John fumbled with his keys as he stepped up to his building. He was normally quick with the set, but found himself a bit more distracted than usual. Bryant stood close behind him, kissing the back of his neck and running his hands under his suit jacket, feeling his body without even waiting to get inside.

Bryant had never been to a homecoming before and was excited to meet other people at his new school. He wasn’t known for being outwardly social or brave, but he hoped that being in this new space would give him the chance to step out of his shell. And putting on a suit and tie certainly helped him feel more secure…

Among all the festivities and interactions, meeting John had stuck with him all night. The two bumped into each other while trying to get a drink; a small moment that could have been forgotten almost any other time, but Bryant couldn’t take his eyes off him! He saw something in this handsome stranger that he couldn’t put his finger on.

As the night went on, the two men kept glancing at each other; trying to play off being aloof and indifferent, but also catching each other in furtive glances. As the parties carried on from one place to another, they seemed to always find each other; never too far away from another drink and another lingering look.

It wasn’t until the night started to end that John finally went up to Bryant and invited him back to his room. Bryant, having imbibed enough liquid courage to say yes, followed his admirer back to his place; eager to touch him, kiss him, and feel his body against his own!

Once inside, John tried to make Bryant comfortable. He took his coat, offered him something to drink, and gave him a quick tour of the space. The niceties broke up the momentum of their sidewalk seduction, making Bryant retreat back into himself. He was only a freshman and not very experienced in flirtation. As John was an upperclassman and had invited him into his home, he waited for the handsome young man to make the next move.

John watched Bryant squirm inside himself, waiting patiently. He smiled, knowing that bottled up passion well. He admired Bryant for taking such a risk and going home with a stranger. He saw something special in him and wanted him to feel relaxed and welcome. After all, he had plans for him far beyond this night, and he wanted their first meeting to be special!

Bryant sat down next to his host, looking him in the eye as they had by the drink table earlier. Bryant held his breath, unsure of what to do. His neck still tingled from John’s stolen kisses and he was desperate for more. Without warning, he leaned in, pressing his mouth to John’s; feeling his breath escape his nose as he let go of his tension and fell into their embrace…

Bryant passed out almost as soon as they were done fucking. The young man had completely exhausted himself while fucking John’s ass. John looked over at him as he nestled into his pillow, drifting deep into sleep as his muscles fell slack. John pulled the covers up over his guest, making sure he would sleep well. But for the freshly fucked host, he couldn’t close his eyes as easily.

His hole dripped with Bryant’s cum, filling him with a warm, cozy feeling that practically extended out to his fingers and toes. As much as he wanted to cuddle up next to his top and join him in dreaming, his mind was stirred up.

Everything about the night was pleasant and good, but it was also very familiar. The young man was no stranger to a spontaneous evening tryst, but in the hundreds of years he’d walked the earth, it had become rare to experience something for the first time…

John couldn’t tell Bryant the truth about who he was — or what he was. Bryant was handsome, sweet, and very intelligent; but John knew the truth at this moment would scare someone as young and inexperienced as he. Prometheans weren’t exactly the guest of honor at most parties. And John knew well the dangers that could come with letting people know his true nature.

As Bryant continued to sleep, John looked over and recalled a similar night a long time ago. Another time where he found a handsome young man over drinks and invited him back for a passionate affair…

John sat in the glow of the fireplace, pleased to have secured such an enviable spot on the cold, drafty night. The Stag tavern was loud and full of weary patrons seeking a break from the day. The sound of laughter, fights, crackling firewood, and howling wind filled the small bar, making John forget his loneliness.

The Stag had a bit of a secret reputation; different than the average watering hole for the time. Men with discerning tastes would frequent the bar, hoping to find a special kind of companionship within its walls. Anyone with enough money and low enough standards could find a prostitute on the street to keep their bed warm, but for those looking for time with another man, it was harder to safely look for affection.

Molly-houses were strictly forbidden, and soliciting sex from another man could land you dead in the gutter before the police even found you. It was a huge risk to go out with the intention of homosexual activity, a bravery and daring that John never thought he’d muster. He was a young, healthy, handsome man in this early 20s and knew he should be getting married and starting a family. Yet, all he wanted to live a life of solitude; keeping to himself and the shadows, and hoping to never have his inner desires found out.

“So what am I doing here?” he thought as he drank his cheap ale. The bitter flavor seemed as offensive as his surroundings, but he surprisingly couldn’t leave. Now that the chance for pleasure was within reach, he had to see it through…

A blond man sat beside him, dressed in a fine white shirt with his hair tied back in a red ribbon. He had a beautifully striking face with an inviting smile and a perfect body that was discernible even beneath the loose fabric of his tunic. He gave John a friendly nod as he sat down and John returned the gesture.

