Everything happened so fast! Korzark opened the door to Brody’s cage, letting him free for the first time since he’d arrived! No leash or harness keeping him in place, Brody stood up on his hind legs, stretching out and feeling the blood work its way up to his head. He was dizzy as he quickly shot up, barely able to focus his eyes on the door, not sure where to run. The horned satyr took him by the hand, lending him his strength and guiding him through the hallways.

The lights were bright. Brighter than Brody had ever seen. He realized he’d gotten accustomed to the dim, after-hours lighting the older man walked him through. Aside from the lights of the examination room and the lab he began to think of as home, he’d been in near darkness for what felt like an eternity.

Now, his heart beating and his senses more alert than ever, he managed to see more of the institutional space. The grey walls reflected the fluorescent, greenish light all around. The hum echoed in his beastial ears, as if trying to get inside his head and keep him subjugated. His tired body found new strength from the adrenaline, trying to keep with Korzark’s fast pace.

Suddenly, red lights began to flash and a blaring alarm sounded off. Korzark hurried up his running, practically pulling Brody’s arm out of its socket with his strength. Brody couldn’t believe that less than a minute ago he was lying down in a small cage and now he was running faster than he ever had in his life.

Korzark turned corners so quickly that the young man was nearly whiplashed trying to keep up. He pushed through doors as they sought to close in on them, in some cases clearly breaking them off of their latches.

Brody could hear the sound of running feet and yelling voices from all around, unable to discern exactly where they were coming from. He couldn’t tell if they were getting closer or moving further away. It was a cacophony of panicked responses, all scrambling to act and act quick.

Brody turned his head to the side to look down a hallway when he and Korzark came to an intersection. It was only for a second, but he swore he could see another Promethean running towards them, also free and unrestrained.

Soon, the voices of the scientists and government agents became clearer. He could see them trying to follow them, carrying guns and tranquilizers as they rushed in their direction. Brody felt an intense sense of fear, triggering his instinct to run faster. He thought he was going to pull a muscle, but he didn’t hold back.

Another Promethean appeared behind them. He seemed to be part dog with long fur around his snout. He was following behind Korzark and Brody, as if trying to escape with them. More Prometheans showed up, coming from different directions in different hallways. They were all as tired and as bleary-eyed as Brody himself.

It was clear who they were… the other subjects. Kidnapped and tortured. Held against their will, removed from their lives, their family, their friends. Terrified and alone. Brody realized that many of them were probably there because of his own actions. He wondered how long they’d been there. If it’s just this group or if there were more. And a sad thought crossed his mind: is this everyone… or just all who survived?

Brody felt sick. He was overwhelmed with guilt and remorse. He wished he could stop and apologize. He wanted to sacrifice himself to give them a chance to escape, but Korzark’s grip was too tight to get free from.

“Let me go!” Brody screamed. “I can fight! I can hold them back!”

“No!” Korzark shut him down. “No one gets left behind.” Within a moment, Korzark approached what was apparently a door to the outside.

It was well guarded. About a dozen men in militia attire holding various weapons and shields. They were positioned in front of the door, set up in a blockade like the ones Brody had been trained to make when cornering a dangerous Promethean. There were about as many Prometheans approaching, forcing them to tighten up and prepare to take them out.

Brody didn’t know what they were going to do. Even if they fought, it was clear they were outmanned–out rather, outgunned. He felt plenty strong and knew he could take a good bite out of someone, but that wouldn’t matter if they shot him up before he got within reach.

Korzark, however, didn’t seem worried. He didn’t slow down or appear to have any fear. Brody waited for a strategy of some kind. A plan, a maneuver, anything! As a soldier, he would have never charged an enemy without some sort of gamed-out approach.

Then, Korzark did something that Brody couldn’t explain. He raised his hand, as if he was gesturing toward the blockade of guards. He held it up for a second and gave his wrist a quick flick. It had the motion of someone trying to toss a bug off of their fingers, but it did so much more. The twelve men all suddenly fell to the ground, dropping their weapons and landing with a thud on the hard tile floor.

Korzark kept running, moving past the limp bodies, pulling Brody with him. He looked down, trying to see what Korzark had done. The men had their eyes closed, breathing deep, appearing to be fully passed out. From what Brody could tell, Korzark had simply put them all to sleep. Brody knew very little about what Korzark was capable of, only knowing that he had some sort of superhuman power. It was an incredible sight he’d only ever seen in movies! And now, as he carefully leaped over the pile of sleeping guards, Brody realized he had no idea what world he was really living in!

