Daniel could hardly contain his excitement. He struggled to tie his shoes, feeling his fingers shake as they fumbled with the laces. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way, but then again, he was taking a big leap…

Daniel was only 19 years old, and like most teenagers, all he could think about was the sex he wasn’t having. He was still a virgin and uncomfortable around most men. He didn’t know why, but whenever he had the chance to act on anything, he clammed up and lost all confidence. He’d come close a few times, but not yet being old enough to drink, it was hard to meet interested partners.

He often retreated to his home and his computer at night, watching porn and jerking off — sometimes several times a day! Despite his anxiety, he loved the idea of meeting someone in a public place, becoming overwhelmed by desire and passion, and fucking right then and there. Gyms and locker rooms were often featured in the videos he watched, so he sought to find a cruisey gym like the ones he beat off to.

It took some digging to find, but he finally settled on the Adonis Fit. He’d heard it was a state of the art, men’s only facility with plenty of equipment, a pool, hot tubs, saunas, dedicated gym bunnies, and more importantly, an active cruising scene!

He signed up immediately, never even visiting the location. He was too scared to go in and run away that he thought locking himself into a contract would be the best way to guarantee he couldn’t chicken out. He was interested in getting fit regardless of his sexual desires, so he figured the worst case scenario was he ended up just going to the gym and exercising now and again…

Daniel packed up his gym bag and water bottle, fumbled through putting on his running shoes, and got on his bike. He tried to swallow the fear in his throat, but just kept drowning it with his water bottle instead. By the time he chained up his bike in the parking lot, he already needed to fill it back up!

Walking up, he was in awe of the gym’s exterior. It didn’t have the garish, industrial look he was used to seeing from more modern establishments, or the slick, modular design of some of the national chains. It seemed old and sturdy, like it had been there for a hundred years or more, built up with brick and stone. It had a clear, Grecian aesthetic with Ionic columns and carved, marble statues of beautiful men. Greenery surrounded the entrance, making it seem like he was stepping into an old, Roman bath house. It seemed no wonder why it was called the Adonis Fit…

As he entered the front, he turned to the main desk where a young, blond, muscular man greeted him with a bright smile. Daniel felt his palms getting sweaty, intimidated by his good looks and physique. He gave his name, and checked in, and then, as if the blond man knew of his nervous hands, he gave him a towel.

“Welcome to Adonis,” the man said, giving Daniel another warm smile. His look was a little longer than Daniel expected, making him wonder if he was being checked out. He felt his heart race and his cock tick up slightly. He started to get nervous, thanked the man, and walked away. He felt embarrassed and unsure of what to do, but reminded himself that moments like that were exactly why he was there in the first place!

As he continued to walk around the gym toward the locker room, he tried to regain his composure and play it off, but as if some cosmic joke were at play, the gym was laid out such that he had to walk through the spa before getting to the lockers.

He walked through the marked door and entered what could only be described as a masturbatory fantasy. Everywhere he looked, he saw beautiful, broad-chested, muscular men of all different heights, sizes, and colors; all walking around without a shred of clothing. Hairy men, smooth men, young men, older men, all interacting and moving about with their cocks swinging low in the warm, steamy air…

Daniel stood out with his shorts, shirt, and shoes, the only clothed individual in a crowd. He felt strangely exposed and on display, even without being undressed. He moved onward, following the signs toward the locker rooms.

It seemed to be that the spa area was different from the gym area in its clothing expectations. Everywhere he went, he saw naked men lounging, relaxing, and bathing. As he walked by the hot tub, he saw about a dozen men sitting in the hot water, steaming rising up and fogging up the glass walls. It was hard to see all that was happening, but his heart raced when he thought he saw someone giving another man a blowjob… Right there in front of everyone!

He kept walking, not wanting to be seen staring. He wasn’t even sure if it was real or just his horned up imagination, but it gave him hope that he’d made the right decision.

Daniel saw the entrance to the locker room, right next to the sauna. Even though it was a closed room, he felt the heat increase with each step he took. Once again, the room had a glass wall, a feature that Daniel questioned. He knew this was a cruisey place, but he imagined there must have been some attempt at privacy, but at that moment he remembered the Adonis was a men’s only gym… He guessed that would explain the openness of the changing facilities.

