Matthew looked out the window, staring off into the woods just off of campus. The trees moved slowly in the wind, swaying back and forth, stretching out like they could reach out and caress the clouds. They seemed to almost be waving at him, trying to signal him and call him.

He thought this was silly, but then again, he would have thought satyrs and shapeshifters were silly just a few weeks prior. He realized there was so much more of the world he had yet to discover. Not just because he was a freshman, but now as a Promethean. He didn’t know what he didn’t know, and Professor Housman’s woods warning intrigued him. Who knows? Maybe the trees were alive. Maybe they could get up out of the ground and walk when no one was looking. Maybe a lot of things.

His imagination took him out of his body, only to be immediately grounded back into his bed by Charlie’s kisses.

“Hey,” Charlie said with a smile, trying to steal his lover’s attention back. “Where’d you go?”

“Sorry. I’ve been distracted lately. I mean, I guess that’s pretty obvious. A lot going on.”

“That’s for sure. …How did this all happen?”

Matthew looked at Charlie, seeing his sincerity in his eyes. He wanted to help him. To love him. To understand him. Matthew hadn’t thought about telling him, but now it seemed he had to.

“There are other creatures out there. Other beings. Immortals.”

Charlie furrowed his brow, confused. “Immortals. Like, what? Vampires? Gods?”

“Satyrs. Maybe they’re gods, who knows. But… I had sex with a satyr.”

“When? I thought you were a virgin.”

“…I-I was.”

Charlie had put it together that it was Matthew’s first time. He wasn’t sure how to feel, but he knew he had to stay calm and strong. Matthew didn’t need to see his shock or surprise. Not just by the fact that he’d lost his virginity to a satyr, but the fact that there are satyrs! He wanted to ask more questions, but he knew it was better to let it alone for now.

The two held each other close, not wanting to go into the matter any further and just enjoy their blissful time alone.

The two heard the rustle of activity in the hall outside their dorm room. In the excitement of their afternoon, they nearly forgot it was Homecoming. The school planned a bunch of activities, some more entertaining than others, all culminating in a large, bright bonfire. As much as Matthew and Charlie would have liked to stay in bed, they knew they couldn’t spend all day and night fucking. Part of being in college means doing college things. And tonight, they were going to celebrate.

They put on their hoodies and jeans and headed out to join the rest of their classmates. The evening air was crisp and filled with the orange-lit smoke of the large bonfire. It was surprisingly bright from the single source of light, but dark enough that Charlie and Matthew could steal kisses without anyone seeing.

They were handed some drinks from other boys they knew, making sure to keep it out of sight of any teachers or faculty. The excitement in the air was infectious, making them feel like they were really living their best possible life. Everything seemed perfect. And for the first time in days, Matthew felt like he was getting the college experience he’d imagined.

Matthew and Charlie held hands, feeling completely free and at ease. Matthew couldn’t believe he could be so lucky to have someone so special in his life, loving him for who he is, and being willing to claim him as his. His heart pounded in his chest, overwhelmed with emotions. So overwhelmed, he did not notice the fur beginning to sprout on his ears.

Charlie looked at Matthew, eyes wide, giving Matthew the first sign something was awry.

“Matt… it’s happening…”

Matthew began to feel his skin buzzing, his body transforming just under the surface starting with bones, and then his muscles, shifting and moving to take the equine form with which he had become so familiar. He looked around, panicked, worried that the other students would see his horse-face features.

Luckily, with the dark of the night and the obscuring effect of the fire light, Matthew’s change went unnoticed. Adrenaline took over and he quickly moved to lift up his hood and run off. Matthew’s body seemed to have athletic abilities he had never experienced before as he bolted back toward the dorms, leaving Charlie behind to try and keep up.

Charlie, a strong runner with natural athletic talent ran after him, but could not compete with Matthew’s horse-like speed.

Once Matthew was in their room, Matthew felt parts of his body continue to shift and transform toward being more colt-like. His nose pushed forward, shooting electricity through his skull, exciting his senses as his sense of smell became more intense. The smoke and beer from the bonfire seemed to find their way through the window of his room and remind him even more of the festivities he had just left behind.

