As Steve slumped into his office chair, he felt his arms pulsing with freshly fueled blood. His palms still burned from the scratchy bar of the weight bench. His massive chest heaved up and down as he caught his breath from his workout. One of the perks of having your own office in your own business: you can do whatever the fuck you want with it. And for Steve, he never wanted to be too far away from his next pump.

Size was everything to him. Being bigger was an obsession. Many saw him as total muscle god, completely shredded and full of the arrogance and attitude that went along with the look. He liked that people were intimidated by him, even feared him. It gave him power. And power was what it took to run his empire.

While he sat in his oversized chair, he decided to count through the previous night’s take. He always got excited whenever he totaled it all up. For every dollar his fingers touched, he imagined the dumb, hot whores he tricked into working for him. Hundreds of dollars a night went into his pocket, all while he got bigger and meaner in his tank top in shorts. This was the life. And he was truly the master of his domain.

Knock, knock! The door to his office seldom made a noise. Even his own staff didn’t want to interrupt him, knowing that he never wanted to be disturbed during a sweat. And for Steve, that can go on for hours. Eventually, though, business was business and his underlings had to make face-time with him. Pulling out the draw of his desk, he placed his neatly sorted cash inside, nestled carefully next to the cold steel of his gun. Can’t be too safe when dealing with those he sold to, whether it was flesh, drugs, or something even more exotic…

“Come in,” Steve’s voice boomed, somehow echoing in his wide, broad chest before bouncing off the walls of his office. There was a tentative turn of the doorknob, almost as if the hand that touched it regretted knocking and considered walking away. This, too, was a dangerous mistake. Only thing worse than interrupting Steve was wasting his time.

As the door opened, Steve saw the brave figure. It was a young man–or whatever the fuck it was. The guy had an amazing body, swimmer’s build, tight, cut abs, and a nicely shaped chest. Where his hips met his legs, the waist of his sweatpants was tied loosely, revealing perfectly symmetrical cuts that plunged down below the thick, weighted fabric. Beneath the folds of his sweatpants was a large bulge, showing that the guy was completely hard. Steve would have thought him a perfect specimen of a man, were it not for his… other features.

His head was that of a dog, some kind of mixed mutt. Yellow eyes, a long snout, a dark button nose and big pointed ears. Luckily, Steve thought, he doesn’t smell like a mongrel. Steve didn’t have much affection for prometheans. Or for anyone, really. He saw most people as the sum of their parts, a collection of holes and cocks. You could either make him money or cost him money. As for prometheans, he thought they were strange, aberrant freaks of nature, an accident of evolution, or maybe just the result of some sick fuck deep dicking the wrong beast somewhere. But still, sometimes they could make for a good fuck. But more importantly, they made him money.

Steve pulled out a cup from his drawer as the dog-boy closed the door behind and walked up to his desk. He knew why he was there and what he had to offer.

“Fill it.”

The promethean pulled down his sweatpants and his cock fell out like a falling tree. The thick, meaty member bounced slightly as it came out, battling gravity as it maintained its upward tilt by the sheer power of its erection. It was huge with two large egg-sized nuts hanging down from it, coated in a dark fur of pubic hair.

The young man immediately began to stroke himself. It wasn’t his first time giving his juice to Steve. Freak Juice. He didn’t like the name, but he didn’t have to. He just needed to squirt the stuff out and he could be on his way with cash in hand. Easier than an ATM, and the fee was much more pleasant.

After several minutes of watching the creature beat his fuck stick, Steve found himself getting a little impatient. He didn’t mind seeing a big dick getting worked, in fact he enjoyed it. Even with prometheans there was a curiosity that he couldn’t deny. But he wasn’t in the mood to sit around and do nothing. Besides, he was feeling himself cool down from his workout and he wanted to get in another round.

The horny hybrid let out soft whimpers from his gut out his wide mouth, occasionally showing his long, pink tongue between his sharp teeth. He even thumped his leg here and there, closing his eyes to enjoy his masturbation. This wasn’t a vacation, Steve thought irritated. This isn’t about pleasure. This is business. Plain and simple.

After a few more strokes, a shiny spurt of pre-cum seeped out of the young man’s cock. It sat still, catching the light, sparkling as if it was a diamond. It was small, but the potent makeup of the serum was enough to catch Steve’s olfactory senses. A rush went to his head, similar to that of an energy drinking kicking in. He felt rush of life through his body, making him forget the fatigue in his massive muscles.

Steve knew Freak Juice was better after a workout than any protein powder. He wanted to get some, but he didn’t have all night.

This thing needs to be milked, not masturbated, Steve thought. He was use to being rough with the denizens of brothel, knowing that dumb sluts only understand force and strength. Clear headed, he was known for being a bit gruff at times. With the pheromones of promethean pre-cum now in his blood, even just from the small droplet he barely had the chance to sense, he was downright aggressive. He was growing more and more impatient, and now, he would do anything to get that stuff out.

