Daniel woke up in the early every morning to head to the gym. He silenced his 6:00am alarm, took a quick shower, grabbed his bag, and headed for Adonis Fit. As much as he wanted to get stronger and bigger, it seemed just as important for him to explore the more social aspects of the environment. For Daniel, that meant a lot of time in the showers and the saunas…

And while the idea of hooking up at the gym appealed to him, he was uniquely focused on finding the handsome stranger he saw in the showers on his first visit. Other men would talk to him and even flirt with him, but Daniel always kept his mind focused on finding the blue-eyed creature.

His efforts got the better of him, exhausting him as his morning workouts were also supplemented by evening sessions as well. He was there at the start and end of each day, trying to find when the mystery man might return. His muscles got weary and his body ached as he pushed himself too hard. Before long, he didn’t even have the energy to jerk off anymore!

One morning came when his alarm went off as usual. Only this time, he looked outside the window at the dark, wet, dreary morning and felt the futility of it all weighing him down. He couldn’t move, except to turn his alarm off and curl back under his covers.

He skipped the gym that morning, giving himself a break from the hunt. He didn’t even return that night. A few days later he went for a run outside, checking out new paths and areas he’d neglected in his mission. He wondered if he’d made it up, seeing things that weren’t there. He knew he had seen people fucking in the gym. It’s not like it was an isolated thing. He’d seen it plenty of times since! But it was that man, his eyes, and those horns…

It was about a week later by the time Daniel returned to the gym, rested and recovered from his physical exhaustion as well as his sexual fixation. He went about his business working out and following his routine, making pleasant conversation with the men that interacted with him.

He found himself having a lot more fun by actually engaging instead of keeping his eye fixated on the doors. As it turned out, there were plenty of attractive, available men all around; he just needed to stop holding out for this special figure.

As Daniel used the bench press, a handsome man came over and asked when he might be done. Daniel had his headphones in but gestured that he had one more set to do. The man nodded, standing off to the side and drank from his water bottle while he waited. Daniel noticed that he was a tall, lean man with a great body. He had a gentle look to him, but one that could easily become hot and aggressive with the right stimulation. The idea certainly aroused him, but he continued on with his exercise.

As he leaned back and placed his hands on the bar, he could feel his shoulders and chest grow tired. They were still a little weak from the lost time in the gym and he’d already pushed them a bit hard. He lifted the bar off the rack, pushing it up and slowly bringing it down. His eyes were locked on it, watching as his hands began to shake. He moved it up again, trying to get through, but feeling his body lose steam.

“I got you,” the tall man said, standing behind him and moving his hands in to spot him. He looked up and saw his eyes. They weren’t exactly blue, but they had a hazel green tint that sparkled just as brightly as the horned strangers. He gave him a little smile and nodded in encouragement to continue. Daniel was surprised, but he was grateful to have him there. He felt sweat drip down his brow as he pushed through his last few reps, pushing the bar back up to the rack with his last bit of strength.

Leaning up and wiping the sweat from his face, Daniel caught his breath on the end of the bench. The tall man handed him his water bottle, which Daniel graciously and eagerly took. As he took his sip, the man replied.

“You’re a little too hard.” He had a smile on his face that Daniel couldn’t make sense of. He looked down at his crotch, wondering if he’d inadvertently popped a woody being that close to the man’s cock. But he just laughed and continued. “Your weights, I think you’re pushing too hard! You’ve got good form, but you’re just going a little heavy.”

Daniel laughed meekly. “Yeah, I guess I’m just a bit ambitious. Trying to keep in shape…”

“You look pretty good from here.”

Daniel blushed, grateful that his overexerted face hid his emotional response. He tried to play it cool, but it was hard to do when you’d just been rescued from a metal bar!

“I’m Daniel,” he said, offering his sweaty hand to the stranger. He didn’t even think about having to wipe it until after he’d taken it. But he didn’t seem to mind one bit…

“I’m Legrand.”

Legrand waited for Daniel to get off the bench and took his place. He asked Daniel if he could return the favor in spotting him, which Daniel was more than happy to do. The two continued on their workouts together, swapping off machines and weights, seeing what the other did and giving tips back and forth.

Daniel was surprised how well the two seemed to hit it off. He didn’t know what to say to take it further, so he tried his best to be suave and funny.

“So, Legrand, uh, well, it’s important to stretch after a good workout.”


“Well… I mean, if you want… You could, uh… Come stretch… At my place?”

There was a silence that hung in the air after. Daniel’s sloppy attempt at a pickup line was as poorly executed as his bench presses, and as soon as he’d said it, he wished he could run and hide…

Legrand gave him a wry smile, appreciating the attempt, endeared by the nineteen year old’s gusto!

He leaned into him and said softly, “I’d love to stretch you out.”

Daniel took Legrand back to his place, horned up and excited by the success of his pathetic attempt at swagger and not bothering to question it. A handsome man was into him and was going to fuck his brains out! In the end, he could forget his silly embarrassment.

