Bryant woke up startled. He was covered in sweat and his body ached all over. John held his hand, watching him as he laid in bed. Bryant had been drifting in and out of a deep sleep, each time waking to an intense pain from deep within. John watched over him, reassuring him each time that he wasn’t alone.

It had only been a few hours since Bryant had been fucked by Professor Smith and himself. He still held their combined semen inside of him and it was rapidly working its way through his system. John had seen this many times over the years: the first transformation of a young Promethean…

It came on differently for everyone. Sometimes it would take days, or even weeks. For others, it could take a matter of hours. It wasn’t fully understood why, but he suspected it had something to do with the age of the Theban. But given that they were all immortal, it was next to impossible to know exactly how old a Theban could be.

Professor Smith, as he was known to Bryant and the rest of the human world, carried himself with a certain gravity and seriousness that led John to believe he was older than most. And looking at his lover’s rapid change, it only bolstered his theory!

“John?” Bryant looked into his eyes, confused and scared.

John held his hand tighter. “It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

“What’s happening to me?”

“… The first time can be intense, but it gets easier after that.”

Bryant let out a groan as he felt his bones begin to shift. It was almost as if they were lost in his body, each part trying to figure out where it should go. His muscles contracted and tensed with each subtle move, cramping and releasing again and again.

Soon, Bryant’s breathing began to steady, taking on a still, deep rhythm. The pain he felt seemed to have lessened, and a new sensation had taken its place. John could see a rise in the boy’s loins, indicating he was becoming aroused.

John’s first transformation was so long ago, he could hardly recall what it was like. Seeing Bryant’s, he couldn’t help but find it curious! When he had brought men to the satyrs before, he usually left shortly thereafter, never really considering what would happen to them or the life they lead after. But Bryant was special, and so he wanted to be with him through it all!

Bryant’s skin felt hot to the touch and he tensed his legs against the bed, as if he was close to climax. John held his hand closer, and whispered, “what does it feel like?”

Bryant could hardly get words out. The physical sensations were so intense that he could barely focus on making sounds that meant anything.

“Buzzing… all over… my skin… it’s like… electric… fire… all over…”

Bryant clenched his teeth as he worked through the feelings. His stomach sank like when falling on a steep roller coaster. His thoughts became dizzying, as if losing sense of space and time. His body felt like it was experiencing an orgasm, but over every single inch of him!

“Feels… good… weird… ahh… like… cumming!”

Then it happened again. The aching bones. The twisting muscles. Then the pleasure followed. His body didn’t seem to know what to do! And then suddenly, like a balloon popping, he felt a burst from the inside…


His nose pushed out from his face as if an explosion had occurred within his skull. The bones in his face fractured and pushed forward, resetting instantly into a new, pointed form. His mouth and teeth moved with it, extending out like the snout of a canine.

His teeth sharpened, becoming more carnivorous, as his lips became wider, thinner, and darker. Each pore of his skin opened, letting out fine, orange hairs. Whiskers sprouted out around a dark, wet nose, breathing in air rapidly as his mouth opened and his tongue became longer and more pink.

He panted as his chest moved in and out, caught in a mix of panic and thrill. His ears pointed up, covered in a fur of their own, listening intently to the sounds of the room. Bryant could even hear John’s heart beating in his chest, thumping loudly as his lover held his hand tighter.

Bryant’s cock swelled up even more, becoming large and hard, dripping pre-cum that gave the room a sweet, aromatic scent that even affected John. John was not immune to the powerful, seductive fragrance of Promethean cum, and even this little bit was enough to make his own desires trigger!

Bryant couldn’t tell how long this transformation lasted, but within a couple moments, his wild sensations ceased, leaving him exhausted and winded as if he’d run a swift 5K. He collapsed back into the bed, feeling the sweat drenched sheets on his body.

Despite the exertion, he felt stronger all over. His muscles were pumped full of energy, but his lungs needed time to recover. He sucked in oxygen, fueling his supercharged tissue, looking at John as he felt himself ease back into calm.

“What am I?” Bryant asked.

“You’re like me. You’re a Promethean.”

John sat with Bryant for a while, answering his questions as they came. John didn’t want to bombard him with information, but he also didn’t want to lie to him either. He explained who he really was, which fortunately wasn’t entirely a lie. John was as he claimed, a student at college. He just happened to have a lot of history behind him as well. And while he appeared to be 19, he was closer to 10 times that age…

Bryant’s face was hard to read, mostly because it more closely resembled a fox than his human face. But he seemed to take it all in stride, particularly the part about Professor Smith being an ancient, immortal being named Korzak!

