John wasn’t surprised that Bryant didn’t spend the night after he had rested up. Appearances being what they were, it was clear the young man thought it best not to raise any questions among their peers. Being gay wasn’t a crime, but Bryant wasn’t looking to advertise his activities to the larger student body…

Bryant put on his clothes, hopping up and down as he put on his socks and shoes, making John laugh from his bed. He couldn’t count how many times throughout the decades he’d seen someone leave his bedside in the middle of the night. Despite all that had passed, it was still disappointing that the world hadn’t evolved as much as he’d hoped. Still, it was just their first night together.

Bryant leaned in and gave him a final kiss.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” the young man asked, putting on his jacket.

John replied, “I’d like that. Send me a text.” A text… It was going to take quite some time before that didn’t seem funny for him to say that. They exchanged numbers and gave each other one last smile.

“Perfect. Have a good night.”

And just like that, Bryant was gone. John leaned back in his bed, still naked and steamy from their passionate night. They had fucked like horny teenagers for hours and hours. Bryant had slept a little while, waking up in the middle of the night to see his handsome lover beside him. John could still see the impression he’d left in the pillow. He grabbed it, holding it close to him, squeezing it tightly as he inhaled the soft scent of his departed young lover.

Cradling the stuffed cushion in his arm, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, imagining what it would be like to hold him in his arms all night. John had loved many people, but always knew he had to keep things simple and short. Time wasn’t on his side when it came to romance. It would only take a handful of years before the truth of his immortality would force him to end things. Over time, connections lasting months began to feel like one night stands. After all, what was a single year to someone who was almost 300 years old?

He spooned his pillow, trying to forget about the end and just indulge in the exciting beginning. He’d met someone he liked. Someone really special. And he couldn’t wait to see him again…

The next day followed John’s typical routine. He woke up, showered, got breakfast, watched a little bit of TV, and headed out to his morning class.

John hated this class! He’d love to drop it, but everything else was already full. He knew he’d have to suffer through it, even though he could easily teach it. He would normally just zone out to pass the time, but he felt especially out of sorts today.

He was a little tired from the night before, not having gotten his regular eight hours of sleep. He felt himself start to doze off when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out of his pants, hoping it was Bryant.

To his disappointment, it was just another random push notification. Of all the things the 21st century had brought, he thought this was the least helpful. There was something to be said for a courier or mail carrier from his original time. No one ever heralded a message about a social media update.

Just as he was about to slide the device back in his pocket, he saw a new message appear…

It was Bryant! “Want to grab lunch?”

John replied, “Can’t right now, in class. Meet me after?”

Bryant replied, “Sure, where at?”

“Meet me in the quad by the public fountains.”

Bryant confirmed with a series of emojis involving eggplants meant to be erect penises, peaches meant to be sumptuous bottoms, and water droplets for ejaculate. John couldn’t help but be amused by how the world had changed.

As soon as John could leave, he headed out, eager to see his overnight guest. He surprised himself by just how excited he was to see this young man again. He truly felt young again, as if he was living a new experience. He didn’t know what it was about Bryant that drew him in so quickly, but he felt it deep inside his being…

As he walked up to the aforementioned fountains, he saw the handsome face of Bryant, as he stood there waiting for him. He was no longer in his formal attire from the night before, but even in jeans and a sweatshirt, he was a vision! John’s heart pounded in his chest as he got closer. He wanted to hug him closely and kiss him, but he knew better than to publicly out him.

Besides, P.D.A. wasn’t normally John’s style. And it was only a recent development that men could once again openly kiss or show mutual affection in public.

“There you are!” Bryant said, smiling ear to ear. He walked up to John, unsure of how to behave as well. “How was class?”

“Boring as usual! It’s only been a couple weeks but it feels like I’ve been there for ages…”

“Is it required?”

“No, but it’s what was available. I needed it to fill out the semester and I wanted something at that time.”

Bryant paused, thinking for a moment, then replied, “I just came from a class and it’s actually pretty cool. It’s about mythology and literature, which maybe doesn’t sound exciting, but the professor is really great. No one’s dropped out yet, but if you wanted, I bet he’d let you switch in.”

