As the car pulled up to the freshman dorm entrance, Matthew felt his stomach drop. He was excited to begin this new chapter of his life, but he knew that it meant things would never be the same again. He’d studied and worked so hard to get to college, now he was worried that he might not ready.

The entire car ride his dad had told him all about how much fun he was going to have and all the new freedoms and experiences he would discover. Matthew squirmed in his seat, terrified that his dad would chose this inescapable moment to have the sex talk, but luckily, all he seemed to want to do was reminisce about his own college memories.

Matthew was excited for sex, of course. Just the thought of it made him nearly buzz with excitement. Everything he’d ever seen in movies, TV, and on the internet would finally happen. Well, at least might happen… Well, at least he hoped would happen.

He was a scrawny boy for his age, barely looking old enough to shave let alone start his first year at a university. He’d never really done anything with anyone, not even kiss. It was no shock to him or to anyone when he came out as gay, but he always felt somewhat inadequate. He didn’t look anything like the testosterone throbbing muscle daddies he saw in his pornos, nor did he look like the enviable masculine bros he went to school with.

Despite his boyish face, slim body, and quiet personality, Matthew thought about sex all the time! And now, stepping into the real world for the first time, he felt like his moment was just around the corner.

After a long-winded “good luck” and “goodbye,” Matthew gave his dad a final hug, tighter than he thought he would, realizing from this point out, he’d be on his own. Matthew watched as his dad drove away, leaving him to start on his new adventure. He knew he would miss him, but first he had to get settled. Taking a deep breath, he picked up his bags and headed into the dorm house.

As soon as Matthew got in, he inched himself toward the elevators, hoping to get to the third floor in a matter of minutes. Instead, he saw the dreaded “Out of Order” sign. Terrific, he thought to himself sarcastically. He looked over at the stairwell, feeling his forehead begin to sweat. It was a warm, September day, still very much holding onto the feeling of summer. Not exactly the ideal time to be lugging everything you owned up three flights.

Still, Matthew persevered. He knew he had to do this for himself. He’d gotten this far on his talents, intelligence, and determination, what’s a few more steps? By the time he saw the third floor hall, he felt his stomach sink again. This is it. My new life.

He walked into his room, expecting to see an empty carpeted box, only to find his new roommate, Charlie, was already there, standing in his boxers and unpacking his suitcase.

He was taller than he expected. Lean, smooth, and built like a swimmer. His eyes were crystal blue, and his mouth curled up as his smiled. His hair was effortlessly groomed, making him look like a model out of an underwear catalogue. They’d e-mailed a couple times before, but never actually saw one another. Matthew was speechless, completely surprised by the stunning good looks of his new roommate.

Fortunately for him, Charlie was completely comfortable talking. He greeted Matthew in, not even flinching at having been found in his skivvies. They (or rather, he) talked on and on about the school, the excitement, all the fun activities and amenities they had at their disposal.

Matthew fortunately didn’t have to do much but listen and nod, completely charmed by his new living companion. He unpacked his clothes, made his bed, and set up his desk in a matter of minutes. And just like that, he was settled into their new home.

All the while, Charlie remained in his boxers, talking to Matthew without so much as a second thought to maybe put on a shirt or pants. Not that Matthew minded, he just couldn’t believe someone their age was so comfortable just being exposed like that.

Charlie seemed somehow older and more experienced. He looked like a college student should, that was for sure. He had the youthful look of someone just starting out, but he had more mature, masculine features that made him seem like full grown man. Matthew envied him that, and admired him for it.

Charlie was eager to get into his classes, and asked Matthew if he’d picked his yet.

“I’ve got a great schedule this semester,” Charlie continued. “Nothing on Mondays, done early on Fridays, and a great class on Tuesday afternoon, Literature and Mythology. How about you?”

“I, uh, I haven’t really finalized things yet. I still have a few credits to fill up. Outside of the major classes, I don’t know what to take.”

You should take the mythology class! I hear it’s really fun and an easy A. Plus the professor’s supposed to be younger and less stuffy. Besides, it would be good to have someone else that can take notes.”

Matthew thought about it a little. He liked mythology fine enough in high school. Why not? It’s better than anything else. Plus, he’d get to spend more time with Charlie, which wasn’t the worst way to spend a Tuesday.

Before Matthew could even answer, Charlie dropped his boxers, letting his impressive cock and balls hang down between his legs. He threw them on his bed and reached into his dresser for a jock strap. He pulled it out and put it on with the nonchalance of someone changing their shoes. Matthew couldn’t believe it! He’d never seen another guy naked like that before, and his mind raced with all the sexual fantasies he’d ever had!

