Weeks had passed since the fateful night in the forest. Matthew and Charlie never forgot how scary and intense the night had been, but in some ways, they knew it was the best night of their lives. Despite all the fear and life-threatening danger, it was the first time they were truly connected and of one spirit.

Matthew loved Charlie dearly. Since his transformation, their bond only seemed to get stronger. Charlie thought it had to do with some sort of animal imprinting, but Matthew knew it really came down to what it always does. They shared an intimacy and an understanding of each other that no one else could ever pretend to know. Matthew trusted Charlie completely, and Charlie would do anything to show Matthew how much he loved him.

Beyond the four walls of their dorm room, however, they still had to keep up a facade. People didn’t know that the two boys were a couple. And Charlie wasn’t really out of the closet. Neither was Matthew. Their Promethean natures, too, were hidden away and kept to themselves. The boys knew they had secrets upon secrets to keep and maintain.

It was exhausting. Knowing that every moment outside of their little space meant having to pretend to be something and someone they weren’t took its toll. Oftentimes Matthew and Charlie would stay in their room, hardly going out, just spending time with each other. But they knew they had their entire college experience to live and their dorm was a poor substitute for the larger world.

Their day had begun like any other, the two boys got up and went to the showers to start their day. It was usually a boring routine as they brushed their teeth, showered, shaved, and prepared for their classes. But when they got to the dorm bathroom, they were stunned… No one was there!

It was usually occupied by at least two or three other men either using the urinals, showering, or getting ready in the mirrors. To their shock, it was just them.

Their excitement at the extension of their private space could hardly be contained as they quickly stripped down and jumped into a single shower stall. Their giddy laughter was covered by the loud sound of running water. The air filled with thick, dense steam. Within minutes, the two boys were holding each other close under the hot spray from the shower head, feeling their bodies pressed against one another.

Matthew reached for the soap, slowly and carefully lathering up Charlie’s body. He’d felt it many times and even felt it wet from the pool. But this simple, intimate act made his heart flutter. The water ran over his hard, toned muscles, revealing their beauty as the white foam washed away. He looked up at Charlie who smiled back at him with total affection. If only every morning could start like this.

Charlie turned around for Matthew to get his backside. The blond boy started up on his shoulders, but his cock had grown too hard from the sensual lather to keep going. He pressed his cock up against Charlie’s ass, feeling it rest between his round, athletic cheeks. He looked around to his front and could see him sporting his own massive hard-on.

Matthew reached forward, taking it in his hand as easily as if it were his own. The boys’ bodies were practically open to each other, neither one ever questioning the touch or caress of one another. Matthew could feel Charlie’s manhood swell in his hand, stimulated by the warmth of the water and his lover’s grip. Soft, slow strokes continued as Charlie pressed his hips back, grinding up against Matthew’s crotch.

Matthew rested his head along Charlie’s neck, wanting to hold him close as he got him off. They knew their time was short before someone could walk in, but Matthew couldn’t resist the fantasy of fucking in the shower. He wanted to see Charlie cum and he wasn’t going to leave until he did.

He kissed his neck, licking his clean, wet flesh as he became more aggressive and determined in his handjob. Charlie braced on to Matthew, letting himself get lost in the feeling and the moment.

Matthew closed his eyes for a while as he focused on working Charlie’s shaft, listening to the soft grunts and moans he made as he attempted to stifle the sounds of his pleasure. But when Matthew heard a little yiff, he opened his eyes. He looked around to Charlie who now appeared to have a long, wet, furry snout with a shiny black, button nose. His ears, too, were pointed and dark, covered in animal hair. Charlie had transformed right there in the shower!

Matthew was surprised he hadn’t noticed, feeling his body close to him and having his most sensitive part in his palm. But he was happy to know that he was so turned on, the transition was a part of his enjoyment! Matthew kissed him, picking up speed as his cock was now even harder and bigger than before!

He could tell Charlie was close as his face scrunched up and his stomach tightened, trying hard to delay the inevitable. But Matthew knew how to work his cock like a code cracker! He’d spent so much time in bed with his lover that it was like turning a secret code on a combination lock that only he knew. With just the right enticing twists and strokes, and speed and tension; he watched with pleasure and pride as Charlie’s cock burst out as a massive load all over the tile wall of the shower.

