Daniel returned to his room quickly, trying to hide before he transformed again. It was terrifying to think it could happen without him knowing. He was fairly sure no one saw him, but even if they had, he had no idea what he’d tell them. He didn’t know what to tell himself…

He felt sweat dripping down his brow, gliding against his smooth, human skin, now free of the black and white striped fur that had covered it just moments before. He ran to the mirror, feeling himself over, looking at his flesh and face for any signs of the zebra-like creature he’d transformed into.

He couldn’t tell if he was going mad or not. Everything felt too real to be a dream, but that only gave him the sense of dread and helplessness of a nightmare. He turned off his phone and retreated to his bed, hoping he would close his eyes and wake up the next morning with everything having been a dream.

The next day, however, felt as real as the one before. He remembered clearly what he’d been through and how it made him feel. Aside from the shock of the transformation, he recalled the ecstatic sensation of arousal that coursed through his body. His skin was alive and wired like never before. And nowhere more so than his raging cock!

Even as he laid in bed, the thought was enough to get his loins fired up. Still, the thought of being caught was enough to pour cold water over his thoughts. He knew this was dangerous. And what’s more, he didn’t have anyone he could go to for help.

He stayed inside the entire day, fearing that he might transform again in public. He emailed his professors and texted his friends, telling them all he had a bad flu. It was an easy enough lie. He knew he could disappear for a day or two and no one would question it.

As he isolated himself, his mind raced. Television couldn’t even distract him. What was going on? First the satyr, then the hot sex with the guy at the gym, and now his sudden metamorphosis. All of it seemingly triggered by the gym…

He paced back and forth, allowing crazy conspiracy theories to run through his mind. Genetic experiments? Aliens? Lizard people? Magic? What could it be?

It wasn’t until he realized it was dinner time that felt himself going stir crazy. He couldn’t think about anything else, but he needed to get some fresh air. He’d gone the entire day without transforming, even jerking off a couple times to pass the time and clear his head. Nothing.

He figured he could go on a quick jog along the local bike paths, avoiding people as best he could in order to burn off some of his anxiety. He put on some shorts, laced up his sneakers, and cautiously headed outside, taking stock of every feeling he had in his body.

After about a mile of jogging, he felt no change to his body, except for the usual heavy breathing and sweating that came with physical exercise. His skin didn’t feel strange, his bones were all in place, and nothing seemed to be popping out of his backside except for his ass.

Still, he knew he couldn’t go back to that gym. Not now! Not ever, possibly. It was the source of all of his problems and preoccupation, with little to show for it except for one good fuck. He wished he’d never signed up and could go back to just playfully cruising online!

As he ran, he came across a split in the bike path. One led back toward his place, while the other headed toward a nearby pond. Taking the path by the pond, he was happy not to see too many people and decided he could use some quiet time to catch his breath and think.

As he came up to the water, he saw a sign that read “Exotic Species Alert.” It was a strange sign to have by a pond. There was usually just a disclaimer about ticks, or fish and water preservation. He looked around, seeing no lions or tigers, and laughed to himself about the absurdity of what “exotic species” that could possibly be there.

He came to the water’s edge, seeing as small fish moved around the shallow, rocky edge. He remembered how he enjoyed swimming and playing in bodies of water just like this when he was younger. He looked around with purpose, his eyes focused on the ground like an animal on the hunt. And then he found them: throwing stones!

He knew exactly what shape and size he needed from his childhood days. He felt the smooth rocks in his hands, gripping them and testing them to see which would make the best skips. One by one, he took them into his hand and whipped them out across the smooth, glassy surface of the calm water…

Tfft, tfft, tfft, they shot off, skipping yards at a time before succumbing to the deeper water. His eyes traced them as they seemed to fly from his grip. Each time he managed to get them further and further.

He let his mind wander for a bit, thinking of all the things he used to worry about before he joined the gym and went on his satyr hunt. It seemed so long ago that he was only concerned about an easy, hot fuck. Almost as long ago as when he first learned to cheat gravity by flinging stones across water! He didn’t really know what would come next, but having this time to get away and breathe made him feel like it might work itself out. He had no idea why he transformed or if it would happen again, but for a moment he was away from it all and content.

As the light grew dimmer, he knew he needed to be heading back. He put on his headphones and began to jog back the way he came. But he only took a few steps before he stopped dead in his tracks…

There, standing just a few yards away was a figure that made his face turn white. In a fitted, dark suit stood a man with bright, blue eyes, a trim goatee, and two horns atop his handsome face… The satyr from the gym!

