John couldn’t believe what had come over him. It was like a part of him was unlocked. It wasn’t new or scary, but rather deep and true, like a revealed secret that was always a part of him. He took a breath and found himself on his knees, naked on soft grass, with the diffused, golden light of the sun breaking through the canopy of trees above him. The air was crisp and clear with the faintest scent of pollen. He couldn’t tell if it was flowers or the intense display of fornication around him, but it triggered him to continue on.

Looking up, he saw the handsome, chiseled body of a half-man half-stag. The being’s cock was hard and massive, almost as thick as John’s own wrist. He held onto the shaft with reverence. He wondered if this was what gods were. More than human, part of nature, but removed from the rest of the world in a heaven-like paradise. He even questioned his own mortality, wondering if perhaps he’d perished on the voyage over and this was indeed an afterlife full of pleasure and beauty.

The throbbing member felt real enough, warm and smooth to the touch. He could hear his fellow travelers indulging, lost in their carnal need to fuck and breed. The stag-man’s hand fell down on John’s head, caressing his hair and gesturing to him to do what he wanted. John took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and opened his mouth.

As soon as the stag’s cock passed his lips, he felt like he was tasting something divine. He breathed through his nose and could inhale a salty sweet fragrance coming from the beast’s loins. It was strikingly familiar, human even, but somehow seasoned with something magical and powerful. The pheromonal signature of the being made John devour the massive cock, worshiping it and savoring it like it was both sustenance and blessing.

John was so engrossed in his service of the handsome being, he hardly could focus on the dog-man he’d warmed up before coming at him from behind.

John tried to keep his focus on his new horned master, but he could feel the feeling of being licked and sniffed behind almost as enticing. The canine Promethean spread John’s meaty, muscular cheeks apart, exposing his lightly haired, tight hole. John moaned as he swallowed down the tall stag’s cock, trying with all his might to keep it in place. But as he moaned more and louder, the massive tool fell from his mouth, allowing his sounds to echo into the forest.

John turned his head as the licking commenced, suddenly aware of what was to come. The furry paws of his rimmer held him tightly, keeping him in position at all times. John’s mouth watered, still tasting the superhuman cock on his tongue, feeling like he was as slobbery as the dog buried in his ass.

It didn’t take more than a few moments for John to look back and see that a new member of the tribe had stepped up to him. This time, a stunning stallion-headed man presented his cock up to his mouth. John was still firmly in the grip of the dog-man, awaiting the inevitable penetration. But the horse-headed figure had such a present and power that John wanted to be of service to him as well.

Opening his mouth, John’s wet mouth wrapped around the figure’s shaft, taking him down to his heavy, egg-sized balls. The rippling muscles he had tensed and tightened with each thrust into his mouth, showing the strength he was able to contain while still thoroughly fucking his mouth.

As John’s jaw began to tire and his mouth began to weaken, he felt something that shot through him like a lightning strike: the hard, bare cock of the canine Promethean.

John felt flooded by a sea of emotions. He was vulnerable and exposed, stretched and used, but he also felt like everything in his life had brought him here. Feeling a deep penetration from behind and an equally solid fucking from the front, John being pushed and pulled in every way imaginable, all while feeling more secure than he ever had.

Everything was behind him: his life, his family, his business, his pains, his fears… all that was left for him now was here, in literal paradise. He felt like he was becoming more, part of this world… and he had no idea how true that was.

The orgy of humans and Prometheans continued late into the night. The warm, yellow sun fell over the horizon and an indigo night took over the sky. The stars shone bright, practically providing their own illumination as human after human found themselves in a similar fate as John.

They were pumped and filled with cock and seed until their weary mortal bodies could take no more. Even then, they were brought to a temple, lined with large, epic columns and altars, upon which the men were bred even more. And even as Prometheans began to lose their energy, new ones emerged from the woods.

Hearty, burly, muscular men with throbbing cocks ready to go, happy to take the place of their exhausted brothers. The humans, however, became tireless receptacles for their superhuman loads, unaware of the change that was being expedited with each subsequent insemination.

Even John, who couldn’t be more content to be used and filled by his new masters, found himself lost in a dizzy haze of pleasure and exhaustion, unsure if he was still awake or if he had slipped into a fantasy dreamworld. His body buzzed and shook from the intense test of endurance, all while the Promethean cum made its way to every part of his being…

It had been a couple dozen decades since that moment in the woods, but for John, it was like yesterday. Seeing Bryant take to his new life, he was reminded just how troubling and unsettling it used to be… and how it still is for some.

One evening, Bryant wanted to go out, the two of them, fur and fangs out. The young Promeathean felt a sense of pride that was somewhat surprising to the senior shapeshifter. Bryant had been aware of Prometheans in the world before he was ever turned. Not only that, he’d had his first transformation with his partner, safe and sound and away from the dangers of the world.

John didn’t want to discourage Bryant, but he tried to preach to him caution and awareness. Having been around as long as John has been, he’s seen the ebb and flow of society, going from repressed to liberated and back to repressed countless times over.

“It’s the biggest flaw of humanity,” John lamented to Bryant. “Humans only live one lifetime. A single consciousness rarely gets the opportunity to see history repeat itself. And when it does, they’re often ill equipped to learn from the past.”

“But we’re not humans,” Bryant said with both defiance and optimism in his voice. “We’re Prometheans! We’re stronger, bigger, and we live longer! This could be our world. We could make it better.”

John smiled. He forgot how young Bryant was, and now just for an immortal.

John continued, “Change takes time. It’s like bending wood. If you go too fast, it’ll simply snap, and you lose everything. But if you go slow, weather it, treat it, and work at just the right pace, you can practically rewrite the laws of nature.”

