After what seemed like days, Matthew felt the weight of his body return to him. He had been so entranced by his professor, he seemed to forget the basic laws of gravity and became a weightless vessel for the older man’s cock. …But was he a man?

The question escaped him as soon as it came to him, time and time again. His practical, logical mind was constantly trying to fight for dominance, but something more carnal and more primal always won out. It was like something from deep inside him–or something that had been deep inside him–wanted to keep him subdued, charmed, and enticed. All Matthew knew was an intense, sensual, erotic pleasure unlike anything he could have ever prepared for.

And suddenly–it was over.

The clock on the wall showed that maybe an hour had passed, but Matthew hadn’t the strength nor the will to look. He could barely keep his eyes open. As he laid on his stomach, ass up, wet cum melting on his hole like stray ice on a hot summer sidewalk, he could feel Housman’s tongue snake between his soft, round cheeks.

God, did it feel good. He was being lapped up like an ice cream cone, tasted and savored by the blond, horned man. Professor Houseman couldn’t help but crack a smile as his hands wrapped around the boy’s ass, holding him up like he was delicious meal. As he did, he was sure to push his tongue–and his semen–deeper into the boy’s hole, making sure his seed took root.

Matthew’s chest heaved to try and suck in oxygen from the room, restoring his body back to full strength. He’d been more than just fucked–he’d been changed. He was no longer a virgin freshman, desperate to feel an inexperienced undergrad’s balls slap against his backside as he popped his cherry in. But the change was deeper than that.

He closed his eyes and slipped into a peaceful state of unconsciousness–a well earned nap after what his young body had endured. And yet, despite the soft cooing of his resting body, responding to the older man’s skilled, delicate tongue, inside Matthew’s body, explosions and invasions were occurring that would alter his life forever.

On a cellular level, Professor Housman’s supernatural semen coursed through the boy’s body, making its way through the long paths of blood and tissue. As they moved, they attached themselves to each cell, transforming it down to the very DNA. Slowly but surely, Housman’s fluids were changing Matt to something more than human…

Matthew sat on the locker room bench with some slight discomfort. It had been a whole day since he’d been fucked by Professor Housman and his body was still feeling the affects. He would have thought then entire thing was a vivid daydream were it not for the constant reminder of his sore butthole.

Still, as much as he was paying for it today, it was so hot! He’d fantasized about being with another man for so long! It was so sudden and so unexpected. And with his professor of all people! He lived it in his mind again and again, remember how good it felt to be penetrated and seeded so passionately. And in a weird way, he felt like it was still in him.

It was so unlike me, he thought, giggling in surprise at his boldness. I don’t know what came over me! And it was true, never in a million years would he have had the guts to just… go for it! It was like he’d taken some kind of mind altering substance. He felt… strange, but good! Like every moment of horniness he’d ever experienced was suddenly happening all at once, coursing through his body and making him desperate to be fucked.

It was so intense he felt dizzy at times. He still did, a little. And, despite his best efforts, certain moments of the experiences seemed hazy. Not a total black out or anything, just… it was hard to describe. Such as the horns. Professor Housman’s horns. He swear he saw them, but that seemed implausible. Impossible, even. No, there’s no way that’s what he saw. …Or did he?

“Come on,” Charlie teased, closing the door to his locker, breaking Matthew from his daydream. “Time for laps!”

Matthew looked up and saw Charlie in his speedo, looking sexier than ever. The two had come to go swimming in the school pool and Matthew was holding them up. Matthew finished putting on his bathing suit, trying not to think about his swollen hole, and followed his roommate out to the water.

The two took turns running laps, timing each other and counting. It was nice to just hang out and blow off some steam. They’d only been in school a week but the pressure was definitely building. This was it! They were in college now. Matthew was grateful to have Charlie as a friend, even if Charlie wasn’t interested in anything more. Besides, Matthew had given up hope of getting in his pants. But having had the Housman’s cock, he couldn’t imagine anything better!

After they’d each gone back and forth a few times, the two boys hung out in the water for a little while, just talking and laughing and messing around. They weren’t ready to get out of the water just yet. Charlie, always the tease, splashed Matthew a few times, trying to get a reaction from him.