The two boys basked in the glow of Charlie’s post-cum relaxation, kissing each other and holding each other, not wanting the moment to end. Sadly, the school was not keen on boys showering for excessive amounts of time. They were going to have to finish their shower and return back to the world of secrets. They soaped up, shampooed, and kissed a dozen or so more times before turning off the shower.

Once they turned off the water, they could hear a faucet going nearby… They weren’t alone!

During their passionate shower play, their R.A., Peter had come into the bathroom. Peter was a tall, hot man with an intense look. They didn’t really know him except when he came by to give announcements or reminders about housekeeping in the dorm. He was a bit of a tight-ass with an actual ass to match.

Matthew looked out from the shower curtain and saw him naked, shaving at a sink station. When it seemed like Peter was too distracted to see, the two jumped out of the shower and put on their towels. They grabbed their stuff and proceeded to walk past Peter.

Peter didn’t really do more than look up; raising an eyebrow, and looking back in the mirror. Matthew didn’t know what he was responding to. Was it seeing Matthew and Charlie in a towel? Maybe it was seeing someone else in the bathroom? Or was it that the two of them were clearly walking out wet and washed when only one shower stall had been used? Either way, the two boys continued on to their dorm discreetly and quietly, only to burst out laughing when they entered the hallway.

In the bathroom, Peter continued shaving, getting ready for his own shower. The water in the pipes was notoriously slow to heat up, so students often would find a stall that had just been used to piggyback on someone else’s hot water. Peter stepped into the stall, readying to turn on the water when he stepped in something strange. He looked down at his feet…

“Shit!” he screamed, seeing what it was. A clump of bright red fur was on the tiled floor, stringing its way to the drain. On the wall, he saw a white liquid dripping down. It was clear by the smell and the appearance that it was cum. The R.A. had the sense to put it all together and he knew what was going on. He walked out of the stall in disgust, enraged by what he’d witnessed…

Back in the room, Charlie and Matthew finished getting dressed for the day, putting on their clean clothes and shoes. They grabbed a few final toiletries and headed to the bathroom to brush their teeth and do their hair. Everything seemed completely normal and routine as they entered the space until they looked up at the mirror.

Matthew was stunned! He hadn’t seen anything like it before… And it made his face go pale with terror. Written on the bathroom mirror in shaving cream read “filthy animals”. Charlie was confused, but he could see in Matthew’s face that this was a personal attack… On them!

Based on how it was written and where, it was clear that Peter had figured out their secret — both of their secrets — They weren’t as discreet as they should have been about their morning fooling around, but to think that Peter knew they were Prometheans was something else entirely…

Charlie turned on the faucet and splashed water on the mirror to clear off the message. Matthew was still frozen, unsure of what to do. Should he go to Peter and talk with him? Maybe he should hide, or just go home? What could he do? As the white foam washed off the mirror, he saw himself. He was scared and unsure.

Charlie snapped him out of it, reminding him that there was nothing they could do now and it was best to continue on with their day. Matthew was happy to have Charlie, and to not feel alone.

Matthew spent the whole morning nervous and distracted, hardly able to focus in class. He kept looking at the other students, curious if Peter had spread the rumor… Or rather, the truth.

While in Professor Housman’s class, the two sat apart from each other, trying to nip any sign they might be lovers in the bud. It seemed like a cruel irony that the moment of freedom they felt this morning was now paid for by an entire day of feeling trapped.

Unable to pay attention, Matthew snuck out his phone and began texting Charlie.

“It was Peter. I know it.,” Matthew texted.

“It could have been anyone… About anything! We don’t know anything for sure.”

“What else could it be? It was just us and him.”

Their texting was as discreet as possible, but Professor Housman was no dummy. He saw the two boys furiously going back and forth.

“Matthew, Charlie — that’s enough,” the professor interrupted. All the students turned to look at them. There was strict “no phones” policy in the classrooms. They all thought it was silly for college students to be treated that way, but they couldn’t resist the satisfaction of seeing one of their peers called out. “Give me the phones, boys. Now!”

They reluctantly complied. The professor dropped them in a drawer in his desk.

“You can get these in my office after class.”

