Daniel did his best to prepare himself. Today was the day. After long days of talking and training with Korzark, the moment came for him to be brought in front of the buyers.

The buyers, as he understood, were a group of profit driven, greedy, morally bankrupt humans who found the existence of Prometheans a money-making proposition. Despite their physical ferocity and intense power, Prometheans are still very much in the minority. The individuals were often outcasted and made to feel “other” before they were even made supernatural. Now, often without resources to understand their transformations, without community to be held up by and without friends and family willing to take them in, Prometheans were perfectly vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

These men did not see miracles of creation or magical beings. They saw merchandise. Disposable flesh. They sought to gain power by subjugating something they could not understand, something bigger and more powerful than themselves. It was no different for them than hunting elephants for trophies, despite the very human origins of the individuals they captured.

Daniel tried not to be scared, but every moment Korzark was not with him, he worried what might happen to him. He trusted that the older satyr would protect him and look out for him, but he began to wonder how much the undercover horned man had in control. What would happen if he was found out? Would they enslave him, too? Would Daniel have no means of escape? What would they do if they found out he was helping?

Daniel tried not to be scared, but every moment Korzark was not with him, he worried what might happen to him. He trusted that the older satyr would protect him and look out for him, but he began to wonder how much the undercover horned man had in control. What would happen if he was found out? Would they enslave him, too? Would Daniel have no means of escape? What would they do if they found out he was helping?

Daniel tried not to be scared, but every moment Korzark was not with him, he worried what might happen to him. He trusted that the older satyr would protect him and look out for him, but he began to wonder how much the undercover horned man had in control. What would happen if he was found out? Would they enslave him, too? Would Daniel have no means of escape? What would they do if they found out he was helping?

Beads of sweat ran down his forehead, caught in the fur of this face, making him feel clammy and damp. It made him feel cool and uncomfortable, in the dark, quiet cell he’d be left alone. He began to question if he’d made the right decision, becoming too familiar with the cold steel and stone of the surrounding walls. He missed his freedom, his life and his home.

Before he could really begin to spiral, he heard the footsteps of someone approaching his cell.

The door echoed with a mechanical creak as a key was placed, turning the tumblers of the lock. Daniel never knew who it was, but to his delight, it was his master, Korzark, there to take care of him and bring him to the auction.

Korzark was stunningly handsome in his fine, dark suit and white shirt. He looked powerful and dominant, commanding respect and attention. Maybe it was Daniel’s own attraction to the older man or it was the supernatural pheromones that made Daniel’s mind rush with desire, but Daniel immediately felt his loins begin to swell at the sight of the satyr. Of course, it was a comfort to think that Korzark had power that would deliver Daniel from his bonds, trusting in him and his cause.

Korzark was fairly quiet as he entered the room, putting a collar around Daniel’s neck and securing him as is customary for the buyers. Daniel looked him in the eye, hoping for a word of what to do. But Korzark just subtly shook his head, barely perceptible in the dark to anyone who wasn’t carefully watching the silver-haired man. Daniel knew this meant they couldn’t speak completely freely, keeping Daniel in his submissive state.

Daniel was bound around his wrists and connected to a leash for Korzark to guide him out of the cell, bringing him to the main hall to be put on display.

Daniel could smell the mixture of booze, smoke, sweat, and cum well before he entered the room. It was a potent, thick haze that matched the seediness of the event. Men from all over came to laugh, clink glasses, puff on cigars, and celebrate each other’s power and dominance over a species they considered to be inferior. For their pleasure, Prometheans were made to dance, fuck, act as foot stools and servants, and cum into their empty glasses.

It was humiliating and degrading. Seemingly more to keep the spirit of the ferocious creatures down than to actually serve any functional purpose. But every once in a while, one of these subjugated beasts would be chained up on the main stage, stood up with lights blinding them from all sides, all to be groped, inspected, appraised, and auctioned off. It was unclear what the men did with their winnings after, and it sent a chill down the furred backs of every Promethean whose time was up.