Thinking of the farmer to the cow, Steve spit into his hand, ready to milk out his prized product. His saliva spread down his calloused hand, dripping down his finger as he stretched it out toward his guest. Steve walked around behind him, watching as his round, muscular, furry cheeks pulsed in clenched as he pleasured himself. Seeing the movements, Steve timed out just when to make his move.

The boy’s hole was pink and tight, seeming to stand out from his fuzzy butt like a glowing light. It made it all the easier for Steve to press his finger against it, pressing the wet tip between the closed valve of his anus, feeling it squeeze and relax around him, soon yielding to him and letting him inside.

Steve had plenty of saliva on his finger, giving him the proper lubrication to move inside the beast boy with one, slow, steady motion. Within seconds, he was knuckle deep in his ass, feeling the intensity of muscle, heat, and pressure all pounding down around his digit. He moved it up and down, pumping his finger slowly like the pistols of a train just gearing up to leave the station.

The dog whimpered more, holding onto the desk for support, looking down at the empty cup, feeling its master practically push his prostate closer to his nuts in an attempt to hasten the release. He didn’t fight it, knowing his place as a well trained mutt. He had to do what his master asked of him. Plus, it felt incredible!

As his hole got used to the foreign finger occupying space in his body, Steve felt emboldened to push the process along. One finger became two fingers, forcing out a surprised yelp from the horny mutt as he tried to handle the man’s aggressive penetration. His hole stretched to take him, but the power behind Steve’s muscle gave each thrust an inertia that shook the boy from the inside out.

The canine boy raised his leg, trying to reduce the amount of resistance his body experienced as the sexy muscular man fucked his hole with his fingers. Steve held the boy up with his other hand by the neck, nearly choking him out. He knew what a raised leg meant to a filthy mutt. If this bitch lets anything out of his cock, Steve thought, it better be cum!

Steve squeezed tighter, silencing the young man’s whimpers, feeling the tension and pressure building up inside his body. His prostate was fully engorged, begging to be released. Steve could see his large testicles shoot up toward his shaft, readying themselves for the pay off.

He leaned the young man closer in toward the desk, tilting him toward the cup, reminding him that his job wasn’t just to cum, but to shoot into the sample cup for it to be collected. And as potent as it was, he didn’t want a single drop to be wasted.

Pumping his fingers up and down, feeling the smooth muscles of the man’s insides slide past his knuckles, Steve watched in delight as a straight, silent howl escaped the creature’s mouth, followed immediately by and eruption of white jizz. His cock popped like a champagne bottle, flowing with creamy cum that poured into the carefully placed cup as if preparing for a toast.

Almost as soon as the pup had finished emptying his nuts into the glass, Steve had given him his pay and pushed him out the door. The spent pup didn’t even have time to pull his his pants before he was back at the threshold where he’d first knocked.

Steve had waited long enough for his supply and he was not going to waste time on pleasantries or niceties. He was an asshole at the best of times, but with the scene of the freak juice filling his office space, he found himself in a manic rush, desperate to get a taste of the good stuff.

He looked at the tiny sample cup in his hand like he was holding the grail itself. He couldn’t tell if it was a hallucination from the warm, concentrated protein potion he held in his hand wafting powerful sensations through his brain, but he swore he could see the stuff glowing and moving.

Desperate now to feel the full effect, Steve closed his eyes and poured the contents into his mouth. Just enough to enjoy one good sip.

The liquid slipped past his tongue, still warm from the freshly squeezed fruit that hung between the promethean’s legs. Before he could even detect the subtle taste, he felt a moment of lightheadedness before his body burst with intense energy. He felt instantly as if he’d just woken from a full night’s sleep, fully awake and alert. The feeling continued as his muscles were fueled with a seemingly unending supply of power. He’d worked out for hours before, but now it was like they were ready for anything.

As his heart pumped his supercharged blood to his muscles, it also found its way down to his crotch as well. He’d been almost nominally aroused during the entire milking process, but now, his cock was flooded with stiffening liquid, making his already naturally huge cock as hard as a steel pipe! The surge nearly hurt as it pushed the limits of his member like a sausage being stuffed to its breaking point.

In addition to his tumescence, he found himself heated and hungry for a good, deep fuck. His body craved the feel of promethean dick meat inside him, pushing out his load and making him feel even stronger.

Steve carefully placed a lid on his special cocktail and placed it inside a mini fridge in his office. He placed it neatly beside about two dozen others, all full and ready to be sold.

Knowing that his cheetah boy, Doug, was expecting a visit from him that night to collect his earnings, Steve concealed his throbbing cock and headed for the boy’s room, knowing that his enormous cock would be the perfect fix…