Tommy aroused from his slumber, feeling the warm glow of the cave’s small fires burning. His eyes caught their light as his nose took in the air. He sniffed around, looking for the men who had brought him there.

He reached behind to his ass, feeling his hole with his fingers. It was still a little swollen from the hard pounding he’d received again and again, but the loads of the handsome men had absorbed into his flesh, becoming part of him – part of what he now was.

His furred muzzle and soft ears heightened his awareness of his place in the world. Not only were his senses functioning stronger than before, they were a reminder that he was no longer entirely human. Before he could fully appreciate the meaning of this change, his salt-and-pepper haired master returned to where he was.

He was a tall, broad man with a barrel chest and a sharp look. His eyes glowed like diamonds in the flickering firelight, making it seem as if he were a god… Perhaps he was! He was strong, sophisticated, and confident. He had a presence that demanded attention and focus. Tommy knew very little about him, but found himself powerfully drawn to him.

The man stepped forward and squatted down to his level, reaching out a hand to pat the top of his head. It was a strange moment for Tommy at first, but as soon as his fingers rustled through the hairs on his head, he felt an incredible sense of pleasure come over him. It wasn’t entirely sexual… Just wonderful. The older man’s hand even went behind his ear and scratched affectionately. This shot a sensation through Tommy’s body that even made his back foot shake. “Wow,” he thought to himself, “I’m really not human anymore!”

He wanted to ask the man questions, but he felt compelled to stay silent and wait for his lead. The older man looked him in the eye and could see his anxiety. He took his hand off the boy’s head and reached for his leash.

Around the boy’s neck was a thick, heavy collar. It was connected to a chain that seemed to be just as heavy. Tommy had played with it, but he didn’t mind it. It seemed somehow comforting to him. Knowing that someone cared for him enough to make sure he was safe and protected. It didn’t feel like a punishment or imprisonment. Besides, every time someone pulled on it, it shot an amazing feeling of sexual energy through his cock.

“Come with me,” the man said, pulling the chain gently to lead Tommy on. Tommy followed, not sure whether to move on all-fours or just his feet. He found himself favoring a crawling position and walked behind his leader.

The older man brought him deeper in the cave, heading toward a dark and misty space. The warm, damp air of the caves cooled as they went into the dark recesses, making the air thick with a warm fog. It was like being in a sauna, but without the intense heat.

It was here that the man took off his chain leash and tugged on his collar playfully.

“It looks good on you,” he said to Tommy, giving him a reassuring smile.

“Thank you.” Tommy was a little shy around him. He wasn’t sure of what to do or say, but he instinctively wanted to make him happy. He felt something deep within him that told him that everything was connected to him and that he was meant to obey him without question.

“I want you to be comfortable here, Tommy. Everything we do, we do for your safety. I know that it can be hard… If you want, I could take the collar off while we’re here together –”

“– No!” Tommy stopped him. “No, it’s okay.”

The man looked at him, somewhat surprised. He smiled, not expecting this from the handsome pup sitting beside him.

Tommy continued, “I can’t explain it, but… I like the collar.”

“Oh really?” The man replied, a devilish grin on his face. With his two horns, he seemed like a true, ancient tempter. But here, he listened as his young guest continued. “What else do you like?”

Tommy could feel himself getting aroused as he spoke more to him. The more he looked in his master’s eyes, the more he felt connected to him. It made him want him even more. To feel him inside him again.

“I like… I like when you pull on it.”

“Like this?” Tommy felt the man pull on the back of his collar gently. It was just enough to bring the strap to his neck, but not hard enough to press into the skin.

“Yes, but…”


“… I just want you to pull on it… Harder.”

Tommy lay on his back, catching his breath as he tried to recover from his exhaustive orgasm. Even though he’d just woken from a nap immediately before, he felt as if he could sleep for another several hours!

The older man ran his hand over his furry chest, feeling it rise and fall with each heavy breath. It was a beautiful sight to see someone who was this handsome and so freshly fucked before him.

Tommy’s eyes grew heavy. He knew he needed to rest, but he forced out a question.

“I – I don’t… Who are you?”

The older man looked at him, his eyes still somehow beautifully radiant even in the dark chamber of the cave. The smallest of candle lights reflected in his crystalline eyes. He leaned in close to Tommy.

“You can call me Korzak, son.”

Tommy heard the word and felt a peace within him. He curled up, feeling the warm load of his lover taking hold inside him once more.

Korzak ran a hand on the boy’s back, caressing him as he felt him drift off again. The poor boy had been through a lot, but he was doing exceptionally well.

He looked off into the distance, thinking about how many boys had come through these caves. The world seemed still here, unchanged by the modern era and the rise of man. Korzak couldn’t help but feel like he was back in his old home, surrounded by his lovers and wards. As the candle light danced and cast shadows in the mist, he recalled a sweet memory from a time long, long ago…

The sky took on a rosy glow as the sun made it’s sprint for the horizon. The shadows practically came to life as they grew longer and bluer. The day was coming to an end and all creatures, mortal and more, were making their return to their dwellings.

