Tommy felt his body tremble as he reclined back onto the soft, white bedding. His heart still pounded in his chest from the intense breeding he’d received from his horned lover, Bishop. His brow glistened with fresh drops of sweat, giving him a dewy glow as he sank deeper into the cushioning.

His skin buzzed, activated and excited. It had felt that way as soon as Bishop erupted his load into his hole, filling him with his seed once more. The burly muscle satyr was careful as he retracted his penis, making sure to keep every drop inside the boy’s anus. Tommy was only slightly aware of this delicate act, still confused by the encounter.

Nathan had been through an intense ordeal. Not only was he captured by the frightening cave scylla, but he was nearly consumed and lost to its depths. Bishop managed to rescue him just in time, pulling him from the probing and penetrating tentacles, and bringing him to safety. The whole experience seemed like a dream to him, distant and foggy, lacking in detail, but powerful in its feeling.

Even as he could smell and feel Bishop’s body on his, he had a hard time discerning this moment from their first date. Time seemed to slip through his fingers whenever he tried to grasp onto it…

The last time he recalled being fully aware of his surroundings was on his peaceful, private walk to the swimming hole where he and his friends were supposed to meet. He wanted to feel that sense of clarity again, to take stock of his position and understand what all had happened. But despite his best efforts, he felt his eyes close as his body grew heavy, dragging his consciousness down into a deep sleep.

Bishop looked on, himself spent from the excitement of the day. He watched as Tommy’s breathing slowed and deepened. It only took a moment for him to drift off to sleep, safe in his protector’s cave. The metal chain around his neck did not seem to bother him. In fact, it seemed to suit him!

Bishop worried that his dreams would be terrifying, influenced by the beast that tried to consume him, but as he watched on, he saw the young man’s penis growing erect once again. It was an exceptionally beautiful sight to see such a specimen content while also fully aroused. It gave the satyr a sense of comfort. He wondered what was projecting into his thoughts, but knew that whatever it was, Tommy would be okay.

Tommy’s imagination took him outside of his chains and into an unknown, wild forest. In his dream, he felt the warm glow of fire and the crackle of embers flying into the sky. The amber flickers against the dark indigo sky was the first thing that appeared as he felt himself continued to fall deeper down. The embers glowed brighter, becoming giant pits of flames, surrounding an opening in the trees. It was in this opening that Tommy understood why he was suddenly aroused.

He looked around and saw several altars, all adorned phallically with large penis totems, reaching high up into the canopy of the circular treeline. Each altar had a bustle of activity. Handsome satyrs, strong and powerful, were fucking and filling young men loudly and proudly. The forest sounds were full of rustling leaves, the breeze through the trees, and the grunts and moans of horny, hungry men!

Tommy thought himself a spectator of his vision, simply a viewer of some erotic imagination. But as his dream built up, he could taste the sweet notes of wine on his lips, smell the cool, clear night air perfumed by wood smoke, and feel his body writhing and moving…

He felt a force deep within his body. A pounding, pushing sensation that hit his prostate again and again. He could not see behind him, but everything about it felt like Bishop’s powerful, potent cock. He couldn’t tell now if this was part of his dream or just another slip of time and consciousness. Tommy wondered what was happening to him? Why was he so delirious? What was the significance of all this?

The feeling built up in his mind, overwhelming his perception of the dream itself. He felt an electric shock beneath his skin, running from his scalp, down his spine, and out through his tailbone. His back arched, taking in more of the deep dream dick, causing sparks to shoot throughout his fingers and toes. The buzzing moved around inside him like fireflies caught in a jar!

Suddenly, the sensation got stronger, filling his ears and moving to his mouth and his nose. The feeling was enough to wake him, taking him from his bacchanalian dream orgy and plunging him back into the real world.

Everything in his body churned with a chemistry he could not place or understand. It was like he was spinning and shaking and twisting all at once, even as his body stayed relatively still in his bed. Every inch of him was charged up with a feeling that rushed over him again and again. What was happening and why did it feel so… Good?

He basked in the pleasure for a moment before the climax came. His back arched up, shooting a searing hot feeling out his spine. It felt like an orgasm as it moved to his tailbone once more in the same spot as his dream. It ached at first, building up a pressure that sat just below the skin.

