Brody felt his tongue hanging out of his mouth, catching the air as his lungs inflated in his body. Perspiration collected around his temples, caught on the thick fur that creeped close to his face. His cock hung heavily between his legs, still massive and thick despite having spewed out a big dose of cum.

The head of his cock glistened as the fluid absorbed into his skin, as if it wanted to find a way back to where it came from. Brody felt like he would collapse against the wall of the bathroom, exhausted from the intense orgasm he’d endured. He’d jerked off plenty in his life, but none were as dynamic as that!

Coming back to his senses, he grabbed his shirt and wiped up the cum from his cock and the floor. It seemed as if he’d poured out over a gallon of the creamy liquid. He couldn’t believe how much there was! He looked down at himself, soiled from his sweat and seed. Heading to the shower in the corner, he turned on the water quickly and got under the water before it even warmed. He rinsed away his cum, trying to calm himself. He hoped he would revert back to his normal human self…

He ignored his new features for now, desperate to get away from the building and home before anyone could see him. He knew exactly what would happen if the other members of the HARPE found him in his current state, whether or not he was one of their own.

Getting out of the shower, he did his best to dry off. As he struggled to put back on his pants, he heard footsteps coming towards the door. He could tell his ears had given him a heightened sense of hearing, but he couldn’t make out who it was. He paid no mind as he knew the door was locked, focusing mostly on putting his clothes on and trying to remember the path out with the least visibility. Just as he was about to finish pulling up his pants, he heard the sound of keys jingling!

His heart stopped and he lost the ability to breathe. He froze in place as he watched the door open, seemingly in slow motion. He didn’t know what to do, helpless to his fate…

As the door creaked open, he saw the faces of his fellow HARPE friends, looking in on him, their eyes wide with terror and shock. His cock was still out, just seconds away from having been tucked in his pants. The eyes of the three men shot down to his member, still incredibly large and swollen, even without being fully erect.

The small space wreaked of his sweat and cum, something Brody hadn’t even thought about as he tried to get away. And to his surprise, the scent wafted toward his friends, causing them to react in the most unexpected way.

He was waiting for them to be angry. To charge him and attack him as they understood what they were seeing. Instead, they each appeared to sprout an erection out of nowhere, causing their paints to rise in a uniform fashion. The three men, startled by their own arousal, found themselves unable to do anything but stroke their own cocks!

They looked at each other, confused and frustrated, yet compelled to grab their dicks and rub them through their clothes! Brody couldn’t understand what was happening, but figured it had something to do with his semen left in the air and on his soiled shirt. Promethean cum was known to drive men wild, sending them into horny fits that were unlike anything else. He’d never experienced it secondhand before, stunned by just how effective it was. Seeing an opportunity to get out, he grabbed his clothes and pushed through his horny buddies, bolting for the exit as fast as he could.

He made it into the woods, away from HARPE and from anyone who would recognize him. He went as deep as he could, pushing through branches, trees, and vines, as far away from danger as possible…

He couldn’t make any sense of where he was going. The shadows seemed to move, creating visual tricks. Colors seemed to flash in his vision and he was dizzy and disoriented. He couldn’t tell what was happening, overwhelmed and confused by what he was experiencing. This was not typical of any arousal or Promethean experience he’d ever known. But he kept moving, hoping to get away as fast as possible.

Some time passed as Brody’s body rested, his nose took in the crisp, woodsy air, smelling the earth beneath him and the trees above him. With his eyes closed, it seemed peaceful. But then he picked up something else in the air…

It was powerful and intoxicating, sending a rush to his head and his flesh. It buzzed his senses, as if there was some kind of drug in his system. It made him feel like he was moving, dragged along the ground by his feet. It was then that he opened his eyes and saw that while everything else might have been a strange, unexplainable sensation, he was being dragged by an unrecognizable figure!

In the dark, moonless night, he couldn’t make out who it was that was dragging him. The scarce starlight allowed him to see that it was a tall, well-built man; clearly strong enough to drag him by the foot on the grassy terrain. He didn’t know how far they’d gone, having no sense of how far he’d run before collapsing. He was a bit scared, but also inexplicably rock hard.

