Brody woke up suddenly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as the midday sun crept into his bedroom window. He looked at the clock, feeling groggy and out of sorts. He tried to read the digits on the display, but his eyes had trouble focusing. He struggled to get clarity, squinting to make the red LEDs become legible. After a moment, his eyes locked on them. 2:14pm…

“Fuck!” he said out loud. He couldn’t believe how late it was. What happened?

He saw a trail of clothes from his bedroom door to the bed. He didn’t remember leaving them there or even what time he would have gone to sleep. He tried to recall the previous evening, but it was hard for him to think straight. His head seemed full of cotton, unable to make sense of his surroundings.

He walked by the tall, standing mirror in his room and jumped. Suddenly, his vision had intense focus, almost tunnel vision as he saw his reflection looking back. He didn’t recognize himself at first; seeing a man with his face in the glass, but only now sporting a full, blonde beard.

Brody could grow facial hair, and on occasion he’d grown it out for a more scruffy look, but in general he kept it clean shaved. It took him weeks to grow out anything worth showing off, so he usually avoided the effort altogether. Now, seemingly overnight, his follicles were longer and fuller than they’d been in months!

He couldn’t take his eyes off of it, as if his eyes were now telescopes zooming in on the golden fur on his face. He touched it, feeling its soft, silky texture. He didn’t understand it, looking at it as if he was in someone else’s skin, adjusting to the new shell his mind was encased in.

As his eyes began to relax, his vision expanded to the rest of his body. He saw a trail of hair running down from his sternum to his groin of similar texture to his beard. This was especially surprising as he’d never been able to grow hair on his stomach before. The new growth clung between his abs like a forest valley in between a mountain range. He ran his hands down from his chin to his belly, curious about this new growth.

Brody could feel his heart begin to race as his curiosity turned to panic. His eyes darted around wildly; hoping to find some evidence of what was going on, only to find him once again unable to focus on anything. Everything beyond the mirror seemed fuzzy and formless. He wondered if someone had given him something the night before and perhaps it was still in his system. He felt sweat rise from his forehead and a scared tingling feeling run over his scalp. The sensation moved its way down his spine, ending above his buttocks. Just then, he felt a spark on his flesh like someone just zapped him with a battery.

He looked behind, seeing nothing there but the unmade bed and the path of clothing. He looked down at his ass, twisting to get a look. He couldn’t see what it was, but as he turned his back to the mirror, he gazed upon his body and saw nothing out of the ordinary…

Brody looked back at himself in the mirror, gazing upon his new body with a budding curiosity. As his heart raced, he felt a surge of heat rush to his genitals. He looked down and saw his cock begin to swell up, inexplicably aroused. He couldn’t make sense of it, but he found himself with the uncontrollable urge to start stroking.

He saw more of his body, clearer and more appreciative now. His muscles seemed bigger and more toned. He felt his pecs and flexed his muscles as he stroked himself slowly and sensually. He found his vision slipping between laser-sharp clarity and total blur again and again as he continued to pleasure himself. All the while, he became more infatuated with his appearance. As if there was another man in the room with him, he eyed himself up and down, flirting with his reflection and getting more aroused.

As pre-cum began to seep from the head of his cock, he pressed his lips to the glass, kissing his reflection as he closed his eyes. He could feel himself building up some kind of sexual energy, but it seemed to come from out of nowhere. He knew he should be alarmed and concerned, but the more he touched himself, the more the pleasure overwhelmed his higher senses. Soon, he became lost in his self-gratification, building up more heat and passion in his loins.

Just as Brody was edging himself, he noticed that heat spread up to his face. He thought he was just dehydrated and dealing with the side effects of whatever he was on. He tried to ignore it to reach his climax; but as he came closer, he felt something unlike anything he’d felt before!

His ears began to ache, as if something was pinching them from the inside. He winced, feeling a sharp pain at the top of his cartilage extending into his ear canal like a bee sting. It was quick, followed by an intense heat, like blood rushing to fill his flesh. As the sensation melted away, like a heat pack cooling off, it was replaced with another electrical charge that spread over his flesh.

