Matthew felt the blood run from his face. It was like he was in some kind of waking nightmare, caught with his deepest, darkest secret revealed. He looked down at his roommate, Charlie, holding his swollen cock in his hand, feeling the blood rush from his member as well. Despite the climax he’d just had (and the load that still dripped down Charlie’s chest), he saw the stunned look of his handsome friend aimed back at him.

Matthew had no idea how or why this happened. He was still getting used to the idea that he was now something other than purely human. And he’d tried hard to keep it under wraps until he could figure it out. But it was too late. It happened. And it happened as Charlie was sucking his supercharged cock!

Matthew didn’t know what to do. He looked panicked around the room. His animal instincts told him to run and hide, get out and never look back. It was impractical, but his eyes locked on the dorm room door and his muscles thrust him away from Charlie and toward the door. Even though he was naked, he would rather run through the halls with his cummy cum-dripping cock on display than deal with the moment he was in.

As he made his way toward the door, Charlie was quick to step between him and his destination, forcing him to stay. Matthew felt his stomach sink, knowing he was trapped. He fell to his bed, wishing his elongated ears and blunted nose would disappear forever. That he could disappear forever. He waited for Charlie’s inevitable revulsion and explosion of hatred. To his surprise, the room remained silent, Charlie remained calm, and joined him on the bed, placing an arm around him.

“I don’t think you should go out there like this,” Charlie said, breaking the awkward silence, but also seeming to dance around the elephant in the room. Or, rather, the horse.

Matthew’s eyes welled up with tears. He felt his chest tighten as he began to cry. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

Charlie held him tighter, careful to give him his space, but never breaking his touch. “When did this… I mean… this has happened before?”

Matthew started to sob. He held his head in his hands. It was furred and hard, his muzzle-like nose feeling strange in his palms.

“…I don’t want you to see me like this.”

Charlie tried to lighten the mood with a joke. “Kind of late for that… especially with your cum my chest.”

Matthew looked at him incredulously. He couldn’t believe he was trying to make a joke.

“I’m serious, Charlie! This is serious! I’m a monster! A freak!”

Charlie reached out his free hand, bringing it to Matthew’s face. Matthew pulled away slightly, not entirely trusting of his roommate. Sensing his hesitation, Charlie stopped his hand on Matthew’s enlarged, furred ear. It was softer than he thought it would be. Very warm and firm beneath the hairs. This seemed to calm Matthew for a second, as Charlie saw him take a deep breath between quieting cries, eventually quieting to just a nervous tremble.

“You’re not,” Charlie continued, softening his voice to keep his roommate relaxed. “And so what–it doesn’t matter what you are. I don’t care,” Charlie says quietly. “I see you. Who you are. And I think you look amazing.”

Matthew couldn’t believe his ears. He looked at Charlie and saw he was being sincere. He really cared for him. Even in his current state. Matthew felt his heart pick up pace again. He thought it might be another panic attack, but he realized what it was: love. He felt loved.

He took another deep breath, trying to keep his cool. As he did, he felt his face vibrate with electricity. His unexpected facial transformations receded back into their native, human form. He felt his nose shrink back and smooth out to it’s normal, fleshing point. And his ears shrunk down back to their regular tight form.

Charlie looked at him, wiped the remaining tears from his face, and gave him a tender kiss on the lips. He held his face in his hands and pressed their foreheads together. He whispered to him, “I got you.”

The sun set on the day, turning the long, shadows of the room into night. The halls of the dorm were noisy with excited co-eds enjoying their evening. Meanwhile, Matthew, exhausted from his exciting day, slept soundly in his bed, feeling Charlie holding him tightly against his body.

He hadn’t been that comfortable since he’d slept in his bed at home before college–maybe ever! Especially since his first transformation, he’s carried this terrible burden, unable to share it with anyone. But now, he had someone who knew him. Not just physically, but even deeper. And as such, he let go of his worries and stresses and sunk deep into a slumber.