“And… My face and body! Will I be like this, forever?”

“No, no. It comes and goes. You learn to control it and you can transform at will. But that takes some time. And some things will trigger a transformation… Like the Thebans.”

“Thebans…” Bryant repeated, unsure of what John meant.

“Oh — satyrs. Like the professor.” John explained that not all Thebans look like satyrs, but for the most part, they were horny, horned men with intense power and ancient, esoteric agendas that even eluded himself.

“And they’re good?”

“They’re not really good or bad. They just are. Like people, I guess.”

Bryant paused. He looked at John, “What do you change into?”

John was surprised. It was more pointed and personal than he expected, but he took it as a sign that maybe he was now less afraid and more curious.

“A buck.”

“Like a deer?”

John laughed. “Yes, a deer.”

“With antlers?”

“Usually. It depends how… Aroused I am, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I don’t have all the answers. Not even about myself. But I can tell you that I’ve enjoyed it. Promethean sex isn’t like regular sex. Even in my human form, I can feel the buck in me. When we had sex, it wanted to jump out of my skin and go wild. I had to fight it back, but I want you to see it.”

Bryant looked at John in the eye. He was hesitating, but then he built up the courage and said, “show me.”

John thought about it. Seeing Bryant’s canine face looking back at him, he had the expression of a puppy wanting to be loved. John had worked so hard on keeping his buck side hidden, not letting it out in case he was discovered and outed. After all, he was supposed to be working in secret! But they were in the professor’s home, still, away from other students or faculty. And if Bryant could undergo his first transformation, John could do this for him.

He let go of the boy’s hand. He closed his eyes and concentrated, letting go of the wall he’d built up in his mind. He concentrated on the scent of Bryant’s pre-cum, thinking about the sex they’d had, the satyr, and everything else that worked up his animal nature…

Bryant watched as John’s face became flush with short, brown fur. His nose contorted and became narrow, growing dark and blunted as it came to a snout. His ears became pointed as they moved back. Small, furry antlers came out of his forehead, just below where his hairline once started. He now possessed the face of a deer, beautiful and gentle. John opened his eyes, looked back at Bryant, and waited for his response.

“That seemed so easy!”

“It feels good, but my body knows how to change now. Yours will, too… In time. Muscles have a memory, and the more you change, the faster and easier the change can occur.”

“Why would I want to look like this?”

John looked at him in the eye. His dark, black eyes looked into Bryant’s bright, fox eyes. He took him by the hand again and replied, “because you’re beautiful.”

Bryant smiled, blushing beneath the fur on his face. John helped Bryant up to his feet and gave him a kiss. The two hugged and embraced, each in their Promethean form.

The two young men stayed in the professor’s house for a few days, taking time away from the outside world. Bryant still had no control over his transformations and John didn’t want to abandon him to figure it out on his own. The boys played house for a while, living together while the professor checked in on his new Promethean, leaving to attend classes and run errands.

Soon, Bryant became less self-conscious about his fox face, even finding it more appealing and attractive. John, as a show of support, stayed in his buck form the entire time, staying by his lover’s side and giving him tips on how to learn control.

Two months had passed since John had left the shores of Europe. Were it not for his journals, he would have lost all sense of time within mere weeks. The beautiful sea he had come to appreciate in the honeymoon of his journey now seemed like a never ending punishment from on high.

The men grew sick from the constant motion of the waves, especially as they passed through stormy weather and rough, choppy water. Their large vessel kept them afloat, but the torrential downpours and violent wind found its way into every part of the ship’s interior.

Once the cold came, the water froze over, making it all but inevitable that they would surely perish. John had heard that the journey was a perilous one. Not all who crossed the ocean made it to their destination… And those who did often suffered greatly before every reaching land again!

John was fortunate enough to have a cabin that was well-sealed. The nights were cold, but his companion, Julian, seemed unphased. John held him close beneath his covers, clinging to him for warmth as the cool, Atlantic air tried to attack him in his sleep.

It was peculiar how Julian never seemed the slightest bit affected. As food became scarce and illness spread, Julian and several others carried about their ways as if they’d only been at sea for a mere day. John chalked it up to a general sense of purpose as well as a sturdy constitution. Still, it seemed unnatural that these men could withstand what the rest had and not become similarly weary…

John repeatedly beseeched the captain for answers, only to get contradictory and enigmatic responses. Navigation was never his strong suit, and he’d never travelled to this part of the world before. He couldn’t believe there was so much space on the planet to accommodate a seemingly infinite travel path without reaching any sign of land.