The scent that trailed behind the strange figure was so powerful it amazed him. It seemed to connect right to his loins! As soon as he reached down to feel himself, the stranger looked back, staring him right in the eye. Brody didn’t recognize the man, but saw what seemed like two pointed horns on his forehead…

He wanted to speak, but found himself at a total loss for words. He saw the handsome man’s square jaw, crystalline eyes, and long neck sprouting up from his broad chest and shoulders. From the ground, he seemed to be over seven feet tall, towering over Brody as he looked up with his hand on his cock.

Looking down, Brody could see the man had a massive cock of his own, pointing several inches out, seemingly as big and girthy as Brody’s arm! He couldn’t tell how much of this was the scent driving him crazy, the low light playing tricks on his eyes, or simply his building sexual desire for him, but as he looked up, he saw what seemed to be a god!

All he could do was let out a little whimper. A soft, delicate sound to indicate his desire and intimidation. Without saying a word, the tall, horned man displayed two fingers, as if to infer a question. Brody felt his body grow warm, tingling all over, as it led a sensation towards his hole. He imagined the feeling of being fucked and filled and wanted to beg him for it. Instead, Brody just stroked his cock and whimpered more, keeping his eyes locked on the tall figure…

The tall man knelt down, moving gracefully and with authority like a titan coming down from the heavens. He brought his hand between Brody’s legs, slowly bringing them closer to his taint. As the tips of his fingers brushed against the soft flesh, Brody let out a low growl from deep within his chest. It wasn’t an angry sound, but more of a pleasant mumble, akin to a dog having its belly rubbed. The big man moved his fingers up and down, massaging his flesh before slipping lower to meet his hole.

Brody felt the man reach his sphincter, holding his breath as the man’s fingers moved their way inside him. With his mouth open and tongue in the air, Brody let out a soft howl as the fingers found their way into his body, teasing his ass and feeling around…

Brody’s legs bucked as the horned man’s fingers invaded his body. He squirmed on the ground, twisting and writhing, overwhelmed by the sensation of penetration mixed with the aromatic pheromones coming off the stranger. Brody continued to whimper and growl, desperate to feel more of him, to be taken by him. He needed to feel his seed inside him!

The tall man removed his fingers, making Brody’s face wince, as if in pain from the withdrawal. But without sparing a moment for his bare hole to face the cold night air, the satyr pressed his cock up against him, gently caressing his sphincter like a finger circling a button…

The anticipation was more than Brody could bear. He felt himself let out a bestial sound from deep in his chest, a whimper not unlike a wounded animal. The tall figure looked him in the eyes and gave him a smile, as if to calm his concern and indicate his intention. He took Brody’s legs in his hands, gripping his ankles as he moved his body closer. And with one slow motion, he broke through Brody’s hole and filled his ass with his cock.

Brody went wild! Every part of his vision seemed to flash and sparkle, as if fireworks had gone off inside his body. His muscles tensed and relaxed over and over, making him lose all sense of himself and his body. The only thing he could focus on was the deep penetration coming from the hung man, exploring him further than he’d ever felt inside.

The satyr began to pump his hips in and out out, building up steam like the pistons of a train. Brody’s head rocked back and forth as each pulse shot through him. He was at the mercy of the handsome figure, taking all that the man could give without any way to lessen the motion. He couldn’t help panting into the night air with satisfaction. His insides shook from the force, enduring the intense pounding, building up an energy inside him that was unlike anything else. He wanted to feel it build, to feel it grow and explode. But for now, he lived on the edge of that moment, always approaching but never crossing over…

The satyr grabbed Brody by the small of his back, reaching beneath him as he continued to slide his cock in and out. Brody instinctively reached up, wrapping his arms around the horned man’s neck, gripping him tightly as he felt his prostate get pummeled. And then, to Brody’s surprise, the tall man scooped him up in his arms, lifting him off the ground. Brody was not a small man and had some weight to him! Somehow this giant was able to lift him off the ground with seemingly no problem, keeping his cock in his hole as he held him and fucked him in suspension.