He opened his eyes, alarmed by the sensations happening on either side of his head. As his eyes focused on the mirror, he could see the tips of his ears begin to point up, slowly taking on a new shape.

He knew he had to be fucked up on something! He thought perhaps this was all a dream — some hallucination — something! He tried to make sense of it, but before he could, he watched as light brown hairs pierced through his skin. The hair pointed up quickly and boldly like time-lapse footage of grass growing!

He was terrified by what he saw, knowing full well what this meant… As his hand continued to grip his cock, his heart raced on like a fast-paced drum. He couldn’t let go, stuck in a rhythm of pleasure that seemed as intense as the fear and pain that came from his sudden transformation.

His mouth opened, breathing heavily as he let out a gasp. As he did, he could feel his gums burning with a similar sensation. Brody’s gums tinged and buzzed as he felt the bones in his mouth shift forward. His canine teeth pointed and extended, looking like that of an animal’s. He couldn’t believe his eyes as the hard enamel took on a new shape; molding like putty and becoming stronger and sharper than ever before.

His ass began to burn again, feeling like it had before the pleasurable sensations first started. He hoped it was just another fluke feeling; but as he turned his ass again, he could see a tiny, furry tail emerge from above his crack! As it sprung from his body, he felt like he was letting go of a deeply held sneeze. It was as if something deep inside him had been building and finally got its desperate release.

He looked on in horror as he saw the familiar characteristics he’d hoped to never have. All the while, never letting go of his rock hard cock.

His cock felt heavier as he held on, feeling his nuts fill up with semen. He scrunched up his face as he tried to hold back the urge to cum. His face was hot and sweaty, as if he was attempting to push something heavy back inside him. He tried as long as he could before he felt the intense release.

He looked down at his cock, seeing it hard and leaking pre-cum. He thought he was going to climax, but instead, he felt that same electric sensation over his nose and cheeks. His nose felt heavy and full, as if it was swollen underneath the flesh. He looked up to see what was happening, only to find it taking on a new shape as well!

The tip became flat and blunted, as if it had been pushed up against a wall and allowed to keep that form. As it did, it also began to jut out, pointing forward beyond his face. It felt like his nose was falling away as it moved further from his eyes. As his snout grew, flesh and bone filled that space, becoming one long muzzle.

With each extension, the pain from his bones shifting was enough to make him scream out. But as the pain grew, his cock became harder and more sensitive to his touch as well. With every second, he felt himself closer and closer to orgasm. He worried that if he allowed himself to fully climax, he’d completely take on another new form, unrecognizable to himself!

As the hairs sprouted up through the pores covering his face, he held onto his cock tightly; as if pinching off a hose, hoping to end the pleasure that came over him in waves.

Almost as if his body was trying to betray him, he felt his cock swell up even more. His shaft grew an extra two inches and became even girthier; making his member feel more like a small baseball bat than the cock he had grown up with! His balls hung heavier, growing to the size of large farm eggs. With his free hand, he pulled on them, feeling their weight drag his pelvis down.

His monster cock was bigger than he’d ever seen. He wanted to hold it back, keeping it in, but feared that any such gestures would bring him over the edge.

The tail on his back grew as well, popping out as large and prominent as the extension on his front. Pre-cum fell from the tip of his dick like a leaking faucet, dripping on the floor and pooling up by his feet.

He felt his whole body begin to tremble, shaking under the pressure of the pain and pleasure. This was too much — it was all too much! He wanted his old body back… He wanted to get back into bed, and wake up on a new day. Instead though, he was stuck in the mirror, seeing himself become a beast… An animalistic, furry, horny beast!

He ran his hands over his body, trying to get a sense of the skin he was in. As his fingers brushed against his nipples, an exhilarating rush spread over his body. It was followed by a deep warmth that seemed to finish in his groin. It aroused him. He touched his nipples again, slower and more deliberate this time; the resulting rush was like a wave crashing over him.

