As the afternoon rolled on, Matthew underwent one transformation after another. Each time his face contorted it felt as though he was having an orgasm throughout his entire body. With each subsequent transformation, his hormones surged higher and his compulsion to empty his heavy and swollen testicles became more urgent.

For a scrawny smooth faced freshman who spent more of his high school days with his nose in his books as a kid than in sports, he’d never felt so strong. The muscles of his body flexed and rippled as he experienced the transformational changes.

While admiring himself in the mirror it was as though a surge of lightning shot through his body from his head to his toes. He shot up in bed seconds before a tail began pushing out from his backside just above his butt-crack. The sensation was painful but unbelievably pleasurable as well. At almost the exact same time, his front side was affected as his dick throbbed and  expanded in the exact opposite direction. He couldn’t take it, the sensation was too much and pushed him over the edge again. His young body produced an explosive ejaculation without even touching himself.

Like someone on mind-altering substance, he briefly lost all inhibition. He was in love with everything that was happening and never wanted it to stop. Laying on his back he stroked his horse-sized member with both hands once again, this time until a geyser of semen painted in his torso and face.

Matthew’s chest heaved up and down as he felt his body settle into his comforter. His strong, strangely equine body suddenly became heavy and worn. He felt as if he had just run for miles, blood pumping throughout his body to fuel his tired muscles. In truth, he’d simply been lying still, stroking his enormous cock and edging himself closer and closer to the ejaculation of his life.

He felt thick, hot semen drip out of the tip of his member as it casually deflated on his toned, flat stomach. Stray fluid lay all over his body, melting on his flesh like ice cream on pavement. A rogue spurt managed to even get as far as his snout. The long, furred face of the young freshman rested heavily on his chest, grunting and moaning as he tried to catch his breath.

Matthew had never jerked off like that before. Even in the bathroom stall, it all felt strange and hurried and desperate. This time around, he was able to thoroughly enjoy the power of his changing body, feeling the intense pleasure work its way from his genital center throughout to the tips of his toes, fingers, ears, and lips.

He wondered how this was related to this new face he bore. Why was he changing? What did this mean? Did he catch this from something? Was it science? Was it magic?

His dizzying mind barely had time to wander too far before he heard Charlie coming down the hall. He felt his ears move with new muscles, shifting their position to find the source of the distant sound. Charlie was a good ways away for hearing, but only seconds from walking in and seeing–everything.

He knew that he had no explanation for his naked, cum-drenched body, let alone his weird horse face! He felt his muscles kick back into gear, studying his surroundings for any way out of this inevitable disaster!

On the floor he saw a pair of underwear, just within reach of his bed. He could hear Charlie coming closer, talking to someone in the hall. He was stalled, but only for a second. He brought the underwear up to his body and quickly soaked up all the jizz from his body. As he tossed it back on the floor, he realized he’d made a terrible miscalculation. It wasn’t his–it was Charlie’s! Fuck! FUCK!

There was nothing more he could do. He heard the sound of the key penetrating the door knob, a breath away from unlocking the door and opening up to his inexplicable situation. In a quick move, Matthew pulled his covers up over his face, hiding his horse-like visage and pretending to be fast asleep.

Charlie walked into the room, seeing the familiar lump in Matthew’s bed. It seemed earlier than usual for him to be asleep, but it had been a wild week for the both of them. New classes, new setting, lots of swimming and working out. For a small guy like Matthew, he’s going to need to crash and recover at some point.

Charlie tiptoed into the room, trying to stay quiet and not disturb his roommate. (Matthew, too, tried to keep quiet, knowing that this respectful silence could be his undoing.) As Charlie moved over to his bed, he took off his shirt and flip flops, getting ready to change into his night time attire. Walking over to his dresser, he felt his foot touch down on something strangely wet and warm.

Looking down, Charlie saw that it was his underwear that he’d missed tossing into the hamper earlier. He left it hurriedly to get to class, but was stunned to find it now on the floor, clearly moved, soaked with what appeared to be something… something not his. It took a second for him to realize what it was, but the young guy soon had to face the sticky, thick truth: he had stepped in his roommate’s cum.

Matthew heard the sound of Charlie stop and bend over. He hoped beyond hope that it was unrelated, that maybe he’d dropped something to pick up or was looking at his phone and not his underwear! Matthew peaked out from under his covers, moving silently and stealthily to get a sense of what was happening.

He managed to look out from his bed just in time to see Charlie wiping his bare foot with a towel. Below him was the soiled underwear, soaked and marked with his shame. Charlie picked it up off the floor and flung it into his hamper. It landed with almost a thud, an acoustic indication of its unusual weight from the load it carried.

Matthew felt his face heat up. He was in total darkness under his blanket, but he knew he must be redder than ever. He could barely bring himself to breathe, terrified of what would happen. He hadn’t been in college that long and he feared this could be the thing he’s remembered for forever. No way this doesn’t get out somehow! And what’s worse, things had been so good–unbelievably good–between he and his roommate; now there was a real chance he messed it up forever. How could he ever talk to Charlie again?

Matthew stayed still, waiting for a sign that Charlie was going to sleep. Maybe then he could get up and leave… maybe even go home. He didn’t know what to do!