As he slept, strange images and scenes passed through his mind. The warm darkness of his closed eyes spun out vibrant colors. Red and browns became green and blue, forming shapes that stood side by side. Light and shadow game these colors form, showing their height and depth. As his dream become clearer, he heard the sound of twigs snapping and leaves dancing in the wind.

He didn’t know where he was, but he knew he was in a dark forest. Instantly, it seemed like he was transported to the dense wood, looking around for a sign of where it was. The air was crisp, but not uncomfortable. He felt himself moving, passing through the trees. The more the details emerged, he saw that he wasn’t walking, but rather being carried.

Around him were handsome, fit, naked men, all walking in pace with each other in the same direction. The largest of them, it seemed, had the duty of carrying him to their destination. Thought in his mind he was confused and frightened, in his dream, he remained still. The events of his dream seemed to be happening as if it were a memory, circumstances that have already happened and unable to be changed by simple will. His sleep was so deep, he couldn’t have woken if he’d tried. And yet, he felt a sense of familiarity deep in his core.

As the burly men trekked through the woods, Matthew noticed something striking about their foreheads. Each man had a strong, masculine brow, studded on either side with a pointed horn. Satyrs! Matthew thought to himself. He knew enough about mythology to recognize what they were.

He studied their bodies and long, swinging cocks, moving gracefully and powerfully. He couldn’t help but be aroused by their form, even knowing he was deep in a dream. He figured he’d go along with the ride and see what happened.

The group of satyrs stopped as they approached a warm, orange glow coming from the distant trees. A figure stood in the glow, unknown to Matthew. They satyrs seemed to have some kind of deference to the figure, pausing to wait for his signal. It seemed like he was some kind of leader or authority figure. Before he could assess what they were doing, the satyr that held him carried him deeper into the woods, bringing him to meet the man in the light.

They came to a clearing in the woods, circled in fire-lit torches dug into the earth. The light cast long shadows around the forest, obscuring any sense of location or even how far they’d gone. In the center of the clearing was a large stone altar, roughly the size of a twin bed and perfectly smooth and flat. Standing beside it stood a tall handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. A man he recognized. Professor Housman!

The sexy professor stood strong, naked, and horned like the rest of the satyrs, but it was unmistakably him! The man’s cock seemed even larger than he remembered, with large, spherical testicles that hung heavy between his muscular legs. Not only that, Matthew could see fur at the top of his thighs and a tail coming from behind.

Matthew wanted to speak up and call to his professor. Instead, he found himself being carried beside him by the large satyr and placed on the stone altar. The other forest satyrs gathered around him, circling him as the tall trees had done before. Their genitals were fully erect, pointed inward toward him like knights converging swords on a target.

Professor Housman–or at least the satyr that looked like him–stood beside his face, directing his large cock toward his mouth. Matthew wanted to taste the older man’s cock again, feeling it press against his tongue. Perhaps it was part of the memory, or maybe his will was so strong it broke through the run of his dream, but Matthew felt his lips part. The cool night air entered his lungs through his mouth, just before the large, swollen member of the satyr filled the open space.

The feeling was incredibly sensory, making him tingle all over his body. Before this moment, his dream had largely been a pale reflection of his feelings. But this man’s cock, this feeling in mouth, was so real, he questioned whether or not he was still actually asleep.

As his throat opened to take the satyr’s cock, Matthew felt a fire burning under his skin. Charges of electricity sparked at every muscle in his body and out every hair. He knew the sensation well, but this time, it seemed like it was stronger and bolder than ever before.

Matthew’s cock swelled large, growing to twice its size. His balls grew heavy, hanging down as they become full of potent sperm.

He arched his back, feeling his tailbone push out a long, strong tail above his ass. The soft bone that rooted it felt like a hot skewer cutting through his back, swift and painful at first, but calming his nerves up to his skull like a perfect acupuncture prick.

