Alex looked around the dark basement dungeon. It was surprisingly warm and comfortable, once you got past the feeling of being trapped. He looked over at Eddie, still looking handsome in his beastial form. His eyes were closed, now just pressed black slits on his furry face. Their love making was intense and passionate, and thoroughly exhausting. Being separated even for a day seemed so painful, that when they finally were reunited, all they wanted was to be like one flesh.

Eddie’s chest rose and fell, taking quick, shallow breaths. Every now and then, little twitches or fidgets would happen on his arm or leg. Alex thought he might be dreaming. He watched to try and see if he could tell if it was pleasant or bad. Who knows what Eddie has been through. What he’s seen and experienced before he came to meet him. What this man had done to him. He wished he could step into his dreams, block out all the bad and show him nothing but love.

Instead, he kept guard, sitting beside him, running his hand on his back as he slept, waiting for the man to return.

He wasn’t sure what he’d do. Perhaps he’d rush the door when he came, pushing past him, trying to squeeze through the narrow opening, pulling Eddie behind him. Maybe he’d have to fight him. He tried to game it out in his head, trying to remember how big and strong he seemed.

He felt his fist clench, as if he was ready to punch through the wall at the thought of him. But just as he felt his tension build, he saw the dark eyes of Eddie open up and reflect back at him.

“How long was I asleep?”

“I don’t know. Twenty minutes maybe. I kind of lost track of time, myself.” He ran his hand along Eddie’s face, watching his tired smile perk up and his ears lift. He felt their soft fur, watching him rise from his nap.

“When did–I mean, have you always been like this?”

Eddie leaned up, looking off toward the light. “No. I used to be like you. Like everyone else. But then one day in high school, something happened. I don’t know what, but I felt this change come over me. I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t know what it was.”

“Were you scared?”

“Terrified. It seemed like a nightmare! I didn’t know who to talk to or where to go for help. I assumed people would think I’m crazy or a monster. I kept it a secret, trying to stay hidden and unseen. Tried to even predict when the change would happen. …Eventually my family found out. They were terrified, too.”

“What happened?”

“They didn’t know what to do, either. I can’t say I blame them. So… I left. Or rather… I was asked to leave.”

“That’s awful. Those assholes! Where did you go?”

“I wandered around a bit. There are more homeless teens than you’d think. I moved around from place to place, but I couldn’t stay too long. I didn’t want people to see what I was. That’s when Hercules found me.”


“Hercules. The guy who has you trapped here? Or kidnapped you?”

“It’s not… exactly, like that.”

“Does he hurt you?”

“No! …Well, not intentionally.”

“What do you mean? What’s going on here?”

“You have to understand. I had no one. Nowhere. Hercules has kept me safe, kept me fed, and has helped me in a lot of ways. He really does want what’s best for me. And sometimes that just means keeping me secure here.”

“This is insane! You have someone. Somewhere. You can come home with me! I’ll take care of you!”

“I can’t be in your world the way you want me to be. We’ll never have a normal life.”

“We could try! If this place is so great, why did you run away? Why were you out on the street?”

“…I’m just wild, I guess.”

The two continued to talk, Alex trying to understand what was happening, unaware that Hercules car had returned to the house. They were so deep, they did not hear the hum of the engine or the closing of the car door.

It wasn’t until they heard footsteps echoing around the dungeon that they realized he’d returned. Eddie’s ears perked up while Alex stared intently at the closed door.

He waited, breath held tightly in his chest, knowing that he was going to have to do something brave to get out of here. To get them both out.

“Eddie… I know this is confusing, but I need you to do as I say. When the door opens, I need you to run as fast as you can.”

Eddie looked at Alex and nodded meekly.

As the door began to quake and move, Alex pounced forward. He needed to take the man by surprise, knowing he’d never expect an attack of this kind.

The door moved slowly, revealing Hercules large, muscular body little by little. Alex knew he had the physical advantage, but he had to move.

It was all so fast. Alex looked into Hercules eyes as he came close, seeing the handsome man fully for the first time. Eddie was close behind him, running toward the door with him. The two boys split Hercules, moving past him on either side. The man seemed to have no time to react and understand what was happening as they slipped through. And yet, to Alex’s surprise, he felt a tug on the back of his shirt.

His speed was cut short as he was caught in the older man’s grip. It seemed impossible that he could grab him that fast. He looked forward, hoping to see Eddie continue forward, only to see the dark, empty bedroom he’d come through to find their hidden chamber.

Hercules had them both, one caught in either hand.

Hercules brought them back into the dungeon, dragging them along as Alex tried to fight. Eddie, however, seemed resigned to his recapture. Hercules let go of Alex just short of Eddie’s bed. Alex watched, trying to make sense of why Eddie did not fight back.

Hercules was a handsome man with jet black hair, a square jaw, a broad frame, and a strong, stoic manner. Eddie looked up at him with such awe and respect. He could understand why. Under any other circumstance, Hercules was a total adonis–a beautiful specimen of a strong man.

Hercules took off his shirt, an act that seemed to immediately arouse Eddie. Eddie was not angry or upset or scared. He seemed to want him. Alex tried to make sense of this, but found himself unable to move, focused solely on watching his lover become enticed by his captor.