Luckily for Daniel, he had hope. Korzark told him to be calm and cool, but to not tip off their plan. Kozark intended to free Daniel before anyone could claim him, preventing him from becoming the possession of a twisted, sadistic human. Daniel wasn’t sure how he could guarantee that, but he figured an immortal satyr with magic powers might be able to figure out something clever.

Even though they’d talked through the plan several times, Daniel couldn’t help feel terrifying fear as Korzark chained him up on the mainstage. Daniel looked out into the crowd, seeing the lascivious and predatory members of the buyer’s club, all eyeing his body and thinking about what fun they’d have with him at his expense. Daniel was certainly desirable: tanned skin, muscular body, sweet face in even equine form, and a big, heavy cock that made mouths water.

As Korzark finished up his task of presenting him, Daniel began to tremble. Everything had been talk and hypothetical until now. Now, it was real. He was in it. Every breath he took brought him closer to freedom or perpetual enslavement. And it would all be decided within minutes…

The room went from a cacophony of clinking glasses, laughter, and small talk to an eerie silence. Daniel wondered if the sound of his heart beating could be heard in the back row. He looked out as hundreds of eyes pointed their way up at him.

One by one, men started to come up to him. They looked him over like he was nothing more than a piece of meat on a hook. They felt the weight of his muscular chest, playing with his nipples and seeing his zebra-like face react. They fondled his buttocks and loins, tugging on his cock and rolling his nuts in their hands like stress relief toys.

Some opened up his mouth, looking deep into his throat. Others were curious about his pointed, furry ears. Across the board, however, none seemed to look into his eyes for more than a fleeting moment. He’d hoped that he could maybe have them go easy on them by appealing to their humanity, but sadly, he was no more human to them than an animal in a zoo.

Once they were done checking him out up close, they returned to their seats and the bidding began. Korzark, having brought him in, was the one taking bids. Arms were going up fast. He tried to get a look at who it was that was trying to purchase him, trying to size up his would-be owner, but Daniel couldn’t see out beyond the blinding spotlights that assaulted his eyes.

The value was getting up high, well past a million. He couldn’t believe someone would pay so much… but then again, a Promethean of your own must be a prize like nothing else. It turned his stomach to have to sit and watch this play out, holding out hope that Korzark would somehow step in and save him. But as the number of hands started to dwindle, a tightness built in Daniel’s chest. Like a twisted game of musical chairs, whoever’s hand was last up would be in control of him forever.

To his surprise, Korzark raised his hand.

He knew the plan meant that Daniel wouldn’t be in harm’s way, but he didn’t know how. He assumed he’d use some sort of magical power to break him free or something. It never occurred to him that his way out might be being owned by the satyr. Somehow the idea of a wealthy immortal never crossed his mind. But why not? Someone could do real well for themselves if they have a thousand lifetimes to amass wealth.

Then a thought occurred to Daniel that made his face go pale: What if Korzark was lying to him? He really knew nothing about the older man and he had gone on faith that he would look out for him because of their musical past. But why wouldn’t he want to claim him? Korzark had clearly shown a liking to teasing him and chaining him up… what if he might never be free?

Before he could even fully contemplate what that would mean, he heard the applause of the room. Everyone was clapping with a deafening sound. The auction was over. But who won? Looking around frantically, Daniel saw the only one not clapping was Korzark. As it turned out, the devilish satyr was the highest bidder.

Daniel’s eyes narrowed to his new owner, looking for some sign that this was still all part of the plan. It was hard for them to communicate in any way, especially since the entire room of buyers was looking up at them. Daniel wondered when he’d be able to be taken off the auction block and put back in his cell for them to talk, but it seemed that this was only the beginning of the process.

