Brody tried to keep count of the number of times he slept, but it was hard to be sure what when a new day began. He kept track of the scientists’ clothing, particularly socks and shirts. He figured even they must go home to shower and change, giving him some sense of how long he’d been their prisoner.

Between all the sedatives, milkings, and experiments, time itself was becoming more and more of an illusion. But from what he could still hold on to and observe, Brody figured it had been about a week since he had been brought in.

He’d seen Korzark only two more times since his promise to get him out was first uttered. He wanted to trust him, but with each night that passed that he remained in his cage, the moment seemed almost like a figment of his imagination.

And why not? With all he’d been through so far, it was possible that he was beginning to crack. He could hardly keep a thought in his head, and when he did, the chemicals in his body confused him. He was slow, incoherent, and completely isolated from humanity.

He didn’t know how much longer he could last being so dehumanized. The only time he felt anything close to kindness was when he was washed or fed, and even those were moments more akin to a dog in a pound being given a bowl of dry kibble.

He felt his spirit becoming faint as bruises began to appear where syringes and probes had invaded his flesh. And all the while, he was unable to shake off his canine features.

A spark of hope came when Korzark finally came to visit him at night, similar to how he’d first made contact. He shut off the cameras and made his way into the lab by himself, causing Brody to stir in his cage, eager to get free.

“It’s about time,” Brody said weakly. “I don’t know how much longer I can go on.”

Korzark opened the door to his cage and placed a leash on Brody’s collar. Brody looked up at him confused, not sure why a leash would be necessary in an escape.

“I need you to trust me,” the older man said. Looking at him straight in the eye, Brody could feel a pulse of warm energy coming from him and flooding his body. Korzark’s head sprouted two small horns once more.

“I want to trust you… I’m just so tired.”

“I can help you with that.”

Korzark released Brody from his cage, holding the leash tightly in case the young man tried to test his restraint. To his surprise, Brody didn’t pull. The young man looked up at him, seemingly calmed by his presence and influence and willing to follow him where he led.

Brody’s eyes were wide as Korzark opened the door. The light in the hall was brighter than his dark lab, but it had the dim glow of after-hours fluorescents. Korzark was taking a risk in bringing Brody out and Brody knew that the horned man was his only way out.

He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to trust him, but he still had so many questions that made him uneasy. Still, it felt good to be able to stretch his legs and move about. Even on all fours, he felt a big relief.

Korzark watched the young man move with his beautiful, bare ass exposed. The military training gave him a perfectly sculpted backside, flanking a tight, pristine hole. He couldn’t help himself when he extended a hand out to feel it.

Brody’s ears perked up. He hadn’t been touched so pleasantly in a long time. It felt good. Fuck, it felt good. He looked back, curious what Korzark thought, only to find that the man had taken out his cock from his pants.

It was massive. Bigger than it seemed before. Veiny and throbbing and drippng pre-cum that filled the air with the most amazing scent. It filled his nostrils and gave him a charge. He could feel his own body come alive like it hadn’t in days. It was enough to make him eager to do anything Korzark asked. Little did he know, he would be asked to endure a lot.

The flogging continued on and on until he could barely hold himself up. He felt sweat running down his back as his front side was glowing red. He could barely breath enough to speak, and yet he continued to ask for more. Korzark stopped.

“I–I said ‘more,’” Brody repeated, looking up to the man to see if he’d heard. Korzark put the flogger down, watching as Brody struggled to lift up his head.

“I know. And you’ve done well. But I’m not going to break you today. I wanted you to see that you are a survivor. That you are strong and capable of great things. We’ll train more, but for now, you’ve done enough.”

Korzark unchained Brody from the wall. As he felt his restraints let go, he collapsed to the floor, falling to his knees as he felt his weariness take over. Korzark kneeled down beside him and held him closely, kissing his head and caressing his fur. Brody was shaking, but Korzark could see his cock was fully erect.

“It seems you may have liked it,” Korzark teased, scratching Brody behind the ear.

“I don’t want to like it,” he replied, feeling a confused sense of shame. Korzark wouldn’t have it.

“It’s okay to like it. I want you to like it. Besides, we’re not done.”

Brody looked up at him, scared for what was next.

“Get on all fours… show me your hole.”

The way Korzark said it was so direct and confident, Brody was compelled to comply. He shakily crawled forward and turned his backside to the older man, presenting his butt to him. He put a hand on his cheek to spread his ass, giving him a clear view of his tight sphincter.

Korzark stood up, pulling out his cock once again, revealing its massive size. Brody looked worried, still weakened from the flogging he’d received and unsure if he’d be able to take it.

Korzark kneeled behind him, placing his cock up to his hole with one hand and giving him a gentle caress down his back with another. He stayed still, letting Brody feel the warmth of the man’s member up to his sex without moving any further.

Leaning down, Korzark whispered, “You’ve earned this, my boy. I want you to enjoy it.”

Putting his hands on either side of Brody’s hips, Korzark gently pushed himself into the young man’s anus, prying open his hole as he filled up his ass with his monster cock. Brody let out a yelp from deep in his gut as it made its watch further into his innards.

Brody’s trembling and weakness became overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement and passion. He didn’t know how much he wanted his horned dungeon master until he was deep inside, his cock pulsing so far into his body it was like he had two hearts.

Brody couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was the first time he’d ever been so submissive to another man, having given up his body and mind, and now his hole. And as new and scary as it was, he wanted more. He rocked his hips back and forth, as if fucking himself on the older man’s shaft. As Korark felt the young man’s effort, he pushed himself hard and deeper.

Brody let himself go. He was fully and completely entwined in the satyr’s sex magic, lost from space and time, existing only on the end of his cock and riding the wave of pleasure it worked through him.

Brody felt his cock on the verge of cumming, but he held on as long as he could, not wanting the moment to end. But despite his efforts, the pressure building up in his loins was more than he could control.

Letting out a loud, animal cry, Brody’s cock burst with a massive spray of cum that exited his body like a fire hose. It shot onto the floor, pooling up as more and more was thrust from his member. He hadn’t even touched himself and yet he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life.

As his hole clenched around Korzak’s cock, the older man also let out a powerful grunt, releasing his seed into Brody’s hole, searing his insides with his powerful load. Brody practically felt his body refilled by the satyr’s deposit, as if every dropped he’d lost was replenished with something even more powerful.

Brody fell to the floor like a rag doll. His entire body was weak from the captivity intense torture, let alone the epic pounding that followed. He could hardly keep his eyes open as semen dripped from his hole, feeling heavy and limp.

Korzark smiled. Brody was a tough nut to crack, but he saw great potential in him, especially after this first session. He lifted him up with his superhuman strength and carried him out of the dungeon and back to his cage.

Brody’s tired eyes looked up from the man’s arms, seeing his strong, masculine face and resting his head on his firm, muscular chest. He felt so safe and so protected. Even though he knew he was going back to the cage, he felt like Korzark would protect him.

As Brody was put back into his restraints in the lab, he looked up at Korzark, not wanting to see him go. Korzark gave him a kiss on the forehead again and assured him he’d be back…