Cole’s body was surging with life, still energized from the intense fuck he’d received. But mentally, he was exhausted. He laid down to rest his eyes after Jonathan filled his hole with his cum, trying his best to sleep, but his mind wandered endlessly with questions.

How is Jonathan here? Where has he been? And why now? How did he know I was here? What is he?

He tried to relax and let his body unwind, but after a couple hours of restlessness, he opened his eyes and sat back up.

Jonathan was sitting beside him, watching him closely as if trying to read his thoughts. He had a look on his face that was both familiar yet strange. This was clearly the Jonathan he loved and knew, but something more was on the surface that had been hidden. Besides the obvious horns on his head, he was more still, more solid. Something about him seemed… older… more grounded. Cole couldn’t put his finger on it, but he could tell there was more to him than he ever showed before.

“You’re not sleeping,” Jonathan said, sounding distant despite his proximity.

“I don’t know how anyone could. …Why are you here?”

Jonathan smiled, amused by Cole’s question. “Of everything you’ve seen, that’s your first question?”

Cole gave him a stern look. “Of course I have a million questions! You’ve got fucking horns and the wall has tentacles! None of this makes sense. But least of which is why my ex-boyfriend is here after ruining my life! Because of you, I lost everything!”

Jonathan wanted to say something, but he knew it was better to let Cole be heard. He stayed silent, giving Cole his chance to speak.

“I trusted you. …I loved you. What makes you think I want to see you again? …Why are you here?”

Jonathan took a deep breath. “I’m sorry you went through so much pain, Cole. And you’re right. It was my fault. But it was the only way to get you here, now.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have so much more potential than you know. You’re an amazing person with so much ahead of you. If you had stayed closeted, with me, in your old life, you would have never known what is waiting for you here.”

Cole turned away, confused and angry. “You say that like I couldn’t have a choice. Like you couldn’t have just been honest with me. I would have followed you anywhere.”

Jonathan stood up. He reached a hand out to Cole, who was still angry and reluctant to accept Jonathan’s touch.

The horned man’s eyebrows raised, pleading with him. “Can I show you something?”

Cole reluctantly took his hand. Jonathan helped him up to his feet. Cole stood next to Jonathan and looked into his eyes. He was devastatingly handsome. Even with the horns, he still reminded Cole of when they first met. He couldn’t deny he was still attracted to him, especially knowing that he still had his load inside him.

It wasn’t that he hated him; quite the opposite. He loved Jonathan more than any other man he’d ever known. And he wanted to be with him. But he couldn’t understand why he’d been put through all of this. Part of him wanted to stop being angry and kiss him. But his heart was still broken and desperate for answers.

“You’re such a sweet boy,” Jonathan began, looking lovingly at Cole. “You have such a big heart and curious mind. But you’re still only human.”

Cole paused. He knew by the horns and everything else he’d seen that something otherworldly was happening, but it was such a heavy moment to hear Jonathan–his Jonathan–say that he was something other than himself.

Cole broke his silence to ask, “What are you?”

“I’m an immortal. A Theban. I may look like you and feel like you, but I’m not of your world.”

Cole looked at him, confused, but trying his best not to show it on his face. The “only human” comment made him force himself to appear cool and calm, but inside, he was riddled with anxieties and questions.

Jonathan continued, “I have walked this earth for thousands of years, long before humanity took over the land, air, and seas. In my time, the world was full of mysteries and miracles, what you now think of as myth and magic. My kind still exists, but we have to hide in plain sight.”

Cole was stunned. This seemed like too much. He didn’t know what to believe anymore.

“Why me? …If you’re so ancient and hidden, why come out at all? Why find me? Why did you get to know me?”

“I want you. We want you.”

“We?! There’s a we now? That other guy? The man who brought me here? Is this the plan? Trick a guy into liking you and then kidnap him and bring him here?”

“Cole… you don’t understand. This is bigger than me or you. I’m offering you something special. Something most humans will never know.”

“You could have asked me. You think I wouldn’t be able to handle it? Look at me! I’m talking, I’m listening–what makes you think I wouldn’t have understood?”

As Cole finished his question, Jonathan’s face began to contort and change. The young man’s face went white as he watched, having no frame of reference for what he saw.

