The cave was cool and dark with only the slightest light from the outside world sneaking in its opening. The narrow aperture quickly became insignificant as Bishop carried Nathan deeper. His path was dotted with torches on the walls, doing what little they could to warm and light the inky black recesses of the ancient space.

Further and further they went, going down into the earth; to places that had not seen a mortal man in over a millennia. The ground held secrets of the past, trapping them in the soil and protecting them from the ever changing and forgetful surface.

Every so often, Bishop could hear footsteps and breathing echoing in the cave. Signs of life just beyond himself and his ward. He did not retreat or slow. He knew what lived down in the dark of this space, and what they wanted…

In the pale glow of the fires Bishop stepped down toward a widening space. It was free of stalagmites and stalactites, making it feel much like entering the mouth of some titan beast. Instead, it served as a resting spot for the Theban and his Promethean-to-be.

Bishop laid Nathan down on the soft dirt floor, careful to place him delicately onto his back. The young man had been through several physical ordeals and Bishop was keen to shepherd him through everything yet to come.

While Nathan laid with his eyes closed, Bishop walked around the wide space, moving between the forms in the ground to pull out candles kept in their place. The wax was old and brittle, having lit the way for many transformations. One by one, Bishop used the flame of a torch to bring each to life, giving them and the cavern a new life. Shadows danced on the walls as he began, only to see retreat into the darkness and be replaced with an amber glow.

When he was complete, he returned to Nathan, still expecting to see him lying unconscious as he had been for so long. But the young man was awake now, he lifted his torso up, watching as the horned figure moved among the pillars and flames.

“Is this hell?” Nathan asked, stunned and confused. Bishop realized the optics of the moment were a little strange for a modern man like Nathan. Waking from a long sleep to find yourself in a fire-lit cave with a horned figure had taken on new meaning since his time…

“No,” Bishop replied, coming closer to sit with him. “Nothing like that.”

“Where am I?”

“This place? It’s the womb of creation… The beginning of life. It’s the place where my kind first stepped out and into the sun.”

Nathan was confused, disoriented by the lost time and the strange location, but he did not panic. He looked into Bishop’s eyes and found an unusual sense of peace within him. Something inside him recognized him as being someone he could trust. Someone he knows was there to protect him. It made no rational sense, but he knew it to be true.

“You’re not like me… Are you?”

Bishop smiled. “No one is like you, Nathan. You’re special. Truly unique… I knew it from the moment I saw you, I knew I had to make you mine!”

“Am I now? Yours, I mean.”

“You’re not a prisoner here, if that’s what you’re asking. You’re my guest.”

Nathan shook his head, still confused. “But… I feel different. My body is… It feels different.”

Bishop put his hand to his chin and looked him in the eye. “You’re going through changes. You’re about to become something beautiful… A Promethean of my creation.”

Nathan had heard the term before, but he didn’t quite grasp what it meant. How could he? The world of the Prometheans was ancient and dense; it was all beneath the surface of what he thought he knew.

Hearing that he was going to change hit him for a moment. He didn’t have words. He didn’t know what to think. The news was frightening and sudden, but deep down, he knew Bishop would look after him.

“I’m scared,” he muttered, looking up at the bearded satyr.

“I know,” he replied. “But I’ve got you now. You’re safe with me.”

Bishop moved closer to him and gave him a hug. The broad chest of the Theban cradled Nathan’s head like a babe. Nathan could feel the warmth of Bishop’s flesh. He could hear the steady beating of his heart beneath his thick, furred muscles. He could feel it begin to beat faster, responding to the boy being so close and held so intimately.

Nathan felt his body begin to tingle being so close to the muscled man. He looked up at him and saw this handsome, protective, affectionate being and couldn’t explain any of what was happening. All he could think to do was to lean his head up and kiss him.

Bishop moved a hand to the back of Nathan’s head, slowly caressing the nape of his neck as his lips pressed against the boy’s. He ran the other hand along his back, feeling his strong spine down to his bare buttocks. Nathan was truly remarkable. He was undoubtedly meant for great things. Bishop wanted to be there for him in every way possible.

As they kissed, Nathan felt his cock growing hard. His hands moved over Bishop’s broad shoulders and massive muscles, feeling his power and strength. Everything about Bishop was arousing and comforting. And he wanted more of him!