As he began to step into the locker room, his eyes caught a glimpse of the men inside the sauna. The hot air was thick inside with steam and rivulets of condensation dripped down the glass, but he could see it clearly as anything else; a man on all fours, sucking on a massive cock while being fucked from behind by another athletic man. There it was… Undeniable proof! This was the confirmation he needed. He’d arrived! This was his gym. This was how he was going to get laid.

He went inside the locker room, trying to hide the shock and excitement on his face while also trying to suppress the boner that was trying to pop up. He didn’t want to be “that guy” on his first day who perved on just anyone. He was still new, not just to the gym, but to the gay world as well. He didn’t know the protocol or behaviors expected in public engagement or sex.

He put his bag down on a bench and found an empty locker, putting his stuff away as he planned out his next move. He took off his clothes and changed into a jockstrap, preparing to do a normal exercise routine in the main gym. He didn’t think he needed to jump right into the sauna and hot tub on his first day out. He felt it best to get the lay of the land, observe, study, and see how things go down.

As he stripped naked, he noticed a few eyes pointing in his direction. Handsome men giving him a friendly look, some not so subtly checking out his package. He blushed, flattered by their attention, but also scared to make a fool of himself. He put on his jockstrap, hiding his genitals from any more sneak peeks, and grabbed his phone and empty water bottle, looking for a fountain with which to fill it.

Daniel found the locker room to be somewhat of a labyrinth of lockers, toilets, sinks, and showers. There weren’t designated areas for one particular thing, but rather little areas with access to everything. It made sense, making every part of the locker room feel like it was more private and personal. He figured that any given section would be able to comfortably take care of about 12 to 15 guys before it began with a new stretch of lockers and showers. Oddly enough, despite the repeating interior, he didn’t find any water fountains…

As Daniel began to think that all the water fountains must be in the main gym, he found one just past the next set of showers. He walked toward it, carefully looking around him to get his bearings and stealing glances of the muscular bodies showering up within the stalls.

One stall in particular had a handsome figure staring back outward toward him. He caught the man’s gaze, surprised. He didn’t know why someone would be looking out, unless… Maybe he was being invited?!

Daniel’s heart pounded in his chest again. He felt himself flush, sweat forming on his palms, in his pits, and down his bare back as he walked. He didn’t know what to do! As he looked at him more, he noticed that he was bent over, pressing himself against the sides of the stall he was in, moving slightly back and forth. Daniel continued closer, unable yet to see behind him…

Soon enough, Daniel was able to see he wasn’t alone. Another man was with him in the shower, holding onto his hips and fucking him!

Daniel was shocked, never having been so close to people fucking. He could see the new man’s raw cock sliding into the first one’s round, wet bubble butt again and again. Daniel felt the initial embarrassment rising, feeling like he was seeing something he wasn’t supposed to and had gotten caught. But then almost as soon as it arrived, he realized that wasn’t the case at all. He was supposed to see this! They wouldn’t be fucking in a public shower without a curtain if they wanted privacy!

Daniel looked again, his eyes moving from their genitals up to their faces, excited for the chance to see a real-life enactment of what he’d jerked off to so many times in private… But as his eyes met those of the second man, his face went pale.

There, pounding away like a warrior, was a handsome, bearded man with salt and pepper hair on his chin, crystal blue eyes… And two bone-colored horns on his forehead!

Daniel panicked. He didn’t know what to do. He knew he was seeing something outside this world, something unknown to him or others. Still, he couldn’t resist how turned on he felt! He couldn’t tell if it was just his natural horniness waking up or not, but ever since he stepped foot into the locker room, he felt his body responding to an intense sexual arousal. He’d chalked it up to seeing people fucking left and right, but now, staring into the eyes of the horned figure, he felt it rise to a new peak!

He looked down and saw his cock rise up instantly, raging at full force, stretching out his jock strap like it was the cloth of tent.

He rushed away, heading back to the bathroom stalls. He slipped away inside, closing the door behind him, and tried to catch his breath from his excited, aroused fear. He couldn’t make sense of what he saw, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how it made him feel. He wanted to get fucked, he wanted to be touched, and he wanted it from the horned stranger!

He pulled out his phone, loading up some of the porn sites he’d seen before, stroking his cock furiously as he imagined filling his hole with the horned man’s cock. As his hunger grew, he creeped his hand back to his ass, teasing and fingering himself, closing his eyes and getting lost in the fantasy. He wish he had the guts to walk over and present himself to him, but he was still terrified about losing his virginity. As he edged himself closer, desperately seeking relief from his massive erection, he wondered how it was that such a man could exist…