Jean tried his best to get comfortable as he slept. The air was cooler than he’d like, but luckily his Promethean body generated a bit more heat than the average man. He nestled up to a dirty bundle of bedding, soiled from his sweat and tears having endured several days of tests and torture.

Jean was used to being confined for long periods of time. In his long, immortal life, he’d had to do a lot to get by. In some circumstances in the old days, having a blanket was actually quite a luxury. Crossing oceans would mean tight quarters and unpleasant conditions. In some ways, he was lucky.

But Jean wasn’t here as part of any loss of luck or fortune. In fact, he may have been the only person who was there by choice.

When the elder satyr, Korzark, explained the cruelty of the anti-Promethean H.A.R.P.E. and the government labs that funded and contracted with them, Jean knew he couldn’t sit by and do nothing. Korzark was a man of powerful compassion, as well as very effective persuasion. So when the silver daddy Theban asked Korzark to trust him and get caught on purpose, Jean knew there was a larger plan in the works. Besides, Korzark had never steered him wrong in nearly 300 years.

While Jean was more than capable of sleeping through the night, he awoke to a sudden awareness. No sound was made and no lights turned on, but he became aware of a familiar presence in the facility. Not in the room or even out in the hallway. A stirring in his loins indicated to him that a powerful person was near… another immortal.

He felt like he was charged with an electrical current, connected from a wellspring of power that was beyond anything that could be seen or touched. His cock began to get hard, but he stayed still, not wanting to indicate to any humans that something big was about to happen…

After about an hour of stillness, Jean could hear the familiar tapping of hard-soled shoes walking closer. The door to the lab room opened, letting in a buzzing glow of fluorescent light from the hall outside. The darkness was disrupted with the reflection of institutionally gray-painted walls and freshly cleaned linoleum floor.

And through that glow came Dr. Glass, a tall, handsome man who had been studying Jean ever since he arrived. Dr. Glass came in, he carried a tray of basic looking food. Despite the small rations given to Jean, he was not unaware that there must have been a cafeteria of sorts in the facility. The unimpressed sandwich and bag of chips seemed a perfect fit for the bespectacled man of questionable moral character.

His face twisted slightly as he walked in, offended by the mixed fragrances of fur, sweat, and the urine that drained from the night. Jean opened his eyes, sitting up to look at his captor, greeting him with a blank stare as Dr. Glass gave him a superior, dismissive glare.

Dr. Glass was most interested in the mating behavior of Prometheans, specifically what triggers transformation and how that relates to sexuality. He’d not seen Jean shift at all since he’d arrived, despite all manner of provocation.

But beside Jean were two other cages, placed right beside one another in a chain.

In the cage right beside Jean’s was a werebear Promethean he knew was Marko. He was always in his furry state, possessing a big, hairy face, a broad, muscular torso, and powerful, thick legs. Jean couldn’t tell how tall he was given his constant encagement, but judging by his booming voice and massive size, Jean estimated he was close to 6’5”.

Jean and Marko would stay silent whenever a scientist or lab tech was present, not wanting to give them anything more than was necessary. But some nights, when the two were feeling lonely or distraught, they would talk through the mesh of their cages, sharing stories of their life before. And in some cases, Jean and Marko would touch each other and fuck, all through the narrow openings in the sides.

There were about half a dozen other Prometheans in there, of all different types, but Marko was the one he got the closest to.

Mr. Glass didn’t mind the socialization of the Prometheans. In fact, it was an important part of his research. But whenever he was around, it was clear that nobody wanted to give him the satisfaction of quantifying their pain.

He turned the lights on, seeing the disparate states that each subject was in. In one cage, he saw a werewolf being fucked from behind, through the cage walls. It was relatively quiet, sounding like whimpering in the night to Jean. But he could see that the werewolf was taking it deep from another Promethean, another kind of pup with a black spot in his eye.

Jean turned to Marko, curious if he was awake, and saw that Dr. Glass did: Marko was slowly stroking his hard, bear cock with his big, strong paw, edging himself as he enjoyed the display. It was a strange thing to be turned on by, given the circumstances, but in here, any bit of joy was taken. Sex made them feel vital. Made them feel alive. Made them feel more than just disposable subjects for a horrible cause.