The pain and pleasure was blinding, keeping him from moving off of his sheets. Tommy couldn’t tell if he wanted the feeling to stop or continue on forever. With a quick pop of his backside, he felt something emerge from within him that had never been before. A push of cartilage and bone shot from his hip, sprouting out tiny, wispy hairs as it grew longer. The feeling was bigger than an orgasm and as quick as a sneeze.

Before he could feel around to inspect, the feeling electricity sparked inside his head, triggering his ears to twitch and stand at attention. The tops shifted much like his tailbone, pushing forward quickly and pleasantly. Similar frail hairs popped out of the delicate flesh, covering it such that his own moans and yelps began to muffle…

Within an instant, he had a fleshy tail above his ass, pressing into the bedding as he writhed and twisted. His ears stood pointed, higher than ever before, becoming increasingly more sensitive. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest as if it was connected to a stethoscope. The deep, thumping bass masked the scratching sound as more and more hairs emerged on his newly aroused skin. The only sign Tommy had his new animal fur was the vibration of his dermis as each long, dark follicle emerged and felt the air for the first time.

Tommy clenched his jaw, trying to hold himself together, fearing as if he might split apart at every joint in his body. He could feel his bones stretching inside him, moving in new directions as they took on new shapes. His muscles stretched, too, following the path of their neighbors and giving him a new sense of power.

Suddenly, Tommy’s teeth spread apart as his mouth was forced open with an audible scream. The pain was intense, feeling like his skull was broken, cracking and setting again and again in the span of several seconds. The pain quickly subsided, leaving behind aftershocks of intense pleasure as his nose and mouth moved forward. The satisfaction was unlike anything he’d ever felt in his life. His skin shifted, stretching to cover the new, more conical form…

His scream moved from his throat to his chest, sounding more like a whimper than a yell. He could feel the response coming from a new part of his torso, like his diaphragm had learned a new dance. The familiar buzzing sensation now spread over his face, covering his cheeks and nose in a blanket of electricity.

Mouth open, his teeth sprouted forward as well, breaking free of his gums and lengthening into long canine-like spikes. His tongue instinctively moved around, trying to feel what it was that was happening. But even his saliva-covered muscle seemed different now. Longer, rougher, and constantly wanting to fall out!

As hairs began to push through his face, Tommy felt his hard cock burst with a surprisingly intense eruption of cum. The spray went everywhere, covering the boy’s body in his hot, white jizz. Since his dream, it felt as if he’d been edging for hours and hours, only to have the release he body desperately needed.

He wanted to call out to Bishop. He wanted to ask him what to do, what was happening. But as he looked around, all he saw were empty white walls. Tommy had fallen asleep and there was no telling how long he was out for. What felt like a moment for him could have been hours. He wanted to look for him, until he remembered… His collar.

Tommy had fallen asleep and there was no telling how long he was out for. What felt like a moment for him could have been hours. He wanted to look for Bishop, go and see where he was. But he remembered… his collar.

The steel hung around his neck with enough weight that it was surprising that he had forgotten it. His entire ordeal had been so intense that he’d entirely forgotten all about the cold, metal device keeping him in place. He didn’t mind it at first. Not with Bishop there to keep him company, but now he was alone, scared, and unsure of when he’d return.

He tugged at the chain again and again, hoping it’s ancient material would break and set him free to find his lover. Tommy quickly realized it was futile to try to break the collar. As he resigned himself to his isolation, his new, animal nose caught the whiff of something incredible…

He couldn’t quite place it, but it gave him a similar feeling to how it was like to be around Bishop. It excited him, made him hungry for something deep within, only this was bolder and much more intense!

He sniffed the air, trying to find what it was, only to look off and see a stranger standing by the entrance.

How long had he been there? Did he see him change? Was he friendly?

The questions stopped as the figure walked closer. Tommy could see that he was a satyr as well. His horns protruded from his salt and pepper hair, but it was his blue eyes that seemed the most other-worldly. He had a focused look, like he was seeing something beyond just the surface of things. He was quiet, but something about him made Tommy want to stay still. As if he were waiting for some kind of instruction…

He could tell he needed this man. On some level, he knew that this was no ordinary individual. Not just strong and handsome, but important. Powerful! He felt his cock growing hard again at the thought of being touched by him, watching his every move, hoping he would come closer.

And as the figure took his steps, Tommy knew he was in good hands…