Daniel watched as Korzark began to unbutton his shirt and remove his jacket. It was strange to see a non-Promethean in that space getting undressed, but everyone was watching with fixed attention. Korzark threw his shirt off to the side, revealing his muscular torso and hairy chest. Damn, was he beautiful. The older man’s looks were almost enough to let Daniel forget that he was still in bondage. But the snickering sounds of the crowd didn’t let him.

Daniel’s arms were still firmly bound as Korzark opened up his pants and pulled out his massive cock. It was then that Daniel knew what was going to happen. He bought him. He owns him. And in a sick, twisted sort of ceremony, the buyers wanted to see Korzack fuck him.

Daniel started to whinny. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having so many people see this. Especially when he was still unsure about the future of his freedom. But just as Korzark mounted up behind him and put a hand on his hip, he heard a voice in his head. Well, not a voice, really, more of a feeling. It was like some message, telling him not to worry, that everything was going to be okay.

Daniel wanted to believe it. He needed to. He couldn’t believe that all this was just to end up a prisoner for life. But before he could question it any more, he felt the intense feeling of Korzark’s cock enter his backside.

The man used no lube, but the tip of his cock was so wet with precum, it slid in smooth all the same. Daniel winced and strained for a second, but once it was inside, he felt a burst of pleasure course through his body. It was like the feeling of warm sunshine touching your flesh, vibration, static charge, and gentle tickling in every muscle in his body. He didn’t know whether to laugh or moan or cum. Daniel felt so good, he wondered if he were actually glowing!

He held onto his chains for support while Korzark gripped tighter and began to pump harder. His cock pushed past Daniel’s prostate and seemingly reached deep into his soul. Daniel knew he had changed on the outside, but never thought about if he’d changed on the inside. Was this a human ass he was fucking, or was this something else? Is that why it felt so good? Is that why he wanted it harder and faster and deeper?

The intensity built up until Daniel trembled all over. It had only been a few minutes, and it seemed like Korzark wasn’t trying to prolong the experience for Daniel any more than it needed to be. While the older man wanted to go easy on his captive, he knew the quickest way to end it was an aggressive, deep fucking.

Daniel felt like his hole was going to break, but he didn’t want it to stop. He was in absolute heaven, experiencing bliss like nothing else. He could have stayed a slave forever if it meant experiencing that kind pleasure over and over. He knew he wasn’t thinking right and didn’t care.

Then, just as quickly as starting, Daniel felt the jets of cum shoot into his gut, filling him up with the Theban’s cum and coating the inside of his body.

In an instant, it was like Daniel could see all of time, from start to finish, the birth of stars and their cold stellar deaths. The rise and fall of civilizations, the first steps of mankind, and the next stages of evolution to come. He didn’t know if it was a fever dream or a hallucination, but it was epic on a scale he couldn’t comprehend. So powerful, he felt his eyes get heavy and his body go weak. The vision of the room narrowed to a point until there was nothing but black.

Daniel felt his body go limp and fall, but like nodding off in class, he quickly jumped up to wake.

Wait. What happened? He was confused. He wasn’t standing up in a dark room full of buyers. He wasn’t in a dungeon chained to a wall. He was lying down, comfortable, in his bed.

Had this been a dream? No, it couldn’t be. He looked around. It was morning. He had no idea what morning, but it was clear he was home, alone, and safe.

He jumped out of bed to look for any clues. First thing he found was a pile of mail on his kitchen table. A big one. He opened the fridge. Pretty empty, but full of spoiled food. All of this suggested this wasn’t a dream. But how much of it was real?

It wasn’t until he looked down at his wrists and saw the red marks from the chains that he allowed himself to accept what happened.

How did he get here? When did he get here? Is it over? Is Korzark coming back? Had he finished what they started? Daniel was dizzy with delight that he wasn’t in a cage or prison anymore, but he felt lost. He wanted answers, but he knew that looking for them only resulted in pain and heartache and, frankly, possible enslavement.

He tried to take it one step at a time. He’d been gone a while. He needed to pick up the pieces of his human life. And that started, first with a hot shower…