It wasn’t fair. It simply wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t he have this one thing? This one night? Why couldn’t he have his freshman experiences like everyone else. He hated himself for putting Charlie in that position too. He knew he couldn’t control this, and now, he had no choice. He had to stay in his room. Be unseen. Be unknown. He couldn’t let anyone see him.

Just as Matthew was beginning to feel tears come into his eyes, he heard Charlie coming forward. Matthew rushed to the door and locked it.

“Matt! Matt, let me in!”

“Go away, Charlie! I don’t want to see you right now. I don’t want to see in anyone.”

“You have to let me in! Look, I want to be there for you. We can work through this!”

Matt looked at his reflection in the window, seeing his equine face staring back. The forest was aglow in the distance, lit from the bonfire’s light and the occasional headlights of cars on the road that passes near to campus.

“That’s just it. I don’t think there is anything to work through. This is my life. And I don’t want it to be your burden. You should go to the bonfire and hang out with everyone else. I can’t be seen.”

“Of course your can! We just need to find out how to control it. What about that satyr? Maybe he knows how to help.”

This suggestion triggered a cascade of emotion for Matthew. “No! You don’t understand! There is no help! This is it! The only thing I ever got from him was something about the forests. It’s useless!”

“…The forests?” Charlie continued. “What did he say?”

“Forest or forests, I can’t remember. Just told me to stay out for now, and that creatures live there, but it was vague and confusing. Why?”

Charlie paused. The forests. Of course, it made sense. Satyrs were forest dwellers in mythology. And if Matthew met one, it’s possible that’s where he might be.

Matthew heard Charlie step away from the door. He didn’t understand what had happened and what made him leave. He looked out the window, crying, feeling unsure of what to do or how to comfort himself or his new boyfriend. And just as he began to quietly cry, he saw Charlie… running toward the forest.

It seemed like a snowball’s chance to find a satyr. But Charlie wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing. If the forest next to campus is where magical creatures were to be found, Charlie was going to find one. Who knows? Maybe if he met one, it could lead him to Matthew’s satyr.

The moon was bright, giving Charlie just enough light to not trip over every rock and stone he crossed. But within seconds of entering the forest, the deeper he went, the harder it was to see.

He slowed down, trying to get a sense of where he was. He could still see the warm, red glow of the bonfire off in the distance behind him to the right, breaking up the blue moon light. He tried to keep an eye out for this color, knowing it would be a good guiding light for him on his way back.

He was scared, but he felt strangely compelled. It was easier to be brave because he wanted to do this for Matthew. He needed to find answers. Help. Anything.

After a relatively short walk, he came across a moonlit clearing with a big tree at the edge. The ground felt different. He’d been used to the usual forest floor of twigs, leaves, and roots. But now, his feet made no sound.

The soft floor felt like a carpet, catching him softly with each foot step. It felt like moss, only with a deeper shag. He looked down, but the velvety bottom did not reflect much of the light back to make clear what it was.

It was after a few steps that he noticed something peculiar… a fragrance. He now realized it had been filling his nostrils since he entered the perimeter of the forest, but suddenly it had gotten stronger with each move he made. The moss seemed to release it as it was pressed beneath him.

It was a beautiful, floral scent, one that seemed to excite his senses and make him hunger for more. It was intoxicating. He wanted to move more to let it fill his lungs. He walked further, following the carpeted floor.

He walked, as if directed by this scent, toward a particular spot in the front of the tree. He started to see things differently, less focused. His mind got fuzzy, but he was clear of one thing: he needed to go to the tree.

The air became thick with the fragrance, sending Charlie into an almost hypnotic state as he stepped further forward. With his faculties impaired, he had no sense of the tentacles sneaking up through his footsteps, sprouting up from the impressions in the moss, and beginning to follow him toward his destination…

Charlie made his approach, feeling completely relaxed and entranced by the foreign scent. He forgot all about why he was there. About the bonfire and Matthew. About the satyr. He was solely transfixed on this alluring aroma. He wanted more. He needed more. And he did not question anything about its surprising presence.