He could barely speak. He was as terrified as if he’d seen the devil himself! The handsome man looked at him knowingly, as if he’d been watching him the entire time, waiting for the moment to come upon him. Daniel couldn’t make a sound. His throat closed as if he’d swallowed his tongue, unable to scream or yell for help.

As much as he recalled the erotic charge he got from seeing him fuck, the horned man now seemed to be a menacing force, a symbol of his turmoil and troubles. He was a physical manifestation of all that plagued him. And what’s worse, he started to walk toward him…

Daniel wanted to run away, but he couldn’t. He tried to move his feet, but they seemed to be stuck to the ground by some unseen force. He even tried to move his arms, but it was as if his body no longer obeyed his thoughts! He could see the man coming closer and closer, taking his time approaching as if he was a hunter approaching his trapped prey.

Before long, the handsome satyr was so close that Daniel could smell his musky scent on the crisp evening air. It was intoxicating and terrifying, sending all his senses on high alert, and making his cock stand up attention! It was a strange sensation to be aroused and paralyzed at the same time…

The piercing gaze of the older man seemed to be what was causing his paralysis. He couldn’t look away, but he honestly didn’t want to. His curiosity seemed to outpace his fear, making him want to know who this mysterious figure was and to understand the power he had over him.

Just as he came within arm’s reach, Daniel thought the man was going to speak to him. Instead, he raised a finger to his forehead, touching him lightly between the eyes. Daniel didn’t understand what it was beyond a strange power play, but just as the thought entered his head, he felt his vision close in as his eyes rolled back in his head!

He felt his consciousness dip out as he seemed to fall asleep instantly. The last sensation he felt was the weight of his body coming back to him, falling down onto the ground and losing all sense of time or place…

The satyr dragged the young man’s body off into the woods that surrounded the lake, away from the eyes of anyone who might pass by. He seemed to have no issue with his size, displaying incredible strength beyond that of the average man!

He continued to move Daniel’s body deeper into the woods, far away from the metropolis he’d come from and into a dense, thick forest without trails or markers. But moving deftly through the brush, he seemed to have no trouble navigating through the branches or brush…

As the sun’s light crept over the horizon, he came upon a large, stone building, reminiscent of a small castle with large, wooden doors. It was covered in vines and vegetation, making it easy to miss for anyone who ventured this far into the woods. He knocked on the door, releasing the young man’s legs. As the door opened, a handsome, bare-chested man appeared. The two exchanged no words, safe for a knowing look to each other and then down upon Daniel’s sleeping body.

The bare-chested man allowed the satyr to enter inside, following him as he dragged Daniel behind.

The two men descended down a set of stairs, carefully moving Daniel through so as to not hurt him in any way. The dark, cool cavern seemed to go on forever, until the sound of wild animals began to echo toward them. It seemed like every sort of sound was behind made: monkeys, lions, bears, pigs, horses, and dogs… All making noise in a chaotic choir that got louder as they moved deeper.

The satyr walked steadily on, seeing a light at the end of the long path. He looked back to see Daniel still under his spell, fast asleep and unaware of anything around him. And as they walked into the light, he assumed it was for the best that Daniel did not see all that was going on…

Under the lights, humanoid beasts of all shapes and sizes appeared to be fucking wildly! Men with the heads of bulls, possessing enormous cocks, bred furiously into the asses of men with the heads of deer. Wolf-faced men lapping at the round, muscular asses of men with the heads of lions, panting and whimpering, begging them to go deeper in their holes. A burly bear of a man was clutching onto another, shoving his hard cock hard into his bottom, compelling him to send out beastly sound unlike any heard up on the surface!

Interestingly, while all the creatures appeared to be fucking for pleasure, many had heavy, steel collars around their necks, trailed by chain links that kept them against the walls and floors of the dungeon. To any onlooker, however, they all seemed to be having the time of their lives, yelping and barking, squealing for more of the intense, hedonistic action that made the air thick with the scent of sex.

It all seemed normal and usual for the satyr, whose expression hardly changed as the vignettes of fornication passed by him as he passed through. The other man continued on with Daniel, smiling to himself as he saw eruptions of cum burst out of monster cocks, dripping semen onto the floor while others licked it up.

The other inhabitants of the dark passage caught the sight of the handsome man being brought in, smiling and laughing as the satyr carried him on to a smaller room at the end of the hall. And seeing his entrance, the beastly figures seemed to want to fuck even more, as if aroused at the thought of what was to come for their poor, unaware guest…

The satyr closed the door behind the man as he laid the unconscious Daniel down on the ground. The wild sounds of the neighboring room were muffled, becoming almost silent as the large door bolted shut.