Jean watched as Dr. Glass cracked a wicked smile, pulling a pen out of his white lab coat pocket and clicking it with his thumb. The noise was sharp and quick, but it was all too familiar to the caged Prometheans. It was both a humiliation and a lesson, knowing that Dr. Glass was about to write something down on his clipboard, interpreting through his limited mortal perception what Promethean sexuality looked like.

For Jean, he knew someone of his perspective, regardless of all his higher learning and experience, could never understood what it meant to be a Promethean, or even come close to fathoming the feeling of fucking as one.

The ballpoint pen moved across the cheap, government paper, scratching against the office supply store clipboard, making every creature’s ears perk up in disdain.

Then, like some sort of invading thought, Jean knew what he’d been sent there to do, what he’d waited for weeks to happen, was happening. And it was his time to act.

“Help me!” Dr. Glass heard. He looked up from his clipboard, finishing his thought first, over to where he heard the call. It was strange. It was not the voices he’d heard before in the cages. But it was definitely familiar. He looked over at Jean’s cage and what he saw scared him half to death.

“Help me!”

Dr. Glass’ face went white with fear. Inside the cage, he saw a face he’d never thought to see behind those bars. A face that was not the face of the Promethean he’d been used to seeing: his own.

Staring back at him, naked and afraid, Dr. Glass saw himself! He couldn’t understand what was happening. He tried to make sense of it, but it was too mind-boggling.

“You have to help me,” his doppleganger continued, mirroring both his voice as well as his look. “They trapped me in here! They ‘re on the loose. We’ve got to stop them!”

Dr. Glass hesitated for a second, trying to understand how this was a trick. But seeing himself engaged like a Promethean violated a deep sense of preservation, overriding his logical mind. He quickly dropped his pen and clipboard, trying to determine what he should do next, but ultimately found himself in a panic reaching for his keys.

Dr. Glass fumbled with the ring, trying to find the key that matched the cage. It wasn’t something he pulled out often, so trying to remember which was more stressful than he expected. His fingers sweat, slipping the metal objects around, making him start over and over again. His mirror self continued to press on him the urgency, making him all the more confused. He felt dizzy, like he was either coming in or out of a dream, but the narrow center of his vision was focused on the keys.

When he found it, he let out a sigh of relief and quickly pressed it into the keyhole on the cage. He turned it, feeling the tumblers fit around the object, until he was able to twist and release the lock.

Dr. Glass could barely ask what was happening, pulling his clone out of the cage and onto its feet before he felt a sudden blunt force to his face.

With lightning speed and intense strength, the Dr. Glass clone punched the original in the face, knocking him onto his feet.

Dr. Glass felt himself go faint, but never lost consciousness as the figure began removing his clothes. He tried to move, but his bell was so well rung that he could hardly communicate to his hands and arms to get up.

Piece by piece, Dr. Glass became more and more naked, feeling the coolness of the room as goosebumps raised on his flesh. His glasses were aloft on the ground beside, unable to give him a clear view of anything around him. All he could hear was the stilled breathing of the Prometheans in the room, holding their breath as if they were waiting for something to happen.

Dr. Glass felt himself getting dragged across the rougher-than-expected floor into the cage he’d just opened. He rested his head on the filthy blanket, smelling the foul scent of stale body odor. He could barely turn his face away, but as he did, he saw the cage door close… and Jean holding the key on the other side!

Jean didn’t let the satisfaction of seeing Dr. Glass behind the cage bars distract him from his purpose. He quickly went from cage to cage releasing his fellow Prometheans, watching as their tails stood up in excitement at the promise of their freedom.

The first released was the eager pup, still aroused and heated up from fucking just moments prior. As soon as he could extend out, he let out a satisfying stretch of his hind legs, feeling the blood course through his muscles and joints. The aroused pup practically jumped up on Jean, panting and pawing at his naked body, wanting to show his appreciation and thanks.

Jean scratched him behind his large, pointed ears, feeling the soft, velvety, warm fur that covered them, returning the pup’s joy with a smile of camaraderie. He knew why Korzark needed him, but this moment he felt it down to his core.