His muscles tenses to hold his position, becoming stronger and fuller than before. A diesel fuel seemed to power his legs and arms, as if readying him to run faster than he ever had in his life.

The cock he was sucking on slipped from his mouth as his teeth pushed forward with his elongated nose. The pressure built beneath his eyes, exploding forward like a volcano getting release.

As his face sprouted fur, he felt a force from within him as strong as hunger, but somehow even more powerful. A drive to fuck that was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. As if sensing his desperation, the satyrs came closer, each presenting their hard cocks to a different part of Matthew’s body.

The randy colt took a different horned man in each hand, stroking them softly as another placed his member in his mouth. He sucked and stroked, wishing he had more mouths and hands with which to please his dream lovers. Just then, he felt a warm, hard tip press against his hole, sliding past his reactive tail. With a slow, steady push, it moved past his tight sphincter and into his ass, feeling him to the base!

The satyrs came at him from all sides, rotating around their positions like they were taking turns. For every new cock that Matthew took in his hand, a new one entered his tight hole. Each time, an energy built up in him, like he was becoming supercharged by their persistent penetration.

More and more, Matthew’s own cock felt like it was ready to burst. His insides churned like a pot about to boil over. He tried to keep this inside, not wanting for this wave of pleasure to end. But the satyrs seemed less inclined to ease up on their fucking. One after the other, they pumped him harder and deeper, hitting his sweet spot like they were ramming a castle gate.

The feeling became too much. He clenched his teeth and curled his toes, feeling his nuts ready to explode. And without even touching his cock, he felt the first pouring of hot cum shoot its way out.

As his load slid out the tip of his cock, Matthew felt his world shift around him. The trees and the satyrs blurred away and the lights and shadows retreated back. All that was left in an instant was the familiar vibrant colors in the dark warmth of his closed eyes. Closed eyes that shot open, staring up at the white dorm ceiling.

It was a dream. Just a dream. And intense, sexy, stimulating dream, but just a dream. He looked down and saw his cock out from under the covers, rock hard and sitting in a pool of his spilled cum. He’d had nocturnal emissions before, but never like this. As the liquid melted on his warm skin, he looked around the room. He was in bed alone, no longer in the tight embrace of his roommate.

He looked at the clock on his night stand to see that it was well past 9am. He knew he didn’t have class that morning, but Charlie did. He was so happy to have had him spend the night with him, but was also grateful that he let him sleep uninterrupted. After the day he had, he needed the rest.

Now, with the light of the day filling their tiny room, Matthew got himself together, ready to take on the challenges ahead. He didn’t know what to do about his uncontrollable changes, but he knew his homework wasn’t going to go away.

After getting breakfast and showering, Matthew made his way to the library to get some of his research done. He preferred the library when he worked. Not only was it quiet and full of information, it was away from the usual distractions of things like TV, internet, and porn. He could just sit down and commit to studying.

But despite this work ethic, he was struggling. His eyes kept looking at the page, reading the same paragraph over and over, never once retaining what it said. He sat there for the better part of an hour with that page getting nowhere.

His mind was stuck thinking about his dream. What was that about? Why was it so vivid? And why satyrs? He knew enough about dream psychology to know it was probably just a mixing of his subconscious. He had already fucked his professor, an expert in mythology, and he was dealing with his wild sexuality and animal nature. But even with that rationalization, something seemed unique. He needed answers.

He also needed to study! Frustrated, he closed the book he’d been staring at uselessly and grabbed his stuff to leave. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but he knew there was probably only one person he knew who might know something about what he’s going through: Professor Housman.

Professor Housman looked up from his desk when Matthew knocked on the open door of his office. Matthew blushed as he entered, as if it was written all over him just how much he admired and adored his professor. Perhaps it was a lingering feeling from his dream, but just being around him made him feel aroused. It had been a while since they’d had sex, but Matthew always wanted again and again.

As Matthew entered, he closed the door behind him, not wanting any other students to come in and hear the questions he was going to ask.