Daniel’s chest rose and fell with each breath, unconscious and unaware of where he was or who had taken him. The satyr studied his face, noting his handsome features. He knew he would do well in the task ahead, but he would need to explain to him why he’d been captured.

The satyr watched as a large, steel collar was placed around his neck. It was a pretty snug fit, not providing Daniel much room to move within it. But it wasn’t until the chain was placed on it that the young man began to rouse.

As he did, Daniel’s body lurched forward, resisting the feeling of captivity he felt around his neck. He felt a rush of emotion that took over him, causing every instinct in his body to cry out in fear. And without thought, his body began to react as he became aggravated, causing him to take on a different form…

The satyr directed his assistant to step away. The man followed his orders, slightly surprised but not wanting to speak up. The transformation was exciting and wild, it seemed as though he wanted to see more. Instead, he left the room through another door, looking back as he closed the door behind him.

Once he was alone with his captive, the older satyr knelt down to his naked prisoner, lifting a bowl of water to his equine lips.

“Drink up, Daniel,” he said, his calm, deep voice echoing through the small room. It was dark and only lit by a few candles and torches around the walls. Daniel’s transformation had torn off what little clothing he had, leaving him barely dressed in the dark dungeon.

Daniel’s eyes were wide and wild as his lips pressed against the edge of the bowl, taking in the water slowly. He had been dehydrated from his run earlier, and now that the effects of the sedating spell had begun to wear off from his panicked transformation, he felt all the more parched. Once he could tell the water was safe to drink, his arms sprung forward, grabbing the bowl from the satyr’s hands, drinking in large gulps until it was all gone.

Feeling the last drops trickle onto his tongue, Daniel opened his eyes, finding himself next to the mysterious man from the pond. He dropped the bowl in fear, trying to jerk away. He began to panic, tugging at his restraints and coughing as the collar around his neck pulled against him.

The satyr crouched closer, putting a gentle hand on the young man’s bare shoulder, trying to calm him as he flinched away.

“Don’t struggle. You’ll only hurt yourself! I assure you these chains will do worse to you than anything else in here.”

Daniel looked around, trying to figure out what happened. He felt a deep despair building in his chest, which only began to grow as the satyr began to speak…

“You have every right to be scared. And I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to cause you fear. But you’re not in danger. Not with me. I’m going to keep you safe.”

Daniel’s voice was cracked, but he managed to quietly utter, “please, let me go.”

The satyr replied, “Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Not yet. I need you for something. Something very important. Something that might even save your life.”

Daniel paused, confused. What could being chained to a wall have to do with anything?

The satyr continued, “My name is Korzak Kipling… You know me from the gym that you attend.”

Daniel remembered then… He was the man from the showers!

Korzak saw his recollection and replied, “It must have been a shock to see me like that. We are usually much better at concealing our true form. I wanted to find you sooner, but it appears that another of my kind found you first.”

Daniel looked puzzled, “there — there are more of you?”

“Oh, yes! There are many of us out there. But I’m afraid not all of us have the same regard for the humans we encounter.”

Daniel’s stomach sank when he heard Korzak say “human”. It all sounded so strange and alien! It was like he was describing something other than himself. It was always in the back of his head that what he saw was something extraordinary, but he never really allowed himself to explore what that would mean…

“What are you?” Daniel asked, feeling the air escape his lungs as he let the words out. He felt gutted and exhausted, desperate to know, but terrified that knowing would change his world forever.

“We are satyrs,” Korzak answered. The word seemed to move through Daniel like a vibration, reinforced by the room’s echo. “At least, that’s what you’ve come to know us as. We are of the Theban Race, ancient immortals who have walked this earth long before your kind learned to stand upright.”

Daniel didn’t know what to say. What is the appropriate response when meeting something you only thought was in fairytales? Especially when it has you locked up!

“What do you want with me?” Daniel asked, worried the answer might be worse than what he imagined.

“I have a special mission for you,” the satyr replied, his voice becoming strong and resolute. It was clear that Daniel didn’t have much of a choice, but the satyr made it seem like he was being gifted with the task.

“The others are not like me. They’re human, but the worst kind of human. Profiteers — ruthless flesh traders, and brutal kidnappers. They’ve taken a special liking to the progeny of my kind: Prometheans… Like yourself.”

Daniel had heard the term Promethean before, but he didn’t know exactly what it meant. He’d heard rumors of werewolf-like beings, but he didn’t ever think they were real. But as he heard the satyr speak, he came to understand what he was saying.