Charlie pulled the tiny, white, cloth garment up over his junk and proceeded to change into workout clothes. All the while, Matthew was trying hard to stop himself from getting hard.

“I’m about to check out the gym,” Charlie said, collecting a towel and some toiletries into a duffel bag. “You should come!”

Matthew had never been to the gym before… any gym for that matter. The idea of it intimidated him. But how could he say no? His roommate was being really nice and friendly, the least he could do was go with him.

Once in the gym, Matthew was surprised how much he enjoyed it. It helped having Charlie there helping him, showing him what to do, how much to put on, and the right way to do each exercise. They switched out back and forth, talking more and more about each other. They seemed to really be getting along.

Matthew was finding himself more and more comfortable with Charlie. He even started to feel the beginnings of a little crush. It didn’t help that Charlie’s sweat was only making him even sexier, giving him a refreshing scent and sheen over his body that made Matthew melt. He fantasized about Charlie’s jockstrap, wishing he could give it another look. Then he remembered that they shared a room, and he’d probably even be able to give it a good sniff later on.

Everything seemed really great… until the showers. Once they were done with their workout, they went into the locker room to rinse off their sweat. Matthew had wanted to go back to their dorm, but Charlie insisted that this was part of going to the gym.

Once inside, Matthew saw more man meat than he ever imagined. It was a college gym, so it was crowded with young guys in the best shape of their lives! Jocks from all the school teams, even some beefy graduate students as well. He could see muscles on top of muscles, as well as free hanging dicks as far as the eye could see!

Two boys went to the showers, stripping down and getting under the water. Matthew was nervous to get naked out in the open, but luckily the showers were just private enough that he didn’t feel like he was flashing every man on campus. In the steamy air, the only person he could really see was Charlie.

As he washed the sweat from his body, he became overwhelmed with the amazing things he’d seen already. He’d only been on campus a few hours and he had seen more dicks than if he had stayed in his room looking at internet porn! Unfortunately, his body started behaving as if he had.

In the hot, running water, Matthew felt his cock harden up between his legs, rising up without control. He didn’t know what to do. He kept his arms down, hoping to hide it, but he knew there wasn’t really anywhere for it to go. He looked over at Charlie who was idly talking him up some more, not really pausing or anything to wait for him to respond. Matthew hoped dearly that he didn’t see it.

It was then that Matthew wondered: he must have seen it! He must know I have a boner. And if so, he’s not saying anything. Maybe–maybe he likes it. The idea made Matthew curious. He looked back on the day. He walked in on him in underwear, Charlie took them off almost right away, and then they spent the rest of the afternoon working out and now they’re in the showers! Is Charlie gay, too?

The answer didn’t come until the following Tuesday. Matthew and Charlie went back to their room after the gym and went about their lives without mentioning any erections. They watched TV and movies, hung out some, and readied themselves for classes to start.

Feeling like maybe he and Charlie could have something, Matthew went ahead and signed up for the Literature and Mythology class. When that Tuesday came, Matthew woke up excited, knowing he’d be in class with his handsome roommate.

Matthew was coming from another class that afternoon, hoping that he could get there in time to save a seat for he and Charlie. As he made his way into the room, he couldn’t help getting a smile on his face seeing Charlie already inside. He started to walk up to him, hoping to sit next to him, but it seemed he was already busy talking with someone. A girl. A pretty girl.

Charlie acknowledged Matthew as he came him, giving him a quick and friendly, albeit dismissive, nod, as if to say, “Hey! I’ll catch you in a minute.” Charlie continued to talk to the girl, flashing his pearly white at her as he gave her his best smile. His eyes sparkled with interest and he leaned in subtly to speak to her. He was flirting! He was flirting hard!

Matthew put his books and things down on a desk in the room, a good ways away from the meet cute he was witnessing. His heart sank as he realized what this meant. Matthew was straight and he was an idiot. He tried not to wallow too hard as he sat down at the desk, wondering if it was too late to transfer out of the class. Just then, he saw a handsome older man walk into the class and set a textbook down.

According to the registrar, his name was Professor Housman. Charlie had mentioned he was young for a professor, but he didn’t realize just how young he meant. He was probably in his mid-30s, but it was hard to place exactly. He had a timeless handsome quality that made him seem both excitingly youthful as well as matured, sexy, and experienced.

His blond hair and chiseled jaw gave him the look of a character out of some classic fantasy, interestingly appropriate for the subject of literature and mythology. Matthew became immediately fixated on him, becoming surprisingly aroused and heated just looking at him.