He wondered what would have happened to this poor creature had he not allowed himself to sacrifice some of his time and comfort, turning a blind eye and going about the day-to-day of his long, immortal life. It all seemed so cruel and unimaginable that his brethren could be in such jeopardy, especially at the hands of small-minded mortals without any comprehension of their potential. Now, seeing the excited eyes of his pup, Jean felt stronger and bolder than he had in ages, inspired by the emancipation of his fellow Prometheans.

He moved from cage to cage with haste, trying to fumble through the collection of keys he stole from Dr. Glass. One by one he saw the diminished spirit of each creature come alive anew as they stood on their legs and presented their beautiful bodies once more. When Jean came to Marko, he felt himself begin to get hard at the thought of being able to make close contact with the muscular bear.

As soon as Marko heard the unlocking of the cage, he leaped out of his constrained space and stood only a foot or two away from Jean. Now on his feet, Jean could see Marko was indeed the size of a small giant. 6’5” and as wide as a door, shoulders as broad and massive as basketballs. While he was still soiled by his own sweat, he had a strong pheromonal potency that seemed to fill everyone’s being with uncontrollable desire.

Marko gave Jean a hug so strong and tight that the smooth skinned man could barely make full use of his lungs. Marko caught himself, releasing his friend and seeing his aroused response.

Jean knew that he had more work to do to assist in Korzark’s plan. But the heady, overwhelming mix of emotion, attraction, magic, and pheromones made it impossible to move on from the moment.

Jean could see the familiar look in every Promethean’s eyes demanding a hedonistic, orgasmic release from their long entrapment. Jean tossed the keys on the floor, watching as they stopped just out of Dr. Glass’ reach. The now-encaged scientist did all he could to try and extend his arm to grab at the brass symbols of freedom. But just as the Prometheans had before, Dr. Glass could only twist in his pain, knowing that he was no longer in control of his life or his freedom. But for him, he was witness to something very few humans ever see… an intense, passionate, Promethean orgy.

The horny pup moved between Jean’s legs, his tail wagging as his tongue began to lap at the handsome man’s balls. It had been some time since Jean had released his seed, and as if aware of the ripe nature of his forth-coming load, the weredog sniffed and caressed the heavy-hanging cum carriers.

Jean closed his eyes in ecstatic satisfaction. The warm, wet mouth of the Promethean massaged his shaft with expert precision, practically getting him to the point of climax in minutes. Marko wrapped his arms around Jean gently, holding him more in support than in embrace. Jean let his body fall against the soft, cozy surface of Marko’s chest, feeling the heat of the furry rising as he watched Jean get orally serviced.

Jean turned back, holding onto Marko’s neck with one arm as the other pet the pup’s head. His lips met Marko, kissing him deeply as the air from his lungs could hardly escape. He was so wrapped up in his desire that he could barely remember to breathe. He wanted him so badly. The tension between them had grown for weeks, and now, flesh to flesh, it was hard for him to remember to do the simple actions of living when all he wanted was to get lost in the bear’s body.

Jean’s cock dripped pre-cum like a faucet, creating long extensions of silky fluid that pooled on the floor by the pup’s paws. Seeing the throbbing, veiny erection of the handsome man, the pup turned to present his hole to him. Jean could hardly hold back an extra moment from getting what his body needed.

Dr. Glass watched with stunned fascination as Jean wrapped his hands around the pup’s waist, working his rigid tool between his fuzzy cheeks. As the canine creature’s tail was raised tall and stiff, With a firm, steady, slow movement, Jean managed to break through the pup’s hole using just the combination of saliva and pre-cum that coated the tip. The pup let out a short yelp, indicating the sudden stretch it took to allow for Jean’s thick cock. But this was soon followed by a wagging of the tail and happy panting as he moved further into the pup’s hole.

Jean felt himself buzzing with an excitement and fury that was unlike anything he’d felt in centuries. The close proximity of so many Prometheans all with raging erections seemed to make everyone’s hunger only become more powerful. Their arousal caused the others’ to balloon and build, causing a chaotic mixing of partners and orgasms as each Promethean moved from partner to partner.

Jean dove his dick so deep into the pup’s ass again and again that he struggled to hold back from flooding him with his seed right away. Instead, he held back his power, focusing solely on giving the horny pup the fuck of his life.