The two boys were bright red from embarrassment. It was shameful to have to go to the teacher’s office after class like they were children. They waited for the rest of the class, unable to communicate with each other, desperate to know what was going on.

Afterward, the two boys followed the professor into his office. Charlie had never been into Professor Housman’s office before. After the feeling of being sent to the principal’s office went away, he found himself fascinated by the walls covered in ancient art. Matthew had a similar feeling his first time, as well. Charlie looked to Matthew, seeing what his reaction was, but noticed he never took his eyes off the blond professor.

Housman told them to sit down and they knew they were in for some kind of lecture, but Matthew seemed at ease in a way that Charlie found surprising.

“Listen, boys,” the older man began, “I can’t have you texting during my class. It’s disrespectful…” He continued to talk about the importance of education, a disciplined work ethic, and other generic topics of applying oneself and such, but all Charlie wanted was to get his phone back and to get out of there.

“I know you guys are going through some difficult changes. Adjusting to college life can be really hard, especially if you’re… Different.”

Charlie perked up at this. He didn’t know what to make of this. Was he suggesting they were gifted? Or was he letting on that he knew about their relationship. It seemed plausible, but why would the professor think that they were anything other than just roommates?

He looked to Matthew, curious if he was as confused at him. He gave Charlie back a bewildered expression.

“Different isn’t always bad,” Housman continues. “Charlie, we’ve not really gotten to know each other; but I know Matthew, here, is an exceptional young man — very exceptional — and I see the same in you.”

The way the professor spoke, it was clear he was letting on to something… Something he knew. He wasn’t sure what he knew about, but he knew it was about one of their secrets.

“I’m sorry, professor,” Charlie replied, “I’m not sure I follow.”

The professor leaned in, his eyes focused on Charlie. He had this intensity that was surprising and exciting. It sent a vibration through Charlie’s body straight to his cock, like a pulse that made his loins quiver.

The professor whispered softly, “I think you do.”

Charlie looked at Matthew, who was also experiencing a similar sensation. He could tell from the sweat on his brow and the way he was breathing. He knew that look anywhere; Matthew was turned on!

“You see, Charlie… I, too, am different.”

Before Charlie could respond with a question, he saw two horns pop up out of the professor’s head. They were small and pointed, pale and strong.

Charlie let out a gasp, surprised by the appearance of these new extremities. But before he could respond, he felt the familiar feeling of buzzing and heat in his ears. He wanted to wail, feeling his face push forward unexpectedly. His skull shifted under his skin, stretching his fleshy exterior to an elongated snout, pushing out hairs from his pores as it moved. His nose moved forward, pressing in on itself as it became darker and wetter. Charlie reached for his ears, feeling them expand and become pointed as he looked over at Matthew.

Matthew, too, was shaking as his ears pointed and became furred. His equine snout emerged, letting off loud huffs as it sucked in air and let it go. The boy’s face sprouted fine, tan hairs that covered the skin around his eyes and mouth.

Professor Housman placed a hand on his crotch. Charlie could see his cock was massive and hard in his pants, poking up and begging to come out. Charlie could feel his own cock start to harden, becoming uncontrollably enlarged and aroused. His face became warm as bright orange fur covered his face, sprouting over his ears and nose. As much as he enjoyed the feeling of the transformation and the intense arousal of his dick, he felt horror come over him.

He was transforming in front of his professor, revealing his true nature, and it made him feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable to a man he barely knew. Instinctively, he tried to hide his face and shield himself from the embarrassment, but it was a useless effort. His hands could hardly cover his muzzle, and the patches of bright fur were far too prominent to disguise.

Both boys were compelled to transform and now sat with their animal faces staring up at their horn-bearing and horny professor, unsure of what would come next, and yet, incredibly aroused…

The morning window light filled the room as the sun rose up. The boys held each other tightly, not wanting to wake up from their pleasant sleep. It all seemed like a dream. The intense morning of the previous day, the hateful words sprawled on the mirror, and the passionate fuck they shared with their handsome professor… It was all so unreal!

Charlie was nervous at first about sharing something as personal as sex with his professor. Matthew had always been his and his alone, but seeing him getting fucked by the older man was so incredibly hot. So much so that he couldn’t wait for his turn to be bred by the horned satyr. Charlie was able to put it together that this was the man who had turned him. He was happy to know that something as difficult and challenging as becoming a Promethean came from someone who truly cared for him.