He wasn’t sure what the protocol was or even if the rumors were true. He didn’t want to overplay his hand, so he kept to himself, stealing glances at his handsome neighbor, and waiting for something to validate his reason for being there.

The two men chatted a moment, not delving into anything deep or interesting, but maintaining a pleasant, light conversation. In between awkward pauses, John looked down, embarrassed and unsure of what to do. The blonde man never took his eyes off of him, however; studying his manner and intuiting his needs.

“I’m Jean,” the man said, giving John a smile. His French accent slipped off his tongue and between his beautiful, soft lips. John was immediately enticed, wanting to drink him in more than his own beverage.

“John… Pleasure.”

“Oh, so you answered my next question,” Jean said playfully, leading John to follow-up.

“What question?”

“What brings you to the Stag?”

“Oh! Well, I suppose, yes — I mean — what I mean to say is,” John stammered, trying to figure out how to answer without showing his hand. But before he could squirm any more, Jean put his hand on John’s, silencing him instantly as they locked eyes.

“It’s okay, mon amie… Let me do the work tonight. You just relax and focus on your… Pleasure.”

Jean stood up, taking John by the hand, and startling him with his directness. John left his drink behind, following his new French friend.

“Where are we going?” John asked, looking around. He was unsure if he should be doing this, but he was also eager to get Jean alone.

“Don’t worry. I have a room upstairs… Part of the charm of the Stag.”

John walked up the stairs, worried that people might see the two of them retreating to Jean’s room. Instead, he looked down at this abandoned drink and the same rowdy, loud assortment of patrons. None of them so much as looked up. John felt like he was invisible, slinking in the shadows, getting away with absolute sin… And he liked it!

Jean opened the door to his little room. There wasn’t much more than a bed and a lamp. John put it all together and realized that the Stag must have operated somewhat like a brothel, renting out its room to the hustlers who frequented it. It was a normal front. No law man would ever shut down a bar for renting out a room. But once inside, all bets were off…

“Go ahead,” Jean insisted, “make yourself comfortable.” Jean untied his shirt and began to strip down; revealing more of his perfect body and showing off his smooth skin and toned muscles. John began to strip down as well, distracted by the beautiful, blonde adonis standing in front of him. He’d been around naked men before, but none were this perfect, and none had invited him to touch them.

John stepped forward, eager to give his host a kiss, but Jean stopped him in his tracks.

“The door, my love…”

John was confused at first, but then remembered. He turned back and locked the door. As much as their four walls could protect them, a locked door could mean the difference between life and death. For their purposes, they wanted to make sure they could lose themselves without the fear of a drunken sailor accidentally stumbling through.

As quick as the latch was thrown, the two men jumped on each other kissing and touching the other’s body, stripping off the last shreds of undergarments, and pressing their genitals together. John practically cried as he felt Jean’s body against his… He felt so good! Warm and soft, but still strong. John’s cock grew hard between his legs, desperate to cum and feel Jean wrapped around him.

John’s lips met Jean’s, feeling them split as his tongue slipped into his mouth. He moaned as he felt Jean inside him, tickling his tongue and invading his face. He wanted to be conquered. He wanted to be totally consumed and possessed by his lover! He couldn’t remember the last time he wanted something so deep in his core…

He felt Jean’s cock press against him, getting harder, and dripping pre-cum as it moved over his flesh. John thought he was dreaming, in disbelief that he could be with such an angel. He didn’t question it. He didn’t want to pull on that thread of disbelief. He wanted to stay in the fantasy and never leave.

Jean leaned back on the bed, inviting John to join him with his eyes. John stepped forward with his cock at full mast. As soon as he came up to the edge of the bed, Jean reached for his guest’s member, feeling its size and strength pulse in his grip.

Jean leaned forward, bringing his mouth to John’s shaft. John watched as his angel opened his mouth and let his tongue slip forward until it touched the tip. Jean lapped up his pre-cum slowly, tasting it like it was a sweet dessert. John moaned, trying to hold back the tension in his groin to explode, not wanting to finish just yet… He knew Jean’s beauty and seduction were enough to make John cum instantly, were he to not fight the urge.

Jean took John into his mouth, wrapping his warm mouth around his cock. John shook from the sensation, overwhelmed by the feeling of his lips passing over the head of his cock. His hips began to move back and forth on instinct, fucking Jean’s mouth as he closed his eyes. He rocked his loins more, imagining how it would feel to have his dick slide into Jean’s body and feeling his seed pour out. He tried to hold back the erotic fantasy, still fighting his growing climax.