John blushed a little. He’d only met Bryant last night and the guy was already trying to help him. Not only that, it would mean they’d have a guaranteed date every week! He knew he should brush it off and continue his own isolated existence, but he thought one class couldn’t hurt.

John replied, “I might do that… Thanks! What’s the professor’s name?”

“Professor Smith. I’m actually supposed to see him soon to get some textbooks from him. I was just going to pop into his office, but I bet I could convince him to let you join.”

“You have that much sway over your teacher?”

“What can I say, I have a way of getting what I want.” Bryant flashed him a smile that was so silly and cocky, John couldn’t help but laugh. He was obviously referring to their little tryst. Bryant was definitely a bit of an ass, but in the most charming way possible. Not able to kiss him, he gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder.

“Come on,” Bryant continued, “you can walk with me to his office.”

It was a little sudden and impulsive, but the idea of not heading back in that class seemed worth it on its own. Besides, if it didn’t work out, he got to take a little walk with a cute boy.

As they made their way across campus and through the halls of the school, the two found out they had more in common than just being horny at homecomings. They had a lot of similar interests, had similar family backgrounds, even had a love of sailing and the ocean. John tried his best to modernize his history, but he was surprised how little he had to hide. It was refreshing to be himself–his true–with someone. He’d spent so long pretending that he forgot what it was like to share an honest part of who he was.

When they got to the office, Bryant knocked on the open door, alerting the professor to their arrival. John glanced at the placard before entering. “Professor Smith.”

Bryant was good to make an introduction as soon as they entered, giving John the chance to shake his hand. Before John could fully take in who he was meeting, he felt a charge rush through his body. It was like electricity was caught up in the air, exciting the hair follicles on his arms and legs as he moved. And when his hand made contact with Professor Smith, it all rushed in on him like a the focused light beams of a laser.

He struggled to maintain his composure, able to hide the effect the man had on him by letting go and letting Bryant take over. Bryant began conversation about the books he was getting and the possibility of there being room in the class for one more.

John began to sweat, feeling his skin vibrate and heat up. He felt his loins respond in turn, becoming energetic and lively. It was like a spell had instantly been cast on him, making him desperate to fuck. He took a seat, listening to his friend talk, stealing glances at the professor. The older man was fairly focused on his student, but would occasionally give looks to John. He couldn’t tell for sure, but it was almost as if he knew what was happening.

Positioned in his chair, John felt his cock begin to get hard. He was trying to hide it, hoping it would go away, but with each passing moment, it seemed to get worse. What was happening to him? He looked at Bryant who was cool and collected, carrying on about his business like it was any other encounter. John tried to suppress his urges, focusing on his excited body.

“Can you handle it?” the professor asked, looking at John. John was confused. He looked at Bryant who was giving him a look, waiting for an answer. The professor stared at him, also waiting.

John managed to squeak out a reply, unsure of what he was being asked. “I’m sorry?”

“The makeup work. Do you think you can handle it?” John looked to Bryant, who could tell that he’d been caught off guard.

“Switching classes,” Bryant assisted. “If you come in you’d have to make up for the last couple weeks of reading and assignments. It might be tricky, but I can certainly help.”

John remembered why he was there. They were having a perfectly normal conversation about homework and reading and grades, meanwhile his body was reacting in a way he hadn’t felt since… since…

“Yeah,” John replied, working hard to keep his cool. “I really want to take the class, so, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Professor Smith smiled. “Great! I’m glad to have you. I’ll send an e-mail to admissions letting them know I’m making an exception to the class limit. All you have to do is go to them, let them know you want to transfer, and I’ll see you next week. You can get this week’s work from Bryant and I’ll add you to my roster when I get the okay from admissions.”

“Great!” Bryant said. “See? Easy.”

John smiled, glancing back and forth at the two of them, trying to hide his panic. “Yeah… easy.”

“Are you okay?” Bryant asked as they walked back toward the quad, seeing the distressed expression on John’s face. He wasn’t sure what was normal, but John certainly seemed a bit on edge.