Approaching the steps of his temple came the wise and ancient Korzak, a satyr elder who had overseen his territory for thousands of years. The long walk gave him plenty of time to contemplate his work and meditate on the day. Every time he came to the top, just beneath the large arch of his cave entrance, he always took a moment to marvel at the large sculpture that guarded it.

It was a constant reminder of the Thebans’ place in this chaotic world. They were the shepherds, guardians, and engineers. Their kind had existed long before the mountains themselves, giving them a unique perspective on the life that now found shelter in its rocky terrain. Still… As powerful as the immortals were, their days were still long and numerous, requiring the need to rest and recover.

As Korzak entered the cave, his eyes adjusted to the amber glow of the fires that marked his way. He could see decently in the dark as all others of his kind could, though the fires illuminated more than just the ceiling and the floor. Inside the cave were beautiful frescos and sculptures of animal hybrids, the true art of the Thebans’ science.

As he came into the main chamber of the cave, he was greeted by a wide, expansive circular room. Korzak could see the throne waiting for him, glowing in the warm torch light. As he made his way toward his chair, the cave stirred with shadows and sounds… He wasn’t alone in the cave.

As he took off his cape and settled in, he took in dozens of small chambers in the walls of the cave. Each held a creature of Korzak’s creation – a hybrid of his new curiosity… Prometheans. These creatures were a newer species to the planet. They were the enhancement of humans and had so much potential! With a simple trick of genetic alteration, Korzak and the other Thebans were able to produce incredible beings. Creatures infused with their strength and power, but were still mortal creatures of the Earth.

They weren’t simply curiosities of breeding, however. Korzak cared for them, fed them, and kept them safe. These young men – former young men – were all at various stages of becoming their new selves. For some, the process was scary. For most, it was hard to not feel like they’d been touched by a god… A superior being whom they respected, feared, and worshipped.

As Korzak moved in the dim light, he could see dozens of eyes glowing and reflecting back at him. Their gaze was fixed, watching his impressive body move through the dark. His presence alone seemed to rouse them from sleep. His scent was potent and intoxicating; it made them all attentive and obedient. They would do anything for him, and Korzak knew this.

As his cape fell to the cold earthen floor, Korzak caught the eye of a young canine creature he’d captured just a few weeks before. With a quiet and almost lazy gesture of his finger, he motioned for the pup to follow. The young pup crawled out of his cubby hole and followed closely behind Korzak.

The handsome Theban took a seat in his throne, resting his body on warm fur. He stretched out his legs to absorb the light and heat of the fire. His body was well muscled and covered in manly hair. His chest was broad, appearing even larger as the shadows of the fire seemed to carve it out even more. His thighs were thick and powerful, each seeming to be as thick as his waist. He was a specimen of true masculine beauty, godlike in every way the surrounding mortals could have ever conceived!

Everything from his appearance to his scent elicited arousal in the Prometheans around him. Even the young obedient pup could not hide his erection. As he stood to his feet, the young man’s erection stood out from his body like a limb on a tree, hard and pronounced. Still, without any trace of shame or modesty, the canine bowed in deference to his leader, eager to show his loyalty and worship.

Korzak had a long day and needed to unwind. Besides, the Theban sex drive was unlike anything in the known world. He couldn’t resist indulging in the retinue of willing playthings he had at his disposal.

“Good boy,” Korzak said with authority. “Come.”

The pup crawled on all fours, becoming more comfortable with his animal side. He made his way between Korzak’s wide spread legs. With each step, the musk of the satyr’s genitals filled his sensitive nose, causing him to feel practically lightheaded and dizzy with arousal. Korzak closed his eyes and gave the pup a smiling nod, giving him the permission he so desperately desired. Reaching out his hand – almost more paw than fingers – the pup pulled Korzak’s loincloth aside and put his hand on his massive, beautiful, swollen member.

Korzak watched as the beautiful young man gently stroked his cock, looking at it as if it was the most powerful and important object he’d ever seen. The satyr felt amused by this, exciting his tumescence even further as it filled the boy’s smooth paw.

Korzak then reached over to the side of his throne and pulled out a leather bladder full of oil. He gave it to his loyal pet and then proceeded to lounge out as lazily as he could. The canine had been trained well and knew what this meant; having seen this practice by many of the other cave creatures during his stay. He poured some of the slick liquid onto his smooth, padded palms, and rubbed them together to give it some of the heat of his body. The pup then slowly and timidly brought his hands to his master’s hips, rubbing the hulking muscles through his skin.

He could feel every fiber and tendon of the satyr’s muscular legs. He massaged up to his stomach and down toward his knees. The fine hairs of the man’s body glistened as they moved, catching the light of the dancing fires. His skin took on a sheen like that of smooth, wetted stone.

The pup wondered if he was becoming like the statues and carvings that marked the cave temple, finding his master to become even more beautiful as he worked his worn body.

Once Korzak’s skin absorbed the liquid, the pup poured more into his hands. He continued to massage his body, patiently trying to avoid the satyr’s penis for now. He tried to pace himself, rubbing the toned muscle and fur of his master. Soon he saw something that made him too weak to restrain himself…

Glistening out of the tip of the man’s cock poured a clear liquid of the purest indulgence. It was barely enough to be seen, but the pup’s heightened sense picked it up through the scent of the slick, shiny oil. The satyr’s precum set off a scent explosion that made the horny puppy tremble and pant with excitement. Nothing was more perfect in the entire world… He needed to have it!

