Opening up his collection of hookup apps, Tommy swiped through the grids of torsos, beards, and locker-room selfies. It was more of a habit than a hunt, but he was surprised to feel his device vibrate, demanding his full attention.

A handsome, scruffy, beefy man sent him a friendly “Hey there!” Tommy was taken with his smile and playful eyes, interested to see what he was looking for. His profile name was “Horned Daddy,” but he said his name was Bishop. After a couple hours of friendly banter, reciprocal picture exchanges, Tommy felt himself inspired to take advantage of his time and his youth. He quickly showered, brushed his teeth, and headed out the door, ready to find his new friend’s place.

Now, no longer in the comfort of his apartment, he breathlessly made his way to the handsome stranger’s home. Coming up to the address given, he saw an old brownstone, clearly older than the newer developments that flanked it on either side. Walking up the exterior steps, his heart began to race, feeling the threshold moment approach him: the moment when he could choose to return to his safe space or take a chance on a new and exciting experience.

Tommy pressed his finger to the buzzer, feeling his neck heat up and his heart push his chest forward. He didn’t know why he was nervous–-it wasn’t his first time going to a stranger’s home. But something about him seemed different. He was kind, funny, flirty, but real. He felt an eagerness to be with the man on his phone more than he’d felt in a long time. As he tried to silence his nerves, the door opened, and Bishop stood broad in its frame.

As soon as he saw him, he felt a flush come over his body. It was a warm sensation that started in his lungs and spread out through to his fingers and toes. It was heady. It took him off guard, forcing him to take a second before he followed Bishop inside.

Tommy was led into his beautiful home. Even through his sudden, disorienting haze, he was able to take in the details of the space. It was full of vintage items, antiques, and heirlooms. He’d never seen someone live so settled. In his transient, young adult life, he was used to dwellings full of disposable, Ikea pieces and revolving-door roommate hand-me-downs. It felt very comfortable, very secure. This was man. Not a boy, lost in the world. Someone settled in his life.

This intimidated Tommy somewhat, but also was incredibly appealing and attractive. He was turned on not by his photos, but in person, Bishop was so much more. Bulging muscles and movie-star good looks aside, Bishop was a total catch! It was then that he understood what his nervousness was: a crush! He didn’t just want to fuck him, he also really liked him!

Bishop and he spoke for a long time, talking about their backgrounds, history, favorite movies and shows, all the while sitting on different sides of a plush couch in the older man’s living room. Tommy found himself moving closer and closer to him, little by little with each hand gesture or response to a question. It was subconscious, a response to an intense pull from Bishop. Something that made him want to be closer.

…And Tommy swore Bishop smelled incredible. He couldn’t discern what it was. Not cologne, not deodorant. No product or fragrance. It wasn’t even a musk. It was somehow stronger, but more subtle. It was something that made him breathe every breath fully, filling his lungs to capture whatever it was into him, to make it part of him. Ever exhale felt like a loss, but only for a second before he filled his chest again.

Bishop’s eyes locked on his when he spoke, making the entire ornate room seemingly drift away. It seemed like they were apart from time and space, connected and bonded on a metaphysical level. Tommy knew this was insane. They’d just met! He knew better than to put his heart out there like that. Nevertheless, he found himself strangely desperate for him.

Bishop placed a hand on Tommy’s knee as he laughed at a clever joke the young man made–a touch that seemed to bring their conversation to an abrupt halt. That small contact, so small but so intimate, stirred something up in Tommy. His haziness, his focus, his lust–it built now to overflow beyond what his body could handle. He couldn’t wait anymore. He needed him. He wanted him. And Bishop’s look back to him seemed to return that feeling.

Their pleasant manner seemed to be thrown off as easily as their clothes, leaving them naked to their animal lust and desire. Tommy wasn’t usually so bold. He was known for being timid and shy, needing to be carefully courted before jumping hard into a strange man’s bed. But Bishop had a power over him that was unlike anything else. Was it a crush? They’d just met. And yet, Tommy felt a hunger for him that felt like he’d waited his entire life.

