Alex watched as Cole drank from the chalice. The boy’s lips pursed to the edge, taking in his essence with each passive gulp. Alex could see his face relax as it worked its way through his system, making him docile and ready for what was to come next.

Cole looked around at the faces on the walls, seeing their ancient eyes glow just before long, pink, smooth tentacles emerged from their orifices. Alex watched with patient delight as the muscular probes slid closer and closer. Their elegant gliding motion as they answered the call of their caretaker was mesmerizing.

Alex felt the familiarity of the moment wash over him, filling him with a sense of power and purpose. For millennia he had cared for this hungry creature, one of the most ancient members of the Theban race. His position demanded that he tend to the scylla’s needs without hesitation…

It had been one of the greatest honors to act as caretaker of the scylla. Such was the task bestowed upon him when he was still a young Theban and inducted into The Order of Min as a priest. But much had changed in his lifetime. The sacred charge given to him was no longer a priority for the High Council of Thebes. Many of the priests of his order had fallen from grace, and time had all but erased the memories of his Order from broader Theban traditions as the work of Promethean breeding rose to prominence.

Alex once had a respected role, revered as the Order’s hierophant, master of the esoteric knowledge and rituals. He came to worship the scylla and do all that it demanded, admiring its place in the mystical world and its power of consumption.

It had to be fed. To sustain such a creature required offerings of worship and flesh, charging the Order of Min with the sacred task of procuring delectable youths for its sustenance. In the modern era, such practices were strictly forbidden, forcing the order to disband and scatter, leaving the scylla creatures to fend for themselves and lure in prey on their own.

But such ancient practices die hard. Many belonging to the Order of Min remained active but in hiding. Alex was among the priests who never surrendered his oath, and privately carried on practicing the ancient rituals of Min. He had made his vow for all time and would keep it in secret if he must. He understood what others did not about the scylla, and seeing the ancient Theban come alive to accept his offering was affirmation of his place among Thebans. And seeing Cole, this beautiful young male human blissfully and peacefully take to his fate as the tentacled creature moved in, he found himself exquisitely aroused.

Alex watched Cole’s body react as the smooth muscular limbs wrapped around him. The warm, gel-like coating tingled against his body, triggering his hairs to rise as it sent a chill up his spine. Their grip and coiled movements quickly warmed his flesh, massaging his well-formed muscles as they made their way over his athletic body.

The many arms worked in a beautiful dance, navigating without eyes or external direction, feeling out their path from an instinctive knowledge of the human anatomy. As they found their way to Cole’s waist, they pulled and toyed with the soft fabric of his underwear — both an obstacle to their goal and a foreign material over their offering. The scylla had no use for this, prompting the quick and skillful removal by pulling them down from around his waist, leaving Cole’s smooth, round, succulent buttocks exposed to the dark, cave air.

Cole could hardly take in what was happening. His senses seemed to be on overload, making him unable to fully observe the passage of time or the actions around him. His head was heavy and full, as if cotton balls filled up his ears and covered his eyes. A warm buzz took over his chest, spreading out to his limbs and extremities. He could feel the dull, blunt feeling of being placed on all fours, but could not fully appreciate the nature of the beastly probes controlling him.

He looked out into a dark void, unable to distinguish distance or place. He could no longer find Alex, who now lurked in the dark observing. Cole didn’t know what or how to feel, trapped in his peaceful waking slumber. As he stayed exposed, the tentacles navigated their way to his holes, playing with his mouth and lips as well as his delicate backside.

Cole felt the wet smooth phallus brush up to his mouth, gently probing him for entry. He relaxed his jaw, as if answering the creature’s request, feeling it open just enough for a tentacle to push gently past his lips and then slide inside. It’s movements were slow and controlled as it very gently explored his cheeks and tongue from the inside. As it nudged into him further, and began to push toward his throat, it was clear the probe intended to work its way into him deeper.

From the other side, the warm, wet serpentine arms of the scylla played with Cole’s ass, slithering over each plump mound. The weight of the thick tentacles on top of his ass pressed his cheeks together, only to have the skilled probing ends of the tentacles kneading them apart. Meanwhile another phallic arm crept in, moving its way deliberately and purposefully toward his anus. Having felt out the boy’s ass, the scylla knew that this was what it was looking for.

The slick arm pressed up against the boy’s hole, feeling it’s tight aperture clench in an involuntary response to its presence. In Cole’s subdued state, it only took a gentle teasing for the muscles to relax and give way to their thick, muscular foreign invader. Cole’s cock hung heavy between his legs, large and engorged as the tentacled arm pushed through his perfect sphincter, between his alabaster cheeks, and slid up into his body.

Cole’s anal cavity stretched as it took more of the scylla’s immense phallic tentacle, feeling the arm creep deeper into his insides presses up against and rubbing past his prostate. The talented head of the writhing invader played with the boy’s swollen gland like a toy, nudging, squeezing and batting it around, forcing his cock to leak a constant stream of pre-cum out onto the floor.