Matthew splashed back, trying to match Charlie’s obnoxious big brother antics. Soon, they were practically wrestling in the water as they tried to dunk each other. Charlie was a good deal taller and stronger than Matthew leading to an inevitable win by the sexy swimmer. Matthew was pushed under the water and held down for a moment. Just long enough for his face to be held below the surface, a mere inches from Charlie’s speedo bulge. Matthew couldn’t help but love seeing it whenever they worked out or changed, but he’d never been so close to it. He could see it move slightly in the water, caught up in the currents of their wrestling. Fuck, he thought. I wish I could touch it.

Once Matthew resurfaced, the two decided it was time to get out and shower off. Back in the locker room, Charlie jumped right in the shower to hose the chlorine off his body. Matthew wrapped a towel around his waist and took out his razor to give himself a quick shave. He could barely pop out a few hairs on his chin, usually, but all of sudden he had a scratchy growth of hair around his face. Maybe now that I’ve had sex, I’m finally truly man!

As he spread the lotion on his cheeks and ran the razor over his skin, his mind wandered back to thoughts of Charlie’s dick. He could see him in the shower, singing to himself and soaping himself up. His mind wandered further, thinking back to Professor Housman’s cock as well, and how big and full it felt inside him. He splashed water on his face and headed into the shower to finish cleaning himself off.

Under the warm water, he felt his cock suddenly begin to swell up. What the hell? Why am I getting hard? He’d been thinking about dicks and boners, but he does that all the time! Suddenly, in the openness of the shower, he was getting hard! Again! He couldn’t bare to have Charlie see this. He’ll think I’m some kind of freak!

Running from the shower and grabbing his towel, Matthew headed into a bathroom stall and shut the door behind him.

“Matt, is everything okay?” Charlie asked, following behind him.

“Yeah–I… I just needed to use the bathroom.”

“Oh… Okay. Well, I’m going to dry off. Should I wait for you?”

Matthew looked down as his cock became even harder. It was like he’d instantly popped a nuclear Viagra or something and now was just completely aroused. He knew he’d have to do something… wait it out or jerk off to get rid of it. This wasn’t going away anytime soon.

“No, no, I’ll see you later at the dorm.” Matt sat down on the toilet seat, still soaking wet from the shower. He saw himself in the reflection of the metal door. The fuzzy image of red-faced freshmen.

He felt like a total jackass, looking down at his boner between his legs like it was some cruel joke. Then, out of nowhere, he felt a tingling feeling in his ears. He thought it was what his father always told him. If your ears tingle, it’s because people are talking about you! He was sure they were. Everyone in the gym probably saw him run to the stall. He took a breath, thinking the feeling would pass… only to feel it spread out more.

The feeling ran down his spine, concentrating in his tailbone. It lingered there as if he’d sat on something that was charging his body. It got hotter, even feeling a little tender! He was about to put a hand back to see what was happening before he saw his cock begin to swell even more.

He’d seen his cock hard hundreds of times. Possibly thousands. He knew exactly how big he was. Suddenly, he seemed to grow by an inch, maybe even two! And his cock’s girth filled up as well! What would be a dream for some terrified the young boy! What’s going on?!

As his dick grew bigger, it followed with an intense feeling of arousal and sensitivity. As if he cock were aching, painfully and pleasurably being pressured and pushed to the edge of cumming. His body trembled and heated, feeling like he had as he’d taken Professor Housman’s load. A surge of energy fired through his veins, making him feel more powerful and horny than ever before.

His hand instinctively fell to his cock, stroking its still wet shaft, hoping to relieve some of the pressure.

He stretched out his legs, feeling himself riding the edge. But this was somehow new. He didn’t just feel it in his cock. It was like his entire body was a massive erection being stroked. The sensation he knew from normal masturbation was increased tenfold, taking him over from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. It was almost too much to handle!

His face twisted and and contorted in response to his stroking. A warm, fuzzy feeling spread over his skin, tingling the hairs of his body. He felt a pressure deep behind his face, pushing outward as if it were actually extending out. He didn’t know what was coming over him, but it felt incredible! He didn’t want it to stop! He felt stronger, his muscles completely awake and in motion like he was a machine! He felt taller, bigger, better, all while stroking his continuously growing monster cock!