He’d never been sensitive there before, and now it was like a light switch to his cock! He moved his hands over his stomach and then back around to his ass. He felt the firm, lightly furred cheeks of his buttocks, warm from the excitement and pleasure. He could feel his skin move as his tail twitched from side-to-side, responding to his touch. His fingers creeped along his cheeks, running down the deep cavern between his round globes. His digits were slow to move, feeling an increasing sensitivity as he passed each fine hair on his way to his anus.

His breath was heavy, heaving in and out as he felt himself on the edge of climaxing. He tried to hold back, but with one exceptionally deep breath, the tip of his finger accidentally pressed his butthole, causing a chain reaction of sensations that proved too much to bear!

Brody’s eyes went wide, feeling a sudden spark of electricity shoot up from his spine to his brain, forcing his muscles to lock up and spasm in place. He arched his back, forcing his tail up as his cock flung forward. Every muscle fiber and tendon in his body seemed to quake as if a rumble from deep in his core was making its way to the surface. His cheeks clenched as a pump pushed out from inside his pelvis, shooting out a massive load all over the mirror.

Stars appeared in Brody’s vision, obscuring his sight as his reflection became drenched in white, creamy fluid. He let out a sound that was somewhere between a howl and a grunt. He felt all of his energy — all of his being — pouring out of the tip of his dick, spraying the glass, and leaving him emptier with each rope of cum.

Brody’s muscles seized, forcing him to fall backward toward the bed. He somehow managed to land on his feet with the least amount of grace possible. He could hardly move his feet to make complete steps, stumbling like a man on stilts as his stiff legs failed to give him any agility.

The edge of the mattress spared him any more maneuvering, giving him a chance to fall back and lose himself in the post-pleasure feeling of calm.

As his muscles relaxed and found their freedom, Brody looked up at the ceiling, regaining his peripheral vision and his sense of self. He felt his heart settle, returning to its normal pace and rhythm. He wanted to look back in the mirror, to see if his new face and form were real and a figment of his imagination as he hoped.

He knew what it meant if it was true. The ears, the fur, the sexual prowess — and the tail. He was a Promethean!

It wasn’t the first time he’d encountered such a creature. Most of his adult life seemed to be focused around metaphysical beings. He wished he could escape them and be free of their presence. But wherever he looked, there they seemed to be! Now there was nowhere to run… He was one of them, and there seemed to be no way to return his humanity.

A sense of hopelessness overtook him, making him retreat under the covers of his bed to hide his furred face from the light of day. As he did, he couldn’t help but think about his first encounter with a Promethean years ago…

When Brody was a teenager, he fantasized about sex nonstop. He would spend hours looking at images and videos online, thinking of how hot it would be to finally get to experience that pleasure. He grew up in a very religious household and knew it was wrong to think and act the way he did, but somehow that made it all the more exciting.

As he spent more time watching conventional heterosexual videos, he found himself more focused on what the men were doing than the women. He would even seek out videos where he could see more of the guys’ cocks, faces, and bodies. It became harder and harder to find the exact perspective he wanted. Eventually, he found himself switching over to gay porn, excited by seeing the guy on guy action.

He never really considered himself gay. Of course, his family and church would have condemned that even more than if he was just jacking it to smut films! Night after night, he’d sit in the glow of his computer and edge for hours to images of strong, muscular bodies, round asses, and throbbing cocks.

After some time, Brody found a buddy online to fool around with. They messaged back and forth, sharing fantasies, things they’d seen online, and even dick pics. Within a few weeks, Brody got up the strength to meet the guy in person.

His heart raced at the idea of being with another guy like him. He didn’t even really think they were going to fuck. Just show each other their dicks. Or jerk off together, maybe. He’d never done anything sexual with another guy before, and he thought if he agreed to do too much, he’d chicken out.

He went over the young man’s place, scared out of his mind but excited for what could happen. Within minutes of meeting each other, their pent up sexual frustration burst out of them like fireworks, sparking a passionate session of making out and cock grabbing!