Korzark looked down at this servant, seeing the fire in his eyes. His massage felt amazing, but he wanted a full release. He gave the boy another permissive nod.

His canine consort moved his hands up to the loins of his master, lingering his touch on his thighs before working up to the length of his shaft. With oil still on his fingers, he grabbed it by the based, feeling it growing harder with each heartbeat of his lord. His thumb moved up and down the ridge, feeling it pulse in his grip, leaving a trail of oil behind him wherever he made contact. As he began to stroke it, he could see the tip of his cock pour out more of the holy liquid, making the pup begin to stroke in earnest.

His hand moved further up, spreading oil from the base up to the top of Korzak’s cock; the source of the magic jizz. His eyes grew wider and his panting got louder as he felt the man’s cock swell between his mitts.

Korzak leaned back, pushing hips up, almost rocking them back and forth as if he were fucking the boy’s hand. His balls hung heavy as they worked hard to fill with his mighty seed. He watched as his cock got bigger and bigger, all the while feeling his chest and nipples to pleasure himself.

The other creatures in the cave watched on, all excited and anxious to see their master cum. They, too, could smell the pre-cum pouring out of him. It made them all desperate for him and to give him release, but today was the pup’s day. He had the honor and the glory of holding the satyr’s member, feeling it thrust in his grip and leak a mere inches from his mouth. So close he could almost taste it. Almost! Taste it… He had to taste it!

“Taste it,” Korzak whispered, pinching his hard nipples to the moans and whimpers of his loyal servant.

The pup swirled his long tongue over Korzak’s cock, licking up pre-cum like it was mother’s milk. It fueled him in ways no food or drink ever could. He felt his whole body come alive, activated in new and powerful ways. His canine muscles felt stronger and leaner. His sense of taste and smell grew stronger, picking up on the subtle pheromones and flavors of his master’s essence. He could hardly contain himself as he felt the floor drop away from him. He was out of his mind and body as his entire being was focused where the satyr’s cock made contact with his mouth.

Korzak put a hand on the back of his pup’s head, scratching behind his ear as he held him in place between his legs. He pushed him down further, giving the creature more of his swollen member as he felt his nuts tightening up toward his shaft. He was close. Very close. But he wanted to enjoy his servant’s skill.

The pup tried his best to control his own appetite, not wanting to rush the moment for him or his master. His excited state was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before… He wanted to make him happy and please him above anything else. He felt a sense of duty in this. Something inside of him wanted to give him everything he had; his love, his attention, his service… As if deep down, he would do anything to hear the words “good boy” again!

His enthusiasm got the better of him as his tongue swirled up and down and around his master’s cock. The satyr felt himself being pushed over the edge without any chance to hold back. The pressure built up behind his loins like a cannon being fired. Once his fuse was lit, he shot off his load into the pup’s mouth.

It was like a flowing river that the young man was trying to contain within his mouth. The flowing rapids of semen poured over his tongue and down his throat as he tried his best not to drown while saving every last bit. He kept a suction on his master’s cock, holding him in place to receive everything he had to give him… For the pup, there was no greater honor than being anointed with the satyr’s cum.

Once the rapids calmed and Korzak caught his breath, the satyr fell into his throne. He felt every muscle relax and release like a marionette puppet being set down to rest. His chest rose and fell in the dimming fire light. All the while his servant licked up every last trace of cum from his cock, cleaning him up and savoring every powerful drop. He could still feel the man’s blood throbbing beneath the skin, keeping it full and large even after it had expelled everything it had to give.

The pup held onto his master’s leg, falling down to the ground after completing his task. The oil had been absorbed into the skin, leaving him feeling silky and smooth. The pup was still fully hard, but winded from having given Korzak everything he had. The two settled into one another for a moment, breathing in unity… Master and servant, mortal and immortal.

Korzak could feel his servant getting comfortable beside him and was pleased with what he’d done. Still, he couldn’t betray the boy’s training, and this spot was reserved only for him. With a smile on his face and natural dominance in his tone, Korzark ordered, “Good boy. To your home.”

With his strong arm stretched out and his finger pointed to the empty recess in the wall, he caught the gaze of his canine servant, communicating his power and authority with just a look.

The young man did not whine or hesitate, grateful for what he’d been given – and what was stirring around inside him. He crawled back on all fours to his cave, tail high in the air and swaying proudly between his round, furry cheeks. His cock was hanging low between his legs, dangling back and forth with each happy step.

As the lights burned low in the cave, Korzak felt the emptiness within his loins and the total calm that came with such a release. The cave shadows softened and his eyes began to feel heavy. It had been a good day. A really good day… He truly felt like a king in his castle. He closed his eyes and nestled into the furs on his throne, lying back to get a good rest.

He could hear the sounds of horny Prometheans stirring around him, trying to settle themselves down to join him in sleep. All was as it should be… Life was good!