Jonathan’s ears extended out first, breaking from their curved, familiar shape, becoming more pointed. Then Jonathan’s nose, too, pushed forward, becoming blunted and broad. Cole watched as his skin stretched and shifted, moving around his skull as if it was an entity unto itself. And as they moved, dark hairs pierced the flesh, covering his once smooth face with a soft, velvety coat of fur.

Cole watched as the transformation extended down his neck to his chest, arms, and legs. His already long, athletic form became taller and more muscular. The man began to reach a height of seven feet tall, bursting with strength and power as his back and front rippled with exceptional size. As veins and skin stretched to cover his mass, a similar fur to his face sprouted to the surface.

Jonathan let out a beastly, animal sound as he shifted, losing his familiar human voice and developing a deep, grizzly tone that was more like a wolf’s growl. As he twisted and moaned, Cole saw his cock swell up, larger than he’d ever seen, weighed down by two massive, hairy balls.

Suddenly, Jonathan let out a loud, deafening howl as a long tail burst from his backside, sitting atop his round, muscular ass and extending out like an extra limb. It reached up to his furry back, moving back and forth in response to the extreme contortions that his body continued to experience.

Cole watched in terror as Jonathan’s face became more ferocious. His teeth extended out like fangs, long and pointy as they broke through his jaw. The friendly, gentle eyes he once looked into as they made love were now replaced by ones belonging to a dangerous, predatory-looking monster… a werewolf of incredible size, striking fear into the young man’s soul. Despite this, he found his cock inexplicably erect.

“Stop!” Cole exclaimed. It was too much for him to bear. “Please, stop!”

In an instant, just as fast as he changed, Jonathan’s terrifying wolf visage was gone and he transformed back into the handsome, familiar form he was before.

“How do you think you would have felt if you saw that before?” Jonathan asked, sounding more snarky than Cole wanted to hear.

“I would have run away! What are you?! Are you a werewolf? Are there werewolves?!”

Seeing he needed to tread slowly, Jonathan tried to explain. “I told you, I’m a theban. Werewolves are part of the myths that humans have created to explain what they don’t understand. Yes, I can change into a terrifying beast, but I can also change into a man. And so much more. Watch…”

Cole braced himself to be frightened again, but was astounded to see Jonathan almost instantaneously sprout two small, hooved legs out of his torso. He leaned back, arching his chest upward as they grew larger and larger in size. Simultaneously, his own back legs appeared to grow as well, becoming broader at the top and hooved at the bottom.

His belly began to stretch out, putting great distance between the two sets of legs as he became taller and bigger. As his front legs became heavy, he fell forward onto them, settling on four sets of horse-like limbs while his upper half remained very human.

Cole saw a massive, 2 to 3-foot-long cock hang between Jonathan’s rear legs, practically the size of Cole’s own arm! Seeing this change, Cole felt an intense rush of adrenaline surge through his body, moving around him until it centered in his loins.

Suddenly, and without warning or expectation, Cole felt himself burst as a massive explosion of cum left his cock. The feeling was unlike anything he’d ever had jerking off or fucking. It was as if every part of him was experiencing a wave of orgasmic pleasure, clouding his mind from any fear or doubt, leaving him in a blissful daze that seemed to last an eternity. His eyes focused on the beautiful, powerful centaur-creature in front of him, watching as it ejaculated as well, pouring its fluid all over the floor of the cave.

Just as the last drops of cum seeped out of Cole’s urethra, he saw the walls of the cave begin to react. From its mysterious crevasses and cracks, tentacles emerged, slithering their way toward the spilled seed.

As if sniffing it out, the smooth arms sought out its source, moving around Cole and making their way to Jonathan. Jonathan stood, completely calm and at ease, even regarding the tentacles with a comfortable familiarity.

“You’ve met Scylla…” he began, speaking to Cole’s confusion.

“You know this… this… what is it?”

“Scylla is not that different from myself. It’s an immortal as well, similar to Thebans. Just as old and powerful, and capable of all manner of transformation.”

“But… it’s not human…”

Jonathan could see Cole was still having a hard time understanding. So he tried his best to make it as simple as possible.

“Cole, I’m not human. Neither is Scylla. We are part of a bigger, more fantastical world than the human world could ever know. We are connected to a power that goes back to the dawn of creation, before gods and men. Humans are as new to Scylla as… smart phones, for example, are to you.”