Before long, the pup was stroking his fully extended erection, massaging it until it was unable to contain any more. Jean felt the pup’s hole tighten onto his cock like a vice grip, squeezing it down as hard as it could as the pup let out ropes of creamy white fluid all over the lab floor.

The air was full of the aromatic, floral scent of ejaculation, causing the other Prometheans to howl and cheer. Seeing one of their own release and feel satisfaction was a pleasure in its own right, but it also brought on even more excitement for the rest. Their impossibly frantic and energetic fucking seemed only to get more intense.

Jean pulled out his cock to see the well worked over hole of the pup, red and swollen from the rough fucking. The tip of his cock continued to drip pre-cum just as steadily as it did before. Even if Jean didn’t breed his pup, he was no doubt full of that clear liquid.

Looking over at Dr. Glass, Jean could tell he was also affected by the fragrant scent of fresh spilled Promethean jizz. The naked doc had a raging boner, looking down on it with fear and excitement, clearly not used to seeing his member so aroused. Jean knew the effect Promethean cum could have on humans, even from a distance. And it was clear the doctor was now in a full, furry-fueled frenzy.

Jean looked around for what to do next with his powerful, superhuman erection. And as he turned his gaze, he saw all manner of creatures locked in carnal delight. The heads of bears, goats, dogs, all wrapped in knots of furry and fleshy limbs and torsos.

Jean felt a powerful dominance take over. The others regarded him with such deference and praise for freeing them, they wanted to do everything and anything they could for him. And he was getting off on that attention.

He stepped forward toward a threesome in action, watching as they parted for him to allow for him to assert himself. Jean couldn’t help but crack a pleased smirk as the weregoat who was being spit-roasted turned his gaze to him. The Promethean fucking him stepped back and the goat-man presented his hole to Jean, inviting him in.

Jean couldn’t resist the offer. The look in the goat’s eyes was that of a deep yearning. Jean actually thought the Promethean would be pained if he didn’t get his bare cock inside him. Jean took his still-lubed cock and slid it between the creature’s legs, feeling his heat from his hole against his cock, practically searing the flesh with its heat. It had clearly been fucked hard for a long while, but didn’t lack in any tautness. Jean’s engorged member moved easily into the bottom’s guts, feeling his pleasure pick up right where it had left off with the pup.

Once again, Jean dominated his partner’s hole, making him tremble and quake as he withstood each deep thrust. Jean could feel the tip of his cock slide up against the quivering prostate of the Promethean. Every motion of his shaft pressed up against his internal trigger, bringing the horned bottom closer and closer to climax.

Jean tried to keep him on the edge, letting him lose all sense of time and place and just indulge in the electric sensation of almost firing off. But Jean’s intention was not in perfect harmony with the power of his fucking. Before Jean knew it, the goat-headed Promethean was gripping onto his cock as if it would fly off, keeping tight in his grip as it erupted.

Cum sprayed all over. The Promethean managed to get it as far up as his ears, catching a few pulses directly into his mouth, feeding off the byproduct of their fucking.

The air was thick with sexual energy. Jean could hardly feel his feet on the ground as his head was swirling with a flurry of desires. As the goat-man slipped himself off of Jean’s cock, blissed out and entering a post-coital state of tranquility, Jean looked for his next partner, feeling himself ready to unleash his load.

He turned his head and heard the horny pup he fucked first moaning once more. It was clear that this young stud was caught in an insatiable spell of lust. The pup was riding high on top of the bear Marko’s massive mountain of body.

Jean felt compelled to get in there. Just as Jean approached, the pup let loose another burst of cum from his cock, indicating his readiness to pop off. Despite seeing Marko topping the young up, Jean’s cock was still aching for a hungry hole to breed. And Marko’s ass was unlike any other.

Jean practically threw the pup off, tossing him onto the soiled floor as Marko stayed firmly planted on the ground. Jean, seeing the thick thighs and round, nearly spherical cheeks of the giant man, found exactly what he was looking for. He shoved his cock deep inside the beast’s hole, watching as the bear took his hard cock in his paw and began stroking it. It was still slick from fucking his pup bottom, and clearly close to cumming from the deep penetration he’d provided.