The two young men tore their clothes off, feeling free of their previous inhibitions, and desperate for hot action. Surprisingly, Brody found himself hungry to suck the stranger’s cock after having spent so many nights studying them online. He’d spent so long thinking about them and studying them… Now he had access to one in the flesh!

He felt its weight and heat in his hand. The way it felt growing in his grip, foreign and different from his own. He took in the scent of the balls, the taste of the pre-cum, and the way the shaft moved in his mouth. His tongue lapped at it like it was a piece of candy, sucking down all the saliva his mouth produced around it and savoring its flavor.

He was in heaven — absolute heaven! The young man he was with was so turned on by Brody’s cock sucking, he couldn’t help but want to fuck him…

Brody was unsure at first, but he figured why the hell not? He’d come this far, why not go all the way and try what he’d seen so many times online.

He lifted his legs up as he got on his back, watching as his partner carefully slid his wet, hard cock up against his tight, virgin hole.

Brody could hear the intensity of his heart pounding in his ears, creating a low droning hum that silenced the rest of the room. As the young man pressed forward, Brody held his breath as it breached his sphincter. Brody realized he was about to lose his virginity to a man — a thought that had never occurred to him before. He would remember this moment for the rest of his life, and it would be a same-sex experience!

He tried to quiet the voices in his head of his parents, teachers, and the religious leaders in his life who had warned him about the sins of homosexuality and pre-marital sex; focusing on his own swollen and leaking cock and the pleasure he was about to feel bottoming for the first time.

As the cock entered his body, he seemed to experience each fraction of an inch as a unique, powerful, sensational experience. Brody felt his body open to receive his partner. It only hurt for the slightest moment before his ass began to quiver and shake from pleasure.

He’d never put anything in his ass before or even really played with his hole. He had no idea what the feeling would be like… The expressions of the porn stars made it seem like it would be a combination of pleasure and pain; that was true to some degree, but more than a physical feeling of satisfaction, he felt it in his heart and mind!

He luxuriated in the feeling of being fucked, feeling like all his desires were coming true. He let himself relax, allowing his ass to take the man’s cock even harder and deeper.

Just as Brody felt himself get in sync with his mate, he noticed his partner’s face began to act strangely. The young man’s expressions had been slightly tense and contorted from the intense fucking, showing similar signs of pleasure that Brody experienced. But now, Brody could see something happening under his skin…

The man’s nose blunted out, becoming larger and flatter, getting dark at the tip. It even seemed to extend forward, meeting with his upper lip and consuming it. Brody continued to feel his insides getting pummeled as he watched his top slowly transform into what looked like some sort of dog, but still with his man’s body and cock!

Brody couldn’t believe what he was seeing, terrified by the emergence of pointed ears, facial fur, and long, wet tongue. He felt shocked, paralyzed with fear as the person fucking him shifted and changed while inside him. He felt his prostate get pounded harder and harder, pushing him closer to the edge.

Brody wasn’t sure what to do, but he was still rock hard. There was something about it — about the man’s features — he couldn’t figure out why, but it seemed to make sex even more exciting… This being was not like him; he owned his ass, dominating him, and fucked him hard and raw — he liked it!

Brody’s partner seemed to get stronger as he fucked harder, holding the boy’s legs up easily and able to fully penetrate him with every throbbing inch. Brody couldn’t be sure, but the man’s cock had seemingly grown larger since his canine features emerged. The man gripped him tightly, increasing his intensity and depth with each thrust.

Brody could see his tongue hanging out of his mouth, panting rapidly as his childhood pet used to do. He knew he was excited; he felt hot and energetic, building up to a massive explosion.

He watched the man ramp up his speed, stopping suddenly as his fingers dug into Brody’s flesh. The beast’s grip was tighter than he could have imagined, causing Brody to wince slightly in pain as he felt the rush of warm liquid pour inside his anal cavity.

