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Daniel is only 19 years old, and like most teenagers, all he can think about is the sex he isn’t having. He’s still a virgin and uncomfortable around most men. He doesn’t know why, but whenever he gets the chance to act on anything, he always clams up as he loses all his confidence. He often retreats to his home and his computer at night, watching porn and jerking off — sometimes several times a day!

Despite his anxiety, he loves the idea of meeting someone in a public place, becoming overwhelmed by desire and passion, and fucking right then and there! Gyms and locker rooms are often featured in the videos he watches, Seeking to a find a cruisy gym like the ones he beat off to, he joins the Adonis Fit. When finally begins his exploration, he sees something that changes his entire view of the world and himself…

Unable to shake the erotic memory from his mind, he goes on pursuit of the handsome, mysterious, horned figure. With this singular fixation, he opens himself in ways he could have never done before!