Charlie, however, didn’t go to sleep. He didn’t speak, he didn’t leave. He just say on the edge of his bed for a long while. Matthew couldn’t see what he was doing, but he could hear that he hadn’t moved from his seated position. Matthew waits for Charlie to make a move, to explode or to yell or anything. Instead, the still silence goes on forever. Waiting for how this story will end, Matthew tortured himself with different scenarios, imagining just how bad it could be.

Matthew felt his face twist and return to normal. He felt the smooth skin of his face, still flushed and warm from his embarrassment. The horse face wouldn’t be part of this humiliation, but he almost wished it was. He could blame it on some weird transformation happening to him–something he had no control over. That might be less embarrassing than the thought that he jerked off into his roommate’s underwear! And while that wasn’t what happened, it would certainly be hard for him to lie about his feelings for Charlie.

With what feels like hours passing, Charlie soon realizes he can’t stay under his comforter forever. He questions what he should say and how he should do. He rustles under his bedding, trying to reach for his boxers at the bottom of his bed. As he clumsily slips the red shorts up his legs, he hears a voice for the first time.


Charlie’s voice is soft. There’s no sense of hostility or anger in his tone, giving Matthew a momentary feeling of tranquility, knowing that at least a hundred different scenarios he’d imagined would not come true.

“Yeah?” Matthew answered, still under his blanket, his voice muffled by the thick fabric.

“I think we need to talk.”

Matt sheepishly peeled off the covers, revealing his face for the first time since they’d seen each other in the showers. He looked into Charlie’s eyes for a sign of what to say next, finding only the kind, gentle eyes of his friend and roommate.

“I don’t know what to say, Charlie. I don’t know what happened. It’s stupid and a mistake and–”

“–Stop. You’ve done nothing. I’m not mad at you or anything. Actually, it’s a bit of the opposite.”

“Matt… I just… fuck, this isn’t easy for me…”

Matthew looked confused. What was he saying? Why isn’t he mad?

Matthew watched as his roommate wrestled inside himself, twisting up and shifting in his mind not dissimilarly from the way Matthew’s body had changed earlier in the day. He was going through something. Something big. What was it?

“Charlie, you don’t have to. It’s fine.”

“–No. No, I need to. I’ve just never said it before. But… Matt… I’m…I pretty sure I’m gay.”

The words took Matthew’s breath away. In the hours of contemplating what would happen, this wasn’t anything at all like he imagined. It was so far from reality, he wondered if he was still under his covers, having fallen asleep and dreaming this moment. His eyes went wide, lost in the weight of that revelation. He didn’t snap out of his stunned trance until Charlie put a hand on his shoulder.

“Say something. Please.”

“I–I had no idea. I mean, no idea!”

“I wanted you to know. I’d been trying to figure out how to tell you, but it’s just been hard. But I feel like I need you to know now.”

As Matthew’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, curious about the timing of this news, Charlie moved his hand down from Matthew’s shoulder, down his arm, and landing on his hand, holding it gently, but clearly full of intention.

“I guess the reason I’m telling you is because… I… I like you. And I think you like me too.”

Matthew tried to keep his head from spinning. He was sure he was dreaming! There was no way this was happening! He put his hand on Charlie’s shoulder to steady himself, fearing he might fall from the shock. Charlie was quick to respond by bringing him in close, securing him against his body, and planting a passionate kiss on his lips.

Matthew felt like he was flying. He was weightless and outside of space and time as he lost himself in the kiss. It was his first kiss. His first real kiss. His first kiss between him and a boy who he likes and who likes him back! Everything about it was unexpected and sudden, but he was happier than he could have imagined before getting out of his bed!

Between the two of them, the boys felt their crotches swell and harden, becoming aroused by their continued contact and kissing. Charlie ran his hand down his roommate’s boxers, feeling around for the young man’s member. He’d seen it many times before in the gym and in the showers. He even caught glimpses of it hard! And he wanted to get the full experience!

Pulling down the boy’s shorts, he watched as the big, throbbing cock soared into the air…

Charlie fell to his knees, running his hand over his roommate’s smooth hips. His cock hung from him like a third leg, just as thick and long. It was beautiful. Veiny and large with two heavy balls seeming to keep it from pointing straight up into the air.

Charlie brought his mouth to the base of his shaft, right above where his nut sack hung. He carefully and slowly extended out his tongue, running the tip along the bottom ridge, tasting it as he made his way up to the top.

Matthew couldn’t believe how good it felt. His cock had had quite the workout for the day, but it was strangely still completely sensitive and aroused as if he hadn’t cum in days. He wondered how this could be, especially given the massive cum load he shot off before, but he didn’t stop to question it further. As Charlie took his thick cock into his mouth, Matthew’s head got dizzy and heated, overwhelmed by how amazing it felt!

As Charlie expertly worked the shaft down his throat, taking more and more of him as he continued to orally service his roommate, Matthew found his ears begin to stretch out. The strange and new muscles he felt before when he first heard Charlie suddenly seemed to activate, moving inside his head to push them upward and outward.

Additionally, the tips of his ears seemed to mold to a point, cartilage and skin becoming malleable like putty. He worried what might happen if things continued, if he would continue to change again, but found himself unable to think of anything beyond the unbelievable pleasure! His face and ears and body felt as amazing as his massive cock, now several inches deep inside Charlie’s face. As Charlie’s chin pressed against Matthew’s balls, the young boy wondered how much longer he could last before pouring out another hot load down his roommates throat.