Tommy felt his consciousness fade in and out. Like someone hitting snooze on alarm clock again and again, his eyes felt heavy, closing again and again, then opening suddenly, giving him brief signs of where and when he was.

The last thing he remembered was leaving his date with Bishop, the muscular daddy bear he’d met up with recently. He remembered feeling his touch, the hair on his chest, the way his beard softly brushed his neck when he was kissed, and the way his hole eagerly took his seed when they had sex. It was seemed so perfect. Like a dream. A beautiful dream.

But somehow, he’d lost track of time since then. And like waking from a dream, he couldn’t remember everything that brought him to his current state. He was naked, stripped of any protection or defense, far from his home and unable to recall the past several hours.

He felt weightless, slowly moving through the air, suspended like a marionette on his back. Strange, warm, wet objects seemed to wrap around his limbs, holding him in place. Despite this, he didn’t feel alarmed. An alien creature had him in its many grips, manipulating him and moving him deep into a dark, cold cave, but he was in a strange calm, like a deep meditation.

His body was soothed with strong, muscular arm-like extensions running along his flesh, massaging his back and buttocks as it supported him from beneath. It glided with a slick, wet surface, curling around his cheeks, caressing his hole and his hanging testicles. In his subdued state, he was unaware that the extension was in fact the tongue of a large creature, seemingly made from the walls of the cave itself.

A large opening in the strange, smooth interior moved with an animal nature. It’s mouth, or what could be thought of as a mouth, was a circle of small, smooth tentacles, writhing and churning, reaching for Tommy’s body and pulling him slowly in toward its center. The large “tongue,” significantly larger and the primary arm for inspecting, moved over Tommy feeling him out… tasting him.

The tongue worked Tommy’s ass, teasing it and testing it, seeking out his hole with a methodical and determined manner. Tommy felt this, but could have never guessed the intelligence of the creature that had him in its grasp. Even as it began to slide inside him, pushing past his tight sphincter and making its way into his anal cavity, he remained calm and quiet, still stuck between sleep and awake.

With Tommy’s ass now penetrated, the humanoid creature that held him stepped aside, yielding to its wall master. The tongue moved slowly inside him, widening in its girth as it continued, stretching Tommy’s hole more and more. It’s wispier lip tentacles wrapped around his arms and legs, bringing him deeper into the mouth.

Inside his body, the tongue gently pressed against Tommy’s prostate, surging pleasure throughout his limbs. Confused and disoriented, he felt his cock grow hard and alert. With his arms stretched over his head and his legs bent at the knee, there was no way for him to resist, even if he wanted to. And as he was pleasured longer and deeper, he only wanted more.

He forgot all about how he’d gotten there, the days before, everything that happened outside of that cave. Waves of pleasure and warmth rushed over him as he become more contained, more possessed, and more invaded. He’d only been in the mouth of the wall for a minute or two, but it felt like hours of rapturous pleasure.

As his prostate hit its limit, he felt an eruption from deep within him unlike anything he’d ever known. It was an orgasm that shook his entire body, pouring cum from the tip of his dick. In the lost chamber of his dreamstate, time slowed nearly to a standstill as he experienced in intense detail every surge through his muscles and nerves.

Tommy tried to catch his breath, exhausted and weakened from his epis release. He was so physically spent he did not notice the darkening of the space around him or the tightening that spread over his chest. The mouth closed in on him, sucking him into its darkness. As the mouth moved over his shoulders, down his stomach, and began to eclipse his waist, Tommy felt a quiet and a calm take him.

The darkness began to be replaced with an emergence of light, like he was looking into an ancient glow, powerful and unknown. He could hear a distant hum, like the steady noise from within the womb of the earth. He wanted to be part it, consumed and contained with in it. He felt his sense of individuality slip and wanted nothing more than to add himself to the glowing energy.

The light became brighter as he became more at ease with his fate. He took a breath, filling his lungs, and letting it go, accepting that it was his last as he became the fuel for this mythical beast.

That is, until he felt a strong, warm hand on his leg.