Brody felt his insides gush with pleasure, as if some secret button to every good feeling in his body has been switched. It was as if there was a sensation of warm velvet being swirled in his loins and in his ass. The sensation moved up to his chest and even out to his fingers and toes. He felt a sense of weightlessness, free of any stress or discomfort, lost in an ecstatic euphoria that was better than any orgasm he’d ever known!

Brody wasn’t sure what this was. It was a high like nothing he’d ever felt. As the soothing sensation made its way through his muscles and nerves, he felt a hot, searing burst from within his loins; the feeling pushed fluid out of his cock.

Without stroking or touching his member, a flood of thick cum shot out of the tip like a cork from a bottle of champagne. The ejaculation caused a tremor throughout his body, shaking him around like he was on an invisible roller coaster. The spontaneous, hands-free climax had the intensity of more than twenty of his late-night solo sessions, leaving him spent and panting as his body lost all functionality…

As each young man retreated their cocks and separated their bodies, Brody was aware that he’d lost his virginity and had a sexual encounter more pleasurable and intense than anything he could have expected. And yet, it was very different than he would have felt comfortable with from the outset. Not only was he with another man, he was with another — something! A creature completely unlike him. The cum from the shapeshifter still lingered in his body, giving him aftershocks of pleasure as it seeped further into the crevasses of his ass. Despite the enjoyable experience, Brody still felt deep down this was wrong… Very, very wrong!

Brody spent the next several years burying that experience in his subconscious mind. He stayed off gay porn, didn’t communicate with others who shared his sexual desires, and researched his first partner as hard as he could — and his kind. Searches of werewolves and the like seemed like a dead end, pointing him down the road of fantasy writing and conspiracy theories. He wanted proof! Evidence that this was not some crazy dream or delusion. Finding little to nothing made him angry; he began to feel like this was some elaborate prank on him, determined to drive him mad.

To Brody’s relief, he eventually found people who had experiences like his. Small, online communities and groups talked about hook ups with men who grew hair and tails as they were fucking, surprising and terrifying their partners. Some even seemed to suggest that the transformers often seemed surprised themselves, as if they were experiencing their change for the first time as they fucked. Brody couldn’t figure out what they were, but a term that popped up again and again was “GrowlBoys.” It seemed like a suitable slang term, though Brody never heard a growl come from his sexual partner. Nevertheless, the stories all matched his own, and more were coming forward with each passing month.

It wasn’t long after that that the first “GrowlBoys” started coming out in public, proudly declaring what they were. There weren’t many, but now they were public. Open to the world and confirming what every story spoke of…

Brody became fixated on these “GrowlBoys,” trying to learn all that he could about them. Where did they come? What is their purpose? Were they dangerous?

His more investigative ambitions were clouded by his own experience of terror and pleasure at the end of a GrowlBoy’s cock. He couldn’t believe he’d done that! The more time went on, the more he learned, and the angrier he got. He blamed the GrowlBoys for messing up his life, consuming his thoughts, and tricking him into having such bestial sex!

He relived the experience often in his mind, recalling the one sexual encounter of his life as both amazing and frightening. He’d often have to jerk off whenever the thought came to him, turned on by the rush and the climax that took over his body. But as soon as he would cum, a crippling sense of guilt and horror would replace any notion of pleasure. He couldn’t accept what he’d done — or that he enjoyed it.

As Brody spent more time online, he found a group calling itself H.A.R.P.E. — the Human Army for the Repression of Promethean Equality.

“They have a name,” he thought to himself as he read on. Prometheans. It sounded lofty and elegant, like some sort of higher being or creature. But to him, they were real-life demons! They were the real life succubus and incubus on earth… Growing up in a fundamentalist community that was no stranger to hating the “other,” it didn’t surprise Brody that such a group might exist. He’d never really adopted the mentality of his father and mother about being anti-gay or anything else. But this… This seemed like a cause he understood! A grievance that was also his. It also didn’t hurt that it was a way to make the thoughts of his own desires go away once and for all!

Brody joined up with this makeshift militia, attending their underground meetings, reading all the chats and message boards, and even sharing a somewhat revised version of his story as a way to show his loyalty to the cause.