“Huh? Oh, yeah… Yeah, I’m good! I think I just got a little panicky back there.”

“Something wrong?”

John couldn’t exactly answer truthfully. What sense would it make for him to have gotten suddenly and incredibly horny after meeting Professor Smith? He’d spent many years around handsome men, but very few had ever made him respond like that.

“Yeah — I think I just got a little nervous about the homework. It won’t be easy making up weeks of class in a few days.”

“Ah, that’s nothing,” Bryant replied, giving him a little smile. “It’s all basic stuff so far and you can copy my notes… Honestly, you’ll probably get it all in one afternoon.”

John took some deep breaths and calmed down. His body was still a bit aroused, but his erection had gone down and he could finally think about other things. He was excited to spend more time with Bryant and to be free of his boring class.

“I guess I owe you one, then,” he said, trying to meet Bryant’s playful enthusiasm.

“Don’t pay me back yet. I’ll drive you home and maybe we can get started on those assignments.”

The two walked together fairly closely, not able to hold hands or kiss, but it was clear to the two of them that they wanted to. John’s place wasn’t a far walk from campus, but he wasn’t going to say no to being in a small, semi-private space with his new crush…

The two of them walked and talked, getting to know each other more as they made their way to the parking lot. Bryant explained that he liked to park further away to avoid bicyclers and freshman drivers. After all, college was basically a place for glorified high schoolers to feel like grown ups six months after having been legally children.

When they got in the car, they were quick to take off their bags and put down their stuff. Just as Bryant was reaching for his keys, they looked around and saw they were alone in the big open space of the parking lot. It was daytime, but the afternoon class sessions had already started and everyone was either inside or at home.

The two boys looked at each other for a second before pouncing on each other from across the center console. John had been horned up ever since leaving the office and Bryant was hungry for a taste of what he’d had the night before!

As the boys zipped up their pants and headed back to John’s place, John took his first sigh of relief since leaving the professor’s office. He pondered what could have riled him up, nearly triggering a transformation in front of his new friend.

As the car moved and the world moved past, he recalled his first night of wildness, not long after his evening with Jean…

It was a long ago night where he’d had to be the one to leave his lover in the middle of the night. Jean sat seductively in bed, beckoning him back to the warm bed they’d just ravaged. The cold drafty room was only scarcely warmed by the fireplace, leaving the freshly tousled sheets as the only other option for warmth.

Alas, the time was not right for John to spend the night. He wished him a good night, putting on his clothes and coat before heading out the door and back down to the bar of the Stag. As he made his way toward the exit, another man stopped him.

“You may want to be more careful, John,” the stranger said, whispering to him and surprising him with knowledge of his name. “There are eyes and ears where you might least expect them…”

John’s face went white. He didn’t know what would happen next. He’d been so secretive, trying not to advertise his intentions. What did he know? How did he know?

“I’m sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else.”

“I don’t think so,” he continued. “From where I was perched I was able to size you up pretty quickly… And I’m sure others could, too!”

John was stunned… Had everyone been watching? Was he safe? Was this going to come out?

“My name is Etienne. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. I’m a friend.”

Etienne was a handsome man, slightly older than John, but with a sly, secretive quality that alarmed John. He seemed to know more than he let on, which made John cautious about how he responded.

“If that’s true, then you’ll let me be on my way. Goodnight.” John made for the door and out onto the street. He’d gone a few paces from the bar toward his home when he heard footsteps behind him. Etienne was following him, watching him, as if studying him.

“What do you want?” John asked forcefully, keeping his voice quiet as not to attract passersby who might have seen from where he had come.

“You have me all wrong, John. I’m not out to hurt you… On the contrary! You’re an interesting specimen and I — I want to help you.”

“Help me how?”

“I want you to join me tomorrow night. As my guest. I want to show you someplace… Special.”

John paused. It seemed more like a threat than an offer. He wasn’t sure how to react. He asked cautiously, “why me?”

Etienne gave him a seductively sinister look, his lips curled into a devilish smile and he stepped slowly closer toward him. He leaned in as John kept himself guarded. Etienne whispered to him.