The touch was powerful, familiar and disruptive. It shook Tommy out of his bright light. He felt himself return back to a subdued, confused state, but he remembered himself again. He couldn’t make sense of what was happening, or even who it was the was pulling him away from the wall monster. He didn’t even recognize the man with the bearded face, broad chest, and piercing eyes he’d been inseminated by just the night before, now rescuing him from certain doom.

Pulled from the beast’s tentacles, Tommy tried to stand on his feet, seemingly reacclimating to the gravity that forced his body down. He felt like he’d been weightless for so long, it felt strange to feel his toes touch ground. He was about to collapse before Bishop pulled him back up. Looking into his eyes, Tommy felt a moment of protection and happiness, but unable to fully connect that it was Bishop he was looking at. Not only that, he did not seem to notice the pair of horns that were protruding from his forehead.

Bishop had fought off the humanoid beasts that had brought Tommy and his friends into this dark lair. Now, seeing them all disoriented and suggestible, he knew he had to get them out of there before the tentacle monsters regained their strength.

Bishop chained the boys together at the neck, connecting them in a line one after the other. They weren’t inclined to run or even put up a fight, but they each needed careful direction to get them to move in any kind of unison. Now, he could take them by a lead and walk them to safety.

Instead of heading back out into the light of the day and back to the “real world,” Bishop led them down a path in the cave, away from the man-eating wall and deeper into the earth’s depths.

There were no torches or lamps to guide their path. The light from the sun diminished with each step before they seemed to be walking in total darkness. Bishop did not slow down or need to feel his way ahead. His eyes were powerful and could see in that cavernous chambers without the use of any extra light. The boys followed behind, pulled gently by their restraints, unphased by the darkness, simply going with the tug of their neck.

It was unclear how far or deep they went, with no sense of time or space to inform them. And when they stopped, they did not question. They stayed still in the darkness, still and patient, waiting for their new master to tell them what to do. Bishop took Tommy from the chain, releasing him from the bonds that held his friends. He was tired, weakened from his walk and his time in the wall beast’s power.

Lifting him up and carrying him, Bishop brought him still deeper in the tunnel, taking to him to a private chamber where they could be alone once more.

Bishop carried Tommy through a door and into a dark room. It didn’t have the chill and echo of the caves and tunnels. It was warm, comfortable, and smelled like leathers and fire. Bishop set Tommy down on a soft bed, closed the door behind them and turned back to his rescued man.

Tommy had no idea that he’d been brought into a house through a secret door. He felt the comfortable sheets against his skin, wanting to slip into unconsciousness and sleep. He could have slept forever. He had prepared to. And now, he was stuck in a state of unwake.

Bishop saw the boy’s beautiful body lying before him. His butt facing him, still as sexy and soft as the night before. He remembered how it felt to be inside him, fucking him and marking him as his. The thought was enough to excite his erection, making him long for him once more as pre-cum escaped the tip of his cock.

He hated that Tommy had been in jeopardy, but luckily, he was able to save him from the scylla’s tentacles. He felt his fear from many miles away when he’d been nabbed by the lake creature–a benefit of having inseminated him just hours before. Having spilled his seed inside him, he could track him quickly and accurately, sense his feelings, and know when he was in danger.

But now that he was safe, Bishop needed him again. Taking his finger to his cock, he picked up some drops of his silky liquid. He brought his finger down to Tommy’s mouth, feeling his tired breath on his skin before he massaged it onto his tongue.

Tommy’s eyes shot open as he tasted Bishop’s pre-cum elixir. He felt rested. Better than rested. Excited. He felt alive and energized. The same feeling came over him when Bishop filled his hole the night before. Like getting 8 hours of sleep in an instant, a boost of strength to his muscles, and an insatiable need to fuck!

Bishop turned on the lights, showing they were in a cozy room with a fireplace. Bishop looked at Tommy as his shot up, color coming back to his cheeks. He could tell how horned up he was now. Not just from his psychic connection, but also from his gaze.

Tommy felt his sense of himself coming back clearer now. He remembered the scylla. The lake. Their date. Their connection. And how he’d been rescued. Everything in his body made him grateful to Bishop. And he was determined to return the favor.

His cock was hard and his eyes were focused on him. His hands moved up his hole, feeling it still tender for the scylla tongue. Still, he wanted Bishop to fuck him…