Professor Housman gave the boys some post-coital advice about what to do about Peter and others who might give them trouble. He advised caution, keeping them aware that the world was a scary place filled with fearful people… But at the same time, he urged them to take the college setting as a chance to start living their life how they choose. They could stay safe and secure in their room, fucking and loving forever — or they could stand up and be the change they wanted to see.

Knowing they had the support of their professor made things much easier as they returned to their room. It didn’t hurt that he was also a handsome, horned, immortal demi-god.

Charlie and Matthew didn’t know what they wanted their life to be. After all, they were only freshmen. But they knew they couldn’t go on in fear forever, they had to be strong and they had to be smart. They also knew they had to be together… Proud and unashamed!

That morning as they woke up and headed out to get breakfast, they did something they’d never done before; they held hands.

Walking down the hall of the dorm, their hands embraced each other as they made their way out into the quad. Their palms were sweaty and their hands were shaky, but together, they became a strong unit that overcame any underlying worries.

Their R.A. Peter walked by them in the hall, seeing their display of affection. The boys held their breath as they passed, waiting for the inevitable response. To their surprise, big, macho Peter didn’t respond. He gave them a quizzical look, and continued on.

That was it… All the worry and the wonder, and that was it! Just as quickly as he’d come into view, he was gone. No doubt he would stew and steam about what he’d seen as he moved on, but the boys knew that was his problem, not theirs. He was further and further away as Charlie and Matthrew continued out into the open air, away from Peter’s small-mindedness and one step closer to waffles and pancakes.

As they walked outside, they saw everyone moving about their business. Heading to class, to work, to wherever they needed to be; all busy with their own concerns. People looking at their phones, listening to music, reading, drinking their coffee, doing everyday normal stuff. No one even seemed to notice they were holding hands. And if they did, they didn’t seem to care.

Matthew and Charlie looked at each other, overwhelmed with a sense of ease that their concerns were overblown. They turned to each other, happier than they could have imagined, and gave each other a big kiss… Right there in public!

Their kiss, however, did something unusual. As their lips pressed to each other and their hearts fluttered, they felt the telltale signs of their transformations take hold. Charlie’s face stretched and pointed as Matthew’s ears burned and became large. They became as animalistic and furred as they had in the professor’s office. Only now their trigger seemed to be their open and honest love for one another.

Passersby looked on as they watched the two boys become more bestial. They were shocked and surprised, most of whom had never even heard of Prometheans, let alone witnessing the transformation in person.

The boys did not care. They held each other close and kept each other strong and brave. As they did, they felt a new feeling. A burning from the base of their spines, right above their butts on their pelvis. It felt like a seed growing, quickly and hot. At first it was like a bee sting, a quick, sharp, sudden pain under the skin. But it quickly evolved into an intense pleasure, like a warm tickle.

Inside their jeans, they felt a pressure build as something sprouted out of their flesh. It was like a soft finger at first, pointing outward and getting caught in the tight bounds of the denim. But it kept growing longer and stronger!

They held each other tighter, working through the feeling of this new growth. The compression of their clothes became almost unbearable to handle. And then, as if it had a mind of its own, the extension broke through the back of their pants, opening up a hole to escape.

Behind each boy extended two fully grown tails! Matthew’s tail had long, brown hair, as horse-like as it was beautiful and regal. Charlie’s was fuzzy and orange, tipped with white, just as one would see on the end of a fox.

They looked over each other’s shoulders, seeing the new growth that the other had. Their initial feelings of fear were gone, as if the presence of these tails meant that they were now free of their previous concerns. They looked at each other and smiled, unaware of the people surrounding them, commenting, taking photos, and reacting in different ways.

Matthew and Charlie kissed each other once more, a soft, delicate peck on their lips. They continued walking and holding hands. They knew that people like Peter would always be there, but they knew they couldn’t live their life in fear of those kinds of people. They had to live for themselves, to grow and learn. And they had to love and live authentically. They knew they were no longer just teenagers in school, but young adults; stepping out into the big world, making changes and stirring up trouble… But they also knew that no matter what happened; one thing would be true and constant, they would have each other. Forever and always!