Bishop led Tommy into another room, away from their clothes and their more modest identities. Tommy’s body felt like it was coursing with a fuel of intense sexual power. And as he kissed and touched Bishop’s body, a match was lit and a fire burned deep within…

Tommy woke up, his eyes still fuzzy as he transitioned from dream to day. He reached over to his nightstand and picked up his phone. Sure enough, there it was. The text message he’d hoped for:

“I had a great time, cutie. Let’s do it again soon.”

Tommy had wanted to spend the night, but Bishop held off. Tommy was disappointed, but could tell Bishop was just being careful. They’d had an amazing, hot, intense fuck, and he didn’t want Tommy to get confused. Tommy had intended to go there just for sex, but he was starting to really like the guy.

“Me too,” Tommy replied. “Anytime, big guy.” He ended with a wink emoji and set his phone aside.

They texted several times over the next few days, making it hard for Tommy to think about anything other than being back in his big muscle bear’s arms. Nevertheless, he went to work, hung out with friends, went to the gym, and continued about his life, hoping to get the message that the next time was now.

He wasn’t sure if Bishop wanted anything more than just sex, and he wasn’t sure how he’d feel about that. In hindsight, it seemed smart that he didn’t spend the night. If he had, he might not have ever been able to leave. Something about him was amazing. He felt so strong and powerful, but his touch was never too rough. He also had a quality that just made Tommy want to fuck. Something beyond horniness. It was like he was infused with a vitality that was beyond what even a healthy young man preternaturally has within. It was primal and powerful. And he wanted to feel it again.

About a week passed and Tommy was once again on his couch, Netflix queued up, feeling the familiar ache in his thumb. As he mindlessly watched another episode of his new show, he opened up his hook up and began swiping through again. He wanted to see Bishop, but wasn’t going to stay abstinent in the meantime. Just as he was about to start chatting with another sexy young guy, he got the text.

“Hey, Tommy. How are you?”

Tommy sat up and responded, “Great! Chilling at home. You?”

“Just got back from being away for a couple days. Thought of you. Want to come over?”

Tommy practically squealed. He tried to play it cool in his response, but it was hard to hide his enthusiasm. It only took a few more exchanges before he was grabbing his coat and heading out the door.

Tommy walked with a quicker pace toward Bishop’s home. He couldn’t wait to walk up those steps again, enter his place, smell the rich woods and leathers and the antiques, and feel the soft fabrics of his bedding again.

His heart raced, feeling even more excited than the time before. He could practically taste his manly flesh and feel his big hands back on his buttocks. He wanted more of him. They’d had a hot fuck before, but Bishop didn’t breed him like he’d wanted.

Now that he was going back, it was all he could focus on. That hunger was back. The hunger from before. Like he hadn’t eaten for days and his stomach was hollow and aching. But the emptiness wasn’t just in his belly. He felt that emptiness deep within him. An emptiness that needed to be filled by Bishop’s cock and seed…

August led his friends through the trail in the woods. They drove a little bit out of town, parked their car on the side of the road, and headed into the trees. They’d heard about a special hidden lake perfect for sunbathing and skinny dipping. August was told it was a gay hot spot and he thought he and his friends would have a good time.

“Have you heard from Tommy?” asked Jeff, one of August’s friends.

“Yeah, he texted me yesterday. He was hooking up with that guy from before.” August and the rest had been told all about Tommy’s hot adventure with the beefy muscle daddy. They were excited that their friend was getting some action. “He said he’d come after he got back home.”

“If he got home!” joked Bobby. “I’d never get out of that bed if I were him.”

“We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks,” Jeff replied. “I don’t think he’d blow it off for a trick.”

“I doubt it,” August replied. “He really likes the guy but I know he wanted to come along. He’s probably already there.”

“Should we call him?”