When they got through the doorway, Brody felt a rush of fresh air fill his lungs for the first time since he was taken in. It was nighttime and the air was cool and crisp. He had lost all sense of time, never knowing if it was early evening or an hour from dawn.

The stars in the sky sparkled brightly, like diamonds glowing brightly against the indigo canopy. He couldn’t believe how big the open space seemed. The low ceilings of the lab were suffocating and confining almost as much as the top of the cage. As he looked around, he saw the other Prometheans making their way to freedom, running off in different directions, yelping and howling as they disappeared into the dark.

Brody couldn’t keep going. He felt his chest get tight and his legs grow weak. He’d been running too hard for too long. He needed a break. Korzark felt Brody’s body pull on him, weighing him down as they began to slow. The older man let him loose, the momentum of his pace put some distance between them before Korzark stopped to quickly look back.

He could see this was a lot for Brody. Perhaps too much. Brody could sense relief and elation at being out, but Korzark knew Brody was still torn up about his previous life. The burden of Brody’s conscience was still heavy on his young heart. And he’d not yet come to terms with it.

Brody wasn’t going to make it if Korzark didn’t intervene.

The older man heard the sound of water nearby. A gentle brook in the woods not too far away. Helping Brody up, he brought him to the source of the sound, seeing its calming, cool liquid carve away the ground. It was clear snowmelt.

Korzark laid Brody down, letting him rest as he imbued the water with his essence. Energy flowed through the satyr’s body, extending out from his hands as his fingers touched the water. Brody was so tired and weak, he couldn’t make out what the horned man was doing.

Brody’s mouth was dry from the excessive panting and heavy breathing, making the satyr’s offer of a drink something he couldn’t resist. Korzark lifted up Brody’s head, bringing a trickle of water to his animal mouth, letting him lap up the refreshing drops that fell. Brody was grateful for the drink, but he soon felt his weariness fade as visions began to overwhelm his mind.

A vibrant display of colors and lights flashed through his mind as he saw the past: distant eons of chaotic and energetic sex between Prometheans and Thebans, long legacies of shame-free community and growth. He saw himself connected to a powerful and timeless history of brotherhood, stemming back to the dawn of mankind and even before.

But just as chaotic were the disrupting visions of the present. Prometheans in cages, experimented on, subjugated and enslaved. Brody could tell he was seeing all his rescuer has seen. All he’d experienced in his life and how his Korzark’s heart broke for his progeny.

The visions melted together, intensifying to a bright, white light. Brody couldn’t tell if he was dying or coming more alive. His body felt weightless and he fell into a deep trance.

So deep, he had no idea that he was being carried in the satyr’s arm away from the facility and the forest.

Brody didn’t know long he’d been out. So much time had passed in the facility that he’d lost track of days altogether. He couldn’t be sure how long it had been since he last was at home, in his bed, safe and secure in the life he’d known. Now, nothing was settled. Where was he to go? What was he to do? He knew he could never return to the way things were. He wasn’t the same person. Quite literally, he wasn’t exactly even human anymore. He was something else. Something… Promethean.

When he felt himself able to focus once more, he felt the weight of his body return to him. The air on his flesh was no longer the cool breezy openness of the outside forest. He could tell he was seated, indoors somewhere, but still in the dark. He tried to move his arms, but they were constricted. The fuzzy haze of his mind cleared up slowly, but he could tell he was tied down.

His legs struggled to test their freedom, but he knew he was locked in place. Before he fully regained his awareness, he feared it had all been a dream. A drug-fueled delusion as a result of one of the doctors’ experiments. He thought he might still be back in the cage, still under their control, helpless and vulnerable.

His blurry eyes caught sight of a figure coming toward him. It seemed like a dog walking on all fours, but rather large. As he focused, he could tell it was smooth and lithe… more like… a person! It was another Promethean!

The creature had the face of a pup and the body of a man. He recognized him as one of the other escapees from their mad dash out of the building. Brody was confused, seeing the free growl boy moving about. Behind him, emerging from the darkness, came Korzark.

Brody’s senses kicked into gear. He saw that he was tied up, bound, and restrained on what seemed like a stone seat in the middle of a cave. It was deep and echoey, with stalactites hanging low and giving the space the ominous feeling of a giant mouth. He didn’t know if he was in danger, but he certainly felt like he was about to be chewed up one way or another.