“What’s going on, Matthew?” the professor asked, leaning against his desk as Matthew took a seat.

Matthew asked a series of questions about satyrs, piquing the professor’s curiosity. Houseman went on about what he knew from different texts and illustrations, describing their lascivious behavior and long history of intermingling with mortals. It all seemed like a normal, academic description, but Matthew still felt he was missing something.

“Why the sudden curiosity in satyrs?”

“Well–it’s silly but… since we… had sex… I’ve been going through a lot and this sort of came up.”

“Everything okay, bud?” Housman asked, looking concerned.

Matthew didn’t want the professor to be worried. He sat up in his chair and responded quickly, “Oh yeah, yeah! Everything’s fine. I had a great time! An awesome time! It’s just… since then, I feel like I’ve been seeing strange things. And last night, I had a crazy dream…”

Matthew continued to describe his erotic dream, describing the satyrs and the forrest and the altar. Houseman’s face looked amused, even enticed.

“And you thought I might know something about this?” Housman asked, a devilish smile on his face.

“It’s silly. I know it is. One of the satyrs looked like you–but it couldn’t be you. It’s just a dream. Though… you did look good with those horns.”

Housman looked closely at his student. And suddenly, two horns popped out of Housman’s forehead.

Seeing them was more stunning to Matthew than his own equine appearance! The handsome man projected a power and strength that was so intoxicating, the horny freshman immediately popped a full erection.

He felt a rush of energy and excitement like he had when they had their first private encounter. The two wasted no time in rushing toward each other. Their lips locked as they began to rapidly tear at each other’s clothing.

Matthew felt his face shift and his tail emerge, presenting as they had in his erotic dream! His nose pushed forward, coming to a blunt end. His ears popped up, pointing and elongating around his head. The strength of the beast surged through his muscles, making him ready for the type of fucking he desperately needed.

Matthew couldn’t believe he was about to have sex with his professor again, but he also felt a force behind him, controlling him and compelling him to do it. It was as essential to him as breathing or eating–he had to take his teacher’s cock.

Professor Housman slid his huge cock in his student’s hole with the same passion and fervor that he had in his dream. The intense pounding vibrated Matthew’s hips, shaking his prostate around like a rattle.

It wasn’t long before Matthew was on all fours, ass in the air, taking his professor’s powerful load again. The hot fluid poured into his body, searing his insides as it settled into him.

Matthew laid out on his professor’s desk, luxuriating in the feeling of having been freshly fucked. He didn’t want it to end. He looked over at Housman, still enamored of him. But with each passing second, he remembered the truth of the situation: he wasn’t entirely human. Seeming to sense Matthew’s thoughts, the professor spoke as he put his clothes back on.

“So… you’ve probably guessed what I am–how it is I know as much as I do about the myths I teach.”

Matthew propped himself up, listening intently, hoping to glean the answers he was seeking.

“So… then what am I? And why did I change? Why do I constantly change?”

The professor paused, carefully considering his response.

“You’re still you, Matthew. You’re still the same bright, talented boy who sat in my class that first time. You just now are a part of something bigger. You have a power and place in the world that is special. You’re a Promethean.”

“So like, a werewolf? A shapeshifter?”

“Those are crude terms for it, but essentially, yes. When we first had sex, you took my seed. That changed you at your core. You’re a beautiful, strong being, descended from a long line of immortals. And the change–the transformation–that’s a reflection of a truer self. An untamed, unburdened self.”

“But I can’t control it. It happens at all different times!”

“You’ll learn to control. It’s out of control because you’re out of control! You’re a college freshman! Your emotions and anxieties are all over the place! The more you find peace and tranquility, you’ll also be able to control it. …Though, when you’re around a satyr–or Theban–like me, you may find yourself a little more erratic than normal.”

“So every time I’m around you, I’ll want to fuck you?”