“I would but there’s no signal out here. Don’t worry, he knows where it is.”

The three continued to walk and gossip, getting more and more excited for the private little water hole. As they got closer, they could hear the soft sounds of water hitting a shore. The trees cleared and they entered an opening that looked like an old garden. There was a well tread path that lead down toward crystal clear water, edged with cattails and lily pads, beautifully placid and private.

As the three young men headed down toward the water, they saw a figure popping up from the water. He was perfectly chiseled, as if cut from marble. The water cascaded down his muscles, reflecting the blue water back on his shimmery skin. He lifted his hands up to his head and pushed his hair back, showing his square, handsome face.

The three boys stood in awe, staring at him with total disbelief. Neither of them knew what to say.

“You think Tommy invited someone else?” asked Bobby.

“No,” August replied. “Probably just someone else who knows about this place. We’re not the only ones.” The stranger had a superhuman smoothness and physique. The stranger seemed to sit in the water without breaking its surface, almost as if the water wanted him inside. He had a cool, calm manner about him that lulled the boys into a state of tranquility. It was bliss, they thought. A total oasis.

Eagerly, the boys headed to the shoreline, never taking their eyes off the handsome stranger. The man in the water looked up at them, making eye contact for the first time. He didn’t speak, just smiled slightly and nodded his head. It was less of a greeting and more of an acknowledgment of their presence.

The boys put down the belongings and stripped down out of their clothes. The midday sun was warm on their bare, sweaty flesh, worked up from their long walk through the forest trails. They were finally able to relax and unwind. And lucky for them, there was already some hot eye candy for them to all gawk at!

The handsome stranger took a few steps toward the shore, standing in the shallow water with his genitals now exposed. His big member had a beautiful gloss to its surface as the water fell down his body. It was fully erect and powerful. The boys couldn’t believe how hot he was. As they took the last of their clothes off, the silent stranger gave them a flirty look and subtle gesture to join him. They didn’t need to be asked twice!

They’d gone to cruising spots before, even to other nude beaches, but something about him was irresistible. As soon as they saw him, they felt a powerful urge to be with him. To join him and get closer.

It was different than the usual attraction. All three had a similar response. They got slightly lightheaded, which they attributed to the long walk, but was in fact a response to something else entirely. Their lungs fulled with a warm, intoxicating aroma, unlike anything they’d ever sensed before. But their fascination was more than their senses could detect. It was not simply physical. It was stronger–deeper. They wanted to feel him, be felt by him. Not only that, they all had the same stranger desire: to be consumed.

As they entered the water, this feeling grew stronger. It was like a hypnotic state.

The man’s eyes took on a green glow, something the boys had no time to react to before they were reaching for his arms and legs, kissing and worshipping his muscular body. August kneeled down in the shallow water and took the stranger’s hard cock in his hands.

It was still wet and slick, hard and smooth like a river stone. It felt amazing in his hands, almost as if it was sculpted to fit his grip perfectly. It felt powerful, as if it had a will and a strength of its own, like it was an extra limb. The hypnotized young man leaned his head toward it, opening his mouth, desperate to taste it.

August continued to suck the stranger’s cock, feeling it pulse and strengthen in his mouth. It wasn’t long before it began to secrete a sweet, appealing ooze in his mouth.

Precum wasn’t uncommon to the young man’s taste buds, but this was something different. It had a sedative quality. It made his mouth feel fuzzy and almost numb, his heart race, but his mind still. And then there was the quantity. It seeped into his mouth seemingly without any end. It dripped down his throat, filling his stomach before leaking out over his lips. It wasn’t a fast burst like a hose, but it was substantial.

As Bobby and Jeff kissed the man’s biceps and chest and August felt the man’s shaft pass his lips, they were unaware of the terrifying and incredible change in the man’s visage. His chiseled, handsome face pulsed, his skin appearing to almost ripple and twist in response to the physical adoration he received.