Instead, the pup came up to him, sniffing him and rubbing his face along Brody’s bare legs. It seemed to have some curiosity and affection for him. Brody was confused but watched the Promethean return to Korzark’s side to get a scratch behind the ear.

“He likes you,” Korzark replied, as if answering Brody’s unspoken question.

“Where am I?” Brody asked, his heart beginning to race and not-at-all feeling comforted by that declaration.

“This is my home. Well, one of my homes. It’s where I come to stay, to play with my boys, and to keep them safe from those who would harm them.”

“I wouldn’t harm them, I swear!” Brody felt like his restraints made it clear that he was not exactly being treated as a non-threatening guest. “I know I fucked up! I want to make it right! Please, please don’t hurt me.”

“Hurt you?” Korzark replied. “You think I did all this, getting you out and training you so I could hurt you?”

Brody had put a lot of trust in the older man, going through his training and disciplining to be strong enough to get out, but he wasn’t sure that there wasn’t a greater debt to be paid for all the work he’d done with the HARPE.

“I–I didn’t know. I mean, well–I knew…” Brody trailed off. He couldn’t defend himself. His words deflated in his mouth and he felt himself become weak. As much as he didn’t want to be punished, he knew he deserved it.

His eyes looked into the pup’s. He knew what Brody had gone through. He’d gone through it himself. Brody knew it could have easily been this pup who captured him. Who took him away from his life and the reason he suffered.

“No… no, it’s okay. Do what you want to me. I don’t deserve mercy. I’m responsible for their pain. His pain.”

Korzark paused. The cave was as still as a graveyard.

“My son,” Korzark spoke, “you are not here to be punished. You are here to be freed.”

Brody was confused. He was already released from the lab. But the older man continued.

“Yes, you’re no longer in the cage they put you in. But you’re still trapped in your own personal prison. Your guilt and your pain is too much for you to take on alone. I want you to learn to forgive yourself, to set down that burden, and understand that you’re now part of something bigger than yourself. You’re a Promethean. And if you let me, I’d like to take care of you. To help you and guide you on this journey.”

“So… like your pet?” Brody looked down at the pup again. He seemed happy, but Brody didn’t think he could live like that.

“More like my child. My offspring. I want to give you what you need to thrive. What you do from there… that’s up to you.”

Brody looked down at the bondage he was in. It seemed contrary to what he was being told.

“If I’m free, why am I tied up?”

Korzark looked down at Brody’s crotch. Standing there this whole time was the young man’s throbbing erection.

“It seems like you like it…”

Brody couldn’t deny he enjoyed being worked over by Korzark in the lab. The intense physicality of being teased, tortured, and pleasured while restrained was something he came to look forward to time after time. He found it was only then he was really able to enjoy himself. To let go of his worries and just get lost in the sensations that the older man provided.

Korzark came close to him, rubbing his cock through his pants, showing Brody that he was excited, too. Brody was eager for more answers, but he hadn’t had the chance to taste the older man’s cock in a long time. He couldn’t explain what compelled him, but whenever Korzark was near him, Brody was in absolute heat.

Korzark leaned in close, grabbing his cock and tugging it between his legs. The pup watched on, clearly getting aroused at the sight of its master giving pleasure to Brody. Brody didn’t mind the audience, especially if it meant Korzark would continue touching and groping his body.

Korzark stroked Brody’s cock until it dripped precum all over the tip of his shaft. It seemed to pour out like a fountain, giving his member a glisten in the dim cave light. It felt amazing to Brody to have the older man’s hand work him over, making his nuts bounce as Korzark’s grip moved up and down.

Brody felt like he could cum from just a few tugs. The pheromones coming off the satyr’s body filled his lungs and his head with intense feelings of desire, compelling him to try to thrust his hips into his palm. Brody was so well restrained, he could barely move enough to fuck Korzark’s hand. The satyr could tell Brody needed to be set free for him to fully experience his pleasure, but Korzark didn’t want to rush that.

Brody’s whimpers and moans echoed in the cave, making it seem like the entire earth was rumbling to the sounds of his pleasure. Brody looked into Korzark’s eyes, begging him with his stare to let him burst. Brody wanted to be allowed to cum, but Korzark wanted to give him a different freedom.