“Still… why me? What could something as old and powerful as Scylla–or you for that matter–want with a human like me?”

“Well,” Jonathan began. “You’re not entirely human either. …Not anymore.”

Before Cole could even question the absurdity of such a claim, Jonathan pointed at Cole. At first, the young man thought that Jonathan was indicating for Scylla to approach him. Instead, something far more astonishing happened.

Cole felt his cock jump up, reaching full strength in an instant. This was followed by an electrical surge through his body, similar to what he felt after having been fucked. It seemed to course through him in circuits, pumping through him in pace with each increasingly rapid heartbeat. As it reached something akin to a hum, he felt a push of force behind his back.

He turned and watched as a small lump appeared above his buttocks, growing outward like a mole until it lengthed and sprouted soft, white fur. It was like the sensation of a sneeze and an orgasm and a tickle all at once, breaking his concept of what his body was capable of producing in terms of feeling and physicality.

The energy focused itself up toward his ears, becoming warm at first and then blazing with an intense heat as the soft tissue stretched long and wide, becoming long and flat. As it extended outward, soft hairs emerged where bare skin once was. They took on the appearance of rabbit ears, moving around as he trembled and shook.

He didn’t know if this was some sort of spell or illusion, but it felt as real as anything he’d ever known. His loins were on fire, desperate to fuck and breed, burdened with a drive to procreate that was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. It was as if he would cease to be if he didn’t fuck soon. He looked to Jonathan for a sign of assurance, but found himself fixated on his massive cock.

Jonathan had more to say, but he could sense the powerful drive inside his young bunny.

He gave him a comforting smile, letting him know it was okay to follow his instincts. Cole, eager to get his needs satisfied, turned around to present his smooth hole to the massive centaur. Jonathan adored how his cottontail sat perched above his cheeks like a little furry crown, seeming to give his hungry hole a new, mischievous personality. It was still full of his cum, making it all the more enticing for him to fuck.

Luckily for Cole, that cum went a long way to helping ease in the giant horse-cock that his ex now had swinging between his legs. Jonathan leaned back, lifting his front legs up into the air as his hind legs held him upright. Carefully and slowly, he guided his shaft toward the small bunny’s behind, trying not to break him as he mounted.

Cole was so horny to be fucked, the size difference between them hardly crossed his mind. All he knew was that he needed it, and he would do anything it took to take it.

To his surprise, Scylla even helped hold Cole in place, giving him more support and proper placement as he felt the wide, can-thick cockhead begin to pierce his hole. Cole’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, both bracing for the feeling of deep penetration and delighted to be so thoroughly fucked.

As Jonathan broke through his tight sphincter, he could feel his previous load still coating his insides. It was warm and silky, making it easier to plunge deep into Cole’s body, causing the horny bunny boy to let out a cry of sheer joy.

Scylla took Cole’s cock in its grip, massaging it and stroking him as it kept him up and accessible to the giant centaur. Cole wanted to live in that feeling forever, but before long, the efforts of Scylla and Jonathan proved more than he could handle.

Cole, past the point of no return, let out a wild moan as his hole tightened around Jonathan’s shaft and his cock began pulsing, which in turn pushed out a massive load that practically seared the inside of Cole’s cock. That feeling simultaneously caused an eruption from Jonathan, flooding the young bunny’s butt with a rush of fluid that was inhuman in volume and force.

Completely drained (and filled), Cole’s body felt limp, barely able to hold himself up. Luckily, Scylla was there, still keeping him in its arms, supporting him as he began to drift toward a deep sleep.

Finally, Cole was able to rest. Deep in his sleep, he felt the closeness he’d missed from his ex as well as a new, overwhelming sense of power and belonging. He seemed to slip out of time and space for a moment, feeling part of something bigger than himself. Bigger than all of his experience combined. It was fleeting, but it was like having been touched by the heart of the universe.

For a couple hours, he let his body return to a state of peace and calm, but with each deep breath, he drifted further away from that bigger state of consciousness.

When he awoke, he was back to his old self. No tail, human ears, and the dazed confusion of what this all meant. The only bit of surety he had was seeing Jonathan laying next to him, smiling and caressing his bare back. Cole reached an arm over to him, snuggling closer to the magical man, not sure what question to ask first. But before he could say anything, Jonathan spoke first.