As he smiled, his face took on a different hue, appearing greener, with a blueish iridescence like that of an aquatic reptile. His brow protruded, becoming tubular and distinct, pushing out from his skull and breaking free of the solid structure. His jaw, too, twisted out of its shape and extended out, becoming a new extension from the neck of this strange creature. His face continued to unravel, coming apart like the petals of a flower greeting the morning sun. Within a matter of seconds, the man’s welcoming appearance was completely transformed, taking on an a frightening image like a dozen headless snakes writhing out from the muscular man’s neck.

Even filled with sedative precum inducing a cooperative state, August struggled to keep his mouth wrapped around the monster’s huge cock. His work, however, came to an abrupt close as he felt himself lift high into the air.

He looked down to see the the man gone, no longer recognizable as his face was replaced with large, thick, agile tentacles, each appearing to be about feet long and twelve inches around at its thickest point. Each extension was smooth and shiny, as if it was covered in its own wetness. Featureless and smooth, they narrowed at their end like long fingers, but malleable seemingly at every point.

August looked around in his haze, not able to make sense of what was around him, but also not scared. He was surprisingly calm with his position and still incredibly aroused. He looked around to see several of the creature’s limbs moving and twisting. He saw his friends similarly suspended, held in place by the creature’s strange arms.

As he watched, he saw a spare tentacle move close to his face, as if seeking him out with its eyeless end. He looked at it in amazement, seeing this new, unbelievable extension up close. It was beautiful in an otherworldly way. Somehow as non-threatening as it was irregular. It slowly moved closer to his mouth, still dripping from the beast’s precum. The extension moved past his lips, sliding into his mouth, and pleasantly yet invasively passing into his throat.

August closed his eyes, overtaken by this strange invasion, but compelled to suck and massage the tentacle with the same devotion and dedication as he had the handsome man’s cock. As he felated the foreign creature, he felt a wet squirming feeling on his backside. With the tentacle in his mouth, he was braced in place, unable to look back, but he could tell that there was another extension trying to slide itself inside.

He felt it tease and test his hole, finding his vulnerability. As his mouth remained full, he took a breath through his nose and relaxed his body. As soon as he exhaled, as if the tentacle knew his intention, it pierced through his sphincter, slowly moving inside as its smooth, slick surface slide through.

All three boys, now immobilized and secured by tentacles penetrating their holes, drifted into a peace and calm. They lost track of time and space, weightless in the suspension of their bondage. Their fascination with the beast’s limbs continued, unaware that the monster left the water and was walking them away from the tranquil lake.

The creature moved adeptly and smoothly, with incredibly grace and precision given its lack of any visible eyes. It took them further into the forest, moving past brush and trees so thick they were practically walls. The deep, gnarly roots came up from the ground and made the path nearly un-walkable. It wasn’t until they’d reached a deep, unvisited area of the dark woods that an opening cleared to meet the mouth of a cave.

The opening was deep and ominous, but the sedated young men continued to satisfy their baser instincts as they were penetrated from all sides.

Inside, a sound came from the darkness, breathy and resonant like the inside of a giant’s lung. The air become hotter and wetter, as if there were tropical rainforest beneath the rock and stone that formed the subterranean lair.

As the boys were moved in, they saw two more tentacles creatures, equally as well built and enticing as the one that had them in its coils. They appeared to be carrying a young man between them, naked, subdued, and equally as vulnerable as they. The wall furthest away was tall and smooth, curved by some force that seemed beyond simply time, dirt, and water. It had a large mouth… moving… alive.

This wall beast was tentacled similarly to the legged creatures that appeared to be trying to feed it. It was large enough to clearly be able to envelop the man they held captive. And its writhing motions indicated its hunger for him.

Unable to move, August watched as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. The light from the outside world–the world that had been so simple and contained before they made their trek–barely existed now in the depths of this dungeon. But through it at all, he was able to make out the familiar face of his friend. The friend he’d be so excited to see again. And now deep down wished he could have been spared this fate.