The two felt the warmth of the candles excite their flesh, stirring up their desires and making them desperate for one another. Their kissing quickly turned into making out, as their hands set themselves on a mission to claim one another. Bishop felt his own cock extend out, becoming hard and full of passion. “What could another load hurt?” He thought to himself. Besides, Bishop was just one of many who would come to know Nathan’s body.

Bishop caught his breath as he watched his seed melt on Nathan’s body. The boy’s chest moved up and down to catch the air, well worn and used by the horny satyr. Nathan laid on his back, his hands caressing Bishop’s leg, never wanting to let him go.

The cave echoed with the sounds of their fucking. The smell of sex and semen even permeated the darkest recesses of the cave. Little did Nathan know how potent and alluring these would be; but for Bishop, it was exactly what he’d hoped for.

As the young man’s breathing relaxed, he could hear more than just the sound of their shared breath. From a distance, he could hear what sounded like footsteps coming closer. Footsteps of more than one creature, and definitely not human! Each thud had a weight and a heft that seemed more like that of a monster. He wanted to sit up and look around, but his body was still weak from the intense pounding Bishop had given him.

On his back, he looked up at the ceiling and saw three shadows stretch out, one for each figure that entered the cave that the two men inhabited. The figures came towards him, leaned over and looked at him. He could faintly see their faces in the dim candlelight.

None of them were familiar, beyond the horns on their heads. They were satyrs like Bishop. It was then that he realized that more of these magical beings had emerged from the darkness of the cave. They were all handsome like Bishop. Muscular, bearded, and looking at him with lustful, loving eyes.

Bishop knew his brothers would come once they sensed the presence of his mortal bottom. It was only right that they see what he found… And experience him for themselves.

Nathan felt the foreign hands pass over his body. They felt his skin and caressed his tired muscles. The three-handed massage put him into a hypnotically calm state. He trusted Bishop and he knew Bishop was there to protect him, so he trusted the new Thebans.

Their desire was clear as Nathan gazed up on their swollen cocks, each as big and veiny as Bishop’s. The horned men gradually moved their hands from his smooth chest and stomach between his legs; feeling his warm, wet, and worn hole. It was still dripping with Bishop’s cum.

One figure ran his finger over his sphincter, circling its tight, thick, muscled hole. It felt good to be handled so delicately. The satyr kept his eyes locked on Nathan’s watching his expression as he probed his most sensitive spot. Another took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly, feeling its silky smooth skin in its grip, sliding carefully over the head of his penis, watching it as it grew harder in his palm. The third stroked his own cock, watching his brothers ready the young man for the fuck of his life.

Nathan laid back, letting go of his stress and worries and enjoying the attention and affection of the satyrs surrounding him. He could have been there for eternity as their loving plaything, constantly getting fucked and massaged. Everything was bliss… Until he heard thudding footsteps coming closer.

The ground beneath him vibrated as something else approached. The footsteps of the three satyrs were nothing in comparison to what he felt and heard. The cave nearly quaked, but neither Bishop or his satyr siblings seemed worried.

Bishop looked on, stroking his cock, aware of who and what had arrived. He heard the grunting breaths of the creature behind him, stepping closer with heavy movements. In the light of the candles, Bishop could see the candles catching on the metal ring of the bull’s nose before the large beast’s figure became visible to the group.

The minotaur stood about 8 feet tall, he even towered over a muscle god like Bishop! His chest was as wide as the entire satyr, covered with a thick, coarse hair that was closer to fur than anything else. His large, dark nipples were pierced with a similar ring to what hung between his large nostrils. They bounced as he moved, thrust up by the inertia of his massive frame moving through the space.

The large horns on his head were as pronounced as those of a steer, jutting out from each side of his head. His ears hung beneath, kicking and twitching as they listened closely to the moans of the young mortal.

Nathan looked up and his eyes widened, impressed by the sheer size of the beast. He was like a mix of Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan; all wrapped up in a carnal, bestial, god of sex and strength. He saw his heavy cock hanging between his legs. A perfectly thick, dark specimen of sexual prowess, held up by an enormous, weighted sack. Each testicle was the size of Nathan’s fist, a thought that only aroused the boy even more!