As he saw snow fall from the white, featureless sky, he wondered if the trip would be the end of him. Being sent to the Americas wasn’t exactly a prize. It usually came from desperation… Or execution. And while he knew it wasn’t his choice, the sea air fogged his mind, making him question the motives of his captors.

He was so distraught that when he heard voices on the ship saying they’d found land, he almost didn’t believe it! He was sure he was beginning to go mad, but as he made his way to the boat’s edge, he could hear seagulls flying overhead and saw the distant shore on the horizon.

It was a new continent, completely different from anything he’d ever seen before. He was amazed how it looked like nothing more than a floating rock in the ocean at first. But as they got closer, he could see the frozen, snow-covered forests and hills.

John gathered up his things, preparing to disembark. As he did, Julian assisted him, making sure he had everything he needed. John was thrilled to get off the ship, but he had no idea what awaited him once he did. He wasn’t sure where they were going or what they would expect to find. How would they be received? Was he walking into a barren land or was there already a colony waiting? Would he be working? And where would he spend his inevitable newfound wealth?

For weeks all these questions had filled the pages of his journals, but now he had finally begun to get answers. The captain assembled about a dozen men to go ashore, leaving the rest of the crew behind to man the ship. As John got into the small boat, he couldn’t help but notice the other men he was with were the same men who he’d boarded with. Only a few of the men were ship crewmen. The revelation unsettled him somewhat, but he kept his eyes open and waited for any signs of trouble.

Once they got to shore, John found his legs feeling strange. He’d been at sea for so long, he found it odd to have a solid foundation beneath him. He even felt his stomach begin to slightly upset!

The snow on the ground covered any signs of grass or vegetation and the trees were all bare of vegetation. He’d hoped to find a thriving settlement, but the air was vacant and still. The only thing he heard was the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the labored breaths of the cold men beside him…

One of the crew pointed for John to head up the hill, seeming to know where they were headed. But when John asked for information, the crew member was evasive and quiet. The shroud of secrecy never lifted off anyone who crewed the ship, even now on the water’s edge. John used to get furious, but after weeks of nothing, he became accustomed to living in ignorance.

But ignorance seemed like a bliss as John continued forward. They walked away from their makeshift port after tying up their small boat and carrying the few items they had on them. And as John came up to the top of the hill, he saw something he could not explain.

There, standing at the treeline was a tall figure, naked except for a long red cape that casually billowed in the wind. It was clearly male given the size and prominence of its penis, but the rest of it seemed like something… Other. A firm, muscular body stood in the snow, covered in a short, brown fur. And between a pair of broad shoulders, the creature had the face of a feline, whiskered with pointed ears and piercing, green eyes.

John’s breath was taken away. He had no idea what to make of the creature before him. It held itself with grace and power, but did not seem to be threatening in any way. In fact, with how it stood, it seemed to be waiting for something — waiting for them!

John was frozen. Not just by the cold, winter air that chilled his sea-weary bones. But also by the sudden appearance of the creature. Everything in his body told him to run, but his mind was so overwhelmed by its very existence that he was unable to communicate this imperative to his limbs.

What was it? Was it an it? Was it a he? A man? A beast? A monster? The questions swirled in his mind, making him question everything he knew about the fabric of life and man’s place within it. A discomfort overtook his stomach and he felt himself become nauseous. It was hard to tell if it was simply a manifestation of his sea legs or if it was being challenged on everything he thought he knew. Regardless, he felt himself grow weak as if to faint…

The only thing that broke him from his spiraling was a gentle nudge by one of the members of the crew that came to land with him. He seemed unshaken by what John had seen. This proved some small comfort, as if he could hope to see the world through this seafarer’s eyes. He seemed nonplussed by the presence of this feline man. John wondered if he was alone in his horror, but the pale looks on the faces of his fellow blackmailed travelers proved he was not going insane.*

Before he could speak, he was ushered forward, pushed to continue on in their journey. The tall creature turned and led them into the forest and the crewmen seemed to indicate they were to follow.

John tried to make sense of what he saw as he walked, but each step he made seemed more foreign than the last. He was walking not only into a strange and wild continent, but now it seemed that his entire world had been broken. He wondered what else there could be out there. Were the myths of old actually truth? Giants? Demons? Unicorns? Dragons?