“Feeling alright?”

“Yeah…” Cole replied lazily, barely able to form thoughts let alone full words. “I’m good. Great, actually. …What–what was that?”

Jonathan laughed. “Sex?”

Cole gave him a friendly smack on his chest. “No, not that. After. During. There was… I was somewhere. Not here.”

Jonathan looked at him in the eye, taking his time as he had before, clearly trying to answer in a way he would understand. “This world… what you experience as life, earth, love, happiness, pain, pleasure–all of it–is just a facet of something larger. You’ve lived your entire life on one side of a diamond, never knowing that there’s so much more. Other dimensions of consciousness, depth of thought and feeling.”

Cole looked at him, amazed by what he was hearing, but hardly capable of grasping the implications of it all. “So I went there?”

Jonathan smiled and replied. “What is here? How do you know you’re here? You’re limited to only five senses, but for some, reality is more than just what you can touch and see and taste. Scylla and I, we’re part of that, but even we only get to walk on the surface of the diamond. What you experienced is just a drop in a great, cosmic ocean.”

Cole paused, taking it in. “You say I’m not human. Am I like you?”

“No. Prometheans are something else.”

“How–I mean… that other thing. That ocean or diamond or whatever… How do I get there again?”

Jonathan smiled, his dimpled face beaming. He gave Cole a kiss and replied, “I’d hoped you’d ask that.” Continuing, Jonathan looked at Cole in the eye, seeing his raptured attention.

“Unlike me, Scylla is a being of great transformative power. I can give people a taste of what the infinite is like, but Scylla… Scylla is a gateway. Through Scylla, you can be a part of this greater consciousness, experiencing every moment in existence with the same ease that you would conjure a memory. You would be free of form, free from time, free of the bounds that keep even immortals restricted.”

“But… why don’t you go?”

“Someday perhaps I will. But it is not my time.”

“But I want to be with you!” Cole was frustrated, thinking of experiencing this great gift on his own.

“This is where our concept of here, now, time, and space are limited. The infinite is with me. It’s with you. It’s with all things. Once you cross over, you’re with everyone, always. Even me… You’ll never be alone.”

Cole looked off for a while. Not saying a word. He took it all in, trying to do the calculations in his head of what this all meant. Jonathan stroked his hair, giving him the time to think things through. He knew this wasn’t a small offer. It would cost a lot in terms of a mortal life, but the reward was so much more than he could ever even put into words. But he could tell that Cole was beginning to understand even just the limited amount that language could capture.


“Are you sure, Cole?” Jonathan asked. “This is your choice.”

“I know. I want this.”

Jonathan leaned in and gave him another kiss. “Then let’s begin.”

In the distance, Cole heard soft steps heading in their direction. From the entrance of the cave, Cole saw another person arrive. It was Alex, walking toward them. Jonathan was not surprised in the slightest, giving Cole permission to not be alarmed. He put his trust into Jonathan completely, and was willing to go along with whatever he asked of him.

As Alex came forward, Jonathan rose to his feet, lifting Cole up to his as well. Alex gave Jonathan a nod and Jonathan began  walking away from them.

“Wait,” Cole spoke up. “Are you not staying?”

“This time is about you, not me. You’re in good hands with Alex. Given his station and his relationship with Scylla, he is best equipped to prepare you for what’s to come. …Don’t worry. I won’t be gone long.”

Cole let go of Jonathan’s hand, desperate to follow him, but making the choice once more to trust him. He took a deep breath and turned to Alex, looking to him for a sign of what to do.

“Hello, Cole. It’s time you finally knew the real me. I’m the Hierophant of Min, a priest of a special order of Thebans tasked with the care and protection of Scylla.”

Jonathan stepped forward, making his way to the center altar.

“Here is where you begin your journey. Scylla has a beautiful gift to offer you: a limitless connection to untold mysteries and power. All you have to do is pass its test.”

“A test?” Cole asked, surprised by this new information. He assumed his passage was all but guaranteed. But he decided to push through. He wanted the gift. “What do I need to do?”

Alex extended his arm out to indicate to the object at the center of the altar. It was large, phallic and plantlike, but Cole recognized it as a part of the look of Scylla’s tentacles.

“Before you can expand your consciousness, you need to show you can withstand the limits of your physical body…”