Instead, John flipped Jean over on the bed, taking the lead for the first time. His sexual energy was building and he felt himself become more secure in what he wanted. Jean smiled, letting out a pleased giggle as he braced himself on the bed. Jean presented his ass to his guest, making sure he was just at the right height for John to do exactly what he wanted.

John studied his ass for the first time. He saw its size, shape, and texture. He could have stared at it for hours like it was a perfectly carved piece of marble. He stroked his wet cock, looking at Jean’s tightening hole, reacting to the thought of being fucked by his handsome partner.

John stepped forward, putting his knees up on the bed to kneel behind Jean. He pressed his cheeks apart, seeing his destiny between Jean’s two round mounds. He let out an excited spit, dripping his saliva down on Jean’s hole. He took a breath, ready to cum right then and there, but he still held back.

John tried to push himself inside, but Jean’s hole was far too tight. Jean tried to help him, but John’s thick meat could not breach Jean’s sphincter. John began to sweat, nervous and unsure of what to do. Jean, reluctant to take back the lead from his hungry top, turned around to give a little assist. Knowing that nothing opened him up quite like his own spit, Jean leaned back down and took John’s cock into his mouth.

John watched with delight as Jean took his cock deep into his throat, coating it with saliva as it disappeared down his neck and reemerged harder and bigger. John’s hip kicked into action once more, moving up and down as Jean’s oral skills were tested on his member.

John felt the familiar tickle in his balls letting him know that time was running out and he better make a move soon. Feeling emboldened by his body’s response, he aggressively flipped Jean over again, put him on all fours, and pushed his wet cock deep inside him like he was mounting an animal.

Jean let out a loud moan that was more pleasure than pain, but certainly a mix of the two. John’s bold move was a bit of a shock to him, working quickly to adapt to the large cock that pushed between his cheeks. John could feel Jean move away a little, trying to ease up on the pressure he felt inside his body, but John didn’t want to step back. He moved up closer to Jean’s ass, giving him the entirety of his manhood, slapping his balls against Jean’s legs as the base of his cock hit his pelvis.

John found his strength and power deep inside Jean’s ass, pounding away at him hard and fast as if he was making up for every moment that had passed without such an opportunity. Jean clung to the bedding, trying not to slide away again, keeping his ass up and firm for John to plunge into. For his part, John never felt more in control of his life. No secrets, so shame, no hiding. He was his true self, large and in charge, fucking his beautiful French lover’s hole!

Hours seemed to pass as John massaged his shaft with Jean’s insides. The Frenchman was incredibly sturdy and withstood the aggressive, powerful dicking he received. John rarely needed to take a break. He was a force of nature and could not be stopped… And Jean would have never asked him to!

Still, the fight that John had been winning all evening was now coming to a close. He could feel the tingle in his balls grow to a fire, making his cock and balls ache as they begged to be released. The sensation to cum was imminent and strong, and John was no longer able to keep going on.

John pulled out his cock, feeling his load move through his body before his shaft was even fully extracted from Jean’s hole. Just as John’s retreat was completed, the first rapid fire shots of his semen flung across Jean’s backside. John let out a loud moan as he felt his substance pour out of his genitals, taking with him every bit of energy and power.

John could hardly stand after the first few ropes were let out, but in the final moment of competency, he shoved himself back into Jean’s hole. He trembled all over as he shot more cum into Jean’s ass, disarmed from the sensation of his sensitive cock head moving back inside.

As he ran empty in his loins, he slowly collapsed on top of Jean, feeling his warm flesh stick to him from the mixture of cum and sweat.

John tried to catch his breath, feeling himself fall back into his body, down from the high he was feeling while he fucked his beautiful angel. Pulling his cock out was almost painful, feeling the cold air shock his member as it was no longer wrapped in the heat of Jean’s body. A string of cum followed him out, making it all the more real that he had filled the insides of his handsome host.

Jean barely moved with his eyes closed, exhausted from his guest’s intense fucking. His cock remained hard as it dripped pre-cum. Within a minute, Jean was completely spent and asleep. John, on the other hand, could hardly close his eyes… The adrenaline of what had happened was still coursing through him, now without the distraction of sexual fury. He looked over at Jean, watching him sleep and committing every breath to memory; never wanting to forget how beautiful he was.

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And it seemed for a time, nothing could ever take that moment away. Little did John know, however, nothing at the Stag stays secret and perfect forever…