He got lost exploring these possibilities, becoming more terrified as they walked deeper into the woods. But after a mile or two, he felt an odd dampness. It was an altogether unexpected and uncomfortable feeling. He examined himself quickly to see what was happening, and then it occurred to him. He was sweating!

He removed his heavy overcoat, suddenly aware that he had worked up a sweat in their walk. He didn’t feel like they’d gone too far, but he realized the air was warmer. He looked at the trees around him and they seemed as wet as he was. Dripping water trickled down from their overarching branches, occasionally hitting him like gentle rain. He’d been so deep in his thoughts, he hadn’t noticed the dramatic rise in temperature.

Suddenly, it felt like a beautiful early spring day! It was like they’d passed into a new season all in about an hour of walking. He looked around at his fellow travelers and they, too, were beginning to adjust their clothing, removing their heavy coats and even opening up their shirts to let in the cooler air.

“What is this place?” John asked, directing his question to the crewmen, but secretly hoping to see if their furred guide would answer. He did not speak, but he did look back at him, registering that he heard the question. John couldn’t be sure given his physiology, but he thought he saw a small smile appear on the creature’s face…

“It’s just a way’s further. Less than half a day,” a crewman responded.

With each passing hour, the scenery around them changed completely. The once icy and cold, barren land they saw upon their arrival was now a distant memory. Green vegetation surrounded them as they walked. The trees became mottled with shades of bright green as vines crawled over their massive trunks. Brush kept the undergrowth low and wild, while streams of crystal clear water formed where the snow melted.

The air became thicker, filling their lungs with a warmth and humidity that was unlike anything John had experienced in Europe. There was a tropical feeling that reminded him of what he’d envisioned when he thought of Eden. It was rich and beautiful, untouched by man in any way. He wondered if perhaps his guide was some kind of angel, a messenger from the Almighty, bringing them to the promised land. Or even, in fact, the actual Biblical garden of Genesis!

As John removed more clothing, he stopped short as the feline creature stopped. John wasn’t looking where he was going, and bumped into him. He felt the soft, cat-like fur of the creature, but also felt his warm, muscular frame.

He felt just like a man underneath. Strong and well-built. John even found himself more accustomed to his presence after having walked behind him for hours. And he couldn’t tell if it was the onset of madness or a trick of the woods, but he found himself becoming incredibly attracted to him! His scent was intoxicating, making him feel a movement in his loins he’d not felt since his last intimate evening with his cabin boy, Julian. He looked up at him, seeing a surprising humanity in his eyes, furthering John’s curiosity about him as his kind. As he looked deeply into them, he heard him speak for the first time…

“You must continue on from here.”

John was startled. His voice was deep, resonating from his barrel chest. He spoke his language, sounding just like a man. He had a million questions, but only one managed to escape his lips.

“You’re not coming with us?”

The feline looked at him curiously. He gave another enigmatic smile and continued, “Not at this time. But follow up that hill and you’ll see more of my kind. That is where you must go.”

John felt a pang in his heart. It was surprising, given that just earlier he would have surely run away from this beast if given the chance and the courage to do so. Now, he found himself taken with him and sad that he would not be his personal guide into this new world.

But like a lost lamb trying to find its way in a strange wood, John did as the creature told him, leading his flock up the hill, looking for signs of more mystical beings.

It didn’t take much longer for John to reach the top of the hill. The trees stopped growing after a certain point, leaving him able to look out at the wild landscape around him. He saw nothing for miles except for the green expanse they’d traversed. In the far distance, just at the horizon, he thought he might be able to see the ocean, but he couldn’t be sure if that was even the direction where the ocean would be. They’d taken so many twists and turns, the only thing that he could go by was the position of the sun in the sky. And even that proved less than useful in an unknown land…

As he came to the top, the ground became rocky and rough. No longer were they moving on soft earth and fallen leaves! Everything was hard and unforgiving, but he could see his destination clearly. As he moved, he saw they were approaching a small outcropping. More cliffs rose above it, but it obscured what was on the other side. He looked back at his companions, seeing them becoming weary and lacking in water. He wished they’d stopped and refilled their leather bladders, but he hoped his whiskered angel was truly delivering them to paradise.

