Growlboys is a gay furry porn website. All gay furry porn videos, gay furry comics, and gay furry stories feature bareback breeding and gay furry transformation.


There’s a special substance on the market that’s driving people wild. You can’t find it online or in a store, though. This elusive substance comes from the strange, exotic creatures, somewhere between beast and man known by their derogatory colloquial name “Growlers.” It’s like nothing else. It supercharges sex drives, imparts superhuman focus, and fuels the body with a high beyond what would otherwise be possible! Those who have tried it will search high and low for those who sell it, pay top dollar, and ask few questions.

For the entrepreneur (and all-around bully) Steve, he sees a chance to make easy money off of his desperate clients and as well as his stable of outcast Prometheans, unaware of their connection to beings far more powerful than he.