He didn’t expressly say he’d been getting fucked when he encountered his first Promethean — but no one did! He did find it of interest that everyone’s story seemed to involve these shapeshifters engaging in some sort of robbery, home invasion, or even an actual attack. Before the Prometheans began coming out, every encounter seemed to revolve around some form of sexual activity, but it wasn’t uncommon for zealots to heighten and distort the truth about their experiences to make their case more dire than it really was. After all, it was hard to scare people into believing they were dangerous if they weren’t seen as remorseless, evil creatures…

Brody mostly went out to places where he could attempt to lure one out and expose them. He’d even assisted in capturing a few and turning them over to the people in charge. He didn’t know what happened to them after that, and he didn’t care! He knew the world would be a better place if they were all shipped off somewhere where they couldn’t traumatize unsuspecting humans.

It was on one of his scouting missions where Brody would encounter someone that would affect the course of his life forever, more than even the Promethean who took his virginity…

Brody walked around a neighborhood known for its gay bars and cruising. He went on his own, not even telling his fellow H.A.R.P.E. members of his patrol. It was often the case that members would go out on their own to sniff out prey, only calling in reinforcements when they got a line on someone with a bulge in the back of their jeans or an unusual amount of hair on their ears.

Brody could see there weren’t a lot of people around, but his curiosity kept him in place, idly going back and forth between the alleys and back of bars. As he did, he was on the lookout for signs of any GrowlBoys, but also casually checking out the handsome men that seemed to haunt the surroundings. A few gave him a smile and wink, a subtle flirtation and sign of interest. Brody would feel his face flush and heart race, trying hard to suppress the impulse to be flattered and reciprocate. He had to remember that these men were deviants, GrowlBoys or not. He had to stay pure and clear headed if he was going to catch another furry shapeshifter!

As he continued on, he saw a sign that indicated he might be in the right place. “Pan’s Dancers at GrowlBar.” He couldn’t be sure if this was a Promethean bar — he wasn’t sure if such a place existed. As much as “growl” seemed to indicate such creatures, he knew well from his scouting that gay men often referred to each other as bears, wolves, cubs, pigs, and all the rest. Still, it was a lead, and he had to check it out.

As he walked around the bar, he noticed little activity around the entrance. Perhaps it was the time of day, but either way, there weren’t many people to check out. Closing time was often a good time to cruise and connect. But the only figure he saw was a broad-chested, fit, older man walking toward him on the sidewalk. He had slate gray eyes and salt and pepper hair. As they stepped closer, Brody could see just how handsome he was. He thought nothing more of it, continuing on as the older man passed him.

But as he did, he felt a tingle in his nose. It was akin to the feeling of inhaling the spray from a window cleaner, biting and ticklish, but pleasurable. The tickle seemed to spread up into his head, rushing down his neck and into his chest. A warm, buzzing feeling filled his lungs and made him a little dizzy. He felt his heart race and his cock began to get aroused.

What just happened? What was he feeling?

He stopped on the sidewalk trying to shake it off. He looked back, curious if there was something he passed that could be causing the strange smell and sensation — a chemical or something. As he looked back, he saw the older stranger look back as well. While Brody was confused and curious, the steel-eyed man had an intense look in his eye that cut through Brody’s delirium.

Brody paused, staring into his eyes, feeling a similar rush to what he’d known during his first sexual experience. It was as if simply seeing this stranger made his body come alive and desperate to be touched and fucked.

The man didn’t gesture or speak, but instead walked into a nearby alley behind the bar. Something about the way he moved suggested that Brody should follow him. As if under some spell, Brody followed him back into the alley; his mind was clear of doubt and concern as he trailed behind the silent figure.