As soon as they got inside, they pressed their bodies together and kissed, grabbing at each other’s heads and necks to get close. Legrand was much taller than Daniel, but he arched his back and neck to meet his handsome guest. The two hadn’t showered, still sweaty and musky from the gym. Legrand smelled like an absolute man, perfect in every way! It was as if his pheromones were in overdrive to entice him and Daniel couldn’t keep his hands off of him…

As they took off their clothes, Daniel got a look at Legrand’s tall, lean body. His chest was broad and lightly covered in hair, with rock hard nipples that he was eager to suckle. His stomach was flat and toned, showing his hard work in his rocking six pack. But the real beauty came when he pulled down his pants to reveal his cock!

It must have been nearly 10 inches long, beautifully veined and thick. His giant shaft was weighed down by two enormous balls, bigger than farm fresh eggs! It was proportional to his large body, bigger than anything Daniel had experienced in his life.

Daniel reached out and grabbed it, feeling its intense heat and power. It swelled as if it had a force unto itself, separate from his body, fueled by something stronger than lust. He studied and worshipped it, wanting it inside him badly.

When he took it in his mouth, he looked up at the adonis that stood over him. Were it not for their encounter in the gym, Daniel would have thought that he was hallucinating. Even as the broad head of his cock filled his mouth, prying his lips apart to engulf his orifice, he felt he needed to be pinched to know he wasn’t dreaming…

That pinch came, alright! As Daniel bent over on all fours, arching his back to present his smooth hole for Legrand to fuck, he felt the pressure of his mammoth member press against him. It seemed impossible that such a massive cock could fit inside. And like his hands on the bar before, he trembled, unsure if he could take the force.

Legrand slid his cock forward, easing it further into Daniel’s body, until it broke through his flesh and pierced his sphincter. Daniel’s eyes went wide and his lungs sucked in air as he felt himself become full of Legrand’s manhood. It felt like it went deeper than anything or anyone had ever gone before!

Daniel felt a rush of adrenaline surge through him, giving his muscles energy and enthusiasm. It was as if he’d just woken from a good, deep sleep and was now fully awake.

Every thrust and push of Legrand’s giant body dug deep into Daniel, causing him to shake and buck as he withstood the pounding. He didn’t retreat, though. He kept his ass high and his body strong. He wanted him! Every inch of him. He couldn’t wait for his load to pour inside him.

He closed his eyes and embraced the intoxicating feeling of Legrand’s fuck. He was in heaven, completely blissed out in a state of ecstasy that he hoped would never end. So deep was he in his bliss that he had not noticed the two, bone-colored horns that had appeared on Legrand’s head.

Hours seemed to pass as Legrand’s cock slithered further into Daniel’s anal cavity. Daniel hadn’t even noticed the sun getting lower in the sky. When Legrand finally gripped his hips to cum, Daniel let out a cry like he was being seared from the inside. The top’s load poured into him as if a dam had broken, unleashing with a power and fury that was unlike anything Daniel had ever experienced before!

It rushed over him as well as inside him, flooding his brain with the most beautiful colors and sensations. A warmth emanated from within him, making his eyes heavy and his muscles weak. And before Legrand had the chance to withdraw his cock, Daniel had already begun to pass out, exhausted from the intense fucking he’d just endured. Little did he know, however, the tranquility he felt was from more than just a passionate breeding…

As Daniel began to dream, he found himself lost in a swirl of colors that emerged from the darkness of his closed eyes. As the shapes became clearer, he recognized the weight bench he’d worked out on earlier, the one where he met Legrand. The rest of the image appeared, and he realized he was back at Adonis Fit, all alone…

The gym was empty, but he followed his prior instincts to look for the man with the horns. As if he was on a guided tour of his desires, he couldn’t control his movements as he looked around the empty rooms. There was no one there but himself, seeking a figure that was only now a dream within a dream. Even in his slumber, he saw a sad irony to this, but his curiosity was nevertheless piqued.

Returning to the bench, Daniel found himself unbelievably turned on! He couldn’t tell if he had a boner in real life or only in his dream, but he gripped it all the same, eager to stroke out the load he’d worked up from his heavy fuck…

Leaning back on the dream bench, he could feel both the cold hard surface of the workout equipment as well as his real life pillow cradling his head. He was in and out of both worlds, but horny in both. All he could do was find some satisfaction, thinking about the horned man and Legrand as he stroked his cock.

As Daniel slept on, he was unaware of the real world changes his body was experiencing. His cock grew quite large, swelling up about twice the size of what normally occupied the space between his legs. His balls grew heavy, weighted with powerful seed. His shaft extended high up, catching the air as it swung around. It pulsated as it leaked silky, stringy precum onto his stomach.

