look. He brought him back into the light of what amounted to a holding cell. At least to an outsider like Alex.

“Alex… what you did… it’s the bravest and sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I shouldn’t have doubted you. You deserve so much better. I owe you so much.”

“No,” Alex replied. “You don’t owe me anything. You made me feel so alive. So loved. So in love. I just–I want to be with you.”

Eddie could feel his heart pounding. He was overcome with emotion and didn’t know what to say. He leaned in and kissed Alex. Alex pressed his lips to Eddie’s raccoon face and kissed him back.

The two had only shared one night together. And now, in the chamber inside this home, they had the chance for another. There was no telling what would happen once the man returned, but something more powerful than teenage hormones were acting on his body. The air was full of sex, the smell was an intoxicating smell of desire for the boy he loved, his body itself felt more sexually charged than ever.

Alex could not imagine wasting one more moment not making love to Eddie, and figuring out the rest would have to wait.

Alex quickly and passionately tore off his clothes. Eddie stripped down as well, his body glowing in the warm, amber light. They looked at each other, excited and happy, and incredibly aroused. Seeing Eddie’s hard cock popping up made Alex even more turned on. He loved his tight little body covered in a fuzzy stubble, his face, his animal eyes, and his massive dick.

He leaned over, sitting Eddie up on a rise in the ground covered by an animal skin. He grabbed both sides of Eddie’s bare hips in his hands, kissing up his legs, around his stomach, and down to the shaft of his penis. His hard cock brushed against his face and onto his lips before penetrating into his mouth.

Alex closed his eyes and let out a long exhale. Tasting Eddie was like the most delicious and satisfying food. Once in his mouth Eddie’s precum began flowing, and it was as sweet as the boy’s cock was tender on his tongue, filling Alex with complete satisfaction. Eddie leaned back, loving the sensation of Alex wrapped around his shaft. He wanted to make him happy. To thank him for coming to find him. He loved him. And he knew Alex loved him back. There was something else that Eddie knew. Or at least suspected. That something was what made this reunion with Alex possible.