“There are so many delights in the world for you to discover. The Stag is just the beginning.”

John was intrigued. He wasn’t sure if he trusted this man, but he was not in a position to walk away. He knew who he was. He knew what he’d done. Such knowledge could get a man killed if given to the wrong people. He was lucky he didn’t want money or more. He just wanted a companion.

“Fine. I’ll join you. Where are we going?”

Etienne laughed. “Splendid. I’ll send a carriage for you. Dress up and save your appetite.”

“We’re going to eat?”

Etienne smiled. “My dear boy… Meat and meal cannot satisfy what you truly hunger for!”

With that, Etienne walked off into the night. His mysterious entrance to John’s life was punctuated with a mysterious departure. He wasn’t sure what to do or what he had been offered, but he decided to let that be tomorrow’s concern. He had the scent of sex still on him and he was still a good walk from home. He wanted to put the day to bed and remember the comfort that Jean had given him and not let Etienne’s enigmatic invitation crowd his thoughts.

The next night, John put on his finest shoes, his good hat, and his dining clothes as he waited for Etienne to arrive. His palms were sweaty with nervousness. As the daylight vanished and the street lamps were lit, he heard the clop of horse hooves making their way closer. He knew it must be Etienne, coming to take him away…

He walked out of his home, seeing the familiar stranger step out of the carriage to greet him. He was dressed similarly in dark clothes and a cape. The moonlight gave an eerie blue glow to the night sky.

“A thousand apologies,” Etienne began, coming closer to him as he looked him up and down. “I hope I did not keep you waiting long?”

“No,” John answered, looking around to see if others were nearby. Etienne had a way about him that was a bit theatrical and eccentric, all while maintaining his mysterious demeanor. He wondered at that moment if Etienne was even his real name. “I’m fine. Where are we going?”

“Patience,” Etienne replied. “The night is young. Please…” He gestured to the open carriage. John was hesitant, but then stepped inside taking his seat. Etienne joined in after, closing the door and signaling the driver to go.

John sat quietly as they trotted forward, trying to keep aware of what direction they were going and for how long. After a few minutes, Etienne broke the silence…

“John, I know this must seem strange. I admit it’s not how I would have liked to invite you. I want you to feel like my guest.”

“I don’t understand why you want me here.”

“I saw you. In that room with the beautiful man from the bar. The Stag might be shrouded in secrecy from the rest of the world, but within its porous walls, people tend to notice who’s coming… And who’s cumming.”

John felt his face flush. He was embarrassed. No one had ever seen him in that state before. To think people might have been listening — even watching — he wasn’t sure how to feel.

“I don’t want you to worry. From what I could see, you’re quite the stallion. A true artist of the carnal natures. Your talents should be given the proper canvas.”

“… I thought the Stag was the place for that.”

“The Stag is agreeable, but the class of men there is a bit pedestrian. There are beautiful, ripe fruits out there waiting to be tasted. Perfectly pruned and presented, waiting for you to taste their juice. Trust me… Where I’m taking you, the Stag will seem like day old bread!”

John was quiet. It sounded exciting. He’d had a taste of male pleasures and he had to admit to himself that he was desperate for more. Etienne seemed so much more worldly, knowledgeable, and experienced. He decided to trust him, hoping to be led to such ripe fruits. In the back of his mind, he wondered what the price would be for such delights…

The two continued to talk lightly as their carriage continued on. Etienne was odd, but he could certainly converse. He had a way of describing the world that made it seem so big and beautiful. John had only known his small town life and the structures of its society. Etienne seemed like he’d been everywhere, tried everything. Maybe he was honest when he said he just wanted to give him a sample of that life.

Before he knew it, John felt the carriage stop. He looked out the window, not seeing much in the way of establishments. There was one large building with a closed door. No lights, no signs, no people milling about. It seemed like a storage warehouse for something. He was sure they were in the wrong place, but Etienne opened the door and stepped out.

John followed, keeping his collar up to hide his face. He was not in a familiar part of town, but he did not want to be seen going somewhere disreputable. He had no idea what awaited him inside, but he was keen on being cautious.