Once they were away from the public sidewalk, alone and guarded by the darkness of the surrounding walls, Brody stood passive as the man moved toward him. His eyes were like storm clouds, mesmerizing him as he pressed his lips to Brody’s. Brody could taste the handsome man’s tongue on his own. He had a quality that was musky and masculine, like sandalwood and smoke mixed with sweat and testosterone. He couldn’t explain it, but it triggered every sense in his body. He wanted more — he needed more! He opened his mouth, taking in the stranger’s passion and pleasure, hungry to feel him on his skin and inside him.

The older man didn’t speak. He just moved precisely and confidently, removing Brody’s clothes and grabbing his swollen cock. Brody felt his skin meet the fresh air, exposed and vulnerable to the public setting. He knew he should be worried that someone would see them, concerned that his H.A.R.P.E. plans would be ruined if someone caught them in the act. Yet, even the thought of being outed as a gay man didn’t cross his mind as he gave into the older man’s sexual prowess.

The world slipped away, leaving just their two bodies, alive and pulsing. They ached to be together, no matter the consequences. The night air seemed to keep him warm and comfortable as he lost his shirt and pants. The man grabbed his cock, pulling it out of his underwear and stroked it slowly to milk out a single bead of pre-cum from the tip.

Brody looked up at his partner, wanting to take in his rugged good looks and imagine him fucking him hard against the brick wall. As his eyes met his, he could see on the top of his head two horns protruding from his forehead. Brody had a flash of panic, fearing this man was a Promethean as well, but something about him seemed different than any other he had ever encountered — even the one he’d let inside his virgin hole! He seemed stronger, more powerful… It was even more arousing!

The older man turned him around, leaning him up against the side of the bar, giving Brody just enough time to get his hands up against the brick and mortar. As he did, Brody took deep breaths to ready himself to be fucked. The older man took off his shirt, unzipped his pants, and slid his cock inside Brody’s body.

Brody closed his eyes as the horned man slipped past his knotted hole. It was just wet enough from pre-cum to ease its way into him without any pain. Without lube or spit, Brody felt every fiber of his flesh brush against his own and he loved it! The heat and slight sting was a reminder that this wasn’t a dream or fantasy. It was real — very, very real!

Brody braced himself as best he could. There wasn’t much to hold on to along the wall, so he planted his feet as hard as he could into the cement sidewalk. All the while, the older man gripped his shoulders for leverage, grinding himself deeper and deeper into his pelvis. Brody had yet to hear him speak, but he could tell by the soft grunts and heavy breaths that this man’s voice was as deep and masculine as the rest of him.

Brody could have stayed in that alley for hours, feeling his cock swell up from excitement and his prostate tighten like a balloon ready to burst. To his bittersweet delight, he heard a loud grunt from his top, followed by the searing heat of his man-gravy shooting into his insides. He held his breath, waiting for the return of the rush he felt when he’d taken the Promethean’s cum.

But this — this was different… At first, the rush did arrive. It took over his mind and body, freeing him from a sense of self and place. Then unexpectedly, the feeling went even further! Time seemed to stand still. The world seemed brighter and more sensual. Smells were sweeter and stronger. The air caressed his bare skin like silk. He could hear his heart beating fast as well as that of his partners. Every part of his body seemed strong and powerful, like he’d had a perfect sleep, drank an energy drink, and was ready to run a marathon!

He felt invincible, full, and light all at the same time…

The older man pulled out, leaking a few drops of his seed on the ground as Brody collapsed against the wall. He slowly turned around, caught in a fugue state of pleasure as his knees gave out, and fell to the ground.

Sitting on his clothes with his cock spewing seminal liquid with a dumb, blissful look on his face, he caught blurry glimpses of the stranger getting dressed and walking away. He couldn’t focus his eyes or even keep track of time. He stayed where he was, waiting for the feeling to fade before he dared step back on his feet. Strangely, as time went on, he forgot all about how he’d ended up in the alley, how he’d removed his clothes, and how he could feel so much pleasure…

It took a few days for Brody to adjust to his new beard and furriness. Luckily, he hadn’t taken on his animal features since he’d awoken in his haze. He still had no memory of the man from the night before or the intense breeding he’d experienced. All he knew he was that he had to keep a low profile, not draw attention to his appearance, and continue on with his work with H.A.R.P.E.