He stroked himself faster, feeling like there was no end to this moment. And then, just as soon as it arrived, he felt an explosion deep within him, like a cannon going off from inside his loins, ejaculating out a shot of cum that flung forward against the metal door of the bathroom stall. It made a sound as it make contact as if he’d thrown a tennis ball against it, making him worry that someone would hear. Luckily, he couldn’t hear anything over the running showers of the locker room.

As he came down from his epic climax, he felt his body heaving in and out, trying to catch his breath from that explosive end. He felt lightheaded and little dizzy, as if he could pass out right then and there. As his vision became studded with sparkles, he looked at his reflection in the door once more. It was even more obscured as his cum dripped down, but he saw something that made the blood run from his face.

Looking back at him in the cummy, muted reflection, he swore he saw a face that was not his own. A horse boy seemed to be looking back at him, mimicking his expressions and movements! He was still a little out of it, unsure of what he was seeing. He shamelessly wiped the cum away, hoping to get a clearer view. By the time the image cleared up, he saw his own face once more. Same nose, same lips, same eyes that had first looked back at him when he first sat down.

“I must be going insane,” Matthew said under his heavy breath, thinking back to Housman’s horns. What was going on?

He cleaned himself up with his towel and headed out of the stall, checking to see if anyone–especially Charlie–was around. He didn’t want anyone to see him or know he was in there… and what he’d done.

He changed into his street clothes and ran out as fast as he could back to his dorm. He felt his muscles working overtime, more lean and tough than ever before. He didn’t know why, but he knew he was fast. Faster than he’d ever known himself to be. Suddenly, as if his body were whispering to him, he felt like he could go for miles without tiring.

As soon as he got inside, he closed the door behind him and ran to the bathroom. It was the middle of the day and most people were either in class or in their rooms. He looked at himself more closely, examining his face. He saw no signs of anything suspicious.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Matthew chalked it all up to stress. Maybe too much chlorine in the water. Maybe even some secret, conspiratorial substance in the water to make the swimmers stronger! Anything but what he thought he saw. He looked fine, so he was fine! Except for a little stubble back on his chin…

Wanting to just get back to the real world, Matthew pulled out his toothbrush and toothpaste. He put the bristles under the water and spread out the minty ooze. The act reminded him of how his cum poured out of him like he’d never experienced before. He was still surprised, but also kind of impressed. He placed the brush in his mouth, pumping back and forth as his mind wandered some more. How am I still thinking of sex after that? And how am I still kinda horny?

Matthew spit out the suds from his mouth, putting the toothbrush down before letting out a gasp. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!

How was this happening? What’s going on?! He felt his face heat up again, taking on the same behaviors that he’d felt before in the bathroom stall! The hairs on his body felt electrified and pushed out through his skin like they had a mind of their own! The bones in his face shifted in the skin, moving forward with a pressure like they might snap. But rather than cracking, they just continued to take new shape, bringing the bridge of his nose and the front of mouth out. Even his chin and jaw followed along, giving him the distinct equestrian look!

It was real. It was really real! How? Why? As much as his questions made his large head spin, he couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! That feeling of being masturbated from head to toe came back, now without even touching himself! As this change was happening, he became more and more aware that he was not in a safe place! Anyone on his floor could walk in any moment and catch him becoming… whatever he was becoming!

Poking his head out the door, he looked in the hallway quickly, checking to see if anyone was out there who might spot him. Seeing a clear path to his room, he rushed out and headed inside, closing the door behind him.

He didn’t know what to do, but like before, he felt an intense need to cum! Getting into bed, Matthew stroked his cock, praying that Charlie didn’t come home before he could rub one out. Leaning back, he put a hand to his face, feeling it now covered in a dark, thick, short fur. He knew he should scream out in terror, but he found himself more aroused than anything else.

Like before, he was overcome with desire, feeling horny like he’d never felt before. Seeing no way out but through, Matthew settled onto his bed, stroking his big cock, trying to focus on how turned on he was, and how strong and powerful his legs and arms felt. Hormones surged through his young body.