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Alex holds a sacred title that has been lost to time. As the Hierophant on Min, he serves as a high priest to an ancient force, once worshipped as a god by early Thebans. This tentacled monster is eternal and powerful, but, above all else, it needs to be fed! Alex serves as one of the last remaining members of his exiled sect, tending to his beast master by luring lonely, horny, young men to his home. He can practically sense a lost soul, using his supernatural enticements to serve them as offerings to his scylla lord. Of course, he does enjoy sampling their firm, youthful bodies before they meet their fate…

With his mild mannered appearance, trim body, and big cock, he appears to most mortals as a kind, generous figure with a warm bed and a big heart. And while his intentions might not be completely nefarious, those who encounter him never know the truth of what he is and who he serves!