Matthew watched Charlie’s body react. He knew his sounds. The way his face moved and tensed, Charlie could tell he was close. The werecolt’s eyes widened as he saw his lover twisting on the brink of explosion.

Charlie’s hips moved back and forth, fucking the coiled slimey-limb like it was a tight wet hole. He wanted to stay in ecstasy forever, but his body could only handle so much. The scylla had him completely possessed, magically-lulled-into-calm and seduced. He would do anything it wanted for even just a fraction of what he was feeling…

The scylla’s efforts seemed fruitful as Charlie’s balls tightened and readied to burst. For Matthew, it seemed like an instantaneous eruption as Charlie’s load flew up into the sky. It was a massive wad that seemed like it was thrown rather than ejaculated. But for Charlie, that feeling lasted for ages, sending wave after wave of sensation throughout his muscles, causing him to shake and convulse against the tree.

Charlie watched as his cock spewed out his seed, following it as it arched up and down toward the ground. But to his amazement, it never hit the surface.

Popping up from beneath the moss came what appeared to be a mouth-like plant, moving like an animal as it broke up through the ground. It let out a long tongue from it’s opening, almost like a stamen, as it quickly caught and absorbed his load. Charlie’s vision went blurry, seeing stars, and darkening as he mellowed into his post-orgasm stupor.

He didn’t know what had happened, but was still too lost in pleasure to think twice about what he had seen. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body, still pressed against the tree, feeling his cock soften in the scylla’s grip.

The ground beneath him quaked as if it was reacting to the taste of his cum. From small cracks in the soil, long slimey-limbs reached up towards him, writhing and twisting as if they were tongues licking their lips for seconds.

He was immobilized, bound against the tree from every way imaginable. But even without the slimey-limb constraints, he was so spent from his orgasm that he would not have been able to move. He stayed still, catching his breath in the coiled grip of his alien captor, suspended off the ground, and completely vulnerable to whatever awakened beneath him.

As he felt himself grow weak, the scylla arm lodged in his backside let out a burst of something strange. An injection of a powerful liquid spread inside him, making him feel completely recharged. It was as if he’d eaten, slept, and went for a run in an instant. His heart raced and his adrenaline went wild. His cock grew hard once more, dripping out precum as he was given a second wind.

Matthew looked down from his tree, seeing the behavior of the scylla change. It was once alluring and tempting, teasing out the liquid of his lover. Now, he could see it become more aggressive. The slimey-limbs approached him now with an intensity, as if his ejaculation gave them a singular mission. As they moved around, another slimey-limb wrapped itself around Charlie’s neck, strangling him to keep him from screaming or calling out for help.

As his throat closed, Charlie could see the ground split as a large, plant-like mouth emerged. Whatever was hidden beneath the forest floor was coming up for it’s supper. The wet, demon-like creature burst through the rock and dirt, ready to enjoy it’s meal…

Whatever spell had captivated Matthew broke the moment he saw Charlie in danger. He sprung from the tree, feeling his heart try blood to his muscles. With great speed and strength, the young colt boy ran toward him and gripped the strangling slimey-limb in his hands. Without time to think, he opened his mouth and bit down hard with his equine teeth, breaking it off into two.

The ground shook again as the scylla mouth let out a sound both quiet and unsettling. It was barely a scream, but the call was enough to frighten the boys to their core. As the sound stopped, the slimey-limbs lurched in retreat, pulling away.

Charlie fell to the ground, naked and surprised to see Matthew with him. He saw his sweet, soft, horse-like face. His eyes greeted him with relief. Charlie wanted to kiss him, but they both knew they were not safe yet.

The slimey-limbs moved in the air like they were dancing, disoriented and trying to recover from the organism’s pain. They seemed to be moving all over the place, unable to see the boys at all. Of course, Matthew thought to himself. They have no eyes! They can’t see!

The arms moved around, trying to feel for the boys, moving erratically as if they were sniffing the air. They were getting closer, sensing their presence through the ground and on the wind. Charlie looked terrified, unsure of what to do. Matthew quickly grabbed at his shoulder and pulled him away. The boys ran for the trees, away from the scylla and the opening in the woods, back into the dense brush.

Charlie saw the light of the school bonfire, dimmer than before, but still burning in the distance. It was his guiding star. The boys followed the light, running as fast as their legs could take them.

When the boys returned to their dorm, their hearts pounded so loudly they could hardly hear the parties going on in the rooms around them. As the bonfire died, the students gathered up in their rooms, dancing, listening to music, drinking, and behaving like a normal freshman would.

Never in the wildest imaginations could they have guessed the night that Charlie and Matthew had experience, just on the other side of their thin, dorm walls…

Matthew would have loved to have spent the night partying with his friends. He would have loved to have spent the night drinking and dancing, but that no longer seemed to be in the cards. Still, seeing Charlie naked and sweaty with a full erection was a decent consolation prize. Hard-on or no, the two agreed that they had had enough excitement for one day. They cuddled into bed for a much-needed rest.

Several hours later, Charlie awoke to a burning sensation throughout his body. He was sweating and hot as if it were a late summer evening. He pulled the covers off of him, hoping to cool down. To his surprise, he was still hard!

It occurred to him that his boner had not gone down since he was up against the tree and had gotten his second wind. It was strange to have such a sustained state of arousal, considering all they’ve been through since it’s arrival. Surely it should have gone down by now. Had he been sleeping with it this whole time?

