Nathan’s eyes felt heavy. He couldn’t tell how long he’d been asleep, but it seemed like a lifetime since the lids of his eyes had last split apart. It reminded him of a lazy morning. The kind where the curtains were drawn and no light creeped in to break him from his deep, dreaming slumber. He felt himself reclaim his consciousness, becoming weighted in reality his imagination drifted further from his perception.

He knew he should get up. Everything in his head told him it was time, but his eyes were like steel gates. It was too difficult, they were too stuck! He thought he’d start with something easier. An arm, maybe? No, still too difficult. A finger. As if the signal from his brain had to travel a long and uncharted path, several seconds of nothing passed before the tip of his finger wiggled.

He was surprised. It felt different. Lighter. Somehow as if it occupied less space. He rationalized it quickly. Of course. He was sleeping on his side. His arm was still asleep. He tried again. His finger wiggled, a little quicker this time. It was as if his brain finally now remembered the best path to his hand.

He still couldn’t open his eyes, but he could tell he was still in darkness. He jerked his leg a little, trying to turn himself over. It took some doing, but he managed to rock himself slightly. He felt something warm around him. It was thick and viscous, but did not leave him cold when his skin was exposed to the air. The sensation was alarming enough for Nathan to try and move more of his hand.

He placed a palm down, trying to give himself leverage, only to find he was surrounded by this substance. He thought he may have fallen asleep in a puddle of mud. He struggled to open his eyes again, but they seemed to ache as his muscles worked to function. It was a strange sensation, as if he was opening them for the first time. He pictured newborns emerging from the womb, trying with all their might to embrace the new light of the world. And as they shakingly came apart, he realized this moment was just as powerful as his birth…

Looking around, the fuzzy image became clearer as he saw himself bathed in a pale, blue light. Surrounding him was a large pool made of stone and earth. He was positioned in the center, completely naked and laying in what appeared to be several inches of this substance. It had a distinct smell to it, causing his heart to race and his muscles to awaken from their rest.

It was Theban cum. Gallons of it, filling the basin and coating him. As he rose, he felt it drip down off of his body. But as he reached to wipe it away, he noticed something even more startling than the bath of fluid he awoke from!

His body was thinner. He felt lighter as he moved his limbs. And as he looked around, he could tell he was smaller than before. He looked down at himself, feeling his chest and legs. It was all different. The harness had been removed and his bare flesh was smoother — softer. His hands moved to his neck and up to his ears, stopping as he came to his face.

He couldn’t breathe. His eyes were locked open in stunned shock. Slowly, his smaller fingers traced over his cheeks. His face was wider and fuller. His cheekbones were higher and his nose was smaller. His eyes seemed larger and more wide. His lips were round and soft. And as his hands moved higher, he almost let out a loud cry as he felt the hard, bony horns protruding from his forehead.

They were small, no bigger than young fawn’s. They had almost no texture, pristine and new. It was then that he realized what had happened. What all this was for. The ritualized breedings, the pain, the pleasure, and the bath… They’d changed him! They’d made him one of them. Something no longer human…

As he felt himself over, he found himself desperate to know all the ways in which he’d changed. His hands moved around to his back, feeling his narrow shoulders and lean torso. He felt around his buttocks, noticing how smooth and delicate they felt. He stopped again when he reached the small of his back, discovering a deeply rooted protrusion. It was short, narrow, and soft; like cartilage. It had smooth furs covering its surface, but Nathan knew what it was. A tail! A small, furry tail.

Nathan didn’t know quite what to make of this all. His head was spinning from his new body and the sensations it gave him. He could still feel the effects of the seminal liquid playing tricks on his senses. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. All he found himself able to do was look down and see his cock — his new cock — throbbing hard!

He didn’t know why he was aroused, but he found himself in a completely heightened state of desire. His exploration of his body had triggered his senses, making him aware of his new flesh and sensitivities. As much as he could tell he was in a smaller, younger form, he also felt a deep power…

It wasn’t strength like he’d known before. It wasn’t based in physics or muscles and matter. It was like he was connected to something big — something old. Something that had been there longer than the stone and the dirt beneath him. It excited and frightened him! But more than anything, it made him feel at home.