He felt two long objects snake around his feet, caressing his ankles and stopping him in his tracks. He did not trip or fall. He simply stood in place, content, letting himself give in to the unseen force at his feet. The two long tentacles gripped him tightly before lifting him in the air, taking claim of the boy’s body.

The sense of being lifted took Charlie out of his placid state, making him aware that he was not entirely alone. He felt a sting of panic, trying to resist the tentacles, understanding now through the fog in his mind, that this was some kind of trap. The long powerful tentacles did not relent. They held firm, twisting with ease around his legs and body, holding him even more securely than before.

He could not run or fight, suspended in the air with his extremities held in some sort of tentacle bondage.

Charlie could see more of the tentacles sprouting up from the ground. They seemed to be acting as if they were part of one single organism. Some form of plant-like creature. This was the scylla he’d learned about in Professor Housman’s class! He wondered if Matthew knew this was out here…if this was one of the creatures Matthew had encountered.

Suddenly he was thinking about Matthew. And then the bonfire. Maybe someone would be close enough to hear him. Why was his body taking so long to respond to his urge to shout. But before he could finally call out or scream, the aroma intensified and his head began swimming as he was further subdued.

A tentacle found its way around his waist, teasing his belly before sliding down inside his pants. Charlie feels his clothes being pulled, his trousers loosened, tugged down and off as other tentacles ripped through the fabric stripping him of his protection. The remains of his trousers fell down around his ankles, leaving him completely vulnerable to all manner of attacks and intrusions.

The crisp night air sends goosebumps over Charlie’s bare flesh, making the smooth muscular tentacled arms an unusual reprieve from the chill.

The scent of the florals and the taste of the slimy tentacles made his body react in a most unusual way. It was like when he would taste Matthew’s cum, only far more powerful. He felt excited, energized, and, to his surprise, completely aroused.

His cock which had earlier grown hard in his pants practically breaking his zipper to get free while being groped before being exposed, now was somehow bigger, throbbing like never before. His fingers began to tingle, wanting to touch himself, while his heart raced in an incomprehensible mix of fear, terror and excitement. What was happening? Why was he feeling this way?

The tentacles began to restrain him up against the tree, filling his mouth with its invasive arms, keeping him locked in its grip. They toyed and teased with his body, making him twist in a mix of pleasure and resistance. His moans were muffled as he tasted the strange, slick object writhing on his tongue and exuding a warm wonderful gel. The taste matched the smell and the result was intoxicating.

The tentacles saw a new way to invade him, sliding up his legs, around his hips, and working their way toward his genitals. He felt a slither around his balls, lurking back toward his hole, while another moved around the base of his shaft, stroking him in the manner he wished he could.

Once he was removed of all his clothes, the scylla wasted no time in plugging him up. His mouth was stuffed with a thick, wet tentacle, leaking the intoxicating liquid down his throat. It shot fire through his body, exciting his senses and arousing his cock. His fear began to subside, overwhelmed by feelings of pleasure and delight. His vision narrowed, seeming to lose sight of anything beyond the web of plant arms.

He felt the tickle of a new large tentacle beneath him. The length, weight, and girth moved in muscular snake-like motions making its way between his ass cheeks until it rested against his hole. There it began pulsing back and forth on his tight virginal little rosebud, teasing his flesh. It worked his body like a hand, massaging him and warming him up. He knew what was about to happen, and deep down, a part of him was scared. But the scent of the moss and the taste of the liquid made him unable to resist his more basic desire. He wanted to be fucked. To be taken. To be consumed.

He closed his eyes. It felt so good. Too good. Too good to think about anything else. He felt himself slip into a fantasy, imagining an eternity of being pleasured and fucked like this. It seemed like an answer to a desire he’d never thought to have. He couldn’t tell if it was the mind-altering fragrance or if this was something deep within him. But within moments, it didn’t matter. The scylla tentacle arm returned pushing into him, stretching his tight little hole.

With that, he let out a soft but forceful whimper as he exhaled and relaxed his hole, feeling the monstrously thick tentacle make its way inside his anus.