As Cole felt himself get pummeled from the inside, more tentacles wrapped around his body, holding his arms and legs in place so his involuntary movements would be restricted. Cole’s mouth continued to be stuffed, muffling his moans of pleasure from each push against his guts.

Cole’s cock was soon gripped by the wet tentacles, wrapped around between the balls and head, holding his member in a grip far superior to that of his own hand. The layers of armature formed groove after groove of texture against his sizable manhood, slowly moving back and forth as well as up and down as it massaged his shaft, occasionally grazing against the crown of his cock. Each time it sent a quiver throughout his body, activating the muscles in his legs and groin, tightening his sphincter and inching him ever closer to climax.

The internal and external assault continued for what felt like ages. Cole lost all sense of time and place as he was skewered from front, back, top and bottom. A feeling of orgasmic weightlessness lulled him into complete bliss. He was so mesmerized that when his body needed to cum, he hardly registered the moment!

A seemingly never-ending geyser of cum ejaculated from his body, as an eruption continued to produce more and more ejaculate from within his ballsack. At the same time, he gripped the scylla’s phallic arm lodged in his backside with his ass muscles just before the creature began to pump a load into him that he felt deep in his core. As cum filled his insides to overflowing, a puddle formed beneath him. The thick phallus-like tentacle in him did not stop breeding him for several minutes, rippling with each new deposit of semen. The volleys of hot spray were forceful enough to be felt, spreading out and filling his guts. Somehow the creature managed to coax several additional gushing orgasms from his balls. And it wasn’t until he was fully milked that he felt the creature start to withdraw its powerful serpentine arms. The boy, subdued by the post-climax malaise, was filled with cum that weighed him down. The tentacled creature sensed his resignation, feeling his weight fall down upon them. They pulled out of his body completely, and then one by one began to glide away, complete in their work…

Cole laid still. His muscles take their time to recover. He had exerted a lot of energy despite his complete lack of awareness. After a time, he managed to open his eyes, once more able to look around and see where he was.

He tried to recall how exactly he’d come to the dark cave, seeing not a soul in sight and not familiar entrance or exit. It was as if he had sleepwalked there, but he was sure that wasn’t the case. He recalled the drive from the train station and the mysterious man — Alex. He looked for a sign of him, but saw no trace of another figure.

Before his eyes could adjust and focus on the darkness, he felt the beating of his heart, deep in his chest, accelerating slightly as if he was starting to run. He remained still, and yet his body was awakening far more than seemed normal…

Gradually, the beating sped up to a steady hum, vibrating from his muscles and skin and growing in intensity. It seemed to concentrate at his extremities, first targeting his fingers and toes, occasionally becoming prominent on his knees and shoulders. In short order, he felt that energetic feeling in his ears, building in intensity until something wholly unexpected happened.

Cole felt the skin on his face begin to tense up, stretching up around his ears as if the cartilage inside was having some sort of a spasm. It was a blunt, aching pain, exquisite in its force and precision, seeming to emanate from within his skull up to the tip of his ear. He felt the tension build, feeling as though it were pushing upward. To his surprise, his ears were doing just that!

Before he could take in what was happening, a similar sensation became apparent behind his nose. A push forward that seemed to fracture his face, moving outward like shifting tectonic plates. It hurt at first, like the sharp but thrilling sensation of first being penetrated, but this was deep inside his nasal region. That pain, however, quickly gave way to a delightful, pleasant feeling like the stretch following a long sleep.

Blood rushed to his cheeks and ears as his skin flushed in reaction to the sudden changes. He felt hot, sweaty, and a little dizzy, wishing both that this transformation would stop, but also begging for it to last forever…

He wanted a release, a feeling of finality. He was curious to know what was happening and too overwhelmed to understand what was happening in real time. It wasn’t until he felt the follicles on his flesh push further out of his ears and face that he suspected he knew what was happening!

He felt the strange shape of his nose and the soft, lengthened shape of his ears. He felt like an animal in a way he’d never experienced before. The fur that now covered a very small part of his face was completely alien, thicker than human hair but cashmere soft. It was like that of a baby lamb, but short and thin like a rabbit.

As his hands explored his face, he felt his cock get harder, seemingly in response to this new form. He felt the ache in his young testicles of having recently cum, but his body was once again primed and ready for another burst of seed!

Just as suddenly as his transformation came on, the desire to stroke his newly massive cock came on just as strong. He grabbed his cock, feeling a few stray drops from his previous load drip out of the tip of his penis as he began to work on yet another load.

He stroked his shaft, aching to feel that burst once more. He was so focused on his cock, he did not notice a figure step forward from the darkness.

The stranger grabbed his ankles, pulling him forward and onto his back. He let go of his cock and looked up at the man before him. It was still too hard to focus. He saw a familiar handsome face, but this time bearing horns and a wild expression. The figure spread his legs apart as he slid his raging hard-on into the boy’s slick, hungry hole. Cole wanted to say something, but all he could muster in his confusion was one simple word…

“Johnathan… ?”