As he wrestled with his emotions, his hands worked their way to his shaft, tightening up on it as if it would spew out answers. But all it did was begin to leak a substance similar to the bath he’d awoken in…

As Nathan closed his eyes again, he lost himself in the new sensations that surged throughout his body. Each inch of his new cock connected to the rest of his muscles, giving a sensation of pleasure no longer limited to the end of his member. It was as if orgasmic reactions were occurring all over his body, from the soles of his feet up to the points of his ears. He’d never felt anything like it, and didn’t ever want it to end!

He was so caught up in his pleasure that he didn’t notice a figure emerging from the pool he’d come from. A handsome young man stood up from the Theban ooze, looking over his arms and legs in the same way that Nathan had done just moments before…

As Nathan began to breathe heavily, he opened his eyes to look down at himself, startled by the presence of what appeared to be another version of himself.

Nathan paused. He recognized his body, having spent time studying its shape and size. He recognized the same hands he’d worked hard to stir from sleep. The same legs that roused him. He also had the same cock he’d become intimately fixated upon!

The other Nathan looked at him with a similar degree of surprise and alarm. It didn’t make any sense. How were there two of him? The second Nathan stepped out of the bath, walking closer to the first timidly. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he’d not yet figured out how his tongue functioned in his mouth. At first Nathan tried to speak as well, but found himself struggling to find the words.

They locked eyes with each other, as if waiting for the other to break the silence. But before they could free one another from their shock, a third body emerged from the bath…

The second Nathan helped the third out of the bath as the first let go of his cock and stepped toward them. The three were identical in every way! Without saying anything, they came closer to one another, feeling each other’s bodies. It was clear that none of them understood what was going on.

It wasn’t until they found their way to each other’s horns that they realized that this was not a dream. They were, in fact, standing in front of each other as real to the others as they were themselves. Nathan, all three of them, now inhabiting separate, new bodies!

“… You’re up,” a voice echoed. The three Nathans looked around, trying to sense where the sound was coming from. Even with their new ears and heightened senses, they had a hard time discerning the path of the sound through the resonating cave chambers.

The first Nathan looked into a dark archway as a figure approached. As he stepped closer to the light in which they all stood, they could see that he was a tall, handsome, older man. Well, not man, exactly… While he had a man’s body, held up by two powerful, muscular legs, possessed a broad, toned chest and a massive cock, his ears were pointed and furred and his head sprouted two dark horns. They looked similar to those coming from Nathan’s forehead, only more yellowed and brown, as if colored from age…

The three Nathans looked at each other, as if hoping one of them had information the others did not. Sensing their shared ignorance, they looked back to the horned man. The first Nathan managed to get his mouth working and uttered out softly, “Who are you?”

It was a strange question to ask first, he thought to himself. He wanted to know so much more! What happened to him? Why is he in a new body? And were there three of him? But in the moment, all he could think about was the handsome stranger.

“Who I am is not as important as what I am here to teach you, Nathan. You’ve come a long way from the pond to be here with us. And now, you’re about to begin a chapter of your life.”

“Are we… Dead?” the second Nathan asked, looking up at the older satyr.

“It’ll take some time to understand, but what you are now is not bound to the mortal coil of man. While you cease to be of human life, you are not dead. In the imprecise words of your former world, today marks the day of your birth. You are made new. Made Theban.”

“Theban?” The third Nathan asked, puzzled. The three boys had never heard the term before, even though only one spoke this confused word.

“I will explain more in time,” the older satyr replied. “But for now, I see you’re aroused by something else.”

The three boys looked down. All blushed as they saw their cocks standing up at attention. Similar to the first Nathan, the other two had become engorged from the scent and presence of their Theban birthing fluid. Furthermore, since the older satyr had made himself known, the boys were charged up throughout their bodies, desperate to be touched — and to be fucked!

While they still had many questions, it seemed more important in that moment to indulge in the sensations of their new bodies. A wicked grin came across the older satyr as he saw the boys responding to their needs. It came over them like the urge to eat or the need to breathe. They all were alive with a sexual power stemming from the immortal force that connected them. It was undeniable and strong…

The boys stepped toward the older satyr, timidly but persistently wanting to be close to him. The horned man opened up his arms, welcoming them into his embrace. The three boys found their way into him, taking up space next to his chest and down by his cock. The three kissed him, licking and touching him; tasting him as they nursed on his body. One boy began sucking on his cock like a babe to a teat, while the others found purchase on the nipples of the man’s broad chest.