Professor Housman introduced himself to the class as he wrote up the day’s itinerary on the whiteboard. His voice resonated throughout the room, projecting out from his well shaped body. Matthew was a good ways back in the room, but he somehow felt like Housman was always speaking right to him.

Matthew clung to his every word, never able to take his eyes off of him. He barely took any notes, just listening to him go on about the classics and the extraordinary figures that populated them. His body moved perfectly in his tight khakis, giving his body a perfect frame, revealing just enough of his shape to entice Matthew further.

As much as he loved studying every line and contour of the handsome professor’s body, it was more than he was prepared to handle that afternoon. He felt himself become even more turned on, fixated on the older man’s magnetic personality and natural charisma. He felt himself drifting into a daydream, imagining him naked in the togas and robes of the ancient cultures of which he was describing, only to be quickly woken up by the professor’s question.

“Can anyone tell me what this means?” he asked to the room, looking out over a sea of engaged faces. Matthew looked on the board and saw that he’d written “Homer’s Odyssey: Scylla and Charybdis.”

“Anyone?” he continued, the air still and silent, desperately waiting for someone to answer.

Matthew waited for someone to respond. He knew the answer from his high school studies, but he was strangely nervous to speak. He was shy! In a classroom! The young man had never been one to shy away from speaking in class, but now, for some reason, he was nervous to speak. Something about Professor Housman made him nervous, excited, and desperate to be liked. Seeing that no one was going to save him from the silence, Matthew raised his hand.

“Yes, you. What’s your name?”

Matthew paused for a second and timidly answered, “Matthew.” Professor Housman looked at him in the eye, starting at him with his beautiful, blue eyes. Matthew was surprised how much this affected. He felt a strange feeling rush through him. More than just arousal. It was something more. Something deeper. It was like a surge of warmth, almost electrical, coursing through him as Housman’s gaze locked onto him. It passed shortly, leaving him slightly shaken, but Matthew still had yet to answer.

“Scylla,” he began, “They’re dangerous, mythical creatures. Odysseus has to pass between them to get home to Ithaca. It’s where we get the saying, ‘Between a rock and a hard place.’”

“Very good, Matthew.” Professor Housman was impressed with his answer, as was the rest of the room. Even Charlie gave him a quiet thumbs up, seemingly proud of his roommate’s academic prowess.

Matthew was happy to have made his roommate proud, but what really stuck with him was the look he received from the professor. It was like he’d said something to him, but he couldn’t quite make it out. He did know one thing for sure: whatever it was, it made him pop a boner right then and there.

Housman continued his lecture, continuing to go on explaining the scylla and its significance. The class was actually quite interesting! As much as he’d felt silly for following Charlie into it, he was surprised how much he was really enjoying it.

Before he knew it, Professor Housman closed his book and gave them their assignments for next class. Matthew looked at the clock incredulously, surprised that the time had finished already. It seemed like he’d just put his stuff down and it was already time to go!

“Learning about ancient cultures is a great adventure,” Housman said as he put his book away. “I’m excited to watch you all learn and grow.”

As the student began to collect their things and head out the door, Matthew watched as Charlie handed his number to the girl in the class, clearly setting up his own after-class activities. Matthew put his books and notes away and stood up to head out as well, only to be stopped by Professor Housman.

The handsome man put a hand on the boy’s shoulder, gripping him tightly enough that he nearly took his breath away. It would have been innocuous on its own were he not incredibly sexy and intelligent, but coming from Professor Housman, this touch was nearly enough to make Matthew faint.

“Matthew,” he started “Great work today. It’s nice knowing I have a student who’s not afraid to be heard.”

“Thanks. I mean, it was nothing. I’m sure everyone knew the answer.”

“Yes, but they didn’t have the guts to say it. That’s big.”

Matthew’s face flushed, embarrassed by the compliment he’d been given, also painfully aware that his “big” guts earned him a big boner in the middle of class. He imagined the nightmare if Professor Housman had seen it, more grateful than ever that the desk were perfect shields for his erection.

“If you have the time,” the professor continued, “Could I see you during my office hours today?”

“Y-yeah! Sure!”

“Great, see you a little later.”

Matthew walked out the classroom, thinking about having one on one time with the handsome professor. He’d seen enough porn in his life to eroticize it beyond any rational level. Stop it, Matthew, he thought to himself. He probably just wants you to help him with something. Research maybe. A TA position. He tried to talk himself down from his excitement, but it was an uphill battle, for sure. Even if it was just something innocent like that, he was happy that he’d chosen him for it.