While this seemed to go more or less unnoticed, even in his dream, Daniel felt a strange buzzing and aching beneath his face. As if his skull was hooked up an electrical current, he felt a static heat that clouded his senses. He could barely feel his senses over the activity inside his head, unaware that his actual form was changing rapidly…

His ears grew larger, pointing up at their tips, sprouting a soft fur that spread down to the lobes. His nose cracked and shifted, becoming large and blunt as it pushed out from his face. The shift in his skull took his teeth with them, stretching out to meet his nostrils as they closed in on themselves. His chin dragged along, until his face was that of an equine muzzle. All the while he continued to stroke himself, fantasizing about the epic fuck he’d had with Legrand.

As he felt himself edging closer to orgasm, he also felt himself fall from the dream, creeping back into reality as his eyes opened slowly. His body twisted and turned, aching to be freed from the building tension within himself. Daniel thought it was just his desire to cum, but more than he could imagine was happening inside of him!

As he continued to drip from his massive cock, his face vibrated and burned with a new sensation. It was like tiny fireworks were going off beneath his flesh, setting off sparks of fire and light that needed to be released. And with that, tiny white hairs broke through his pores, covering his face in a thin, soft coat. It spread over his nose and his face, up to meet the fur that had sprouted over his ears. Black stripes took shape within the hairs, creating unique patterns as they sprawled over his contours.

Turning onto his side, Daniel could feel the same fireworks on the small of his back, over his ass at the base of his spine. It started as before, a sensitive tingle just beneath the flesh as a long, thin, soft tail seemed to stretch out from his pelvic bone, whipping around as it grew, taking on the same black and white stripes as the boy’s face.

All the while, Daniel stroked himself, feeling it become harder for him to cling to the fantasy he’d found so captivating in his sleep…

It was impossible to stay there forever. The visions of being fucked only exacerbated his physical need to cum. He couldn’t hold out forever, and his body was aching for relief! Unbeknownst to Daniel, his physiology was now completely different than it was when he fell asleep and his sexual drive was stronger than ever before…

He felt his climax build as he got closer to the edge. And then, like a thousand sneezes, he felt the point of no return take over him followed but a sudden release!

He ejaculated all over himself as rope after rope of white fluid poured out of his cock. His body arched up, thrust forward by the clenching of his strong legs and buttocks. His balls tightened high up into his body as they emptied themselves of his fluids. And without any awareness, he let out a sound like akin to a horse’s whinny into the air, but yet still different.

He immediately collapsed back down into his bed, unable to move from the intense ejaculation. It took a few moments before he could regain his senses. As soon as he did, he shot up, unsure of what he’d just experienced. He couldn’t tell what was real or what was imaginary, including the sound he thought he heard himself make.

But as he looked down, he saw his cock as he’d always known it, only covered in a glistening sheen of melted cum. His ears were normal, his face was normal, and the only thing that seemed irregular on his backside was some leftover cum from his departed guest.

He wasn’t surprised that Legrand had gone. After all, they’d only just met in the gym that day. Daniel fell back in his bed, feeling completely spent and satisfied…

The next morning, he woke up at 6:00am, bright-eyed and ready to go. He was surprised to find that he had more energy than ever before; happy to get to the gym and get in a good workout!

He wasn’t sure if he’d see Legrand there, but he was strangely content to go and be with himself. As much as he would like to see him again, he knew that it was just a matter of time before they crossed paths. He was happy to have finally achieved his hook up fantasy, and now he could just go and relax!

After he’d done some running on the treadmill, he remarked to himself how much better his pacing was compared to before. He seemed to move with greater speed and agility. He chalked it up to restful sleep and a good stretch as he moved on to the calmer portion of his routine.

He found a hot tub that was free in the spa and took off his shorts for a little dip. It was unusual to have the tub to himself, so he reveled in the special moment. Meanwhile he could still see others in the steam of the sauna relieving themselves of their early morning hard-ons, fucking and stroking without concern.

He was just starting to feel comfortable and familiar with his surroundings, nearly unphased by the extra curricular activities. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder what he saw that first time in the showers… And if he’d ever see the man again.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the jets and the hot water, when suddenly that same feeling of fireworks beneath his flesh sprouted up again. He recognized it from before, wondering if his skin was maybe reacting to the chemicals in the water. It seemed strange that it would feel like it had when he was dreaming, but he reached back to see if he could assess what was going on.

His eyes went wide. His face went pale. He felt everything around him freeze as he felt something he’d never experienced before. It was a long, furred, thin tail…

He didn’t know what to do. It seemed impossible. He pulled on it to see if he’d sat on something, but he could tell it was coming from him. It was a part of him!

He jumped out of the water, put on his shorts, and rushed to the bathroom, hoping to see what it was in the mirror. He kept his hands on his backside, trying to keep it hidden from anyone else who might see. Luckily, it was still early for most people, and those that were there were too preoccupied to notice.

He wiped the steam and moisture off of a mirror and turned himself to the side, hoping it was all in his head. But he couldn’t deny it! There, in plain sight, was the backside of his shorts, tented up like a hard-on from his newly sprouted tail…