Untying Brody’s arms and legs, Korzark quickly put Brody on all fours giving him almost no time to get used to his mobility before pulling out his cock and sliding it in the young ass. Brody let out a howl, unable to contain the pain and pleasure of his hole being pushed open. It cut deep into Brody’s body, filling him to the hilt, making his back arch up in response. Korzark grabbed onto his hips, fucking him hard and wild.

Brody loved every second of it. He felt his cock drip out even more as each push stimulated his prostate and brought him a rush of pleasure. His tongue hung out of his mouth as his wet nose sniffed the air, taking in the aromatic scent of their sweat and sex.

Korzark felt himself getting stronger as he came closer to climax. Putting his hand under Brody’s leg, the older man lifted him up, giving him better access to get between his legs, fucking him harder and faster as he felt the tension build in his nuts.

Suddenly, Brody felt Korzark’s fingers dig into his flesh as his grip tightened. Korzark held himself in place as he let out a loud, grunting noise that practically shook the hanging columns of the cave. A flood of searing hot fluid filled Brody’s hole, making his entire body quake in response. As if every muscle was working at once, Brody felt himself shudder from the inside out, resulting in the release of his own seminal fluid.

Gushing cum poured out of Brody’s body, falling onto the floor without the need to even touch his own cock. It was unlike anything he’d felt before. So strong, so intense, and shaking him up deep to his core.

Brody became heavy in his body, unable to hold himself up like he’d been able to previously. Korzark held him in place, gripping him and supporting him while still anchored in his hole. Brody tried to catch his breath and regain his strength, feeling the burn in muscles that follows their flexing. As he tried to catch his breath, Brody watched as the pup moved toward him, sniffing the ground where his seed had fallen, lapping it up with his long tongue, savoring every drop.

Brody dismounted from Korzark’s cock, dropping to his knees and resting against the older man’s leg. Korzark still felt strong and stable, not as affected by the intense fucks as Brody had been. He was like a stone. Powerful, unshakable, and enduring. Brody wrapped his arm around him, clinging close as if to borrow some of his strength.

Brody understood the appeal of the position. The position that he associated with the pup… the pet. He felt protected and cared for. He knew he would be okay as long as he stayed with Korzark. His mind was still flooded with sensations as the satyr’s load coursed through his body, but the truth of his claim was undeniable.

Brody and the pup flanked Korzark, kissing him and licking him, tasting his sweat and showering him with affection. Korzark gave Brody a kiss on his head while scratching the pup. He was proud of them both and adored having them near.

Korzark stepped away, heading over to a nearby stack of clothes that he turned to hand to Brody. Brody had not worn anything like them in a long while. As he took them in his hand, he suddenly realized how he’d been naked all this time. He realized that the very idea of nakedness was only a construct of being human, feeling the need to cover up and hide oneself. He felt different about it now. Being a Promethean, being part of Korzark’s world, this concept of nakedness seemed foolish. He was in his natural state – true and unashamed.

“Why do I need these?” Brody asked.

Korzark replied, “They’re for you. When you go back.”

“Back? I can’t stay?”

“Of course you can stay. As long as you want.”

Brody paused. He didn’t know what to do. He seemed so conflicted. Everything in his body told him to stay forever, to never leave the cave and to embrace Korzark’s love. But he was still unsettled.

“I… I can’t.”

Korzark nodded. He understood, but he listened as Brody explained.

“I can’t stay here. Not when there’s so much that needs to be undone out there. People like me… like I was… they’re going to continue to fight against us. Against Prometheans. I have to help them. I have to.”

Korzark smiled. “I thought you might.”

Brody put on the clothes. It was strange to sense the cotton shirt on his flesh. It made him feel human again. Which wasn’t exactly a comforting feeling. He looked at Korzark who was watching him with pride. Was this his mission all along? To turn Brody, an enemy of his people, into an ally? Into a soldier for their cause?

Korzark was clearly a smart man, but Brody felt like he had come to this on his own. It felt right, but he knew it would be hard. He wasn’t sure how successful he’d be, but he knew he had to try.

Brody turned to the satyr. He was still fueled from his fucking and desperate for more. But he restrained himself. Instead, he reached out his arms and gave him a hug. Korzark held him tightly, feeling his heart racing in his chest.

Brody asked, “Can I come back?”


Brody looked at the pup, gave him a scratch in his head, and watched his tail move around in glee.

Brody walked out of the cave, taking slow, deliberate steps as he got closer to the light. Things were never going to be the same. And nor should they be. He’d seen more than he ever thought possible; he experienced life on the other side of hate, and chose to take on a new mission for himself.