Bishop stepped out of the way as the giant moved closer, yielding to him seemingly both out of deference as well as permission. Bishop watched as the bull moved in on Nathan’s significantly smaller body, eager to witness what would come next…

The other satyrs moved aside, standing around the cave at four points with Bishop. Each one of the horned gods stroked their cocks, watching as the minotaur behemoth ran its massive hand over Nathan’s body. It was easily twice the size of a baseball mitt by at least double. Each finger was the size of a sausage and about as strong as a human man’s arm. As big as the brute was, he was careful not to be too rough with Nathan. Clearly, he was not the first mortal to be brought into this cave!

The bull lifted Nathan up, standing him up on his feet. Nathan was barely up to his nipples, standing at chest level as he looked upon the ferocious god. He couldn’t believe such a being existed. He was truly in awe! The bull looked at him with kind eyes, smiled and let out a soft grunting breath as if to say, “you’re going to be alright.”

The bull sat on the ground, taking Nathan between his legs with his back to the beast’s chest. The minotaur ran his hands over Nathan’s legs, feeling their smooth, human texture. When he got to his ankles, he lifted them up, cradling Nathan in his groin, opening his body up to the others in the room. Nathan could feel the massive cock beneath him, as big and broad as an eggplant. It pulsed with blood, growing harder as it practically kept him up off the ground.

Nathan looked up at the minotaur, seeing it tower over him like a statue. He was held tightly, but not uncomfortably. He looked over to Bishop, whose eyes sparkled in the candle light, completely taken with what he was seeing. His boy — his beautiful boy — in the grip of the beast, and ready and willing to be fucked.

Each satyr stepped up, circling the boy’s body. They looked up at the minotaur, waiting for his signal. One by one, they got the nod from the great beast and mounted themselves between Nathan’s legs. The minotaur held him in place, keeping his legs apart as they pushed their hard cocks into his body.

Nathan moaned with pleasure as he was penetrated, feeling the tough, strong flesh of the bull behind him. He was so big and so strong that he seemed completely unmovable as the others fucked hard into him. The bull absorbed every pounding that Nathan took without flinching or swaying. It was as if he was as permanent and strong as the earth itself!

One after the other, the satyrs cocks slid inside, dripping their potent seed into his hole…

The last satyr stirred up the cocktail of semen inside Nathan’s body as he entered him. Nathan had never taken so many loads before, but he was overwhelmed with pleasure and pride at the thought of being used by so many of these immortals gods.

The final satyr was as handsome as all the others; with a shaved head and long white beard. He worked Nathan’s hole over his cock expertly. He slid past his tight ring, milking out his superior seed. His muscled legs pumped into him like a piston, plunging as deep into his ass as the cave itself.

Nathan watched as the bull looked on, feeling his arousal on his back, dripping pre-cum beneath him as the bearded satyr worked to fuel his insides with his deposit.

Nathan felt his prostate tighten, pummeled from the constant force of the satyrs fucking him over and over. He had not yet cum, but could feel the eruption approaching. As the last satyr dug into him deep, he could feel his orgasm approaching. The satyr seemed to sense this as well, feeling the tightening of the boy around his shaft. He picked up the speed, fucking harder and faster, slamming the boy’s body against the bull’s. With a final thrust, he shot his load deep into Nathan’s body.

That final thrust was more than Nathan could handle. He felt his insides burst like a balloon as his cock sprayed his stomach with his cum. He cried out loud, sending a yelp throughout the cave’s walls, no doubt echoing for miles around. He trembled and shook as the last drop of his load left his shaft, feeling the searing heat of the satyr’s load mixing with the rest.

The satyr slowly retreated, pulling his cock out of the boy’s hole, taking a substantial amount of the mixed seed with it. The crown of his head was covered in the white substance. The floral scent of the semen cut through the air like a knife, getting inside Nathan’s nostrils and filling his lungs. It was like an instant high… Not only was he filled with the magical substance, but it filled his head as well!

The satyr ran his finger over his cock, picking up some of the mixture. He brought it up to Nathan’s open mouth as the boy gasped for air, recovering from his intense orgasm. The horned man ran it over his bottom lip, making it glossy as the cum melted in the heat of his breath. Nathan couldn’t resist taking a taste, feeling the silky liquid drip into his mouth.

He tasted absolute pleasure. The history and power and culture of the Thebans was in every drop. He swore he could smell the ancient forests and fields. He could feel the old sun on his skin. He could hear every creature and Theban living in harmony and peace. It wasn’t just the sweet, salty taste of ejaculate he experienced… It was so much more! Something he didn’t have the words to describe.