Etienne walked up to the door and knocked. His knuckles wrapped on the hard wood, letting out a rhythmic beat that seemed intentional. There was a small opening in the door for someone inside to look through. As soon as Etienne finished his knock, a pair of eyes met the dim moonlight, staring back at them.

“Who goes there?” the man asked, with a less than pleasant tone.

Etienne came in closely to the door, speaking in a hushed voice. There was a quiet exchange between them as John stood back. He couldn’t tell if what exactly they were saying. He’d heard of places with passwords, but had never been to one. Etienne and the man went back and forth for a bit, Etienne frequently glancing back at John. Etienne then stepped away from the door to him.

“We’re lucky,” he said. “It’s a busy night.”

“So we’re going inside?”

“We are now. I had to convince him that you were good to enter.”

“But didn’t you have a password?” John asked, trying to let on that he could be observant and sly, too.

“I did, yes… You didn’t.” Etienne gave him another devilish smile. It was clear that this was a special place if they were that protective of who came in. John started to find himself more intrigued and entertained by his companion.

The door opened as Etienne kept his eye on John, seeing his reaction.

“Shall we?” Etienne extended out his hand, allowing John to go in first. John was still uneasy, but he was beginning to trust Etienne a little bit more. John stepped inside and followed the corridor as Etienne walked behind him.

The two men walked a long way, past many lamps and lit candles before heading down a set of stairs into a basement. The place seemed massive, much bigger than it appeared on the outside. John tried to think who could have owned such a place. As it continued on, the status of the mysterious person seemed to elevate higher and higher. Soon, he was wondering if this was some property of a high lord… Maybe even a king!

It wasn’t until they entered the great hall that John’s imagination began to run wild. A large floor was open, surrounded by beautiful sculptures and tapestries. Candelabras and chandeliers were everywhere, highlighting their gold structures with a beautiful warm light. The floor itself seemed like a beautiful polished marble, reflecting the light back up into the high painted ceiling. It was by far the most beautiful place John had ever seen… And scattered around the room were the most beautiful men!

Sculptures of musical satyrs and fauns marked their way like road posts, guiding them down a set of steps to the main floor. Etienne moved past John as he stared in amazement at the finery and grandeur. It was more than he could have ever imagined. The place was fit for a king… More than a king! He couldn’t believe that a single person, even a large family, could have such wealth. And for it to be so hidden… It seemed like a dream.

Etienne took off his coat and handed it to a young man wearing a mask… Only a mask! The servant was naked save for a backless undergarment tied precariously above his buttocks. He wore a ruffle tied around his neck. His hair was ice white, tied back with a red ribbon. He seemed to move about with such grace and finesse, John was sure he was some kind of spectre.

A young man of similar attire approached him, offering to take his own coat. He’d never been treated so richly before, certainly never by someone so attractive. Both men had physiques like he’d only seen on Jean at the Stag. Etienne placed a hand on John’s shoulder, smiling as he met his gaze upon the boy’s body.

“Ripe fruit… Perfectly pruned.”

John couldn’t believe where he was. Everywhere he looked, there was another scantily clad man, all serving him and others like they were royalty. He was a simple man who’d never been waited on in his life, and now, here, he got to live like a king!

Another young man approached them with a tray of glasses, each holding a beverage. The glasses were tall and thin with high stems, a far departure from the stone cup he’d drank from the previous night. He took his drink, meeting his gaze with Etienne’s, who was also holding one of his own. They smiled and clinked their glasses before taking a sip. As the liquid flowed back over John’s tongue, it was like a bubbly heaven had arrived on his taste buds. It was the finest wine he’d ever had, tickling his nose as it came to his face. He’d never thought what an afterlife might be like, but in that moment, he prayed this was it!

The two men walked around, talking to each other about the different boys they saw, encouraging each other’s more primal desires to surface. Etienne, who had held up an air of sophistication and mystery, was very descriptive about what he appreciated about the boys he saw.

“You know they’re at their peak. With each step, you can see the shifting of muscle and matter beneath their flesh… Especially in their buttocks!”