Brody wanted to howl up into the night. He was bouncing on the big man’s cock, taking it all with the force of each thrust, now with the added pull of gravity. It hit him deep and hard, sending vibrations through him like there was a tuning fork deep within him being struck.

Brody could have stayed in that position for hours, feeling wave after wave of pleasure take him over. But as he felt his own orgasm approach closer, the satyr’s grip tightened around his buttocks and hips, bringing him harder down on the base of his cock. The handsome man let out a grunting sound, closing his eyes and clenching his jaw as his fingers dug into Brody’s flesh. And with that, the Promethean felt his insides become hot and full of his semen, searing his guts like a spill of hot lava…

Brody felt his mind and body go berserk when the flood poured into him. Unable to contain all of his excitement, he found himself breathing heavily until he found himself dizzy and overwhelmed. He felt his body go limp as he fainted in the large man’s arms.

The satyr held him close, holding his weight as he gently lowered him down to the ground. He looked down on the young man, blissed out and pleasantly sleeping on the soft grass. He could see his cock was still rock hard and leaking precum, worked up from the deep fucking.

The satyr stood up, seeing Brody’s clothes still on the ground. He studied them for a moment, before looking back at Brody. Closing his eyes, the satyr’s flesh began to shake and move, taking on a new, slightly shorter and leaner form as he lost his horns and changed the shape of his face. His new form had the look of a young military man, exactly what you’d expect of a member of the HARPE…

He put on the sleeping man’s clothes, lifted him up and hoisted him up over his shoulder. He turned back to face the way Brody had come and walked through the forest, following Brody’s original path.

The disguised satyr walked for a couple miles before the forest began to clear, coming to the side of a large, cement structure, several stories high with windows lining the walls of each floor. It was a large facility that seemed to be some kind of military base, surrounded by fencing and cameras. The satyr walked up to it without any hesitation, looking like someone who was supposed to be there. He moved around the building to the entrance, coming up to a closed door with a security key pad next to it. Pressing a button, the satyr leaned in to a speaker and spoke the code.

He stepped back as he waited for a response. Within a few seconds, the door opened, triggered by an unseen command somewhere inside the facility. He walked inside, carrying the passed out Promethean over his shoulder…

Brody woke up to a bright light in his eyes, assuming it was the sun creeping into his bedroom in order to pull him out of his sleep. But as he opened his eyes, he could see the light above him, one like that of a dentist’s, powerful and directed down at him. He found himself in a large room, empty save for a few people standing around him in lab coats.

It was then that he realized he was still in his Promethean form, furred and animalistic. As his panic began to set in, he tried to tense up and flail, as if in an attempt to get up and run away.

“You won’t be able to move,” one of the men responded, noticing his hands and feet were slightly twitching as he observed him closely. “You’ve been given a pretty heavy sedative. We can’t have you running around and causing a ruckus…”

Brody felt his heart pound in his chest as he began to perspire in fear. He didn’t know what they were going to do to him. He could only move enough to lift his hands, but he couldn’t lift himself up out of his chair.

“The paralytic won’t last long. Just enough for us to get what we need.”

A few of the men came around him, probing his body, feeling his fur and muzzle, and even tried to look inside his ears and mouth. One of the men got between his legs, studying his penis and anus, probing him with a gloved hand. He could see it was still wet from the satyr’s cum…

Brody started to whimper again, terrified of what they were going to do. He wondered if his buddies had found him and turned him in. He remembered the feeling of getting fucked in the woods, but all the details seemed distant and hazy. He could only recall running away from the bathroom, getting fingered by a man with horns, and now he was here, trapped in his body unable to run!

“We’re going to need a sample from you. When you’re able, please begin touching yourself.”

Brody looked shocked, he didn’t understand what they meant. He couldn’t speak, but just looked at each of them in turn. His silence and inaction made the one who stepped between his legs move forward. The man placed Brody’s nearly limp hand on his cock, moving