His head buzzed with thoughts and emotions, unable to comprehend this magic. His flesh buzzed and he closed his eyes. He could hear the wailing of the wind in the cave, much more than he had before. He could hear the breath of the satyr behind him, as well as the thunderous beating of his heart. His ears were bombarded with these sounds, making his head almost hurt with a burning, pulsing feeling.

The tips of his ears felt like electricity shooting through them, sparking and firing from the cartilage beneath. He was sure they were on fire; but when he touched them, he felt only a strange, new shape… They were pointed and furred… Like that of an animal!

It was the change… Bishop had mentioned it, but he never knew what it meant. This was it! This was the change he’d talked about. He didn’t know what exactly that meant… Would he  become like the satyrs or the minotaur? He didn’t know for sure, but he knew he was no longer a part of the human world. That taste of the seed, like the bite of Eden’s apple, changed him. He was now connected to a world and history older and greater than what the advanced primates had managed to cobble together.

He looked up at the bull, looking for some sign of assurance. He could see the bull smiling, his eyes full of love and pride. He knew… He knew this would happen!

The giant lifted himself up, putting Nathan on his feet. The boy could barely stand after all he’d endured. But despite that, he felt stronger and more powerful than ever before. His muscles felt like they’d been supercharged, his senses were heightened; and to his shock, he was already horny for more!

The bull put a massive hand on Nathan’s shoulder. Then the other on the other. With a gentle push, the bull guided him onto all fours. Nathan knew what was coming now. He was terrified and eager at the same time. Taking four cocks back to back would seem like nothing compared to this beast. But he was eager to give himself completely.

Nathan felt the massive cock rest between his cheeks. It was so big that it practically eclipsed his entire ass. His heart raced and sweat dripped down his temples. With his animal ears, he could hear the bull breathing heavier, grunting, building up excitement for his penetration.

Nathan’s fingers clung to the earth, bracing himself for the massive monster. As the tip of the bull’s cock pressed against his hole, he felt the burning resistance of the size difference. Even after the continuous fucking he endured, he was still not completely opened up for the giant member.

He took deep breaths, focusing all his energy on relaxing and opening his abused hole. The bull was persistent, but not hasty. He knew what he was giving the young bottom. He went slow, keeping his hard cock as close as he could.

Nathan could feel the tip of his cock resting in the reservoir of his hole, barely inside him. He worried that it might not fit, starting to doubt himself. He took another deep breath, feeling his lungs fill to their full capacity with air. He held it for a second, trying hard to psych himself up… And then, as he slowly released the air from his lungs, he felt himself stretch as the monster cock moved inside him.

His eyes went wide and he let out a shallow gasp, feeling himself full like never before. The mixture of semen helped move the minotaur deeper inside him, massaging his insides like a hand working its way into a glove.

The penetration was so thick and so deep that Nathan’s cock leaked out pre-cum like it was actually ejactulate. A stream of liquid spewed out, falling on the floor of the cave.

The bull felt a grip on his cock so tight that each move he made was an intense sensation nearing climax. Each micro-movement was an intense, rough fuck to the young Promethean. He moved his truck-wide hips back and forth, gingerly fucking Nathan, careful not to break him apart.

Nathan cried out in pain and pleasure, desperate to get one last load deep within him. As the bull’s giant hands held his hips, he could feel the pulsing of the mammoth cock. Nathan focused his attention again on his gaping hole, trying hard to tighten his muscles around it as it moved.

With expert precision, his ass closed down on the tip of the bull’s cock, milking it as it moved inside him. With a sudden, deep, painful jerk, the minotaur thrust himself into Nathan’s body, letting out a beastly growl. Nathan had not heard a sound like it in his life. It shook the walls of the cave, bringing small rocks down from their resting place in the earth. Nathan felt like a hose had unleashed inside his body. The giant’s hot semen shot inside him, practically pushing him off the tip of the beast’s meat.

The satyrs nearby, all stroking their cocks, erupted as well, spraying the floor with more of their immortal load. Nathan, too, felt his cock burst with cum, pushed out manually by the intense climax of the minotaur. It seemed impossible that this tremor and explosion would not be felt by the outside world, no doubt confusing it for an earthquake or explosion.

But just as soon as it came, the moment passed. There in the cave, the satyrs, the minotaur, and Nathan, all collapsed under the weight of their pleasure…