Matthew woke feeling the covers come off of him. He was sporting his own erection as well, still in the half-formed look of a horse.

“Can’t sleep?”

“I’m trying,” Charlie replied. “It’s bad enough I can still feel the tingling where those arms were inside me. But I’m also burning up.”

“Do you think you have a fever?”

“No — no, not like that. I feel… Great, actually. I just feel hot.”

“Well, we don’t need the covers. You’re warm enough for the both of us. I’ll just hold you real close.”

Matthew tried to snuggle up against Charlie, pressing his large cock against his backside. He was a little horny and frisky, but was willing to ignore it to let Charlie get some sleep. After all, he’d earned it!

Charlie closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but he kept feeling that heat inside him. It was deep in his chest and his loins, but also right along the surface of his skin as well. As if he’d spent hours in the sun and was overheated from the exposure. The feeling didn’t seem to be dependent on a blanket…

Suddenly, a burning, aching feeling occurred in Charlie’s ears. It was enough to make him jump up. He tried to clench his teeth to stop himself from screaming, but the feeling was intense. It hurt at first, like a bee was stinging along the lines of his cartilage, but then smoothed away like a deep massage being released.

He felt the soft tissue move inside his flesh, taking on a new shape, pointing up along the side of his face. From his skin, short, soft hairs sprung up from the pores, covering his ears in a delicate fur.

His mouth opened, letting out a quiet moan. He couldn’t tell if his body was reacting more to pleasure or pain, but it was enough to make him breathe heavily. His gums tingled, vibrating around his teeth as the sharp bones moved into their new position. His canines seemed to slip from their fleshy casing, coming down to points, longer and sharper than before.

Matthew watched in shock, familiar with what was happening, but speechless to see it happen to someone else. He watched as Charlie’s nose blunted at the end of his face, becoming dark and wet. His eyes closed tightly as if he was about to sneeze, but instead of a violent release, his nose extended out from his face. Matthew knew that feeling; the twisting of bone beneath the skin, the reshaping of a skull to match it’s new frame. It was an exquisite torture that felt like it lasted hours. But for Charlie, the transformation only lasted for a few seconds.

When it was all said and done, Charlie looked at Matthew, sitting up in their bed, shocked at what had happened. He got up out of bed, rushing to the mirror, hoping to see what it was that he had become.

Staring back was the orange face of a new person — a new creature — Charlie, the were-fox!

The reddish fur spread around his face, beneath his eyes, around his cheeks, and up to his ears. His black nose felt strange, somehow bigger than he was used to, but smaller in scale. He could smell everything from the spilled beer from the next room, to the cooling embers of the fire outside, and even the musk of Matthew’s equine features, unique to him and unlike anything he’d ever experienced…

He was caught staring for what seemed like an eternity, broken up only by the sight of Matthew behind him in the mirror.

“… Are you okay?”

Charlie didn’t reply. He kept looking at himself. Matthew couldn’t read his expression. He was so still that he could have been a statue. He was clearly taking in the gravity of the situation.

“Please, Charlie. Say something.”

After a long pause, Charlie replied, “It worked.”

Matthew was surprised. He didn’t know what that meant. “What worked?”

“I — I set out to the woods to be like you. To become like you. I didn’t know how or what would happen, but I knew I needed to be like you. And it worked!”

Matthew was stunned. He could see the cool, collected way Charlie looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn’t kidding. He did this on purpose…

“But why — why would you go through this? To have to transform… And you almost get eaten by a monster! What were you thinking?!”

Matthew had struggled so hard with becoming a Promethean, it seemed foolish that anyone would choose this existence. He had no choice, but Charlie clearly did, and he chose this.

“I want to be with you, Matthew.”

Matthew was stunned. He looked at the piercing eyes of his lover, unchanged by his transformation, still showing the handsome, sweet, human eyes back at him that he’d fallen in love with. The meaning of that statement hit Matthew like a ton of bricks on his heart.

“I’m so confused… You mean… You mean, you —?”

“Yes. Seeing you upset tonight… You were right. I couldn’t know what it was like to be you until we were dealt the same hand. I looked to the woods and I knew what I had to do. I went looking for a satyr like what found you. I was ready to say, ‘deal me in.’”

“That’s insane… You could have been killed!”

“I would do anything for you, Matthew. Anything… I love you.”

Matthew became overwhelmed by emotion. He was tired and worn from the night’s activities. It was only a couple of hours ago he watched as Charlie was almost eaten alive. And now, he was hearing those words for the first time!

He gave him a big hug, pressing his horse-like face to the side of his fox face. Their cocks were still hard, rubbing up against each other as they embraced and kissed. Matthew had so many more questions, but right now, he just needed to be closer to his boyfriend. He needed to connect with him and thank him for his incredible risk and sacrifice. He brought him back to bed, lying him down, and kissing his chest as he caressed towards his cock.

Charlie’s heart was beating like the wings of a hummingbird, scared and aroused at the same time. He’d never known what it was like for Matthew to be in this state, but now, his body was alive like never before. His cock was rock hard, fueled by a new energy that was purely animal.

As Matthew took his cock into his mouth, the sensation of pleasure was bigger and bolder than ever. Every flick of his tongue was like being brought to the edge of orgasm without going over. His nipples became hard as he grew even more aroused, desperate to feel more from his cute bedfellow.

He flipped him over onto his back, ready and eager to take charge in his new body. He wanted to make love with him, to thank him and reward him for his love. But first, the animal in him had to fuck…