The older satyr held them close, feeling their bodies press close to his. Their legs wrapped around his, their arms exploring him all over. And as much as he appeared to be in control, their sexual urges overtook him.

As the boys found pleasure in their new bodies, they were surprised how connected they felt to one another. When one felt the hand of the older satyr, the others would get a similar sensation. So much so that it became hard to distinguish who was the one being pleased and who were simply the beneficiaries of their psychic connection.

They appeared confused and amused by this, prompting the older satyr to speak…

“As a young Theban, your bond to each other is still powerful. Your bodies and minds, while separate, stem from the same seed of humanity. The thing that makes you feel pleasure and pain is still strong, connecting you to each other. As you grow into your individual lives, that connection will lessen, but in its place will be the full power of a Theban.”

The boys continued to play with each other as well as the older satyr as he continued.

“The trinity of the Theban is unlike anything you’ll find on this earth. And I expect you’ll discover new and amazing things as you venture out on your own. But for now, I’m here to help guide you and teach you how. Think of me… As your father.”

The boys listened, but their arousal was stronger than anything they knew how to handle. They seemed equally as charged up by each other as the older Theban. Their hunger was insatiable, making them feel more beastly than human!

One after another, they took turns worshipping the older man’s cock, grinding on his body, and feasting on each other’s holes. The older man could see their furious desire peaking, leading him to grab the nearest boy he could and mounting him on all fours. He slid his cock deep inside him, pounding his erection hard into the boy’s prostate.

Even with their immortal power, the young Nathans were still smaller than the bigger satyr. Aggressively and passionately he brought each boy to the edge of climax purely by filling their holes, making all three moan in ecstasy as they approached finality! And with a hard, focused thrust, the older satyr filled the final boy up with his seed, sending him into a frenzy of pleasure…

The other boys felt it too, following their brother’s reactions with convulsions of their own. And before they could even come down from their high, the older satyr removed his cock from the first Nathan and began fucking the second.

He continued in this fashion until all three boys had been thoroughly fucked and bred. All three boys were exhausted and panting, their holes dripping with a load each while having psychically experienced each moment in triplicate.

The boys crawled toward one another, barely able to walk, but keen to check on each other. It was strange to look into each other’s eyes, but knowing that they were now unique, individual versions of themselves. Every moment they lived prior to the pool was shared, but every breath since belonged solely to that of the Nathan who took it.

A moment of solemnity came over them as they caught their individual breaths, realizing that they would not always be together in this way. It seemed impossible at first that they could exist in this fashion, but now it seemed almost painful to think they’d set out apart from one another…

Before they could even reconcile this new feeling, they watched as the older satyr rose up and began to walk away into the cave.

“Where are you going?” asked the first Nathan.

The older man turned and looked back. “My boys… You make me so proud, but I alone am not responsible for your education.”

He turned back to the cave as another figure approached them. Their father satyr nodded to the stranger, continuing on into the dark as the new man came forward.

“Who are you? Asked the second Nathan, catching his breath and lifting himself up.

“Come with me, boys. You’re going to need to learn what it means to be a Theban before you venture out.”

“Why can’t we just stay here?” asked the third Nathan, looking to his brothers with longing and concern.

“You’ll understand soon. We’re not meant to hide in caves. We’re meant to explore the world — our world. Follow me… There’s more to enjoy than just this small room.”

The satyr gestured for them to follow him. He took them through a long path away from the pool that they’d come out of. The boys stayed close to each other, looking to each other for assurances they knew they couldn’t provide. Each knew the others knew as little as themselves, but their bond still led them to each other for hope.

As they walked, they could feel their father’s seed moving inside them, absorbing into their bodies with each step they took. They found themselves missing him, despite only having known him for a moment. It was a strange bond, but it felt as natural to them as their beating hearts. Perhaps this was part of being a Theban. Deep, emotional connections and a desire to be together.

As they moved deeper into the cave, the boys found themselves once again turned on. It was uncanny! Their own cocks were still wet from orgasm and yet a surge of energy came over them as if they hadn’t cum in weeks.

“Do you feel that?” the second Nathan asked to the first, fully aware that they all felt the same thing.

“I’m not complaining,” the third said, touching his cock as he walked, feeling it get harder.