Back in his room, Matthew drops off his sweater and gets himself ready for his meeting. He’s not sure what it will be, but he wants to put his best foot forward. He fixes up his hair and brushes his teeth, trying to ignored the playful teases by his roommate.

“Ready for your big date?”

“Stop! I’m just going to help him with something, I’m sure.”

“I’ll bet! Don’t kiss his ass too hard, teacher’s pet.” ***Matthew blushed and smiled in the mirror, shrugging off Charlie’s jab without a word. He likes the friendship he’s developed with him, and part of that involved pretending not to care what Charlie thinks. He still found him incredibly sexy, and the sight of his jocks still got him excited, but ever since seeing him flirt with their classmate, he’d resigned himself to the fact that they were just going to be buddies.

As he walked to Housman’s office, he heard what Charlie said in his head over and over, and all he can think about is literally kissing the man’s ass. Having stared at it every time the professor turned around, his imagination went wild with thoughts of how it would look.

Still unfamiliar with the many halls and rooms of the campus, Matthew took a long time to find the professor’s office. Winded and embarrassed, he kept his eye darting back and forth to his watch, worried what it would look like if he was late. He wanted to show that he was punctual and reliable, and even a few minutes delay could damage that. Eventually, he found his way back to the right floor and shuffled into the professor’s office.

Housman was sitting on his desk, reading a thick heavy book with a highlighter in his hand. He looked up as Matthew came in.

“Matthew! Right on time. Please come in.”

Phew! Matthew thought. He stepped into the room and inhaled as he quickly glanced around the office. Suddenly it felt as though time was slowing down. Slowing down or stopping, and he felt like he had become nothing more than his senses.

Matthew was aware that the professor moved behind him and closed the door. The office was full of posters and images of different ancient artifacts. It seemed as if each wall was dedicated to a different culture. Egypt, Rome, Greece, Macedonia, the Americas… all full of interesting icons and depictions.

One section in particular caught his eye. A cascade of posters of ancient artifacts that appeared to be sexual in nature. They showed many Bacchanalian festivals and sex rituals, all involving satyrs. He recognized them by their pipes and horns and erections. It felt like he had been looking at the image for a while before Housman spoke.

“That’s Priapus,” Housman said, pointing to a figure in the poster. “And that’s the Warren Cup. And these are–”

“–Satyrs,” Matthew interjected absent mindedly. Housman smiled, looking at Matthew. It was that look again that he’d felt in class. And overwhelming rush of electricity sparked through his body, getting more and more prominent, starting with his fingertips and toes and coming in on his center.

“That’s right,” Housman replied. “How is it you know so much about the classic myths.”

“Just reading, I guess. School. Reading Homer, the Greeks. I liked them a lot.”

Their conversation seemed to be happening in his mind, and Matthew felt the intense feeling in his body keep building. It tingled his insides, as if a static charge was working through his vitals, making his skin tingle. He felt the charge work through to his loins. He couldn’t believe it! How long had he been in the room? Had he been there a minute? An hour? And why was he was getting an erection so quickly?! How was this possible?

As he looked around he swore he saw the images in the posters move. It was as though the world of the ancients was dancing around him. As if the walls themselves were coming to life in a strange hallucination.

As he looked at his professor he swore he saw two horns protruding like bones from his professor’s head. Before he could take a second glance, his body quieted, still fully aroused, and slipped into a seduced trance. As he moved toward his professor, he was aware that he was on a sort of voluntary autopilot, moving toward the embrace of his professor…

Matthew was confused. He saw something he didn’t understand, but he couldn’t be sure he was seeing anything at all. Perhaps it was the art still moving around him, perhaps it was the intense buzzing that seemed to be vibrating him to his core. But for second, he saw it clearly.

He closed his eyes for a second, trying to focus his vision. When he opened his eyes again, he looked up at his professor, afraid that his behavior was alarming or concerning to him. He was terrified he was making a fool of himself. But as his eyes found the professor, he saw the handsome man standing over him, watching him intently, keeping his eyes focused on him.

Although this was happening quite suddenly, he felt as though the world was moving in slow motion. He didn’t know how to react to it, let alone stop it. But as it continued, he got a powerful sense that he didn’t want it to stop.

He tried to pull his focus away from his professor and focus on things in the room, but all he could see was more and more erotic art, images of old flooding his vision. They made him even more aroused, which, to his amazement, seemed to quicken the spread of his strange sensation. His body heated up, making his muscles tense and his genitals swell. He felt like he’d taken something, some powerful, intense, amazing intoxicant, but he’d had nothing!