John didn’t have the words of his friend, but his eyes confirmed Etienne’s account. Everybody was perfect as if sculpted by a master. He felt a stirring in his loins as they passed, especially as they met his gaze with a lustful look of their own. He continued to enjoy his drink, taking sips whenever he was at a loss for words. Given his astonished state, he’d taken many sips in short order…

As he finished his glass, he looked around for another boy with a tray, hoping for another delicious beverage. His eyes darted around, soon locking at a beautiful young man carrying a tray with a single glass. Despite wanting another drink, John could see his package was full of a different delicious treat. In a moment of wine-inspired bravery, he gestured to him to come closer.

As the young man stepped toward him, John observed each step with the same appreciation that Etienne had expressed. His toned, muscular legs moved like they were dancing, causing the pouch of his undergarments to shift slightly left to right. It was exciting to see such a large bulge come his way.

When the young man came up to him, John placed his hand on his shoulder and leaned in for a kiss. He’d never been so impulsive or wild before, feeling completely free to be himself and to get what he wanted. The young man kissed him back, pressing his soft lips against John’s, teasing his tongue onto his own, gently wrestling with it as he stood statuesquely holding his tray.

John placed his drink on the tray, impressed with the boy’s disposition and focus, freeing his hand to slide inside his underwear. He could feel an intense heat coming from his genitals as they swelled up on contact. His soft, silky cock skin was unlike any he’d ever felt! He kissed him harder and hungrier, understanding now what Etienne had said before. He was feasting for the first time in his life. Not just enjoying what was given, but going after what he wanted. He felt stronger and taller than he’d ever felt. And he wanted more…

The young man steadied John’s desires, pulling away gently and meeting his gaze. He gave him a seductive smile, took his hand, and guided him away from the main floor. John was uncertain where he was going, but he didn’t care as long as this boy was with him.

Etienne saw John being led off, waving him off, but John signaled back for him to join. He felt it was only right to bring his host along. Besides, if the worldly man could show him this place, he was curious to see what else he could introduce him to!

Etienne and John followed the boy along a hall and into a private room. The beautiful decor and finery did not stop at the door. The large room was full of beautiful fabrics. A large bed, candles, statues, and rich furniture filled the expanse. As the young man walked in, Etienne and John felt their cocks grow hard, knowing what was to come from such a room.

The young man took off his loincloth, revealing a massive, thick cock. His foreskin gave a peak of the tip of his penis, already leaking with precum. John took off his shirt, throwing it on the ground as the naked boy sat back on the massive bed.

“Will you join me?” he asked coyly, inviting John to come by him. John took off his pants, pulling out his rock hard cock. He sat on the bed as the young man moved to the floor, kneeling before him. He was about to lean in on John’s cock, when he paused and looked back at Etienne.

“Are you coming?” John asked, giving his friend a welcoming smile.

Etienne took off his shirt slowly, keeping his eyes focused on John’s cock. “I’ll be there in a minute. For now, I want to watch you enjoy yourself.”

Etienne’s body was more impressive than John would have guessed. He had a beautiful coating of hair all over his broad chest, an asset John has not noticed under his many layers of clothing. As he stripped down, John realized that his older friend was just as enticing as the young boy about to suck his cock. He wanted to see more of him, but before he could speak up, he felt the warm mouth of the young man around his manhood, sending waves of pleasure crashing over his body.

John sat back, feeling himself being serviced and worshiped. It was like a dream. He was far away from the life he knew, surrounded by the most amazing things. He felt like a god. As he felt the young man moan onto his cock, he watched as Etienne stroked himself.

He wanted to thank him for everything, but he didn’t have the words. He watched the man’s devilish grin take over his face, exciting him and making him more eager to explore this world. He waited as long as he could, but he wanted to see Etienne in action with him.

“Join us,” John said quietly, barely on his breath as he exhaled from pleasure.

Etienne smiled, a wicked look on his face as he stroked himself. “If you insist, my friend.”

