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Tommy is a hopeless romantic in absolute. Nothing gets him more excited than the idea of a long, loving relationship with a good man who would never betray him. In the modern era, it seems almost impossible to find! But he’s determined to get it, no matter how many dates he has to go on. Unfortunately, too many of those dates turn into one night stands in the end. It isn’t until one fateful hookup that he finds someone truly exceptional! Making his acquaintance with a big, beefy bear named Bishop, he feels a connection unlike anything he’d ever known before…

He doesn’t fully understand the extent of his bond with the big guy until he finds himself in a world of trouble he could have never expected. It’s only then that he sees just how much of an impression the handsome stranger left on him, and how much his life has been changed forever!


Nathan is a dreamer at heart. He loves to close his eyes and imagine new worlds and magical places. Even when he gets his heart broken, he retreats to the special place in his mind where there’s nothing but goodness and warmth. While this is normally a safe, simple retreat, one particular outing of sunbathing leads him into a dream world unlike any other! He’s whisked away by a handsome, broad-chested man, only to find himself trapped in an erotic fantasy. Surrounded by large, powerful beasts and creatures, Nathan undergoes a transformation from a passive, dreamy young man into a powerful, strong-willed immortal!

As he steps into his promethean life, he sees that the real world is far more magical than anything he could have dreamed for himself, exploring what it means to be truly awake…


Daniel is only 19 years old, and like most teenagers, all he can think about is the sex he isn’t having. He’s still a virgin and uncomfortable around most men. He doesn’t know why, but whenever he gets the chance to act on anything, he always clams up as he loses all his confidence. He often retreats to his home and his computer at night, watching porn and jerking off — sometimes several times a day!

Despite his anxiety, he loves the idea of meeting someone in a public place, becoming overwhelmed by desire and passion, and fucking right then and there! Gyms and locker rooms are often featured in the videos he watches, Seeking to a find a cruisy gym like the ones he beat off to, he joins the Adonis Fit. When finally begins his exploration, he sees something that changes his entire view of the world and himself…

Unable to shake the erotic memory from his mind, he goes on pursuit of the handsome, mysterious, horned figure. With this singular fixation, he opens himself in ways he could have never done before!


Brody is an intense young man with a grudge. Due to his strict upbringing, he has a hard time accepting people for who they are, especially when they’re different… And that even goes for himself! He always tries to suppress his true feelings, but it’s hard to deny the truth about his sexuality. He keeps his inner life a secret, only looking for sex in the dark alleys behinds bars and pubs. But one fateful night, his desires lead him to an encounter that will change the course of his life forever…

Angered by what he saw and his own feelings, he’s joined up with an anti-promethean militia known as H.A.R.P.E. And while he’s able to act on his anger toward the furred folk, he’s struggling to keep his own secrets hidden. But like a caged animal, it’s only a matter of time before they come charging out!


Steve has always been one of the biggest and strongest since the earliest days he could remember on the playground. The dominant alpha male cant help but love the feeling of being in a position of power and using it to get what he wants from those who are weaker than him. The kind of man who’s been lucky all his life, he’s been blessed with stunning good looks, a genetic predisposition to athletic superiority, and a big, powerful cock that leaves his bottoms begging for more. Never having been challenged for dominance, he’s grown unchecked into the typical schoolyard bully. Given their animal appearance, he sees prometheans as less than human and ripe for profiteering.

With his brute strength, questionable morals, and selfish sex drive, Steve has set up shop with a secret brothel, catering to those willing to pay top dollar for their desires…


Sam is a regular, healthy, handsome young man, but he has a bad habit! He has a good job, loving friends, and a family who supports him in everything he does. He should want for nothing, satisfied by the fruits of his own labors. Still, deep down, he’s yearning for something new, something exceptional! He’s gotten a taste for the exotic life after his first sip of a special, magical serum known on the street as “Freak Juice.” The rush is so intense, it makes him feel like he’s experiencing the world in color when all he’d ever seen was black and white…

He doesn’t want to rely on it, but without it, he feels like he’s sleepwalking. He’ll hold out as long as he can, but his desire grows day by day!