The older man had a smooth, toned body and dark, prominent nipples on each of his pecs. His stomach was perfectly carved, leading down to his waist and crotch. Eddie moved closer to him, sniffing him as he moved his mouth around him, landing his mouth on one of his nipples to lick and suck.

Alex found himself getting aroused, feeling his cock harden in his pants. He moved his hand down to feel it, both in disbelief and excitement. He looked down to see the rise in his crotch, seemingly bigger and more intense than ever. When he looked back up, he saw Hercules watching him now.

Hercules gave him a long, intense look without saying a word. His gaze seemed to pierce through Alex’s guards and defenses, moving right into his core. The man seemed to be inviting him, calling him to join them.

Alex felt his lips tingle and his mouth water, becoming desperate to taste the handsome man. He stepped forward, slowly and shyly, following Hercules’ gaze. When he got closes, Hercules let out a small smile and nod, as if to say, “Go ahead.” And with that, Alex knelt down and began to suckle on his other nipple, just as Eddie was, taking the full, meaty muscle into his mouth…

Alex couldn’t believe what just happened. He felt his body shake and tremble from the intense fucking he’d just received. Hercules’ body glistened with a beautiful display of sweat on his chest and stomach. The light seemed to carve out his muscles even more, exaggerating their perfect form.

He looked over at Eddie, his adorable, lovable raccoon. He seemed completely spent. Tired and exhausted even more than before. Understandably. It was, after all, the second time he’d come in the last couple hours. Who knows? Maybe even more before he’d arrived.

He tried to understand how he’d come to be in Hercules’ thrall, feeling his semen drip out of his asshole. It felt powerful, primal, and potent. It also seemed to surge through him. He knew it wasn’t possible, but it was like he’d just gotten stronger, taller, and more energetic. He also seemed to want to get fucked again and again! Eddie took another nap, leaving Hercules and Alex somewhat alone.

Alex started to put his clothes back on, stealing glances at Hercules’ cock, still hard and covered in his jizz. He watched Alex carefully, studying him, seeming to take an assessment of him. Alex felt awkward not saying anything and was still confused by their surroundings. As he put his pants on, he spoke.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Hercules. But you knew that.”

“No, but–who are you? Why do you keep Eddie here?”

“Trust me, son. It’s for the best.”

“What does that mean?” Alex began to get frustrated. His voice began to spike, and he tempered his tone to keep it at a whisper. He did not want to wake up Eddie, who looked as content and peaceful as he’d been their first night together.

Alex continued, “So you just keep him chained up here as your pet? Your slave?”

Hercules looked at him. It was clear that Alex was not understanding all of the world he was in. He took a moment to consider his response, like a parent would when trying to explain something complicated to a small child.

“That’s now how I think of it. And I assure you, that’s now how Eddie thinks of it either. He’s not my pet. He’s more… of a companion.”

“Like a boyfriend?”

Hercules laughed slightly, amused by the simple understanding of his guest. “The relationships of your world don’t have an analog for the bonds of mine. Eddie is my companion animal. He’s here because he wants to be. He obeys me because he wants to. And yes, we fuck, because he wants to. But he is not mine the way I believe he wants to be yours.”

Alex looked surprised. It seemed strange that this man would know anything about him, let alone the nature of their relationship. He wasn’t sure if he could trust him, but he spoke with a soothing voice that practically lulled him into a state of compliance. Or rather, into a state of wanting to comply. He was frustrated, but he knew deep down he would do anything the man asked. And then he began to understand Eddie more.

“But then why did he leave? Why did I find him cold and alone? Where were you if he’s under your care?”

“Sometimes, the nature of my work takes me to different, far places. And I can’t always be here. Eddie is not my only responsibility.”

“So what, he just walked out?”


Alex seemed dissatisfied with that answer. After all, they’d spent hours trapped inside this chamber without any way to escape. How could Eddie have?

Hercules continued, “That door has only locked very recently. Since Eddie returned. I knew it was best. Eddie is a loyal, loving, and sometimes lonely creature. He needs a bond and an intimacy. And when I’m gone, it can be really hard for him.”

“It can be hard for anyone. But if he leaves, he must be looking for something else. Something more.”

“And it seems that he found you.”

Hercules’ response caught Alex off-guard. He was right. Eddie was lonely and needed someone. And he found Alex. Alex had spent all this time thinking he’d stumbled across him by chance. That that moment in the alley where he could have walked away–when at any other moment he would have–perhaps Eddie was seeking him out. Not just that Eddie and Alex were meant to be there. Or that maybe it was fate. Eddie knew what he was doing.

“What’s going to happen to him?”

Hercules responded, “You’ve been good to him. And I believe he loves you. …Maybe you could stick around and keep him company.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m asking you to stay. Stay here, with me… and Eddie. There wouldn’t be any need to lock any doors. You could come and go as you please. This is Eddie’s home, and I want you here with him.”

Alex laughed. The idea seemed ridiculous. How could he ever make that choice? But then he remembered what Eddie had told him… how he couldn’t be part of his world. That he couldn’t give him the life he wanted.

Alex thought about his life. His friends, his family, his meaningless job and his obnoxious roommate. He thought about Eddie and how he felt with him. So alive. Purposeful. Wanted.

He couldn’t believe he was even considering it, but it was a tempting offer.

“Tonight. I’ll stay tonight.”

Hercules smiled. “As long as you want.”