The young man took John out of his mouth, turning to look at the handsome man behind him. He could see his hard cock. His eyes widened with desire. John stayed planted where he was, watching it all unfold as Etienne stepped up behind the silver haired boy. He pressed his hands on his cheeks, spreading them apart to take a look at the boy’s delicate hole. It was pristine and perfect, smooth and ready to be taken.

Etienne let a little bit of spit out onto his hand, taking it to the tip of the boy’s cock, stroking into the skin as it mixed with his precum. The young boy arched his back into Etienne’s body, overcome with pleasure from the older man’s touch. His mouth watered and he looked back down at John, still tasting his member on his lips as his licked them wet.

The young man bent over and took John back into his mouth, savoring the warmth and feel as it filled the back of his throat. John’s eyes closed slightly, feeling the perfect sensation on his meat as it was sucked once more. He looked up over his young lover at Etienne, seeing him work the boy’s ass once more.

Etienne’s hands massaged his cheeks like he was working dough, pressing in and apart again and again, watching as it moved and shook from his touch. He held it apart, staring into his tight hole before letting a long, wet drop of spit right down into his crevasse. John knew he was about to fuck him, and he felt his balls tighten with excitement at the idea of seeing another man fuck this beautiful boy.

Etienne stepped closer, inching his cock up to the boy’s hole. John’s view was obstructed, but he could tell when he was making his entrances by the boy’s muffled sounds as he worked over John’s cock. The servant was dedicated to keeping his holes filled, front and back, not wanting to stop from sucking John off… But as Etienne pushed himself deeper in, he released his lips from sucking to let out an audible gasp. He was stuffed to the hilt of the older man’s member, hitting a special place deep within.

Etienne held it in place for a moment, feeling the muscles inside the boy’s body quake and move around him. Small muscle tremors indicated the boy yielding to him and accepting him at his core. The near stillness was enough to make Etienne want to blow his load, but he held back the urge… He wanted more. So much more!

Once the boy’s ass had calmed, Etienne began to pump himself back and forth, almost removing himself completely before plunging himself deep inside again. Etienne pushed himself inside the bottom, a little faster each time, massaging his cock with the boy’s insides.

John watched as the boy vibrated from the fucking, taking the man’s dick hard and deep with each push. But soon, the eager bottom was back on his cock, sucking him softly and lovingly, seemingly completely content to have a cock in him on either end.

The two men carried on like this, looking up at each other and down at their bottom, luxuriating in the fine surroundings and beautiful bodies they saw.

John tried to keep himself in the moment, enjoying the rapturous sensations that flowed through his body from his loins. He’d never seen anything quite as arousing as Etienne plowing hard at their shared bottom’s perfect ass.

Etienne could see John losing his control, seeing a familiar tension in his face that he’d seen the night before. He knew he was about to cum, and wanted to time it with him just right.

“You close, John?” Etienne said breathlessly, keeping his cock working hard in the boy’s hole.

“Yes…” John uttered, staggered in his speech. “… Soon…”

“Let it go, my friend. I want to see you let it go!”

John wasn’t used to taking instructions like this, but something about Etienne’s plea was just what needed to send him over the edge. With that, he felt an eruption from deep inside his groin as he poured out his cum into the boy’s mouth. He closed his eyes as the gushing torrent of his orgasm seemed to overflow on his lips, letting out an aching moan. It seemed to echo in the large room, but as John opened his eyes again, he could see it was Etienne who was also unloading into their talented bottom.

The hairy-chested man dug his fingers into the boy’s flesh, holding onto his ass as he filled him up with his seed. As he was nearly spent, Etienne pulled out and let the last ropes of his thick cum fly onto the boy’s back, watching with delight as it pooled into the small of his back.

The young boy, feeling his holes glazed over with their semen, stroked his cock and let out his own wail of pleasure as he spewed out his own white liquid after having had his prostate annihilated by the hung man behind him and having the taste of John’s manhood still on his tongue.

As the symphony of moans softened to a chorus of heavy breathing, the three men sank into their large bed one after the other, depleted from their tryst.

They laid in bed together, sweaty and winded, unable to talk or move. All John could do was think of his good fortune. He was lucky to have met Etienne the night before, and he was amazed at what he and his wild sexuality was capable of…