Bryant replied, “Some wood is softer. It won’t break.”

“True. But it’s the harder wood, deeply ingrained and seasoned through many many years… that’s where the most impactful change needs to take place. And it is the most difficult.”

“I’m confused. What does this have to do with going to the movies.”

John brought Bryant in close. “We can go, but… we shouldn’t invite conflict. The world is not ready for us yet. Even though they know about us, they’re not ready to accept us. Trust me, I’ve seen how slow humans are to accept each other. And I don’t want you in any unnecessary danger.”

“But I’ve got you to keep me safe!” Bryant shot John a smile, intended to disarm, but only slightly broke through the young man’s sincerity.

“You’re lucky about that, too!” John replied. “Not all Thebans and Prometheans are as ethical and considerate as Korzak and myself. Up until very recently, most Prometheans don’t learn what they are until well after their transformation, and often after they’ve already inseminated others themselves.”

“How wouldn’t they know?”

“For many centuries, the goal wasn’t to create families, but simply to create. To spread the seed of the Promethean as far as it could go… without creating a hysteria that would leave thousands slaughtered. Even then, rumors of witches, werewolves, and vampires have made their way into the world, some causing actual casualties. It’s a messy, careless attempt at making the world more accepting by making more of us, but it’s only made it less safe.”

Bryant paused. He’d never considered what would have happened if he’d transitioned on his own. Or had no sense of who it was or how it happened. A depressed look came over him, one that John wasn’t going to stand by, and he quickly decided to remedy the matter.

“It’s not always a nightmare, though. Even for those who discovered on their own. I met a young man a few years back who had no idea what had happened to him…

“For Miller, he never saw it coming. For weeks he’d been pursued by a particularly wily satyr, Bishop. Bishop is known for his love of breeding and populating the world with his progeny… but he doesn’t have the paternal instincts of a Korzak. He’s not heartless, just… independent. He likes being on his own, that is until he finds a particularly sexy human.

“Bishop had a fondness for fit, smooth, athletic guys. Can’t say I blame him, but it did mean that he often frequented gyms, bars, sporting arenas, anywhere he could find guys in peak physical shape. To be fair, I think he’s old enough to remember gladiators and Spartans… so it might just be what he got used to.

“Anyway, this guy Miller was exquisite. Tan, blonde, total beefcake. He didn’t make himself super accessible though. It was easy for Bishop to meet someone out at a bar and take them home. But Miller? He wasn’t really living that lifestyle.

“Miller was the religious type. A member of one of these cooky new religions that sprung up over the last couple hundred years. He didn’t drink, didn’t go out, certainly didn’t invite strange men into his bed.

“I don’t think he’d ever been with a man… or even shown desire. But this is where Bishop was really good. He could sniff out a man hiding their urges like a dog can sniff out a juicy steak. His mouth would water. His pulse would quicken. Even from miles away, he would get on the scent and it would become his obsession.

“It’s controversial now, but Bishop would often change his appearance when trying to seduce someone. It’s hard to say for sure what he truly looks like, but he would transform into another person! Often times someone his intended knew.”

Bryant sat up, “We can do that?!”

John, replied, “Well, no, not us. We can sometimes throw a glamor or appear different to a human for little bit, but not in any real way.

“That kind of transformation is a theban thing. And even then, it’s not something all Thebans are really great at doing. Korzak explained to me once that it was like singing: someone is just born to do it, some can train hard and learn to do it well, and for others, it’s just never going to happen.”

“Have you ever seen someone do it?”

“Just one… Bishop. And boy, could he sing with his shapeshifting. He was so believable, you’d never know if you weren’t another Theban. He could even fool Prometheans… which, given the scent they give off, requires a lot of skill.

“Bishop wasn’t just talented, he was thoughtful… methodical. He would follow his intended for weeks, learning their patterns, their behaviors, finding who they interacted with and trusted and use that to his advantage. I think he actually preferred it that way to a casual hook up. He liked the hunt.”

“It sounds a bit… scary,” Bryant replied. “Like a predator.”

John struggled to find an answer. “You’re not wrong. Thebans… they’re different. Satyrs are part of an old world… a lost world… a world that had less rules than ours. And especially since most were never human, their concept of right and wrong is just… different.”

“Fucked up, is more like it!” Bryan huffed. It was clear he didn’t approve of Bishop’s practices.

“Bishop had a different way of… courting. But I can assure you, no one’s ever been mad about getting it on with him.

“Miller, though, didn’t know who he was until well after his transformation. Miller thought he was just going in to see his familiar doctor for a standard check up. And when he got in the office, he could have never suspected that the man behind the face was actually a satyr… a Theban who had found the perfect opportunity to get him alone, undressed, and open to the idea of something unorthodox…”

“He fucked him?” Bryant asked. He knew it was coming, but it somehow still seemed shocking.

“Crazy, huh?” John continued, “Even despite Miller’s religious convictions and all the things he’d been told about sex, Bishop was able to get him on his back and shoot a Theban load right up inside him.

“He might have known something was up, right?”

“How would he? He’d never even heard of anything like this happening before, let alone experienced it. For all Miller knew, he had committed a sin on his own, not as a result of a pervy shapeshifting immortal wearing his doctor’s appearance like a halloween costume!”

Bryant paused. Thinking about it all meant. And what it would lead to. “What happened to Miller?

“All that was just the beginning. Bishop had only bred him once, and as powerful as his seed is, it took some time for the transformation to happen. From what I know, Miller went home to shower off, trying to cleanse himself of his guilt and shame, only to find himself reliving the experience again and again with a great deal of pleasure…”