Cole listened to the rustling of the leaves of the trees in the wind as he carefully placed his clothes to the side of a rock. The soft, whispering sounds calmed his nerves as he felt the open air on his body.

His hands rubbed against his bare flesh, warming it up as the sun struck down on him, which provided him a degree of protection from his nudity. He wasn’t used to being naked outdoors, but it seemed too exciting to pass up his boyfriend’s request for a sensual, woodsy tryst. Even though the perfect weather and beautiful scenery bring him some peace, the open display of his body was still something that made him uncomfortable.

Cole looked around nervous, afraid someone would see him. He didn’t want to get in trouble or called out for being a pervert. His heart pounded, listening for anyone coming near. A few branches broke in the distance, a cracking noise that made Cole’s head turn around quick like a deer evading a predator. Luckily, the only figure Cole saw was that of his boyfriend, Johnathan.

Johnathan was tall, handsome, well-built, and sporting a massive cock that swung between his legs as he walked towards Cole. He was holding his clothing in his big hands. Cole instantly felt at ease. It was comforting to know that he was not alone and his boyfriend’s presence made the danger of being discovered fade away. All he wanted was to feel himself wrapped in his arms and close to his chest.

Johnathan smiled as he caught Cole’s eye, loving not just the look of the sexy young man naked in front of him, but knowing the trust and compassion he held within him.

Johnathan leaned down to kiss Cole on the lips, feeling his soft, warm flesh against his own. Their bare bodies brushed against one another as the tips of their swelling cocks made contact. The casual connection between their genitals made Cole’s heart race, excited to think that they were going to have sex right there in the open air.

Cole kneeled down and took Johnathan’s cock in his mouth, feeling his jaw widen to take all of his man’s meat. The tall man’s cock was bigger than most, it stretched long and filled Cole’s fist as he held it in place. He stroked the base, teasing his heavy hanging scrotum as he worked his shaft. His large balls rocked back and forth as their impressive size swayed from the thrust of Cole’s sucking.

Johnathan fell to his knees in return, wiping a stray strand of saliva from Cole’s mouth before taking a cock in his own. Cole felt the warm, wet embrace of his lover’s tongue wrapping around his manhood, feeling completely consumed by him and caught in his grip. He could have stayed there forever, feeling himself melt into Johnathan’s mouth.

Johnathan had a different plan for him, however. He turned him over onto his back, staring into his eyes as the blue sky reflected back up. The bright, excited look on Cole’s face made Johnathan’s cock drip with pre-cum. He could see that Cole was hungry and desperate to be filled by him.

He spit on the tips of his fingers and massaged the fluid onto the tip of his dick. He then ran his fingers along Cole’s tight, hot manhole. Johnathan had bred him many times before, but he could practically feel Cole’s pulse beat nervously through the thin skin of his hole. He waited to see Cole’s lip quiver with anticipation before lifting him up to penetrate his tight, compact body…

Cole felt his whole body shake as Johnathan fucked him hard and deep. The sensation was so intense that it practically made him see stars as it simultaneously compelled a load out of the young man.

Johnathan’s cock pushed deep inside him, searing his insides with his hot, molten cum. As Jonathan orgasmed, Cole felt eruption after eruption of hot semen fill him up, seeping into his crevasses. He loved the sensation of his horse-hung boyfriend thoroughly breeding him, pumping his backside full to the point of overflowing with jizz.

The two men were lost in each other’s bodies, drifting in a post-coital stupor, mesmerized by the smell of sweat, semen, and sunshine. They could have laid there for hours, and gone at it again. Cole loved the feeling of Jonathan’s massive member. He played with it lazily as they laid together and Jonathan had become hard as a rock once again.

The sensation of laying their together totally nude outside, it was incredible. It seemed like everything was perfect as they enjoyed the waves of afterglow wash over their bodies as their horny, sexual passion gave way to a peaceful, tranquil calm.

Cole forgot where they were and how open their lovemaking was until he heard the sound of twigs snapping in the distance again.

With Johnathan next to him, it became evident that they were not alone and it was unclear how long that had been true.

The sounds continued, as if something or someone was moving closer to them. Not wanting to get caught, the two men quickly jumped up from their quiet makeshift bed on the forest floor and reached for their scattered clothing.

He thought they were right next to each other, but Cole was suddenly aware that he was going to have to catch up to his taller, faster boyfriend. Johnathan swiftly escaped the forest clearing still nude, huge cock and balls swinging… clothes in hand. But Cole had returned to the spot where he had left an article of clothing.

He paused and looked up, watching as Johnathan moved deep into the woods. His long legs carried him with such a speed that Cole worried that he might not catch up.

Cole tried to put his clothes back on, working hard to run and dress at the same time. The process slowed him down significantly, giving the strange intruder plenty of time to catch up with him!

All Cole could see from behind was a tall, muscular, handsome man approaching him with great speed. He seemed to be chasing him in the way that a lion hunts its prey. He didn’t call out or scream, just pursued. Cole was terrified, unsure of what the man wanted, but struck by his apparent nakedness and aggression.

Cole made one last sprint to try to get away, but found himself caught in a pounce from the stranger.

Cole was pushed to the ground, feeling the soft grass brush against his body as the heavier man weighed down on top of him. The man turned Cole around, giving him a look at his attacker. As he looked into his eyes he immediately felt his body overcome with a new sensation. Seeing this man’s eyes made his fear turn to passion, and his nerves turn to desire.

Everything about him seduced him! He smelled incredible, exciting his lungs and making his skin flush with desire. Cole’s cock grew hard, returning to its aroused state from just moments before. The stranger’s face made his lips itch with eagerness, desperate to be kissed and to taste his mouth.

Cole couldn’t understand it. He knew this was unusual and a complete change from the terrified response he’d had before. His heart was still racing, pumping blood to his muscles as if they were ready to fight or flee. Instead, all he wanted was to get fucked by the horned stranger that had just been pursuing him.

That’s right… He realized that the stranger had horns! This man wasn’t just a man, he was a beast. Without realizing it, Cole had completely lost control of his libido. He found it hard to focus on anything other than the man’s loins! He desperately wanted to get fucked by him. It was as if he was in an intensely erotic lucid dream, and though his mind was completely overtaken by hormones, he was still aware that this man had horns!

The satyr lifted Cole up against a nearby tree, ravaging him and taking him with an intensity and speed that mimicked his running. Cole winced as the bark scratched against his back, knowing that the penetration to come would likely be just as rough.

Sure enough, the satyr wasted no time inserting himself into Cole’s body. The cum from his boyfriend’s lovemaking still dripped from his anus, providing a smooth path for him to snake his way inside.

Cole couldn’t explain why this was happening, but as it did, he lost all desire to understand. He wanted to be taken, to be fucked, and to be bred by this bestial creature. As the fucking continued, he felt himself drift off into a haze of pleasure and ecstasy, unaware of time or place. Cole had lost all sense of himself as he was filled balls deep by the horny satyr that possessed him…