His transformations, the striped face, the tail… He was a Promethean! He was no longer human.

“… How?” Daniel asked, confused as he felt himself begin to panic again.

“After meeting me, you encountered another Theban — another satyr. He must have seduced and bred you, inseminating you and leaving you full of his seed. Ours is different than yours. It creates new life, but instead of another human, it can change your nature and make you a Promethean.”

Daniel remembered the man from the gym. The one he had taken home. His first encounter! He couldn’t believe it.

“I… I didn’t know.”

“He was reckless. He should have told you what he was. And told you what you were. Some satyrs are not as protective of their young as others. But I’m not going to abandon you.”

“Then why can’t you let me go?” Daniel screamed. His voice boomed throughout the room. Korzak tried to quiet him.

“The others can’t know what I am. But you’re not the only Promethean here. Many of my progeny are here, lured away and trapped the same way you were.”

“But you’re the one who trapped me!”

Korzak could see Daniel getting frustrated and angry, he tried his best to level with him…

“Yes. I did. But only to gain entry here. They believe I’m one of them, now. A Promethean trader. A human. You were my entrance fee.”

Daniel was about to speak up again, but Korzak put his hand to his mouth. Daniel found his touch very calming — unusually calming — even a bit exciting!

“I need you to help me. With you as my captor, I can work from within to free my progeny. And I’ll free you as well! But you have to trust me… It was only a matter of time before you were found, especially given your inopportune transformations in public. But here with me, you can do something good. You can help me free your brother Prometheans. And I’ll protect you.”

With that, the satyr placed a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. He closed his eyes and within an instant, Daniel felt the bestial parts of himself go into remission. Just as wildly and as dramatically as his transformation came, so too it went.

He could feel the buzzing, electric power coming from the satyr’s hand. He couldn’t make sense of how, but he knew that Korzak was controlling him. Just as he had hypnotized him, he had restrained him from becoming a full zebra, and even reversing it!

Daniel let out a muffled moan as his bones and flesh took on their original form, feeling an incredible sensation as the mystical power worked through him. It surprised him, but also somewhat excited him. He took deep breaths and tried to relax, taking in what the older man had said to him.

Daniel remained still. He understood the man’s request, but he was still wrapping his mind around what it all meant. He was scared, but found that being near the older satyr calmed him. Korzak removed his hand, seeing the young man looking back at him, now breathing at a steady pace. He even noticed a slight growth in his cock from having touched him.

Ignoring the irony of his chains, Daniel replied, “Fine, I’ll help you,” as if a choice was on the table. It was perhaps a bit of a formality, but the satyr appreciated Daniel understanding…

Daniel continued, “What do I need to do?”

Korzak looked at him in the eye, placing a hand on his leg, and in a very seductive and powerful voice replied, “Exactly what I tell you to do. And whatever do you, don’t let them know what I am…”

Korzak explained to Daniel that he would need to be put up for sale. As it was customary, he would need to bring him in front of a secret group of buyers, all seeking to own and use a Promethean as they saw fit. Some had purely carnal desires, some more sadistic. All he had to do was stay calm and allow himself to be presented. Korzak planned to be the one to buy him, both showing his financial fortitude as well as his ability to find and capture a Promethean to sell.

The auction was strangely cold and transactional. The young man was brought out, inspected, and groped by the several men looking him over. But within ten minutes, Korzak was the highest bidder and the rightful owner of the young Promethean.

Once that was over, Korzak brought his new possession back to his private stable. He was brought deep into the underbelly of the building where no natural light could reach. They passed by several stables, all full of sad, terrified creatures. Daniel knew his fate could have been like theirs if it weren’t for the satyrs intervention. Still, a part of him just wished he’d been left alone and that he’d never need to know such horrible things.

Alone in their stable, Korzak tied Daniel up with some rope, making sure he wasn’t tied up too tight. Daniel began to get nervous, unsure of what he’d agreed to. But the older man could sense his concern and explained…

“I’m going to take care of you! Since you are mine, no one can touch you, except me. But at some point, I will have to show you off. It’s going to take some time, but I am going to train you to be strong and capable. You are far more powerful than these mere mortals! And when the time is right, we will take them all down.”

Daniel was soothed by the older man’s words, though he missed his simple life. He knew he wouldn’t be able to return to it, but he also knew that he had the chance to make a difference.

Day after day, they worked together. Korzak showed Daniel how to control his power, to master his transformation, and to understand what he needed to know in order to be a well-trained steed!