“It’s a natural side effect of being around other Thebans,” the older satyr replied, answering their questions without waiting to be asked.

The boys looked around. “Where are they?”

The older Theban laughed and said, “It’s you!”

The boys didn’t understand right away, but as he continued, it made sense.

“Your pheromones are the most powerful in nature. You let them off without even knowing it. I can sense them just as you can. And yours are very intense! Part of maturing will mean learning how to control it. Otherwise you could cause absolute chaos wherever you go…”

“Sounds fun to me,” the third Nathan smirked.

“As much fun as it may be, it will require some degree of responsibility. You can’t take on every charge you find, and you can’t reveal what you are to those who aren’t ready to know. You have to keep your power in control. And we’re here to help you with that!”

“We?” the second Nathan asked.

Just then, the boys found themselves being led into a much larger room, filled with Thebans of all shapes and sizes. They were all beyond handsome, each possessing their own set of horns on their heads.

They all had an eager expression on their faces, sporting massive, hard cocks between their strong legs. The scent of the room was woody and full of the pheromones they’d picked up earlier.

“What’s going on here?” the first Nathan asked.

“When you boys set off your pheromones, every mortal and immortal creature around you will respond. All of them have picked up on your intoxicating scent.”

“What are we supposed to do?” the second Nathan asked.

The older satyr turned to them, showing them his giant, hard cock. “Take your fill!”

The boys hardly had to wait. They rushed at him with all they had. Their raging hard cocks and tight, wet holes were at full force, aching to enjoy the cornucopia of Theban cocks. One after another the boys moved from man to man, sucking and fucking, bounding around like pinballs desperate to be knocked back and forth. As one was getting bred, another was on his knees blowing a massive cock while the other was topping a horned daddy.

Hours seemed to pass as they continued to fuck. And as they moved from one person to the next, they found themselves more and more focused on their individual pleasure. The sensations they felt from their siblings got lost in the intensity of their own satisfaction, and before they knew it, they could no longer feel what the others could feel…

Each looked on with delight, watching almost voyeuristically as their brethren kept fucking and sucking, no longer connected as they had in those moments immediately after their birth. But before they could take the time to mourn the loss of this connection, they felt themselves come close to erupting with other pleasures.

Just as the first Nathan felt himself burst from cum, the others looked at him, stunned to watch his reaction without being a part of that feeling. They knew their own moment was coming, but it was the first time they’d cum apart.

The first Nathan began to catch his breath, feeling the satyr fucking him withdraw his massive, hard cock. He needed a second to recover, but found his relief delayed as his leg was lifted up by the strong arm of an even bigger beast.

He looked up and saw the mighty minotaur had returned. His tall, broad body was almost dwarfed by the span of his epic horns. His bull-like face projected intense sexual virility and power, making subdued young man tremble with fear. He didn’t know how his body would withstand the force of the mighty beast’s cock, remembering how it nearly tore him apart when he was a mortal…

Nonetheless, the large monster plunged himself deep into the young satyr, filling his guts with his enormous cock. Nathen let out a cry of pain and pleasure, looking to his siblings to see if they felt what he felt. They looked on in excited anticipation, curious to see how Nathan would handle the giant member.

Nathan could tell he was still putting off his pheromones, sending the minotaur into a sexual aggression that nearly shattered him. He was fucked so intensely that he could hardly sense his own weight or gravity. He rocked around with his eyes rolling back into his head. He felt pleasure, but was unable to fully grasp all that was happening. He tried his best to focus, but found himself barely able to concentrate on anything more than the pressure in his anus.

As he concentrated, he locked deep into his mind and found himself focusing on his body, trying to keep himself contained and together. As he did, he felt his body become quieter and calmer. His flesh seemed less charged than before and his loins didn’t seem as agitated or stirred.

As this continued, he found the bull inside of him fucking less aggressively, as if responding to his thoughts and his body. It was then that he realized what was happening. He was controlling himself! He was controlling his pheromones. As turned on as he was, he wasn’t setting everything off as intensely as he had.

Once he was able to relax, he enjoyed the girthy fucking of the horned beast, feeling himself in control of the moment and his body. As he looked around, he could see his brother’s, too, starting to lessen the intensity of their fucking. And without their psychic bond, they all managed to come to the same realization about their power…

Nathan felt himself edging closer to cumming again. His insides ached, practically torn apart by the hours of amazing sex. But he could tell that even his immortal body could not withstand much more. His eyes looked off into the distance as he came close to orgasm, locking with a set of eyes in the distance of the cave. As he focused, he saw it was the eyes of his father satyr, looking on in the background.