Jean felt like he was floating as he drilled into Marko’s body, not just enamored with the feeling of the muscular man’s powerful body impaled on his throbbing shaft, but also overwhelmed by the sensation of finally getting the closeness and intimacy with the big bear that he’d been denied for so long.

As Jean began to build up steam and feel himself approach climax, his senses seemed to numb to anything that wasn’t part of the act of fucking his furry partner. The two were in perfect sync, each moving their hips to a rhythm and frequency that was practically poetic in nature. Jean felt the aching in his balls begin to reach a threshold that he knew he could not return from. He grabbed onto Marko with all his might, feeling the soft fur of the bear in between his fingers and he gripped onto the underlying muscle with full force. Jean worried he might be hurting Marko, but the massive beast shot him a look back that told him to not even think about holding back now.

Jean grit his teeth as sweat dripped down his face, feeling the chain reaction of sensation and causality as his seed escaped from his loins and made its way to the tip of his shaft. Jean let out out a few intense shots of cum into Marko’s hole before he managed to pull himself out for the climax.

As Jean’s load shot across Marko’s long torso, the brown bear’s cock seemed to match him in its eruptive nature. The two shot loads out from their shafts like they were fireworks. Burst after burst were released in unison, seeming to make time stop as they were locked in a shared release of energy and tension.

As if they’d just exploded from deep in their souls, the two Prometheans were left feeling heavy and weak, unable to hold themselves up with whatever strength was left in their muscles. Jean fell down on top of Marko, unbothered by the pool of shared cum that began to make its way into the bear’s fur, pressing against Jean’s belly.

Jean tried to catch his breath, feeling his limp body rise and fall with each of Marko’s massive inhalations, moving up and down with the steadiness of a ship on calm seas. It was relaxing, even hypnotic, as Jean allowed himself to relax and feel unburdened for the first time in ages.

It was unclear to Jean how long it had been since he was trapped in the cage. It felt like years ago while he was in the dizzy aftermath of his orgasm. As he began to come out of his sexual haze, he knew it had only been a matter of moments.

He looked over at Dr. Glass, locked in the cage that Jean had known for far too long. The now-naked scientist was furiously masturbating, overwhelmed by the second-hand sexual energy he had received. Even as a mere spectator, he was clearly charged in a way he’d never felt in his life. Jean was amused, thinking that it was probably more than he could even take.

Jean wiped the sweat from his brow and began to stand up, feeling his body come back to full capacity. His cock was still dripping a few final drops of cum as it deflated down to normal, human size.

Jean told the Prometheans that it was time to escape and watched with delight as the creatures ran out of the lab, making their way out to the surrounding woods. Jean stayed back for a moment, locking eyes with Dr. Glass as he watched the man get close to cumming himself.

Jean picked up the clothes he’d taken off the doctor, putting them on piece by piece in an attempt to mimic him once more. Even down to the clicky pen in the lab coat pocket.

As Jean grabbed the doctor’s glasses, he watched Glass’s face twist in what could only be described as a mixed expression of intense pleasure and unbearable pain. The doctor had been stroking himself so long and with such supernatural influence that his organs could hardly handle the energy that was coursing through them.

Jean placed the spectacles on his face and Dr. Glass could see Jean transform once more from himself into the image of his own likeness. The terror was enough to send the human’s body on an unstoppable climax. Dr. Glass let out an agonizing cry as cum flowed out of his cock like a hose. The volume and pressure of the escaping fluid practically tore his cock apart as it stretched his urethral lining.

Dr. Glass was certainly experiencing pleasure, but it came at a small price. Jean looked at the human as his load tapered off, seeing him get covered in his own cummy filth. He wasn’t thrilled that he was able to taste even a sample of what the Prometheans experienced with their sex, but the idea of being left in the cage to soak in his fluids was enough to make Jean giddy.

Jean made his way for the open door, hearing the sounds of his fellow Prometheans making their escape. It filled him with deep satisfaction. He knew he would make Korzark proud. He just had a few more trapped souls to free and then he could reunite with his handsome Theban.