His toes curled as a tentacle moved deeper inside him, squirming around and navigating his insides with a peculiar curiosity. It seemed to want to know him, to explore him, to find his sweet spots and push them. Charlie felt his cock grow harder, wrapped in the wet grip of a massaging tentacle, while simultaneously another tentacle with a mouth-like opening encased and sucked his erection. The several tentacles were working in concert to pull out pre-cum like they were milking him for his nectar.

And the stretching continued to open him wider as the slick tentacle pushed into him further. Charlie moaned on the long arm filling his mouth, hearing his muffled sound get lost in the ruffling leaves of the forest floor and canopy. He accidentally bit down on the extension, causing it to retreat from his lips. He was unfazed by this, taking the freedom to breathe harder and deeper.

Charlie’s back pressed hard against the rough surface of the tree, feeling it scratch against his smooth, strong back. Every time his muscles shifted or moved, he felt the bark press into his flesh, keeping him in place and unable to resist the feel of the scylla’s manipulations. They seemed to be barely touching him, and yet he was pinned…muscles paralyzed such that he could not move away from his position against the tree.

And then suddenly he felt an emptiness. The thick muscular tentacle withdrew in one slick motion leaving him with a feeling of emptiness and desperation. He desperately wanted it stretch him open again, to push back into him. Back where it belonged! To fuck him hard and deep. He wanted it. He needed it!

He didn’t have to wait long. Another tentacle with a phallus-shaped end wound around the first, and the wrapped pair made their way back toward Charlie’s little pink hole that was waiting to be touched again. First one and then the original thick fleshy tubes pushed into him as he was double penetrated by these monstrous tentacles. There was what felt like a small explosion in his brain as waves of pleasure and pain washed over his body.

Seconds later the tentacles had found his prostate and were now squeezing it like a stress ball. Tentacles on his front side had pulled copious amounts of precum and cum from his balls several times, milking him and leaving a mixture of his own cum and the slick goop on his rock hard cock over and over again.

But now with his prostate was getting the pummeling of a lifetime, he was feeling himself edge closer to a mind-altering climax. The two tentacles expanded like a muscle flexing…stretching him further just as they expertly grabbed and squeezed his young prostate. Poor Charlie was seeing stars as he moaned during an orgasm that lasted a full minute. He yelped as his balls exploded, dumping their contents which shot through his hyper-engorged genitals, then erupted as a geyser of cum from his cock in the most intense ball-twisting orgasm of his young life.

When Matthew saw Charlie run off into the woods, he knew he was headed toward danger. Professor Housman didn’t explain all of what was there, but the message was clear: do not go. At least he knew that he wasn’t supposed to go, or boys who had been turned and become Prometheans like him. Maybe Charlie would be fine, he wasn’t a Promethean. Then again, he didn’t want to see Charlie in trouble, so he pulled his hoodie up and shot out of his room, into the campus yard, and ran off after him, hoping to keep him safe.

The moment he crossed into the forest he smelt the trace of something sweet and floral in the air, unsure of what it could be. Something inside him connected with it, sensing that it was supernatural in nature. His feeling mixed between wanting to avoid this lure, and wanting to give into it. He pressed forward assuming that Charlie was likely just as fixated with it as he was and this was likely not a good thing. He followed it, using his enhanced sense of smell fed to his brain from his elongated horse-boy snout to trace its location. As he came to the clearing in the woods, he was stunned by what he saw.

Charlie, held against a tree, being fucked from all sides by various dark green tentacles emerging from the ground. Matthew thought of the scylla from the mythology lectures and conversations with Housman immediately, putting together the tempting fragrance and the forest trap.

The scent was stronger now, intensifying with each step he took. He wanted to reach out and do something, but he found himself mystified by the sight before him, and his thoughts became animalistic. He felt his already growing cock suddenly grow steely hard, and his balls ached from the pressure as they filled with heavy cum…he was undeniably turned on by seeing Charlie in this way. He knew he would need to rescue him, but something took over his senses and made him think only of how hot it was. It was almost like the smell was a voice demanding that he watch. Instinctively his body followed the unspoken commands and he moved himself up to a tree, giving himself a closer look at the scene beneath. He’d never seen Charlie like this. He couldn’t resist pulling out his big, superhuman monster cock, and stroking his shaft…