The professor laughed. “Well, perhaps. But that might also be a little bit of what you just feel regardless.” He looked at his load dripping out of the boy’s hole with a sense of comedy.

Houseman continued to share some of his perspective, without giving away too many details. He knew Matthew didn’t need to become overwhelmed all at once. He needed to be careful and share with him just what he needed for now.

“So there are more like me?” Matthew asked. “More… Prometheans?”

“Many,” the professor replied. “But not as many as there used to be. And some have been lost through time. Some of us are trying to find them and bring them home.”

Matthew didn’t know what that meant. He wasn’t lost… but what did he mean when he said “home?” The professor continued to look out the window, lost in a thought. Matthew didn’t know if he should interrupt, but he had more questions that needed answers.

“What about the forest? The altar? What was that in my dream? It seemed like it was real.”

This was enough to break the professor’s pensive stare. He looked back at his student with an unexpected sense of concern.

“There are many altars around the world. Many forests. But some are more dangerous than others. I don’t know what you dreamed or why, but be cautious. You don’t want to go wandering and find yourself someplace you shouldn’t be.”

“How will I know? I can’t just stay in my dorm forever.”

The professor laughed lightly, nodding in agreement. “No, you certainly can’t. I’ll say this: just on the edge of the campus, past the student housing, the football field, and the facilities building is a big forest. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Just along the tree-line, things should be safe. But neither you nor anyone else should go much deeper into those trees.”

“Shouldn’t you tell more people?”

“It’s not exactly like I can go public with what I am or what’s all out there. Some of what I am telling you, humans are slowly waking up to the reality of these things. But here’s what I can tell you. Just… use your new senses to be and stay safe. And come to me anytime!”

The professor had to get going to his next lecture, so he gave Matthew a kiss on the neck while tousling the boy’s hair, and left him in his office to change back into his clothes–and back into a normal-looking boy.

Once fully dressed, Matthew headed back to the library hoping to complete the studying he neglected to do.

Later that night, Matthew and Charlie sat up in their beds, reading along in their assigned chapters, taking notes in silence. Matthew was once again distracted, thinking again about his professor, the forest, the dream, and the idea that there’s a larger world out there.

He felt silly doing something as mundane as homework when there were more Prometheans out there in the world! More people like him! And something else called a Theban! He still had no idea what exactly all of this meant, except that the professor was one. A satyr! A real life satyr!

He wanted to go out and find others like him, but knew he had no means by which to do this. In a moment of frustration, Matthew flew his book across the room, feeling even more confused now than he was before his professor gave him a taste of the knowledge he had. Why couldn’t he tell him more? Why couldn’t he go into the forest?

Charlie looked up from his homework when he saw Matthew upset. He closed his book and moved over to him.

“Are you okay, Matt?”

“I’m just stressed.”

“…Your ears.”

Matthew looked confused. He didn’t know what Charlie meant at first. But when he moved his hands to the side of his head, he immediately understood when felt the smooth, soft, long horse-like ears that are part of his transformations.

That only seemed to make him more frustrated! Of course this would happen! When he’s turned on, angry, sad, stressed–sure enough there will be a change to make things even more complicated!

“I just need to relax,” Matthew replied, trying to remember what Housman told him in his office about control. “Be calm. Be tranquil.”

Charlie got a wicked grin on his face. “I know how to make you calm.”

Charlie reached for Matthew’s crotch, rubbing his cock, feeling it warm under his hand. Matthew was still fuming inside, but he couldn’t resist his sexy roommate. His touch and tenderness sure seemed to distract him from his stress.

As he rubbed, Charlie felt his roommate’s cock grow bigger. He couldn’t tell if it was so large because of his new boyfriend’s natural endowments, or if this was a bit of the horse coming out. Either way, he was happy to see Matthew aroused and happy.

He leaned in and gave Matthew a kiss. They closed their eyes and embraced. Matthew could feel himself becoming more calm, but the wild, Promethean energy inside him did not settle. In fact, it seemed to only build…