As he walked through the door and let the buzzing fluorescents light up his body, he turned back momentarily to see as Dr. Glass cozied into the dirty bundle of bedding he’d been in only an hour before. The exhausted human couldn’t think about anything other than the pleasure he experienced just a moment before, unable yet to comprehend his confinement and the fact that his test subjects were now loose about the facility.

Jean continued out, knowing that Dr. Glass would be set free eventually by whatever reinforcements would come back. No one knew yet what had happened, but it was only a matter of time before the scientists found out what was going down.

Jean walked own the hall only a few paces before the red siren lights of the lab began to go off. He didn’t need to actually be Dr. Glass to know what this meant.

All around him, he saw Prometheans and lab employees scrambling through the corridors of the facility. Some were actively trying to get a control on the loose creatures while others cowered in their new perceived inferiority. A half-man, half-bull creature looked very different when it was behind bars, sedated, and not capable of chasing you around.

Jean went to go look for Korzark, knowing that many of these escaped Prometheans were his doing. But as he walked around, he couldn’t help but enjoy some of the chaos he had created. The facility seemed wild and uncontrolled… just like nature.

Korzark made it back to his place after several hours of the escape. He saw all different types of Prometheans make their way into woods, scattering off into points unknown. He knew he’d likely never see many of them ever again, but that because of him, they’d live long lives with the chance to be happy. He just hoped they would remember him and seek him out if they needed him again.

As he was settling into the morning, he saw Jean sitting in his parlor, looking a bit tired, but no less handsome than ever. Korzark walked toward him, happy to see him, but found he wasn’t alone.

Lying at Jean’s feet was a beautiful, muscular, handsome man with curly brown hair, full lips, and a broad back. Korzark could tell he was a Promethean by his scent, but could see he was a bit worse for wear. It was clear that he was an escapee from the lab.

“You weren’t supposed to bring any back,” Korzark explained, his tone still and firm, but not angry. There was even a hint of appreciation in his voice, something Jean was happy to hear.

“It wasn’t my plan,” Jean whispered, keeping his voice low so as to not wake the tired man.

Korzark took the cue and lowered his volume to match. “He’s beautiful.”

“He’s desperate,” Jean replied. “I saw him as I was coming out. I was just going to unlock him and leave, but it was clear he was in no condition to be on his own.”


“Very. And confused. I don’t know if he’s ever been on his own.”

“What do you want me to do?” Korzark looked at Jean. It was not a part of their plan for Korzark to become anyone’s protector or nurturer. He just wanted to free those that were trapped. He had his hands full of his own lost boys.

Jean replied, this time a little louder, “I think he could use your help. He’s a little rough, but he just needs a guiding hand. I can’t think of anyone with a better one.”

The cheap flattery made Korzark smile. Jean and him went back a long ways. And when Jean was looking for his place in the world, Korzark’s influence was invaluable. Jean reached out a hand to Korzark who came closer to take it. Jean’s hand was warm, still vibrating off the powerful session of fucking he’d experienced nearly half a day ago.

“Alright,” Korzark replied. “He can stay. For now. But he won’t be wild. I need him tamed, trained, and understanding that I call the shots here.”

“I think he’d love nothing more…” Jean gave Korzark a glowing smile. He was happy to see the silver haired Theban opening his heart up. But more than that, he knew Korzark was going to put the pup through some serious training.

“And what about you?” Korzark asked, as if reading Jean’s mind.

“I’ll stay a couple days. Make sure he’s housebroken and all that. And then I’ll come back to check on him. This won’t be a permanent thing, I promise.”

“Very well,” Korzark replied. Slowly returning out of the parlor and back to his office. He let Jean’s surprise guest sleep a little bit longer. “But first thing in the morning, I want him to present himself for inspection.”

Jean watched him go into his office and return with a handful of black fabric. It was in a ball that filled his hand. He gave it to Jean who was quick to realize that it was nothing more than a black bowtie. Jean recognized it immediately, feeling himself flood with memories.

“Still with the same gimmicks?” Jean playfully replied.

Korzack playfully shushed him, teasing him for speaking up. But then he continued, “…Why mess with a classic.”

Korzark left the room, leaving Jean with his ward, looking forward to the morning.

“And by the way, young man,” Korzark said as he left, “You’ll have to tell me later how exactly he ended up here…”