Nathan wondered how long he’d been there, watching them all get gangbanged by the legion of satyrs. But before he could linger on the thought too long, he felt himself explode with a load of cum that was unlike any he’d ever experienced! As if the sight of father was more than he could bear, his Theban cum poured out of him like a geyser, leaving him and the bull covered in semen. With that, the bull similarly climaxed, leaving Nathan’s insides coated in the mythical cum.

As each boy’s body was reduced to a pool of post-coital flesh and breath, their paternal satyr collected them, bringing them together, allowing them the chance to rest on his body as they regained their strength. The remaining satyrs continued to fuck in the background, dispersing as the thick pheromonal cloud drifted and their own desires were met. Before long, the three boys were left panting on the older satyr’s limbs and chest, letting time pass as they came to find peace.

They closed their eyes, nuzzling into their father, feeling loved and bonded like never before. As much as they enjoyed their chaotic fuck fest, there was something comforting about knowing that this man was always there looking out for them, making sure they were okay. Even when they didn’t know he was there…

Hours passed before any of the boys dared stir from the cuddle puddle they had formed. It all seemed so perfect, and yet they knew deep down it couldn’t last forever.

The first Nathan arose, looking to the others. He saw them opening their eyes in response. Their father opened his eyes as well, in complete bliss having his boys close to him.

“I suppose it’s time,” he said, his deep masculine voice breaking the silence of the caves. It echoed far, but seemed to resonate primarily in the heart of his boys.

They didn’t know what it was time for, but they knew they were at a precipice, about to leave this moment and begin a new chapter. They were anxious, but looked to the older satyr for guidance.

“What now?” the second Nathan asked.

“You’ve learned how to control your urges,” the older satyr began, “and seen what happens when they’re out of control. And while it might be fun, it’s important that you walk the world making decisions for yourself and not relying on the decisions of others… Even each other.”

He turned away to a hollow in the wall, retrieving what appeared to be three sets of clothes. He presented them to the boys who each, in turn, grabbed a top and bottom.

As they dressed, the older satyr continued, “I can’t tell you where to go or what to do, but I can only advise you to be careful and cautious as you interact with mortals. You’ll want to love them and make them into your own Prometheans, but you must be sure to choose wisely who you make a part of your family. You’ll need to take this journey on your own, without me and without each other, carving your own path and finding your own place in the world.”

“Can we ever return?” the second Nathan asked. The older satyr smiled and brought him in close, hugging him tightly. The boy held him tightly back, wishing he could strip off his human clothes and stay in that embrace forever.

“One day,” the older satyr replied. “When you’ve walked as far as you can walk and seen all you can see, then you can return here. And then you’ll be reunited with me and your brothers, completing the trinity and reaching your full Theban potential.”

The boys looked at each other, knowing this was likely the last time they’d see each other for some time. They came in close, hugging each other, and feeling, for a instant, what it was like to be as connected as they were at the moment of their birth. As they split apart, the space between them practically made their skin ache…

The older satyr led them back out the the path from whence they came, leading them closer to the light of day with each step. Their eyes struggled to adjust to the increasing light, aware that they’d not seen the sky in a long, long time. As the fresh air filled their lungs, it gave them a sense of journey and adventure that shook them of their fears and anxiety. They felt stronger — bigger — able to take on whatever came their way!

The older satyr stopped at the cave entrance, directing them out into the world. The boys continued on, walking past the temple marking and statues into the woods. It was the first time Nathan had seen just where he was, but knew in his heart that he would never forget where this was, and nor would either of his brothers.

The boys gave each other one final look, nodding to each other, before turning to face the different directions. With the cave entrance to the south of them, the first Nathan went north, the second went east, and the third went west. With each foot step, they could feel themselves continuing to grow even further apart. Everything the others saw was unique to them and unlike what was seen by their brothers. Every rock, every tree, every bird… It was all different.

Each boy would set out on a life that was his own, but he’d always remember where he came from and his brothers out in the world. It was only a matter of time before they were connected again. And being immortal, time was on their side…