He looked up, trying to see just past the rocky ledge, stopping short when a figure emerged from behind it…

Stepping to the edge and looking down upon him, he saw a tall, muscular man, similar in build to the cat creature who’d taken them this far. But unlike his first guide, this man was without any sort of fur, aside from the hair on his chest and genitals that one would associate with a human man. But even then, he possessed features that were superhuman in their own right. Beautifully sculpted, stunningly handsome, and possessing a cock that hung between his legs larger in its flaccid state that many he’d seen erect!

What made him stand out, however, was a pair of bone colored horns that protruded from his head. He also had pointed ears and a short tail that came out from his back just above his backside. In his hand, he held a long staff, about as tall as he was, bearing a green, glowing stone at the head.

He was certainly beautiful, but for John, it stunned him and shook his sense of reality once more! This was not another feline angel. In fact, the man’s figures looked more like that of the demons and devils he had seen depicted in stories. Had his angel actually delivered him into the mouth of hell? Was he to be damned? Was this the end of his mortal life?

As he got closer he could see more figures emerging. Coming from the other side of the ledge, several large men — or, whatever they were — approached behind the horned figure. And while the first seemed to be in a position of authority, the others were no less powerful in their presence. All strong, standing tall, and possessing strange animalistic features…

The first horned man began to walk along the top, moving around as if to better survey the group arriving into their land. John gathered that they were not surprised by their presence, but still showed a degree of curiosity about them. John looked into his eyes, seeing them glow brightly back at him. He couldn’t tell if it was just the light, him losing his mind, or something more mystical at play. But in the man’s gaze, he found comfort and knew he was where he was supposed to be.

It was strange how easily his entire body changed. The tension of his apprehension and confusion released, leaving him feeling as calm and cool as he had back in his Paris home. He still had questions, but he suddenly had no fear. He walked forward, making his way toward the supernatural figures, eager to see what more they had to reveal to him!

The horned man began to return to where he came from, gesturing with his staff that John and his group should follow.

It took some work to get everyone up over the ledge, but as they crossed over, they could see the ground dip back down into a valley below. The mountain behind them seemed to provide a natural wall around a lush, green space. And as John looked down, he saw a series of structures, both incredibly sophisticated and inventive, while also seeming to be as ancient as the Roman ruins…

Large columns supported cave entrances and winding roads, with stone faces carved into the rock cliffs. It seemed like a paradise, lost from history or myth, but standing strong before John’s eyes. They continued down the path, heading deeper into the valley, overcome by its verdant beauty!

When John and his crew made it into the center of the hidden valley, they found themselves not just taken with the beautiful scenery, but with the inhabitants of the land. John could see others moving among the trees and tall grasses, similar in shape and physiology to the feline guide from before.

But these creatures were wild and incredible, and all in their own way! Some had the face of a wolf. Others a deer. Some even had the legs of a horse with the torso of a man. Fur, antlers, horns, whiskers, muzzles, claws… All sorts of bestial features, but also very human ones as well. They all moved about naked and proud, without a shred of any sense of shame or worry!

John looked at their exposed genitals, impressed with their mass and girth. He found his own member becoming engorged from it all. He was shocked! He’d been so scared and worried, but ever since he gazed into that horned figure’s eyes, he found himself at peace. And now, with every breath he took, he seemed to become more infatuated and aroused. As if the air itself was making him more amorous and wild.

One creature came over to him, bearing the large, furred face of a dog, brown and tan with a dark, wet nose. Its eyes, though, were remarkably human. He looked into them and found himself caught in a deep passion…

The dog-man put a hand on him, caressing his arm and back, making John even more aroused. Soon, he was helping John out of his shirt, stripping him out of his clothes until he was fully naked as well. John looked around. He wasn’t sure if he should give in to such a public display of nudity, but as his eyes looked to his companions, he saw they were being disrobed as well. Roughly a dozen men, all weary from the long walk and the weeks at sea, now stripped and exposed to one another… And all sporting massive erections in response to their hosts!

Suddenly, John felt a surge of heat in his body. It was like he’d just finished a stiff drink! His lungs and stomach were churning with a fire inside him. It made him hungry and horny for some action! His hand reached for the dog-man’s cock, feeling it’s massive size fill his grip. It was just as hot as he felt inside. He stroked it, feeling it pulse with each movement from his wrist. The dog’s mouth opened, panting as he massaged him, looking back at him as if to say, “more.”

The others were all caught in a similar act of seduction. They were taken in a rush of desire, desperate to feel each other, fuck, and cum. John had many more questions to ask, but in that moment, he and all his companions wanted one thing… To be bred!