For the most part, he managed to continue on as normal. Engaging in meetings, going on patrols, and going through the motions. He hadn’t encountered another Promethean in a while, but he remained committed to their work.

Some nights he’d come home, tired from late night hunting and conflicted by the appealing advances of the gay men he spent his night around. He did his best to keep those thoughts quiet, but every now and then, he’d find himself popping an erection. He refused to even masturbate, hoping to quell his desires; but more often than not, he’d feel a tingle beneath his skin, reminding him of the promethean powers he was holding back. He worked hard to keep the transforming Promethean impulse down, but he would occasionally feel a force come over him, making him fall to the ground in pain and pleasure, as he fought it off.

It wasn’t ideal, but he could manage it. Wherever he went, he made sure he could always get away and be alone; having his fits in private. As time went on, they happened less and less. He took it as a sign that he was winning the fight against his body, reclaiming his humanity, and getting rid of his Promethean qualities altogether. Little did he know, his nature was sitting dormant, waiting to emerge…

It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that Brody and a few members or H.A.R.P.E. went out on a raid, having found a spot where suspected Prometheans might be gathered. It was customary that they would surveil the spot for a night or two, then go in full force to terrorize them and, if possible, sneak one or two off back to their main headquarters.

The young men got off on their own power, seeing the GrowlBoys scurry off in fear. Some even said it was better than sex! The guys would dress up in military style fatigues, covering their faces with masks, looking like a real militia group and making themselves as intimidating as possible.

As the men suited up, ready to head on out, Brody felt his ears begin to get warm. He knew this feeling, similar to what he’d felt the morning he’d woken up confused and hazy. He quickly excused himself, rushing to the bathroom to get away from his peers.

He ran down the hall, making his way as he felt the tingling and vibrations behind his nose and face… This was big! Bigger than the previous symptoms that he could normally push down and keep from surfacing. His body felt like it was getting revenge on him — revenge for his actions at the bars, for terrorizing others like him, and for suppressing who — what he now was!

As he fell into the bathroom, he quickly locked the door behind him, not wanting anyone else to follow him in. It was when he looked into the mirror that he saw the animal face return…

His nose pushed out, becoming wet and dark at the tip, feeling like it was bursting out of his eyes. The shifting bones made him yelp out in pain, showing off his sharpened teeth and long tongue. He could feel his skin tremble as a crop of fur pushed out his face, coating his appearance in a soft, delicate fur.

His ears pushed up, becoming long and pointed, covered with a similar pelt. As they became more pronounced, he could hear his friends back in the other room.

“Should we wait for him?”

“I don’t know, I’ll check.”

Brody could hear footsteps approaching, getting closer and closer to the locked door. It shook as a hand jiggled the knob from the other side, yet stuck in place by the deadbolt. Brody’s heart raced, knowing that all that stood between him and exposure was a few inches of reconstituted wood.

“You okay, Brody? You’ve been in there for awhile…”

“Yeah!” Brody yelled out, noticing his voice sounded slightly different with his new muzzle and longer tongue. He turned the water on in the faucet, obscuring the sound.

“I just — I think I need to hang back a bit. Go on ahead, I’ll meet you there!”

“You sure?” the voice behind the door asked. Brody could sense a bit of concern.

“Yeah — something I ate, I think.”

Brody could hear a pause, followed by retreating footsteps in the hallway. He was in the clear! For now… But he had a larger issue to deal with.

He stood in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror, confused and frightened by what he saw. It had been so long since his last transformation. He couldn’t figure out what brought it on or why this time was different than the others.

He could feel his cock growing hard in his pants, desperate to be stroked. He shut off the water and pulled down his pants, hoping that by cumming he would return back to his human form.

As he touched his swollen member, he felt the intense sensation that came with being pleasured as a Promethean. Every stroke was like lightning through the body, exciting his muscles and genitals. He closed his eyes, trying hard to get through the moment, but unable to escape how good it felt…